Good evening and thanks for joining us on Red Bulls Reader, as your Red Bulls play their last regular season away game in two months when they take on the Colorado Rapids at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park. Here is tonight’s Starting XI:






Substitutes: Cepero, Stammler, Celades, Boyens, Wolyniec, Smith, Zimmerman

A few notes to get you started:

– Bouna Coundoul will make his first start for New York and first MLS start since Oct. 25, 2009 – a 1-1 tie with Real Salt Lake that knocked Colorado out of playoffs contention. After suffering a high ankle sprain in his trial with the Red Bulls prior to signing, Coundoul is trying to get back to full fitness and has enjoyed enough training sessions where head coach Juan Carlos Osorio feels comfortable with him in-between the posts.

– Leo Krupnik will also make his MLS debut, partnering in the center of the defense with Mike Petke.

– Kevin Goldthwaite (groin) and Danleigh Borman (ankle) did not make the trip. Borman injured his ankle in practice on Wednesday.

– Red Bulls are 6-7-2 all-time in Colorado – their last win coming on July 8, 2007 – a 1-0 victory at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park. John Wolyniec scored the game-winner. They are 13-14-3 all-time.

– – Ernst Obster arrived to New York on Wednesday and underwent a physical on Thursday. He wasn’t available today with his long flight from Europe and the fact that he has to still acclimate himself with his new teammates. Obster recieved his P-1 visa on Tuesday, which was the second-to-last obstacle for him. He trained with the team on Friday.

– Seth Stammler and Albert Celades are on the bench, perhaps with one eye on the team’s Champions League match against W Connection on Thursday.

Colorado’s Lineup:






Substitutes: Burpo, Palguta, Kimura, Cooke, Dalby, Harden, Diz

If you’re in the Hoboken, NJ area, make sure you head to Mulligans on First at 159 First St. for the team’s Official Viewing Party. The game will be televised live on MSG at 9:30 PM ET with Steve Cangialosi and Shep Messing calling the action. We’ll be Twittering the game on our site, so make sure you also check that out. Enjoy and we’ll catch up with you post-game.




  1. lou Says:

    So let me get this strait…
    we have angel up top by himself in a position that never works out.

    We have kandji on the wing again in a position that he is useless in.

    We are starting richards over zimmerman even though zimmerman has provided us with our only shots and offense.

    Neither celadas nor stammler are starting, instead we are using our least talented defensive midfielder.

    Obster didn’t make the trip as i said he wouldn’t so there goes the only thing i was looking forward to.

    Our best defender is still injured, our coach is a moron, and for the icing on the cake rojas is still playing.
    Did i miss anything? Anyone have predictions for the final scoreline?

  2. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    Go Metro!

  3. Karbaz Says:

    Good luck Bulls! I’m off to work.

  4. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    WTF?! Rojas starting again?? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?

  5. Alle Says:

    Coundoul has finally made his way into the lineup, finally a smart choice. Kandji on the left, now that’s a joke. Good to see Krupnik alongside Petke, but Zimmerman is on the bench…. Oh well, maybe Richards has given it some thought to step up his performance – we can only hope,

    • kpugs Says:

      I respectfully disagree. I understand why you’d welcome the change. But there is a reason Condoul couldn’t get a job except with the worst team in the league. Cepero is a lot better (just my opinion).

  6. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    Please f!!! Tell me u playing with that fumbass line up!! WTF I was acuattly looking forward to watching this game. WTF angel lone striker like he has speed it even the finish ability to play lone striker WTF I fucking hate Osorio tonight was it if I see him I will drop kick him on his funny making face. I will then proceed to riverdance on his nuts.

  7. Lou Says:

    Don’t worry karbaz you won’t miss much. This lineup is a joke

  8. Lou Says:


  9. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    Omfg this te is straight shit!!! Thanks for destroying the fucking red bulls osorio !! U idiot!! WTF same shit everyweek. I would rather see woly play lone striker over angel bum ass. Hall gets outrunned by this bum like WTF !! I’m sure he don’t even care!! I wouldn’t!! Fuckkkkk man

  10. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    Mfg angel u bum get that shit on target u idiot!! Fuckkkkk

  11. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    Hall, what a joke of a defender he is…

  12. ellie Says:

    whats the point of watching we already losing!!! Shame on them kids are watching what are they teaching them!!!

