Welcome to Giants Stadium for the Red Bulls-Galaxy match, as New York battles Los Angeles in an East meets West showdown.   A lot of story lines tonight as Beckham makes his MLS return, Beckham and Donovan share the field for the first time this season (with Donovan wearing the armband), Bruce Arena’s first game back at Giants Stadium, and the return of Mike Magee back to East Rutherford.   All that, plus the return from injury of several key Red Bulls. As usual, RBR will be providing the running commentary.

PRE-GAME: Here is the Los Angeles Galaxy starting lineup:




Dunivant—–Berhalter—-Gonzalez—-De La Garza


Bench: Saunders, Sanneh, Klein, Kirovski, Birchall, Magee, Gordon

PRE-GAME: Here is the Red Bulls’ starting lineup:






BENCH- Coundoul, Richards, Smith, Wolyniec, Ubiparipovic, Krupnik, Borman

NOTES: New signee Leo Krupnik is available tonight after receiving his ITC.  However, the other new signing, Ernst Obster (forgive the lack of umlaut), will not be available until he receives his P1 visa.

With Krupnik not being able to train fully with the team for the entirety of the week, he is not in the starting 11, but will be on the bench.

Mac Kandji is back in the lineup after missing several weeks due to injury, as well as Albert Celades.

Carlos Mendes has undergone season-ending surgery and will be added to the season-ending injury list, thus creating a spot on the 24 man roster for New York.  Luke Sassano will take his place in the starting 11.

RBR will be tweeting the match at


1′ And we’re off…

3′ Goal LA.  Eskandarian settles and blasts a half volley from 26 yards into the upper 90.  1-0 LA.

6′ Hall sends in a left-footed cross that Ricketts comes off his line to catch.

8′ Angel gets around his man and send one on frame that Ricketts puts aside for a corner.

10′ Berhalter gets a yellow for a hard foul that upends Kandji.

13′ Random thought.  With VDB in Dallas, who will play foil to Becks this year and goad him into a yellow?

14′ NY sends several crosses through the box, but none find a head.

15′ Here’s a sight you rarely if ever see…Beckham in short sleeves.

20′ Berhalter with another foul on Kandji earns a free kick from distance that almost is redirected past Ricketts but goes out for a corner.

21′ Sassano heads one wide of a Zimmerman corner.

23′ Donovan gets a step on Pacheco and puts a dangerous corss into the box, but Petke is there to knock it out.

25′ Rojas down and looks to be hurt.  The training staff is working on his ankle.

26′ Rojas is coming back on.

27′ Yellow to Eskandarian for a foul on Celades.

28′ Buddle turns on one, but it has no pace and is easily picked up by Cepero.

30′ LA beats the offsides trap and gets in with numbers, earning a corner.  Every time Beckham takes a kick his is roundly booed by the crowd.

31′ Goal LA.  Another half volley goal from distance.  This one from Donovan.  2-0 LA.

32′ Angel gets in and take a shot from an acute angle, and Ricketts is there for the save.

33′ A foul on Sassano gives the Galaxy a free kick in a dangerous area.

33′ Beckham puts it into the wall.

37′ Another shot from range by Eskandarian goes just over.   He had plenty of space for that blast.

38′ Hall dribbles into space, but passes up the shot for a pass, which Ricketts intercepts.

40′ Donovan speeds past Pacheco, but Petke is there again to disrupt the play.

42′ Stammler blasts one from distance that Ricketts is able to parry but not catch, leaving a rebound for Rojas.  Ricketts gets just enough to push it wide, and the end result is a goal kick.

45′ Goal LA.  Eddie Lewis scores the third half volley goal for Los Angeles, with the cross coming from Donovan.  3-0 LA.

HALFTIME:  3-0 LA at the half.  Three one-timed half-volley goals for LA gives the Galaxy the big halftime lead.

HALFTIME:  Looks like no changes for either side.

46′ And we’re back…

48′ Donovan’s one-timed volley goes over the top.

49′ Kandji nods on a Celades free kick, but Ricketts swoops in to snare it.

50′ Rojas puts a one touch side volley into side netting off of Ricketts.

53′ NY is starting to put together better sequences, but LA is bunkering down looking for the counter.

60′ Celades with a header off a Pacheco entry pass, but Ricketts is there to gobble it up.

62′ NY sub: Richards for Celades.

63′ Zimmerman goes to the left, and Rojas slides to the middle, with Richards taking the right flank.

66′ Angel finds Richards, but he is adjudged to be offsides.

69′ Buddle with a blast in the area that Cepero gets in front of.

70′ LA sub: Birchall for Beckham.  NY sub: Sinisa for Zimmerman.

