The club has announced the debut of “Toque de bola com os Red Bulls” on Radio America 1700 AM, a Portuguese-language radio station based in Newark’s Ironbound district.  The “Toque de bola com os Red Bulls” show (translated into “Red Bulls Touch”) is a 30-minute program which will air every Friday from 4:30pm to 5:00pm.

The program’s weekly focus will be to entertain, educate and introduce the New York Red Bulls team to the Portuguese-speaking community of Newark and Harrison, the future home to the Red Bulls at Red Bull Arena.  “Toque de bola com os Red Bulls” is hosted by Francisco Sampa, a well recognized multimedia personality in Newark’s Ironbound community.  Mr. Sampa will provide Radio America 1700 AM listeners with up-to-the-minute current events of the Red Bulls team, in-depth game analysis, and player and coaches interviews.

“With the launch of ‘Toque de bola com os Red Bulls’ we continue our commitment of embracing our new neighbors in the Ironbound and Harrison communities,” said Andy McGowan, Red Bull New York Vice President, Communications and Community Relations.  “The Portuguese-speaking community lives and breathe soccer and, with this program we will grow awareness of the Red Bulls in the neighborhoods surrounding Red Bull Arena – our future home.”

Radio America 1700 AM is a Portuguese language Radio Station founded by Mr. Ricardo Sarmento in 2008.  The station is heard in the Ironbound Section of Newark and parts of Harrison, NJ.



  1. nydasofine Says:


  2. Frank Cunha Says:

    Time to sign some portuguese players including a coach, this team sucks, you couldn’t pay to watch theme.

  3. Pico Says:

    Muito obrigado.

  4. Dave Martinez Says:

    This is brilliant.

    Seriously. This is the right thing to do.

    I am also for one year of Figo, at something of a Schelloto type none DP contract. Make it happen and watch you fan base grow like a chia pet!

  5. lakaix15 Says:

    now we need a radio show on espn….

  6. Rooney22 Says:

    This is great and all…but what about English speaking fans? We have no radio show or radio station to listen to the games.

  7. POLL: Figo, Figo, Figo - - The Offside - New York Red Bulls Soccer Blog Says:

    […] a simple, yet effective and positive method for the team to pick up its’ fanbase in Harrison; a featured spot on Radio America 1700 AM, a Portuguese radio station based out of the Ironbound section in Newark. This, along with recent […]

  8. lou Says:

    “Toque de bola com os Red Bulls” show (translated into “Red Bulls Touch”) is a 30-minute program which will air every Friday from 4:30pm to 5:00pm.”

    Maybe they should consider changing the name of the show, i don’t think anyone wants to be “touched” by the red bulls at this point or ever for that matter.

    In all seriousness This is a good idea and hopefully it generates a buzz in the ironbound community, but rooney22 brings up a great point. What about the fans that don’t speak portugese? A weekly show on msg similar to what the yankees, knicks, nets, mets, and in the soccer world, sounders have, would probibly be a great way to get more people interested in the team.

  9. Mentz Says:

    I agree with Rooney22.

    While I’m all for expanding support for the Red Bulls, we don’t even have our our show in English! Why should we start in a different language?

    I feel like this team’s marketing department is trying, but just doesn’t get it…

  10. kofix5 Says:

    Toque as bolas de os Bulls

    Sign Figo

    that would be a step in the right direction and qualify for the 2 out of 3 three characteristics that I demand in the next signable player


  11. lou Says:

    I can’t make up my mind on whether or not i would want figo. On one hand he would get a hefty salary, he’s 37 years old, if we signed him next year he would have to be coached back into match fitness. The positives are that there is a good chance he will turn out to be a good player, he will sell tickets especially with the large portugeuse fan base in newark, and he will provide leadership. After i weigh the postivies and negatives though, i would say i would rather pass on him and look for another player to sign in his price range (just below DP salary) that is younger.
    We don’t need these 35 and up year olds, we should be thinking about the future and long term health of the club. We have a top draft pick next year, we have kandji, zimmerman, hall, cepero, let’s find players in their prime or at least close to it that can give us 3 good years, and more importantly let’s bring in a coach that is either high profile (to help sign these big name players) or a coach that knows the league and it’s rules well (richie). Give stover a position as strictly a stadium manager and give the GM job to someone that knows soccer.

  12. Cindy Says:

    i think this is a brilliant idea and obviously something that’ll probably get a listenership so they can afford to keep it up. english language shows would need a market and at the moment no one is giving them a market.

    • lou Says:

      I don’t see why an english speaking show can’t be made. One show a week on msg previewing the next game, interviewing players, giving training tips, talking about behind the scene things, almost like a televised version of all the red bull blogs combined into one with more added features. It would great for young audiences, and it could only help with the attendance figures.
      There is no reason why something that only appeals to a small portion of the fan base (a portuguese radio show) should be established, before something that can appeal to the whole fan base (an english television show).

  13. afrim Says:

    MSG used to have a half hour weekly show with Shep and Ethan Zhan….i thought it was actually pretty good.

    ESPN2 YEARS ago had a half hour mls centered soccer show weekly that was canned as well. Rob stone was the host. That wasnt shabby either

    • lou Says:

      At this point i would take anything. There are quite a few clubs with weekly shows, and if we want to get to the point where we are the class of the league (if that;s possible) than we are going to have start stepping it up with all aspects of the club not just the on field aspects.