  13. Alle Says:

    Osorio’s a retard for playing with 1 up top, like he’s playing for a draw, idiot..

  14. vic Says:

    i’ll take the weak lineup as resting our better players for CCL. but this formation is just atrocious… i don’t care about this “widest field” bullshit.

  15. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    Ubi got red, man we are screwed now, lol

  16. lou Says:

    whether it’s playing for the tie or playing for his job, it’s clear osorio doesn’t have the winning mentality so than why would anyone want him running their team?
    For the second half i would like to see a formation like this, however I know osorio won’t use it.


    I chose the same formation simply becuase of the field dimentions and the fact that there is no point in having 2 forwards when 1 of those forwards isn’t working. Let’s put kandji up top and use his speed to terrorize the defense, i chose to leave richards in simply because there is no one to replace him (although he is playing like crap). Zimmerman is in to provide a threat from deep. I took rojas out becuase he hasn’t done much and maybe having celadas out there will give us that final ball. Stammler in for sassano because sassano is shakey at best.

    ” Ernst Obster arrived to New York on Wednesday and underwent a physical on Thursday. He wasn’t available today with his long flight from Europe and the fact that he has to still acclimate himself with his new teammates. ”
    This is one thing i don’t understand. Didn’t he train with us for two weeks a while ago, and didn’t he train with us this week? He is just as new to the team as krupnik so why isn’t he out there right now?

    • lou Says:

      ubi got red? oh i didn’t know i changed the channel before it happened, well than omit ubi from my second half lineup and prepare for another horrible loss.

  17. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    Yea he got red on 47th minute

  18. Lou Says:

    WTF was coundoul doing? He almost cost us a goal in the first half when parried that ball back to Colorado and now this?

  19. gigi Says:

    WE DESERVE BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lou Says:

      We won’t get it though

      • gigi Says:

        Sadley we wont- im tired of giving my all to this team as a fan- standing up for them when they say they suck and mls sucks- and yada yada support chelsea and barcelona- im tired of writing NY red bulls and drawing their fucking logo in bathrrom stalls cuz god knows they dont know how to advertise themselves…we deserve better- but like you said- we wont..

  20. gigi Says:

    is a fucking tie too much to ask……
    this team has no heart…they forgot what soccer is about- its about passion and having fun…..about having heart…it doesnt matter if we have a so called taletned squad. THere is no such thing as a curse- just players forgeting what the game is about.

  21. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    So krunpik def not the answer lmao

  22. Alle Says:


    I wonder if another embarassing loss would get Osorio the sack – maybe a 3 or 4-0 will make our big brother in Austria wake up. Angel off, Zimmerman on – what the ****….

    • Lou Says:

      Another goal looks like your wish is coming true. Maybe Zimmerman is coming in as striker, if so I am up for it at least he will try

  23. Lou Says:

    Gigi he I’d waterboy with to much power AND a handy notebook

  24. Alle Says:

    Angel is even walking to the locker room, you don’t see that often(especially when he’s not injured) – oh by the way guys, 3-0.


  25. kpugs Says:

    Great game so far boys, at this pace we might hold the Rapids under 7 goals!

    Did someone earlier say putting Condoul in was a smart choice?

  26. gigi Says:

    wow ives wasnt kidding when he said grenada can kick our ass. DIsgusting…..

  27. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    If Osorio still have a job on monday, I don’t know…

  28. Alle Says:

    And the way we’re playing, I mean you’re better off just putting a bunch of kids on the pitch now….

    • Lou Says:

      On a lighter note alle you should check out my comment under the obster interview. I found about 15 good out of contract players that could theoretically come here. You always know about free agent players so maybe you will see some new players in that thread

  29. Alle Says:

    As for Bouna, Lou: I hate to say it, but it hasn’t been his night. I wouldn’t blame all 3 goals on him though, the last one indeed.

  30. Matt Says:

    What will it take for you morons to get a clue and fire this clown Osorryo (and Agoos). I’ve never seen such a pathetic team in my life. Just embarrassing. Tempted to toss in my season tickets and burn my replica shirt. No heart, no effort, no brain and no direction.


