Juan Pablo Angel Toys R Us 07-23-09

Carly Melton/MLS

Juan Pablo Angel and his family paid a visit to the Toys R Us store in Times Square after training yesterday to help support MLS, the team, and the store’s merchandise push with a high traffic location.  The New York Times Goal Blog and were among those covering the event, as MLS gear will be prominently displayed in the toy giant’s stores for the month of July.



4 Responses to “ANGEL VISITS TOYS R US”

  1. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    In order to appologize to their fans for 2009 season, NYRB should give each fan free team jersey.

  2. Mentz Says:

    And their money back I wasted on season tickets for this season.

  3. metro boy till da day i die Says:

    cant wait till red bulls match im dying to see krun and obster play n anxious to see hall acuatlly play mid!! an not Rb!! Silly Osorio!!

    • lou Says:

      hall probibly won’t play left mid because carlos johnson isn’t ready to take over the right back spot, osorio has said that obster probibly won’t make an appearance, and krupnik may play.

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