Bouna Coundoul leads the way to training in Trinidad

Bouna Coundoul leads the way to training in Trinidad

It’s been a wet day in the islands. But the Red Bulls got in a spirited training session this afternoon and their first look at Manny Ramjohn Stadium, in Marabella, South Trinidad, the home of W Connection. The planned 40 minute ride to the stadium turned into a two-hour odyssey and the team got to see alot of the Trinidadian island, it’s two lane roads, bumper-to-bumper traffic and at least four downpours (it is the rainy season here, so RBR is told!).

The team finally arrived at Manny Ramjohn just after noon and all of the 18 players on the trip trained in the off-and-on downpours during the one hour session with Head Coach  Osorio. Everyone was soaked upon departure, including RBR.

Following training, Osorio claimed  all 18 players  available for selection in tomorrow’s crucial first leg of this  two leg home-and-home aggregate goal preliminary round series. The match could mark the return of Kevin Goldthwaite and the debut of Ernst Oebster.

Making the trip for the Red Bulls, along with Goldthwaite and Oebster are Juan Pablo Angel, Danleigh Borman, Andrew Boyens, Alberto Celades, Danny Cepero, Bouna Coundoul, Jeremy Hall, Alfredo Pacheco, Mike Petke, Dane Richards, Jorge Rojas, Luke Sassano, Seth Stammler, Sinisi Ubparipovic, John Wolyniec and Nick Zimmerman.

“The Champions League will be a very good experience for all of our players and for our club, said Osorio. “W Connection will be very physical. That is one of the things that they bring to the game when they play home. I think they will be athletic. They will be fast. We will need to play a possession game and controlling the game. We need to do well for our fans, for our club. And, hopefully to start winning games – starting this Thursday.”

Here is some video from training …

Remember to tune into the match at 8 pm on Fox Soccer Channel or on WADO 1280 AM. And, follow the coverage here on Red Bulls Reader.



  1. lou Says:

    Why didn’t krupnik or kandji make the trip, are they hurt?


    I’m disappointed kandji didn’t make the trip, because We need someone to play with angel but maybe it will end up working out well for zimmerman if he plays forward. Another problem with kandji not making the trip is that richards has a better chance of playing and hall won’t be able to play right mid. All that aside, and maybe it’s just the excitement over having a healthy lineup talking, or maybe it’s the excitement over being excited about this team for once, but with a lineup like that i think we will play well.

  2. fredo Says:

    Well, we got slammed up here with torrential downpours so we feel your pain.

    Speaking of feeling pain, what do you guys think will be the outcome of this series, let alone RB’s Champions League hopes? 😦

    • lou Says:

      if we put out a lineup similar to the one i made above, i think we have a good chance of winning, or at least playing a resonably decent game of soccer.

  3. Alle Says:

    No Kandji, no Krupnik – what the hell? Are we looking to score goals tonight or play 4-5-1 like we did against the Rapids? If we play with one striker up front, it’s obvious Osorio is playing for the draw, plain and simple. If Woly can start, I wouldn’t mind seeing him upfront. Christ, if only Oduro was still here, atleast we’d have an extra striker to rely on, idiots…

    • lou Says:

      i think zimmerman may actually play well if osorio were to use hiim at striker. I’m not sayiing that not bringing kandji was a good idea but, zimmerman is big, quick, and has a hell of a shot. Than again it makes to much sense for osorio to do so nevermind.

  4. TMK Says:

    RBR, you only listed 17 players. Is Kandji the missing 18th name?

  5. Red Bulls Reader Says:

    RBR forgot Andrew Boyens. He’s the 18th on the trip.

  6. Alle Says:

    Can RBR state why Kandji wasn’t included? Coach’s decision or injury?

  7. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    Wonder who starting goalie will be?

  8. Red Bulls Reader Says:

    Kandji is out with hamstring injury. Coaches decision on Krupnik.

  9. Mentz Says:

    Damn, no Kandji hurts…

    • Mentz Says:

      Here’s what I’d personally like to see.


      Pretty much the same as yours Lou, but I like Zimmerman as a RW/RM because the guy can cross too (which we’ve lacked on both sides of the field since trading Van den Bergh). He also makes some great deep runs out of the midfield that would compliment Woly’s ability to hold the ball (like a Brian Ching for the USMNT what have you).

      All said, we gotta win this series. What little support this team has left will surely diminish if they lose to a club team from T&T.

  10. Lou Says:

    Kandji is becoming the new reyna and when he does play osorio plays him out of position

  11. afrim Says:

    hopefully with obster and johnson getting back(allowing Hall to play there too) soon Kandji wont have to play LM….what a total waste

  12. j1mbr0wn Says:

    Hey RBR, didn’t the flight attendant tell you to turn off the electronic devices during take-offs? 🙂

    Also, if I read between the lines, Boyens > Krupnik in Osorio’s opinion. That says a lot about the Agoos player scouting talents…

    Hey RBR, maybe you could lace up your boots and help out our defense.

    • lou Says:

      maybe osorio thinks boyens is better than krupnik, but anyone else would think the contrary.

      • j1mbr0wn Says:

        Sorry Lou, I’ll agree with Osorio on this give what I’ve seen so far. Boyens would have let 2 goals go through against Colorado, not 4. Maybe it was first game jitters, but Krupnik was so bad I was screaming for JCO to sub Boyens in during the game.

  13. A Look At The Bulls Traveling Contingency - - The Offside - New York Red Bulls Soccer Blog Says:

    […] is the season folks. And RBR brings you the soldiers that will be battling it out against the W Connection in Trinidad (tonight […]

  14. Alle Says:

    This just isn’t Kandji’s season with all of these injuries…

    Looking forward to seeing the lineup tonight, let’s hope Osorio doesn’t go defensive – especially against a team of this calibre (not that they should be underestimated)….

  15. Sal Says:

    I’m sure this new Austrian guy is going to be another guy on the long list of foreigners that have been a complete embarrassment since this franchise started 13 years ago.

  16. Lou Says:

    Thanks for the video red bulls reader, I wish there were more of these training videos

  17. Cindy Says:

    great video RBR! here’s hoping we come through with a win!!

  18. Alex Says:

    Osorio should rest Kandji the first time he injured his hamstring and not put him in the lineup because he needed him.
    I feel sorry for the guy.Hopefully he will stand up for himself next time and not worry about how to help this stupid coach.

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