Seven members of the New York Red Bull 1995s have been selected to attend the first US U15 Boys’ National Team training camp of the 2009-10 cycle.

In all, 36 players from across the country will train from July 25-Aug. 1 in Zarephath, NJ under U15 National Team Coach Jim Barlow and his staff.  The Red Bull Academy has the most representation of any program in the country.

“I think it’s a great accomplishment for the club,” stated Red Bull U14 head coach Cris da Silva.  “We are trying to play soccer and we are doing it the right way.”

The seven members of Red Bull Academy are: goalkeeper Santiago Castano (Union City, NJ), defender Matt Miazga (Clifton, NJ), and midfielders Russel Canouse (Lancaster, PA), Adam Najem (Clifton, NJ), John Toher (Blauvelt, NY), Shane Kronick (Westfield, NJ), and Zack Reed (Teaneck, NJ).

“Our goal for the program is to always identify the best players, and for them to have a goal to make the first team,” stated da Silva.  We are lucky enough to have a talented group that has had seven players receive invitations due to their talent.  They all have a future in the sport.”

The Red Bull U14s posted a 5-3-2 record this season in the prestigious US Club Soccer Northeast Pre-Academy League and took home the championship at the Massapequa Memorial Day Tournament.

In addition, the U17 MNT (and John Agudelo) took home the Copa Marcae title in Brazil, and Dilly Duka and the U20 MNT won both (match 1 / match  2) matches they played at the Copa Cuidad de Rosario in Argentina.



  1. Mentz Says:

    Here’s what I don’t get.

    We have post after post on this blog about how great we are at the youth and development level. From what I’ve read on other blogs we are leading the way as far as academies go.

    That said, our first team season is completely over (minus the Champions League) and yet we still haven’t seen anyone from the lower team with potential get a chance to even get their feet wet.

    With the exception of the core group of players you’re going to see us clean house to get ready for the new season and new stadium next year. Who honestly believes Osorio will still be the coach next season (I can’t honestly believe he is this season still).

    I’m a sports fan in general and in Baseball this is the equivalent of a September call-up for a minor leaguer. No, they won’t make a huge impact, but it gives them a chance to see what they’re made of and get used to higher levels of competition.

    Where’s Dilly Duka?! Where’s Matt Kassel?! We need to get these guys on the roster and cut dead weight (aka Andrew Boyens and Khano Smith). The MLS roster is too small to not utilize it completely…

    • lou Says:

      Dilly duka was about to be signed but becuase of some crazy loop hole that states that he was a college player before an academy player, we can’t sign him. I’m not sure why kassell hasn’t been signed but than again nothing really makes sense this season.

  2. onionsack Says:

    Its because RB pays lip service and likes to blame their lack of activity and movment on this issue on MLS. Its MLS that is preventing them not their unwise player policies. Its a load of crap and i have heard it from all corners of the FO.

    • USMNT FRANK Says:

      Yes Sack, because a college player isn’t allowed to screw up his eligibility and come play for the Red Bulls…its their FO fault?

      Besides, why would any player in college (in their right mind) want to leave their team to come play for a couple of thousand dollars, for a few matches at the MLS level this year?

      Not to mention, if that player isn’t ready yet, and he stuggles at the MLS level, its not like the team can send them back down to the “minors’ or academy team to get more work, thus forcing them to sit on the bench stunting their progression.

      If the Red Bulls are going to sign an Academy player, they have to be ABSOLUTELY sure he is the next big thing, and give him SOLID MONEY (lets face it, Kassel or Duka would be stupid to accept a DEV contract).

      Not to mention Duka is supposed to be better than Kassel, and RBNY has tried to sign him from what we’ve been told…if the MLS was getting blamed inappropriately for policies and regulations, wouldn’t they come out and say something?

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