  14. Alle Says:

    +1 Rooney.

    To be honest: the club is just kissing arse at this point in order to try and get more people to wear Red Bulls jerseys in that Ironbound community, which is a nice publicity stunt and all but we have fans, who aren’t just PORTUGUESE, that live in more that 1 AREA of New Jersey and New York for that matter. Where’s our fair share of the plate? Just because we don’t have a Ronaldo accent doesn’t mean we should be forgotten about. Come on now, cut the crap. I mean this is as if Ironbound is going to be shooting out more academy products than the others places in the tri-state area combined.

  15. Branco Says:

    Good idea.

    In regards to the DP talk, I may have the perfect player for this club to sign that not only reaches out to the Portuguese and Brazilian communities but also fits a position of need. Of course I can only be referring to……..DECO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. afrim Says:

    why are you pissed Alle? why call it kissing ass? the ironbound is litterally within walking distance of the stadium. It would be flat out retahhded if they didnt focus marketing efforts in what is litterally the shadow of the stadium.

    they’ll get to the other demographics in due time dont worry. First you have to make nice with your new neighbors.

    use some simple logic ppl common

    • lou Says:

      I think alle is pissed not because ironbound is getting a portuguese radio show on the red bulls, but rather that they got that before the club did anything else for the rest of the fan base. They seem to be showing preferential treatment. You’re right it should be expected that ironbound get something since they are right next to the stadium, but does it seem fair that the club does something for a small pocket of people before establishing anything for all the other fans which make up the majority of supporters to enjoy? It really shows were their priorities are.
      They’re so interested in making some money by recruiting new fans in the ironbound section, that they have completely forsaken all the other fans that are already supporting the club through this horrible season (almost all of whom do not speak portuguese and do not live in the ironbound).
      A TV show or something along those lines can be watched by all, portuguese-american or not, but this radio station does not have that potential yet they have chosen to make the radio show first.

  17. Alle Says:

    You say its common logic, ofcourse that was expected but do you REALLY think a radio show is going to reach out to these guys by the numbers? I think our performances speak for themselves, I’m sure less than 10% of the people living there would even bother listening. Besides from what Mr.Stover said, you can already assume this: They support other teams – so I don’t think we’re going to attract any interest yet, it’s way too soon and besides, we’re already aware of how poor the club’s marketing strategies are, so don’t even think its going to work from the start. I’m only mad because, as Lou said, it’s preferential treatment. They see it as a gold mind for growing their new Ronaldinho’s and such and I’m just saying our English speaking fans are JUST as important. Remember this is the MLS, not the Portuguese or Brazilian league.

  18. nydasofine Says:

    ALLE….u are rite. They still don’t get it. having a radio show is not going to attract people. It’s da quality of the product you are selling that gonna attract people.
    for example: i travelled all da way to Seattle to watch them play with Chelsea. they have an attractive style of playing that appeal to everybody. The ambiance there is unbelievable. They give what the fan wants. for months we’ve been chatting on here they don’t pay us no mind.
    For months we’ve been telling management that OSORIO is not fit for that team. he mess up every player skillz on the team. kandji used to be a beast in the USL; POOR GUY NOW is limited on the field. Certain palyers you gotta let them loose like a wolf in the woods.

    Osorio went overseas got a bunch of players swearing those are the players he was looking for and those players turned out to be a burst

    he waive , trade or bench the good players. Remember that goalkeeper ” TERRY BOSS”; He waived him and Seattle picked him up.
    you know what’s da sad part is ‘ Management keep listening to him

    Having a radio show is not the answer give us a great team that we could go around and brag bout it. Remenber word of mouth been a good advertising way since the begining of time. Words of mouth could convert non other soccer people also.


    • lou Says:

      Well the radio show may help generate a little buzz in the ironbound section, but ultimately the team’s priorities should be elsewhere right now. What gets me the most is that is seems like red bull are just trying to sell jersey’s by making this show that only benefits a small demographic, when they should be doing something for the entire fanbase (the fanbase that has been with this club through all the bad).
      On a different note since you brought up terry boss, I heard terry boss had an unbelievable game against chelsea for seattle (i said he would be good and we end up releasing him).

  19. nydasofine Says:

    Terry Boss had a good game against Chelsea. we had him and we kicked him to the curve. he got size and good hands.
    i don’t think that management is gong to last. OSORIO will lead them to the unemployment line.
    All we need rite now is a young skillful fast midfielder that could create for us. The almithy OSORIO said we need a defender. we don’t allow a lot of goals; we just can’t score period. Rojas is purely garbage.

    DON’Ttrynna go for cheap that’s how we got here

    i was hoping for a second NY team….it ain’t gonna happen

  20. dgm Says:

    does anyone know if the radio show will be put into podcast form? i went to their website, it looks pretty basic, so i doubt it… but it would be nice.

    força toro vermelho!

  21. RED BULL FAN Says:

    Wow wow wow !!!
    thats a great idea, the America Station is community voice in the area. CONGRATULATION RED RED RED BULLLLLLLLLLSSSSSS !!!!!!!

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