72′ Richards almost gets to a loose ball, but he comes up short.

72′ Cepero makes a save on a direct shot.

74′ LA sub: Magee for Eskandarian.

77′ Angel almost gets a head on a Hall cross, but its just out of reach.

79′ NY sub: Wolyniec for Kandji.

85′ LA sub: Klein for Lewis.

86′ Despite the end result being a Red Bull goal, the ref stops play for a PK after a handball.

87′ Goal NY.  Angel PK.  Gonzalez was the one that handled the ball.

90′ Another hand ball in the area.  PK NY.

90′ Ricketts saves the PK!

92′ Yellow to Rojas.

FULL TIME: check back later for reaction.



  1. gigi Says:

    you know i have to give it to bruce he turned a shitty team into a team that can compete..

    im gonna try to be postiive cuz usually teams that are as desperate as us for a win usually see.

  2. Alle Says:

    Hey ‘RedBullSoccer’, I’d like to see how smart you feel now after your comment earlier – I told you so ‘GOSH’.

    Interesting line-up, I can’t believe Coundoul isn’t playing, oh well. Come on RED BULLS!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Karbaz Says:

    Cmon you Bulls!!!

  4. Karbaz Says:

    Well…there you go.

  5. Alle Says:


  6. lou Says:

    Anyone know where i can find a feed for the game?

  7. gigi Says:

    ubelievable——i dont know what to say- this is gonna be a long game.

    • Metro boy till da day I die Says:

      LOL areana turns a crap team to a good team n osorio turns a decent team to one of the worse

  8. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    We suck n btw we passed up on alecko of course.

  9. Karbaz Says:

    At least everyone is booing Beckham every time he touches the ball.

  10. Karbaz Says:

    Hall just looked like Richards with that cross.

  11. gigi Says:

    wait second worst defence in mls?????whose worst then us?

  12. Karbaz Says:

    Game over…..

  13. Alle Says:


    2-0, shoot me.

  14. lou Says:

    this really sucks, i got a feed but it is choppy so i only see bits and pieces of everything, and we are losing AGAIN.

  15. Karbaz Says:


  16. Alle Says:

    How did ROJAS miss from close range? HOW?!

  17. lou Says:

    my game feed is going in and out and i can still see that rojas is shit, amazing.

  18. Karbaz Says:

    Game over x2

  19. Alle Says:

    OH YEAH, THAT’S IT! Coundoul, you’re very welcome now! THAT was horrible.

  20. lou Says:

    what is coundoul going to do exactly? When we bring him in do we also bring in 4 new and better defenders? Because otherwise the bleeding isn’t going to stop.

  21. Alle Says:

    He’ll save us from the crap atleast, Cepero may be dynamic, but this is just disgusting (and yes, I’ll surely blame the defense). I would’ve liked to see Krupnik alongside Petke tonight…

  22. kofix5 Says:

    I think Cepero really showed what he’s made of in the 1st half.
    Rojas too.

  23. Alle Says:

    What he’s made of? Are you nuts? This wasn’t his most heroic match of the season, at all for that matter.

    • Alle Says:

      He’s made of steel, that’s what – it takes a true man to stay in goal after 45 minutes of that.

  24. kofix5 Says:

    I was being nice. 3 goals passed him really shows what he’s made of. He’s a non-starter at best, he’s too young to be saddled with the responsibility of being a starting keeper. He may be getting an education but he’s not ready to be in goal every game.
    Buona Coundoul is ready. The poor defense will be there the rest of the season.
    Cepero should be on the bench, he’s not ready.

    • Alle Says:

      Yeah when I re-read after, I realized my bad haha. It’s time for Coundoul, definitely.

    • lou Says:

      ok he makes mistakes, but he has saved our asses countless times and i;m sure if he had a half way decent defense in front of him he would look even better. Cuondoul can come in and save 50 shots, but with this team there is always some kind of breakdown that will lead to goal. I don’t care who is between the pipes whether it be buffon, casillas, or superman, with this team they are always going to look like shit. Rojas on the other hand is crap and it looks like he will be playing on the wing a while longer because obster won’t be able to get his visa until July 23rd.

  25. JJ Says:

    Can you fire the coach at half-time?

    • lou Says:

      we could never be that lucky, that won’t happen. I wonder if the ESC dumped the bag of money on beckham yet.

  26. kofix5 Says:

    Next home game maybe the fans can chant


  27. Alle Says:

    Petke on FSC according to their guys: “We had no heart” – and that’s the G-rated version.

  28. kofix5 Says:

    we as fans should fire osorio at every home game for the rest of the season

    • lou Says:

      we should boycott the team, no one would show up to the games until redbull either agreed to sell the team to someone that cares about soccer or agreed to fire agoos and osorio and fill their positions with competent replacements.