  31. gigi Says:

    My god we mind as well sign the jonas brothers and train them to be defenders the would do better than this peice of shit defence.

  32. kpugs Says:

    I could be wrong but I think the reason Osorio won’t be fired is because–and I could be wrong here–his money is guaranteed. No one can possibly save this season. So, they’ll let him finish out his contract and not renew it.

    It makes sense in a perverse way. This season has been over for quite some time for this club, no point in wasting more money on a new manager until the offseason.

  33. Alle Says:

    4-0 , I mean if Austria isn’t getting the message now, they never will.

  34. kpugs Says:

    And there we go…wal covering near post, Condoul covering near post. No one covering far post. Great goalkeeping. 12 year olds playing rec soccer know you have to have both posts covered.

  35. gigi Says:

    is medi balouchey related to the jonas brothers btw??? looks like one.

  36. Alle Says:

    If we allow another goal, I swear I’m changing the channel – I’m already tempted to now, this is just a nightmare, that’s what it is, a real nightmare..

  37. gb Says:



  38. Lou Says:

    Gigi the backstreet boys would be a good signing. Sadly even washed up boy bands think they are to good for us, they have not responded to any of our offers

  39. gigi Says:

    I have watched many red bull games..many- ive never seen this team play this bad. YOu can give the excuse that the players are not performing or w/e- but this team has progressively gotten worst by each passing game- And at the end of the day its the managements fault for this disgusting proudct the put on the field. Osorio should never coach again- never.

    ive never nbeen a fan of firing coaches to soon- but this is an exception…

  40. gigi Says:

    10 bucks says diz gets a goal. five nothing. osorios comes up with a bull shit excuse- and the folks up i austria are to busy banging their daughters in the basement and dont give a flying fuck about this team?

  41. Alle Says:

    If it’s 5-0, Osorio is definitely out, I can’t see us bouncing back from a loss like this with a “fake” at the helm.

    • gigi Says:

      if five nothing means osorios out then ima start routing for colorodo to score another goal.

    • Lou Says:

      I am sorry to say this but firing ossorio is not going to come close to fixing things. We need obster to turn out great, we need a great replacement coach, we need one of those quality European players I listed in the comments section of the obster interview, we need a new gm, face it we are a mess

      • gigi Says:

        Thats true but firing him would be a start- im not even sure what would help this team. but seeing this clown fired would put a smile on my face at least. i have a bad feeling about obster though..

    • Alle Says:

      Lou: I never thought I’d hear you say that. To be honest: Firing him would be a great idea, I mean he is the sole guy leading to our problems, he needs to go.

      • Lou Says:

        No I didn’t say it wouldn’t be a great idea, obviously it would , but we wouldn’t start winning again just because he is gone

  42. Lou Says:

    Yea me to, something tells me be isn’t as good as he appears to
    Be. Hopefully I am wrong we need a new dvb

  43. gb Says:

    How does redbull have the balls to pimp this team during the broadcast of beyond a putrid performance???

    “Log on to Red Bulls dot com” “Come out and see the Red Bulls at Giants Stadium take on W Connection. Get 4 tickets for just 64.95”


  44. Alle Says:

    And they want to waste more money with a radio show, in PORTUGESE at that, give me a break. I don’t think anyone would be interested if this continues – money needs to be spent on an actual player, like APPIAH, instead of getting bullcrap players and a coach who technically has no experience whatsoever. Agoos and co. set us up for this, and they got what they wanted – a squad that just can’t gel because of an incompetent coach.

    • Alle Says:

      I also had an idea: Anyone think Osorio will crack and resign? Why not, he looks pissed game by game, I think the fever is reaching boiling point.

    • Lou Says:

      Appiah Is all but signed by genoa but I found several free agents that are just as good

      • gigi Says:

        who?????? i wouild have loved to see daniel montenegro sign with us but he signed with america i think.

      • Alle Says:

        He’s been linked with tons of clubs, I wouldn’t be surprised if Genoa get the snub as well.

  45. vic Says:

    how come agoos and osorio aren’t fired yet?

