RBR has learned that Ernst Öbster has received his P1 visa approval and will be arriving in the US tomorrow.  Once he arrives he will still need to undergo a physical before he can be available for selection, but the biggest hurdle towards him donning a New York Red Bulls kit has been cleared.  With three days of training (assuming he begins training on Wednesday) scheduled before the team departs for Colorado, Öbster will likely have the opportunity to earn the right to be eligible for selection against the Rapids this weekend, as Juan Carlos Osorio usually wants to see a player training for at least two sessions before putting him in the mix for a spot in the 18.



16 Responses to “ÖBSTER HAS RECEIVED HIS P1”

  1. afrim Says:

    in all seriousness i hope this guy is atleast solid. This whole season is one giant preseason for next year anyway so hopefully we’ll have some pieces in place for 2010

  2. Cindy Says:

    here’s hoping for some Ws in the Champions League! i’m excited to see Obster play and if he’s any good.

  3. C. Says:

    Oh yeah. We absolutely must get him 2 training sessions with Osorio before he can play. Because we’ve been on such a tear lately. We wouldn’t want to disrupt the chemistry right now. I will not stand for one training session to be sufficient for a European player playing in the Austrian first division to come walking on to our highly regarded New York Red Bulls as they take on the mighty Colorado Rapids. Osorio MUST have a whole extra day to properly assess his abilities. I mean he probably couldn’t assess them enough when he was training with our team for weeks and he decided to sign him. Now that he’s signed, we should take a better look at him… interesting strategy

  4. DS Says:

    C. I think it’s about assessong his fitness, not his skills. It is obvious he is more skilled than anything we have on the left, so it’s down to fitness. He has been out of season for a couple months, hasn’t played a competitive game since then. I think that is why Osorio would want to see him in two sessions otherwise he wouldn’t know how long Obster could last in a match at this moment.

  5. nydasofine Says:



  6. OgreDave Says:

    Maybe because Osorio is a fitness coach and NOT a proper manager. He cannot hack this job, he needs to learn somewhere else.

    We DESERVE Better.

  7. kofix5 Says:

    Welcome to the Swamp Obster

    Now what about Paunovic the Serb? If he’s gone, is anyone else out there? Maybe a PLAN B perhaps?

    Someone under the age of 30 who can play the game, speak english and doesn’t really need a good coach for a while ? Ok Ok i’m asking too much but how about 2 out of 3?

    • lou Says:

      osorio said we have no plan b. He out right said that if paunovic does not except our offer, than our summer spending will be over. WHAT AN IDIOT, having obster and that other defender is not going to change a thing with this club and it’s performance. Even if somehow, obster magically turned out to be just as good as DVB (i can’t believe i’m saying this), we still would not have the amount of fire power to do much in the league.

  8. nydasofine Says:

    All we need rite now is a new idea…….i meant a new coach. Like OGREDAVE said “osorio is a fitness coach”
    we need a coach that recognize talents and and let his players loose on the field.
    soccer should succeed in NY if it does it will succed everywhere. i don’t see why it can’t;cuz it’s a city that has a lot of immigrants and immigrants descendents. Give us a great team and they will come

  9. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    That’s it, all we got is Second division defensive player?

  10. Emilio Says:

    You guys forget that there are only 10 games left and we have 10 points, obviously everyone realizes any chances to make the post season have evaporated, the rest of the season has to be geared towards seeing what players we can count on in the future as well as getting past the first stage of the Champions League, I wouldnt mind signing Paunovic to see if he is a player that can help us next year, cause this year is over Anyone who has dilusions that we still have a chance this year needs to wake up. WE HAVE 10 POINTS!!

    • lou Says:

      Yeah but emilio, like you said this year should be geared towards seeing what we’ve got for next year. Is paunovic, a 31 year old soon (32 next season than) really someone you should be considering when trying to build for the future. Agoos has recently said that the chances of signing him are now slim, and even if he showed he could compete initially in this physical league, who’s to say that by next year the turf won’t start effecting him. I say can the idea of signing him, i would say look for one more player in the 27-29 year old range that is just under DP status (preferably an attacking mid), but osorio has publically said that if paunovic doesn’t sign there will be no plan b.
      Hopefully obster will show some promise so that by this time next year we will once again have a good left mid.

  11. emilio Says:

    There should be no plan b , its too late for that, the season is over. 31-32 for this league isnt bad, its difficult to find an impact offensive player 27-29 willing to come to MLS. Plan B is next year, this year is over. BTW,We wont be playing on turf next year.

    • lou Says:

      Yeah but if we sign this 31 year old now and expect him to play and train for a half a season on turf, that will surely take a toll on him. Even if the turf somehow didn’t effect him at 31, what kind of potential does he have. If we are trying to build for next year, what can a player long past his prime give us that we already don’t have.

  12. emilio Says:

    we dont have anything, he has ability that we dont have, we dont have anything!!!

    • lou Says:

      “we dont have anything, he has ability that we dont have, we dont have anything!!!”

      yeah and he’ll bring that ability to the team (mainly his finishing ability) for the rest of the season and than either start to fade next year, get injured because of the training on the turf and his age, or flake off and quit like he did with his last team. Big deal, we acquire this guy and he manages to give us a few goals this year (which doesn’t matter because this year is over), we should have never of went after this guy, we should have been concentrating on finding someone else and if we had competent people running this club maybe we would have found someone better.

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