The Red Bulls kick off CONCACAF Champions League play tonight at 8pm ET on FSC (Radio: WADO 1280 AM) against Caribbean champion W Connection.  Red Bulls Reader will be tweeting the match from our Twitter Account, so feel free to follow along with the action there and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Here is a video preview.
Here is a preview from the official site.


Here is the starting lineup:







Bench: Coundoul, Wolyniec, Boyens, Borman, Sassano, Ubiparipovic, Zimmerman.

UPDATE: Also, RBR has learned the Argentinean defender Walter Garcia will join the team when they return from Trinidad for a trial.  The 25-year old last played with Quilmes of the Argentinean Second Division, but is currently without a contract.

UPDATE: 2-2 final in Trinidad.  Goals from Obster and Pacheco.  Check back later for post-match reaction.



  1. Mentz Says:

    This is it guys. The season comes down to this series. Get big!

  2. kahlva Says:

    Well, not the season, but certainly their last chance for salvaging any pride in the season and any appearance of having a good year…

    With that said –

    Go Bulls!!!

    • lou Says:

      what worries me though is if something miraculous occurs, and we are able to do something no other MLS team has done (win the champions league), than will red bull keep osorio around?

  3. Tony Says:

    What are the away goals rules in this tournament?

  4. Metro Boy till da day i die Says:

    I really would like to see us win this game. BUT it could hurt us because if we do do good, maybe they will give Osorio an other chance which would SUCK! so i dunno.. im on the fence on this one lol

  5. Lou Says:

    Why is there one forward? I can’t understand osorio’s logic and why is crap tastic Richards starting over the proven Zimmerman? I swear if we lose this series because of that man idiotic tactics I’m going to flip out

  6. Alle Says:

    I just got in, looks like I didn’t miss anything. I can’t believe Angel is the lone striker upfront, unbelievable. How has Obster done so far?

  7. Alle Says:


  8. Lou Says:

    Fucking goal. Osorio is an idiot we have had no attack at all. DAMN IT

  9. tilt215 Says:

    Didnt JCO say we were going to play an attack minded game? Where is our attack?

    Oh thats right, Angel all but scores an own goal. YAY

  10. glyn204 Says:

    Almost, Angel should have finished that header. 43rd minute. Now Hall has a yellow with Rojas and Goldwaite, ref, you suck.

  11. Alle Says:

    If we don’t make a comeback in the 2nd half, Osorio surely must get sacked – I mean losing to a team like this? Come on, with the players we have, we should already be 1 or 2 goals up – just goes to show you how our COACH is.

  12. lou Says:

    i’m getting to the point where i don’t just want osorio fired, but i’m starting to resent him as a person. He continues to make the same hard headed mistakes over and over again, it to me that makes him seem arogant. Playing with 1 up top, or with richards, or with kandji on the wing, is just never going to work. It hasn’t worked in the past, so why try over and over again. Put zimmerman in, maybe even up top becuase you can’t leave angel alone, move hall up and replace the right back spot with borman.

  13. Lou Says:

    Rock Obster goal

  14. Alle Says:


  15. Lou Says:

    They spelt his name wrong on the back of his jersey his name isn’t oebster

  16. Alle Says:

    Dids they even add the two dots over the O?

  17. Lou Says:

    Richards shoots like a six year old. He should have scored there but he actually toe poked the ball. That is not how you shoot

  18. Lou Says:

    Goalazo both goals were deflections buy I’ll take it

  19. Alle Says:

    Thanks Pacheco, 2-1!

  20. glyn204 Says:

    Pacheco, yyyyeeeeeeeessssssssssss, 2-1 redbulls, can u beleve it?

  21. tilt215 Says:

    RB Man of the match better be the w connection defense!

  22. Lou Says:

    Goldy Is class this year

  23. Lou Says:

    Put zimm in

  24. Lou Says:

    That shot to Dane Richards looked like it hurt

  25. Lou Says:

    Damn it

  26. Alle Says:

    We better score another, we can’t take a tie, no way.

  27. Chan Says:

    Gatorade 2-2 Red Bull

  28. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    N reality comes back lol we suck

  29. Lou Says:

    2 deflection goals LOL even when we score we don’t score we are crap. Why would you take obster out?

  30. Lou Says:

    I got say if I’m being honest, that we are one extremely boring team to watch

  31. Lou Says:

    Zimmerman still hasn’t Been used, what foes osorio have against him and young American players as a whole?

  32. Alle Says:

    He’s a retard, I can’t believe we drew, but atleast we have the advantage going into the 2nd leg..