  46. gigi Says:

    i would love to see Mike Ammann as our GM- that guy has heart. Not afraid to speak his mind- wants to actually see us succeed. perfect.

    • Alle Says:

      He did says over ESPNSoccernet he had ideas, why not?

      • gigi Says:

        At least he has plans- osorio and agoos both said they dont even have a plan B or anything. And i think Richie williams would be a decent coach actually.

  47. lou Says:

    §Benoit Pedretti- (deep lying, playmaker midfielder) 28 years old and out of contract with auxerre in the French ligue 1. He has been capped 22 times for France and would most likely be either a DP signing or just under DP status. He seems to be a younger, more agile and attack minded celadas.

    Camel meriem- (attacking midfield) 29 year old, ex Monaco player. He has played his entire career in the French ligue 1 and has been capped for france 4 times. He is currently out of contract. He is an impressive dribbler and distributer. He reminds me of Guillermo barros schelotto and would probably go for a contract similar to what Columbus offered schelotto his first season in the MLS.

    samuele dalla bonna- (attacking mid, center mid) a 28 year old that has played for chelsea and ac milan in the past. He left napoli and is now a free agent. He might be to young to consider coming to america but his stock has fallen, and because of a lack of offers he may consider a move if the price is right.

    omar milanetto- (Center midfielder that can also play Defensive midfield) a 33 year old serie a veteran known for his long shots and play making ability. His contract was up with Genoa (i’m not sure if they have renewed it), we could bring him over for less than DP money.
    Lukas jarolim- (attacking mid and center mid) 32 years old, his contract with siena in the serie a is up. Another player that we could sign for less than DP money.

    Rory Delap- (more of a right mid than attacking mid, can also play defense) 33 year old, irish nationial team player, who’s contract expired with stoke city. He is renowned for having the best throw ins in the world. That may sound like a joke but the majority of stoke city’s goals came from his throw ins. Not a DP quality signing, but a good player that could get us 6 assists on his throw ins alone.

    michael ball 29 soon to be 30 he is a left back that was released by machester city,

    ricardo rocha is a 30 yead old tall center back that was released by tottenham recently, both of these defenders are big and experienced and should be more than comfortable with the physicality of mls after playing in the premiership. These guys would probibly go for either just under DP money or DP money.

    • lou Says:

      all those players are out of contract free agents, that means no transfer fee, and all of them are experienced playing at the highest level of soccer.

  48. Lou Says:

    Ammann as gm and Richie as coach would give us experienced soccer minds that know the league amdbits regulations. Furthermore ammann would actually listen to the club supporters

  49. Chic C Says:

    Serious ugliness. A disgusting performance from NYRB. Retched crap from a truely poor team.

    RB Salzburg have proper soccer management, why can’t New York?

  50. gigi Says:

    whats amazing is that an expanision team like Seattle is playing so good- and a team that has been here from day one is playing like totaly shit. This team needs to be cleasned from head to toe. The reason why Seattle is playing good also is cause their coach is the man, thats a coach. Lets traid seatle and umbrella and some starbucks cofee and call it a trade.

  51. Tilt215 Says:


  52. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    Did Ubi lose his teeth?

  53. nydasofine Says:

    I KEEP TELLING YOU GUYS OSORIO is not the right coach for that team and AGOOS SWEAR HE IS.
    And they still want people to buy next year season tickets….go tell OSORIO people to buy them

  54. Chic C Says:

    Can’t wait to hear the post game excuses. “very unlucky game”, “a close game”, “we did all the work”, “nearly the result we’re looking for”.

    • gigi Says:

      Hes probably going to use the red card as an excuse and prob the altitude…and if angel scored that goal it would have been 4-1 which would be a more realistic score line.

      did angel get injured btw or is osorio just and Iditot??

  55. lee Says:

    Dis team suck bis is redbull shit

  56. lee Says:


  57. jason Says:

    i am geating to the piont that i cant even watch the games this is painfull to watch and if you watch it on msg shep messing was shocked that osario took out angel i thought that would be good becasue we should not tlet more goals in becasue comeihng back form 4 goals is highly unlikely i hate rojas now he was horrible during this game he shouldnt have started the 2nd half ………come redbulls get it together

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