Until we can offer more uplifting team news, here is the next installment of the Red Bull Arena time-lapse.  This edition gives us a look at the month of January 2009.  As we took the wraps off a new calendar year, the team brought in a few new draft picks and began training for the 2009 season as the construction workers braved a few snow storms and some bitterly cold weather to continue progress on what is sure to be the best stadium in MLS.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  1. kofix5 Says:

    No Plan B?

    For additional players huh?


  2. Iain Says:

    Any plans on re-branding the team for the 2010 season ?

  3. thisisvictorkim Says:

    this time lapse video is almost as bad as the team. there really is nothing happening to the building in the month of january so why would you zoom into areas that have no work, all you see is the timelapse of the day/night and NOTHING of the arena.

    bad team
    bad advertising team (slo mo bulls)
    bad post production team

    why am i still following RBNY? because they represent New York… right? even that I’m not so sure of.

  4. OgreDave Says:

    We DESERVE Better

    The new stadium will be like putting a silk hat on a pig. Just building a stadium did not warrant my support of this thing…. I can’t call RBNY a team 😦

    Sorry but you guys really need to get your house in order.

  5. GeneralMSU3 Says:

    If another team enters the League and plays in NY, this whole NYRedBull debacle will be a mute point anyway.

    I feel like the only reason they put this new timelapse up was to move down the last topic to get it and all the extremely negative comments off the front page.

  6. Cindy Says:


  7. Jay Says:

    Is there a reason why the interior camera doesn’t pan back and forth anymore?

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