  33. tilt215 Says:

    Im happy we didnt lose, but distraught cause now JCO gets to keep his job for another week

  34. Odawg Says:

    we needed a win to boost confidence oh well

  35. Chill Says:

    Hey people, I’m not a regular poster, but I follow the RB because of Pacheco. First of all I’m happy for Pacheco’s first goal with the RB. Second, let me tell you, people need to understand that the whole team needs to understand this is a chance to make a fresh start out of this Champions league, a chance to bring spirits up and start winning. RB is a good team an surprisingly they’ve had a bad run this season having a very good roster. I honestly dont dump all the blame on Osorio. Sometimes, good games have been played, everything has been done just right, but the ball won’t cross that goal line.
    All of us as fans, should never stop cheering and hoping for the best for our team. That is our job and nothing more!

  36. Jason Says:

    i think the redbulls will win the next game because its at gaints stadium and i no its a draw butgood job today redbulls after that second goal we had we showed we were a good team and after w connetion scored we feel apart ……….. was it me or did i see angel smileing during the second half

  37. thisisvictorkim Says:

    Pacheco SUCKS.

  38. Mentz Says:

    Away goal rule is in effect right?!?

  39. Sal Says:

    That game last night produced the 4 most retarded goals in soccer history.
    -Not sure how Angel heads the ball off his own crossbar.
    – First redbull goal is miskicked, goes off the defenders hand, and then bounces over one of the worst pro goalies I have ever seen.
    -Not sure what the redbull defender was diving at on the 2nd Trinny goal. WOW!! Embarrassing.

    If Richards had even a little bit of skill to go with that speed he would have scored about 3 goals last night.
    I wanted to cry when he dribbled over the end line at full speed last night.

    There are college teams out there that would have beat this Connection team. They are that bad.

    Hopefully the redbulls can win Wednesday and have some new players by the time the group round begins.

    • Lou Says:

      I agree with you, this was our chance to win and we blew it. Zimmerman should have been playing over richards but apparently osorio doesn’t like him or something. That defender that diver at the ball and missed was pacheco, he was horrible last night.

  40. emilio Says:

    Why are you so high on Zimmerman, he has some skill, but he was given a significant spell of games, and our offense sputered as much when he was playing, Zimmerman also has a lot to learn, lets not act like Zimmerman has been wonderful,he has been mediocre to below average just like the rest of the team. He has potential, its obvious, but he hasnt been that good.

    • lou Says:

      He has potential like you said, well giving him game time experience will allow him to get better. You have said in the past that we should be building for next year, well playing young players with big upsides is doing just that. Not to mention that it’s either zimmerman or richards on that right side, who would you rather choose?
      Yeah zimmerman has been mediocre becuase he hasn’t scored any goals, but he doesn’t cough the ball up, he takes shots, and crosses the ball. Richards on the other hand has all the speed in the world and can’t finish, pass, or do much of anything. He has a chance to score last night and actually toe poked the ball, completely missing his target.

  41. lou Says:

    “He has potential, its obvious, but he hasnt been that good.”

    Well no one has been “good” this season, the team has played terribly, but he has played just as good as any of our best players, and he has surely performed better than richards.

  42. emilio Says:

    The problem is he doesnt have much pace, so Richards was probably inserted to keep up with the pacy Trinidadians. I see Zimmerman as a central midfielder, I dont think he is a wide player, I would play him over Rojas in a central role. Hopefully we wont see Rojas next year, he has proven to be a non-factor, if we sign foreign players they have to be better than americans if not dont sign them.

    • lou Says:

      He doesn’t have as much pace as richards (no one in the whole league does), but he isn’t slow, he is definetly faster than obster who is playing wide. He can probibly play in a central position like you said, but he has a good cross and I just want richards off the field, the wings are important positions and we have virtually no service coming in from that right wing because of richards ineptitude.

  43. emilio Says:

    Richards has not improved over his last few years, he had flashes in his first two years, a lot of his innefectiveness is also due to Osorio’s tactics.

  44. emilio Says:

    Zimmerman wasnt getting it done and he kept getting starts 7 in a row at that. The offense was more anemic than when Richards is in the lineup.

    • lou Says:

      not really, zimmerman was as good as anyone on our team when he started. Yeah he didn’t score or get assits, but richards has started 18 games or something and he has only 1 goal and 1 assist. Zimmerman may not be producing goals but at least he doesn’t cough them up or toe poke balls miles over goal.

  45. emilio Says:

    Richards has started maybe 11 games and Zimmerman 7. Im looking at the overall production of the team offensively, last year at least 50% of our goals resulted from Richards play and its not measured by goals and assists only, this year the team is offensively inept, for all his limitations when Richards is on and if used properly he is more dangerous than Zimmerman,thats a fact.

