The Red Bulls conceded an early goal, had chances to tie the game and then, Sinisa Ubiparipovic’s red card at the end of the first half changed the match’s complexion.  Osorio rested Albert Celades and Seth Stammler and took out Juan Pablo Angel early, with one eye on the team’s important CONCACAF Champions League clash against W Connection Thursday. We caught up with head coach Juan Carlos Osorio, forwards Macoumba Kandji and Angel in the locker room:




  1. Lou Says:

    I cant even watch this

    • red9fan Says:

      Lou, So much for those A-Holes supporting Osorrryyoo, Cepero looks even better now! When that F…ing Bum leaves, can he Please take Rojas, Richards,and Sassano with him? Also wondering if Kanji is Tough enough for this League, Krupnik unimpressive in 1st start, but need to give him time to adjust. Man does this Team Suck!

  2. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    Anyone got link it says unplayable on my iPhone

  3. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    Haha, you doing great job, osorio. Keep em coming 😀

  4. gb Says:

    Blah fucking blah! What’re you going to say when we lose to W Connection!

    Osorio is more useless than a turd in a toilet bowl!

    • vic Says:

      actually turd is meant to be in a toilet bowl, so it’s actually fulfilling its purpose there. I’d say Osorio is more useless than a turd on your steak dinner.

  5. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    Agoos is ex- DC united player. He was sent here to destroy our team.

  6. gigi Says:

    ROTHLMAO i knew he was going to use those excuses come on osorio- man up. say it was your tactial descions that made us loose. at least id have more respect that way.

  7. kpugs Says:

    Great incite. What is the road losing streak now? 24, 25? The team has 2 wins in 21 games! But yeah, it’s the altitude and the “quick decisions” that caused the latest embarrassing defeat by 4 goals.

    Also have to congratulate every player and coach. Not one person though, on a free kick close to goal, that the far post needed to be covered? No it’s cool, just have the wall AND the keeper cover near post.

  8. Alle Says:

    He’s embarassed, and he knows its his fault, you can tell by the way he answers the questions. He’s full of crap with his answers though, just resign, for the love of Red Bull.

  9. gigi Says:

    Osorio is such a pickle smoocher. im watching the game over…we look worst second time over. didnt think that was possible.

  10. gigi Says:

    and wasnt the red card given in the 46th minute not 43rd???? im not sure but……for god sake….you would at least think he jotted down the right minute in his notebook…what a tool.

  11. Karbaz Says:

    Wow, just wow, I’m actually glad I went to work instead of seeing this dreadful defeat.

    Where are those A-Holes that say JCO should still be our coach and the rest of us know nothing, where are you terds? I’m actually starting to think that all of those guys that just popped out of the blue were JCO trying desperately to defend himself. No one can defend JCO now, HE HAS TO GO!!!

  12. T5O Says:

    Thanks for posting these, even when they are tough to watch. Too bad the sound quality is nearly as horrendous as the play on the field.

  13. afrim Says:

    how do u explain the 4-5-1 mr. osorio? were you hoping to lessen the defeat margin going into the game so you’ll have a better chance at keeping your job? I seriously feel JCO thought that a 1-0 loss tonight would have flown under the radar in Austria. Hence trotting the 4-5-1

  14. emilio Says:

    Just fire him, get it over with.please!!

  15. Mastro Says:


  16. gigi Says:

    He always says that the other team is a *Good team*- i wonder if any coach in their right mind who plays us can actually say were a good team without busting out laughing.

    its been nearly 24 hours since the loss….and im still pist, and dissapointed. Ive been a fan of this team since i was 10 years old…I still remember the first game i ever watched was when Bob bradley geniousley subbed Eddie gavin in as a goalie. and then gavin scored…I could have sworn i was watching a team that day that might be a good team..a team worth following. but all i want is a team that can compete- just one winning season before i die thats all.

    But what can a fan do except hopelessly watch as his team crashes and burns…..its so sad that DC United, colombus, Chicago fire and new england combined dont have as many losses as new york does…

  17. GeneralMSU3 Says:

    At what point does this embarrasment of franchise become a MAJOR issue for the League? When will the League and its other owners call a meeting?

    If the team continues to suck next year and the novelty of the new stadium fades, how will this look for future soccer specific stadium growth? Future investors may shy away because they could envision having to pay 100’s of millions of dollars and see the possibility of it being empty for matches. That’s a big risk to take and may deter many.

    Tickets have been on-sale for quite a while now and there is no success to announce. Instead they offering discounted tickets already for current season ticket holders.

    Their only chance now is to bring in a major star. Someone along the Ronaldinho caliber. If this doesn’t happen, this will become a MAJOR sore spot for the League.

