Ernst Öbster’s P1 visa has been received by the MLS office, and the Austrian has also passed his team physical, clearing the final hurdle towards full eligibility.  The midfielder will likely train with the team today and will be available for selection when the team takes on Colorado on Saturday.  Öbster has played in all three midfield spots during his career, so where do you see him being utilized in MLS?

Just to get reaquainted with him, here is an interview we conducted with Ernst when he was on trial.



30 Responses to “ÖBSTER READY TO GO”

  1. lou Says:

    I could see him playing on the left side and we could leave hall at right d until johnson is healthy. A full and healthy squad’s lineup would look like this,


  2. Mentz Says:

    When’s this Krupnik guy getting here?

  3. Mentz Says:

    He’ll definitley play Left Mid because Rojas is just not getting it done and when we stick Kandji back there it takes away from our offense considerably.

    Obster is left-footed too right?

    • lou Says:

      yeah i think obster is left footed, but the fact that it is obvious that obster should play left probibly means osorio will play him somewhere else.

      • red9fan Says:

        Lou, I heard that since he has a Strong Foot Osorryo is starting him in Goal, since they Play it back to the Keep so often.

  4. Red Bulls Reader Says:

    Krupnik is also ready to go and is eligible for selection. We should have a get to know you video with him posted later today.

  5. Red Bulls Reader Says:

    Ernst is left-footed, yes.

  6. Alle Says:

    Definitely on the left, Celades can go in the center, Zimmerman on the right – cracking midfield now. Rojas LEFT bench, Richards RIGHT bench, that’s works good too.

    • vjk Says:

      I see Celades more as a CDM or CM more so than a CAM. he just doesn’t seem quick enough and offensive minded enough to be set right behind our strikers. though i do like his decision making in passes out of the back to spark a counter attack.

    • Alle Says:

      I’d call him a CM as well but we already have Stammler in that CDM position so I’d keep him there. It’s either Celades in that position or Rojas – and Rojas is a ‘once in a blue moon’ performer, so I wouldn’t risk it.

  7. nydasofine Says:

    i feel sorry for him. OSOSRIO gonna mess him up. i wish him good luck. i never seen him play so i can’t tell you
    i don’t think OSORIO has the ability to recognize people talent….he gonna place that poor guy in a position he doesn’t fit.
    IN soccer offense comes first..you could defend as long as you can if you can’t score; eventually your oponent gonna score
    Our offense is purely suck; let’s work on it. we need midfielder right now. ROJAS sucks. he always playing behind and can’t run. he looks like an old man.

  8. lou Says:

    nydasofine, you said that you’ve never seen him play, well here’s a video of hiim but he is playing against inferior competition.

    • Mentz Says:

      Inferior huh? He’ll fit right in with MLS then…

      • metro boy till da day i die Says:

        nice video

      • lou Says:

        inferior as in he is playing mostly against austrian youth and reserve teams. Only the last few minutes are against the big boys.

      • vjk Says:

        inferior or not he looks to be an offensive minded MF that isn’t afraid to shoot long distance. something NONE save for perhaps zimmerman of our MF’s are willing to do… EVER…

        I really hope this works out to save some face during CONCACAF champions league and for 2010

        ps why is RB Salzburg stadium so empty in some of these shots? are they reserve matches?

  9. metro boy till da day i die Says:

    LETS GO RED BULLS~!!!! I SITLL HAVE FAITH!! WE WILL MAKE THE PLAYOFFS!! (ok thats a stretch!) lol lets just get rid of osorio, let richie coach team and lets see how it goes!

  10. Lee Says:

    From what i see he have a great left foot and really good on set shot when u watch a video u dont get much but u can see something and i see a young kid with a great left foot really good set shot big leg some nice speed passes well and that translate to any team so i am really happy to see the kid here.

  11. gigi Says:

    His accent and gestures kinda reminds me of c.ronaldo lol.
    wish him the best…hopefully hes not another fluke…hopefully.

  12. nydasofine Says:

    LOU>>>THANK YOU FOR THE VIDEO. he look alrite. i wish him well.
    LOU do u think we need a defender as a DP?

    • lou Says:

      No not as a DP, perhaps just under a DP salary though. No team has signed a DP defender yet so we don’t know how it will play out, it’s best to play it safe and get a top defender from the usl like arrieta for just under DP money. I would prefer to use a DP slot on a attacking midfielder the only exception i’ll make would be for henry when he comes here.

  13. jason Says:

    we are set for next season

  14. nydasofine Says:

    jason….we still need help. like LOU said we need an attacking midfielder.

  15. Alle Says:

    Stephen Appiah? Attacking midfielder, 28 years old, no club – for about a year now surprisingly(and I stress that because he was great when he was with Fenerbache) so if there’s any DP I’d like us to get, it’s him.

  16. lou Says:

    michael ball 29 soon to be 30 he is a left back that was released by machester city, ricardo rocha is a 30 yead old tall center back that was released by tottenham recently, both of these defenders are big and experienced and should be more than comfortable with the physicality of mls after playing in the premiership. These guys would probibly go for either just under DP money or DP money.
    Ivan De La Pena is a 33 year old attacking midfielder who is out of contract after playing for espanyol in la liga for 7 years. He is a dead ball specialist, superb dribbler, and a talented distributer. I think espanyol may renew his contract, but if not we should go after this guy with a DP spot, attacking midfielders like him don’t come along very often.

    • lou Says:

      samuele dalla bonna- (attacking mid, center mid) a 28 year old that has played for chelsea and ac milan in the past. He left napoli and is now a free agent. He might be to young to consider coming to america but his stock has fallen, and because of a lack of offers he may consider a move if the price is right.

      omar milanetto- (Center midfielder that can also play Defensive midfield) a 33 year old serie a veteran known for his long shots and play making ability. His contract was up with Genoa (i’m not sure if they have renewed it), we could bring him over for less than DP money.

      Lukas jarolim- (attacking mid and center mid) 32 years old, his contract with siena in the serie a is up. Another player that we could sign for less than DP money.

      Rory Delap- (more of a right mid than attacking mid, can also play defense) 33 year old, irish nationial team player, who’s contract expired with stoke city. He is renowned for having the best throw ins in the world. That may sound like a joke but the majority of stoke city’s goals came from his throw ins. Not a DP quality signing, but a good player that could get us 6 assists on his throw ins alone.

      • lou Says:

        Benoit Pedretti- (deep lying, playmaker midfielder) 28 years old and out of contract with auxerre in the French ligue 1. He has been capped 22 times for France and would most likely be either a DP signing or just under DP status. He seems to be a younger, more agile and attack minded celadas.

        Camel meriem- (attacking midfield) 29 year old, ex Monaco player. He has played his entire career in the French ligue 1 and has been capped for france 4 times. He is currently out of contract. He is an impressive dribbler and distributer. He reminds me of Guillermo barros schelotto and would probably go for a contract similar to what Columbus offered schelotto his first season in the MLS.

  17. lou Says:

    sorry the quality in the video is poor.

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