  46. lou Says:

    we have played 24 games, 7 +11 does not= 24. Richards has started more than 11 games because no one else besides those two have played at right mid.

    ” Im looking at the overall production of the team offensively, last year at least 50% of our goals resulted from Richards play and its not measured by goals and assists only”

    How can he have possibly resulted in 50% of our goals? Van Den bergh probibly didn’t even result in 50% of our goals and he is three times the player richards will ever be. Besides all that, that was last year, this year the guy is complete shit and despite having twice as much playing time as zimmerman, he only has 1 goal and 1 assist. He is even more one dimensoinial than last year. Get ball, kick 5 yards ahead, sprint as fast as possible, toe ball shot. That is not how soccer is played.

    “for all his limitations when Richards is on and if used properly he is more dangerous than Zimmerman,thats a fact”

    Well are you really going to rely on our coaching staff to use him properly? We have idiot running the team so that won’t happen. Plus you say when he is on, well when does that happen, or when has that happened this year? When he isn’t on (which is almost all the time) he is completely useless, so much so that he actually helps the other team out. That’s a fact as well.
    If we are going to waive a player like khano, than we should be fair and waive richards as well. Richards has done just as little as khano, with more playing time, and they both aren’t players that would ever be on the rosters of championship winning teams.

  47. emilio Says:

    Other people have played there, when I get a chance Ill tell you the exact figures, Richards has been on the bench for awhile until the last few weeks. Richards was one of our more effective offensive players the last two years thats a fact, if it wasnt for him we wouldnt have made the finals last year. He has ability, his problem is he trys to take every one on, he needs to make quicker decisions and pass more than try to dribble past players. Yesterday he contributed on our first goal, thats an assist since your mentioning stats. No he isnt great but he is our best option out there.

    • lou Says:

      “No he isnt great but he is our best option out there.”

      He hasn’t even been close to great, he hasn’t even been mediocre with all the playing time he got initially. He does take to many people on and he does need to think quicker. The problem is, that he started playing soccer at the age of 13. Player thats start that late end up being one dimensionial. He has hit the wall, and he isn’t going to get any better. Teams didn’t no how to play such a fast player the first two years he was playing, now they have figured him out and he isn’t talented enough to adjust his game. Zimmerman is much more consistent at least this year, and unlike richards he is an actual soccer player that will improve with game experience. He doesn’t cough the ball up all the time, and he has a good cross and outside shot, that’s exactly what this team has been missing. If i had to run a race, than richards would be the guy, but for everything else i think i’ll pass on him.

  48. emilio Says:

    What has Zimmerman been consistent at? Right now of the two players Richards is more of a threat to the opposition, Zimmerman is not a wide player, and his crossing needs to improve as well.

    • lou Says:

      zimmerman’s crossing may need a little work, but if it needs to improve it probibly will because he actually has some upside. Even if his cross didn’t improve at all the rest of his career, it’s still better than richard’s cross (I’m not even sure if there is such a thing as a richard’s cross because i can’t remeber him ever crossing).
      How exactly has richards been a threat to anyone this year except his own team? No defender can contain him one on one, they show him a little room, baiting him into running full speed, once he does another defender comes from a deeper position and takes the ball away from him. That’s how it always goes. Even if he gets open in the box he managed to miss like he did last night, after doing a nice move he got right into the box close to the penalty line and did a trade mark toe poke.
      If we want stability and if we want to maintain possesion than zimmerman is by far the better choice.

  49. emilio Says:

    wwEThe role of a wide player is to create threats offensively not maintain possession, I dont want a defensive mid as a wide player.

    • lou Says:

      “wwEThe role of a wide player is to create threats offensively not maintain possession, I dont want a defensive mid as a wide player.”

      Zimmerman definetly isn’t a defensive mid becuase he has the best long shot on the team, he just isn’t the same crappy player as richards. And if the role of a wide player is to create threats offenseively, than why the hell is richards playing? He’s about as threatening as my grandma. And how are we going to create offensive threats when he is losing the ball all the time?

  50. lou Says:

    we could have used a player like Jamie Smith from aberdeen, he is a good wide player with speed and skills, it would solve this zimmerman v richards arguement becuase than we would know for sure who plays on the right wing. We would just put zimmerman in the middle. But of coarse another MLS team signs him (colorado), and so i’m stuck figuring out a way to keep richards off the field (play zimmerman in his position for now).

  51. jason Says:

    i think zimmerman has the right to be a starter on this team enough wihth richards hes bad this season definetly zimmerman over richards

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