  18. GeneralMSU3 Says:


    Those 11 running billboards last night (from the Sporting Division of NYRB) were a disaster!!!!!

    The League should step in and not allow this teams matches to be televised to limit its viewership. If fans watching this League think that’s the level of play amongst all the teams they would never watch again. In fact, the rest of the League is quite good and competitive. I don’t want people thinking this is what the League is all about by watching the Dead Bulls play.

  19. lou Says:

    Gigi, I remember that game, but one group of people that don’t remember that game is our austrian management.
    They weren’t around for those years, and they have no idea how much this team means to the fans that support it.
    Every year we put up with crap, but at this point those years actually look good in comparison.
    I’m tired of having to support the laughing stock of the league. It’s time something is done, otherwise the FO will regret not acting sooner.
    It seems like everyone takes the supporters for granted becuase through thick and thin we will always love this team, well i guess the jokes on us once again.
    Thank you red bull, by allowing mr. osorio and mr. agoos to keep their jobs for this long, you have proven exactly how much you care for the fans.
    It’s clear now that Red bull never bought this mls team for soccer, they bought it to promote their global identity, well i guess they succeeded. Becuase of the crappy team you put your name all over, your “global identity” will be synonymous with crap.

  20. emilio Says:

    I remember 12 or so games ago when I am some others were asking to replace Osorio and the responses we got for it, we kept him and now we are the laughing stock of the league. Good right.

    • lou Says:

      yea if i recall correctly it we me, you (emilio), and alle. Everyone else said we were being to crytical and that we needed consistency. Well we don’t have a lot on this team but the one thing we do have now is consistency, that is we are consistently crappy.

    • Alle Says:

      WHO in their right mind would want that fool to remain on the touchline now? Those Osorio supporters must surely be thinking about jumping the bandwagon at this point…

  21. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    thought that was some of the best football we played all season

  22. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    On what was missing offensively tonight:
    “Coming to Colorado to play in the altitude against a good team is a difficult task.”

    On the red card:
    “Unfortunately a decision made in the 43rd minute changed the whole game, a game that in my opinion was very close. We had two good chances that didn’t go our way.”

    On his halftime adjustments:
    “The idea was not to concede an early goal but it’s very difficult to play nine against 10 on this field and the altitude.”

    On the season so far:
    “It has been a tough season for us and we’ve got to keep working and get a win.”

    On positives from the game:
    “Some of our young players are getting some more experience and hopefully in the future that will make them better players.”

    On the plan of attack:
    “We’ve been working with me playing left mid all week. I think we did a good job of running the overlap on the left side in the first half and got a couple of chances. Unfortunately we were very unlucky.”

    On conceding a goal early:
    “That killed us every time. We have to hold them in the first half. Once it happens to us that’s a game killer for us. We’ve got to work on that and keep them out the first half.

    “I think we are the unluckiest team in the league right now. We have our chances we just can’t get them in.”

    On what was missing offensively after the red card:
    “Offensively we couldn’t attack. The field is huge and I didn’t have the chance to move up as much.”

    On being back in Colorado:
    “It’s just like any other game, we were expecting to get a win here, but that didn’t happen. We just need to go back home and get ready for the next one.

    “It’s good to see all my friends and family and fans, but I’m expecting a lot more from me, I know I made a couple of mistakes and I take the blame for it. I shouldn’t be making those kinds of mistakes. I will learn from it and just get ready for the next game.”

  23. NY Red Bulls-0-Colorado -4-F - TalkSoccer - Soccer / Football Forum Says:

    […] […]

  24. lou Says:

    bouna played like crap. Yeah he is athletic but after seeing him for the first time, he appears to be more accident prone than cepero. I hope cepero is in net for the W connection game.

    • Red Bulls Soccer Says:

      Actually, I blame Bouna the least. Every goal that was scored was in top corner.

      • Lou Says:

        Not at all, he was out of position on the third goal, on one play he actually hit the ball back to Colorado and he really didn’t make many saves at all.

      • lou Says:

        on a play after the first goal which wasn’t his fault, he hit the ball back to a colorado player that took a shot that was luckily cleared away off the line by petke. He managed to save a shot before the third goal but hit the ball back to an on running colorado player that just had to tap it in. On the fourth and final goal he was covering the wrong post on the freekick and the ball was kicked in.

    • Alle Says:

      You’re forgetting who was at fault for most of the game – the defense. As for Bouna, I’ll admit he was at fault for 2 goals, the freekick was a matter of positioning and there was one where he pushed away a shot, only for the player to collect the rebound and tap it in. You have to ask yourself though: Where was the marking on all of the goals? It was simply horrible.

      • lou Says:

        yeah the defense was at faukt as they always arem i’m just saying i was a little surprised at the poor showing bouna displayed, i thought he would have done better.

      • Red Bulls Soccer Says:

        I am telling you, out of all 11 players, Bouna was the best one on the field.

    • red9fan Says:

      Red Bull Soccer, Hopefully you are Joking, he let one Bounce right off his Hands right to a open Rapid Player , he set up the Wall on the Free kick and Missed that one, he SUCKED! Flat out Sucked! Oh Yea- He Sucked!!!!

  25. MasterShake Says:

    we have finally achieved that goal we have all be trying to achieve.


    cmon. at least we are losing.

  26. jason Says:

    i am geating to the piont that i cant even watch the games this is painfull to watch and if you watch it on msg shep messing was shocked that osario took out angel i thought that would be good becasue we should not tlet more goals in becasue comeihng back form 4 goals is highly unlikely i hate rojas now he was horrible during this game he shouldnt have started the 2nd half ………come redbulls get it together

  27. nydasofine Says:

    Mastershake<<<u hit da bullseye. we r very consistent at losing.
    Agoos said last week that we r very competitive . if he said that sh#%t i could see why we that suck
    OSORIO gotta go. we have so much talents in that team for us to be where we are rite now. we have Angel, Celades, Kandji,Simmerman and other prospects to take us to the top but OSORIO Idealogy is not working on them
    I remember Erik Stover said one day he don't care bout style as long as the team is winning. i got news for you mister. to have a winning u gotta have a style; a style that all the players believe in, that's something that we don't have. That's why we keep kicking the ball up and down the field hoping for a break thru
    All i gotta tell you Management OSOSRIO GONNA send you to the umployment line. see you there

  28. Pouchon Says:

    Mastershake<<<u hit da bullseye. we r very consistent at losing.
    Agoos said last week that we r very competitive . if he said that sh#%t i could see why we that suck
    OSORIO gotta go. we have so much talents in that team for us to be where we are rite now. we have Angel, Celades, Kandji,Simmerman and other prospects to take us to the top but OSORIO Idealogy is not working on them
    I remember Erik Stover said one day he don't care bout style as long as the team is winning. i got news for you mister. to have a winning u gotta have a style; a style that all the players believe in, that's something that we don't have. That's why we keep kicking the ball up and down the field hoping for a break thru
    All i gotta tell you Management OSOSRIO GONNA send you to the umployment line. see you there

  29. lou Says:

    red bulls soccer how was he the best player on the field, becuase of his positioning and his inability to punch a ball away, the other team scored 2 mroe goals.

    • Red Bulls Soccer Says:

      Because the rest of our squad didn’t produce much either… I mean it was his first game as Metro, against his previous team after not playing for a while… with new player as central defender and crappy midfielder as left defender. Looking at circumstances, he did OK.

  30. lou Says:

    He didn’t do ok, the score should have been 2-0, allowing 2 more easy goals is not playing ok. He played just as bad as anyone else did, zimmerman was again the man of the match for me.

  31. lou Says:

    alle do you know of any more free agents that we could sign?

  32. Alle Says:

    Well I was looking around earlier and I found 2 attackers from France: Raphaël Lecomte (ex- St.Etienne reserve player, striker) and Stéphane Samson (ex-Reims player, striker – he’s a little old, but he has done well even after being released as he played in a few friendlies these past few weeks with a team made up of free agents and scored a couple of times, I’d say he has atleast 2 or 3 seasons left in him). Now I wouldn’t sign these players right off the bat, but they’re certainly worthy of a trial. I still think Pinard wouldn’t be a bad trialist either…

    Then again, what are the chances of Osorio reading this? I’m sure he has scouts placed in South America at this point. I’m wondering though: Is there a site that lists MLS free agents? I’d like to look at that!

    • lou Says:

      I actually managed to find about 10 players that are all out of contract. I’m not sure if there contracts have been renewed, but when i checked they weren’t. They all played in europe in either italy, france, or england. They’re mostly attacking mid but a few are big defenders. They are all in the 28-32 year old range and most of them would be either DP quality signings or just under DP status. The best players are probibly pedretti, meriem, and dalla bonna.

      §Benoit Pedretti- (deep lying, playmaker midfielder) 28 years old and out of contract with auxerre in the French ligue 1. He has been capped 22 times for France and would most likely be either a DP signing or just under DP status. He seems to be a younger, more agile and attack minded celadas.

      Camel meriem- (attacking midfield) 29 year old, ex Monaco player. He has played his entire career in the French ligue 1 and has been capped for france 4 times. He is currently out of contract. He is an impressive dribbler and distributer. He reminds me of Guillermo barros schelotto and would probably go for a contract similar to what Columbus offered schelotto his first season in the MLS.

      samuele dalla bonna- (attacking mid, center mid) a 28 year old that has played for chelsea and ac milan in the past. He left napoli and is now a free agent. He might be to young to consider coming to america but his stock has fallen, and because of a lack of offers he may consider a move if the price is right.

      omar milanetto- (Center midfielder that can also play Defensive midfield) a 33 year old serie a veteran known for his long shots and play making ability. His contract was up with Genoa (i’m not sure if they have renewed it), we could bring him over for less than DP money.
      Lukas jarolim- (attacking mid and center mid) 32 years old, his contract with siena in the serie a is up. Another player that we could sign for less than DP money.

      Rory Delap- (more of a right mid than attacking mid, can also play defense) 33 year old, irish nationial team player, who’s contract expired with stoke city. He is renowned for having the best throw ins in the world. That may sound like a joke but the majority of stoke city’s goals came from his throw ins. Not a DP quality signing, but a good player that could get us 6 assists on his throw ins alone.

      michael ball 29 soon to be 30 he is a left back that was released by machester city,

      ricardo rocha is a 30 yead old tall center back that was released by tottenham recently, both of these defenders are big and experienced and should be more than comfortable with the physicality of mls after playing in the premiership. These guys would probibly go for either just under DP money or DP money.

    • lou Says:

      and you’re right osorio isn’t going to look at or sign any of these players because he is an idiot, but hey it’s something to pass the time. I found a video of that lacomte kid, he doesn’t amaze me but he has some talent.

  33. Alle Says:

    I actually forgot about Meriem! He might go to Spain or England though so I can’t see him coming here, even though that would be nice, I’ve seen him play before and he’s a good attacking midfielder. As for Pedretti, he’s also good – but he has agreed to stay with Auxerre for next season so that’s ruled out.

    Delap I’ve definitely heard of. Everytime you see him on FSC, you’ll notice when Stoke has throw-ins, he takes them because of the fact that he does throw well. Wouldn’t be a bad signing, he could add some experience to our defense. Ball wouldn’t be bad either – I’d expect him to be taken by some EPL or Championship side though.

    Rocha and Bonna are interesting finds.. Jarolim sounds familiar.

    As for Lacomte – I think you watched the same vid I did – he’s still young, so he has alot to learn. A tad bit short for a striker as well, but size doesn’t really matter as we’ve seen before.

    • lou Says:

      Realistically we aren’t going to sign any of these players although someone like rocha, meriem, or bonna could probibly light up this league. But the point is, that if you and I can find quality players in our spair time (or in my case in between tv shows at commercial breaks), than why the hell can agoos and osorio not find anyone that works out? Maybe it’s time to listen to the fans, the fans that have been right about how this season was going to turn out, the fans that are usually always right. Sign someone. go after a player, make some changes.

  34. afrim Says:

    Marcelinho would light up this league. former wolfsberg attacking mid who plays in brazil now. 34 years old. Would probably require DP money or max salary. He’d sell tickets, help us win, and make things very fun to watch

    • Red Bulls Soccer Says:

      34 years old? Are you kidding me? It will take him 1 season to “adjust to this league”

      • lou Says:

        yea it might take him a little while to adjust to this league but henry is 32 in a few days and everyone is talking about getting him next season, Guillermo Barros Schelotto on columbus is lighting up the league at attacking mid at 35 years old, if this guy can play than i don’t see why we shouldn’t go after him. I would really like to get camel meriem, rocha, or dalla bonna, please RBR read this and contract them.

  35. Alle Says:


    Henry is a player I’d like to see here – and age is not a problem with him, you all know that. He already made it clear that he’d like to play here (in the MLS) one day, so it’s possible! However, we’d probably have to wait other season to see him on our books.

  36. lou Says:

    bad news about marcelinho, cortiba in brazil just signed him. Henry won’t be coming next year because barca renewed his contract but after that year he will be free to go were ever he wants, and since he has such a love for new york it’s definetlty a possiblity that he comes here.

  37. Jesse Says:

    I’d love to see either of the following lineups used:
    –Pacheco—Petke—Goldthwaite–Krupnik/Johnson (upon return)-

    or, even more interesting, 4-3-3:
    –Pacheco—Petke—Goldthwaite–Krupnik/Johnson (upon return)-

  38. a Says:

    Hey, please go buy a professional mic. Can’t barely hear Osorio squirming

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