  29. Karbaz Says:

    I have a feeling we are going to do great in the champions league.

    • Steve Says:

      Why would anybody think that

    • lou Says:

      oh no doubt we will win the champions league. The brilliant osorio will lead us to victory and we won;t lose a game the rest of the season. Than ronaldo, kaka, and ibra will tear up their contracts and agree to sign for the club free of charge. After that we will all ride off into the sunset in horse drawn carrieges with all our favorite childhood disney characters. Warner bros will agree to write a movie on the incredible turn around entitled “running of the bulls” starring antonio banderas as juan pablo angel, sylvester stallone as mike petke, and ray romano as danny cepero. It’s going to happen mark my words.

  30. Karbaz Says:

    Maybe we should have kept Arena for one more season.

  31. Alle Says:

    That would’ve been a wise choice.

  32. kpugs Says:

    Been a season ticket holder since this league was invented, andleft at half time for the first time ever tonight in complete disgust. Absolute and total garbage.

  33. Alle Says:

    What exactly was the supporters stand chanting to Beckham when he came off? I think I heard F U Beckham, but I’m not sure..

  34. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    Lol we suck. Bad! At this point if red bull HQ have not seen enough to fire agoos n osorio then it’s like who cares. The fans show more heart than the players. ESC should just take the field n play . It’s just a sad thing to see..

  35. lou Says:

    i just saw i believe it was stammler, pressure the fall and than fall on his ass. If there was ever a play that could sum up this season of futility than it would be that play right there.

  36. lou Says:

    someone should tell the play by play commentators that no one is litening to them, but i don’t think that would matter to them because i’m pretty sure they just like the sounds of their own voices.

  37. lou Says:

    did bretos just MaMa Mia, hahahahaha this guys are bigger goons than agoos and osorio.

  38. Claude Says:

    What the hell is Rojas still doing here?

  39. Alle Says:


  40. Alle Says:

    Consolation atleast…Angel 1-3.

  41. gigi Says:

    uh oh comeback on the way lol- maybe we can score two goals in stoppage time…

  42. Alle Says:


  43. gigi Says:


  44. Karbaz Says:

    LMAO!!! What a joke.

  45. gigi Says:

    i was just joking but dam…maybe???

  46. Alle Says:

    I can’t believe Angel couldn’t score the second, damnit.

    • lou Says:

      wait he missed a penalty? I really wish i had a reliable feed to watch this joke of a game, i need a good laugh.

  47. lou Says:

    osorio said during an ingame interview that he is looking at daniel montenegro from indepentiente.

  48. Cindy Says:

    that Angel miss, it sucked but it was too fast, and Ricketts read it real well, so i can’t sweat Angel for that.

    Mac Kandji today = teeerrrrrrrible. even Richards play was better than his today, yeesh.

    i watch this team and they should be able to do so much better but i just don’t understand what it is that is stopping them. it’s not just the coach, it’s not just management, it’s not just players. everything is combining horribly and it sucks because really, if we weren’t abysmal this season then big things would have been said about rookies Hall and Zimmerman, newcomers Kandji and Pacheco [and C. Johnson if he wasn’t hacked into injury] and Angel would have been breaking NY/NJ records. there is no rhythm to our play which is why Angel has been in such poor form because there is no planning 2 steps ahead.

    ah well, beckham was pretty to look at. i wonder what the attendance was, i didn’t hear it if they said it.

  49. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    Around 24 k not bad but no where near the 66k from beckham first game at giants stadium

    • lou Says:

      i think the beckham game attendances dropping should be expected. Everyone who wanted to see him, has already seen him, and it’s becoming obvious that he is all show and no game. Donovan is clearly the better player by miles, but because his name doesn’t sell jerseys like beckham’s does he will be stuck in the mls while beckham parades around between the top clubs of europe.

  50. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    24k isn’t a bad number … Fullham. Average 21k

  51. Chic C Says:

    Utter rubbish. This team gets worse with each game. Sorry RedBull, you should of fired JCO and Agoos last week. JCO cannot man manage. He can’t get his players to perform better. That’s the number one job of a coach.

  52. Karbaz Says:

    I’ll tell you why daniel montenegro most likely won’t come here. He’s been called for by Maradona recently for Argentina, Maradona won’t pick an Argentinian to play for the national team if he’s playing in the MLS. If he has no future for Argentina then he will come.

    • lou Says:

      materazzi was also named as a potential incoming player by osorio. There were 4 or 5 prominent players named, i’m not sure if nedved was one of them.

  53. JJ Says:

    Mr. Stover, how much more evidence do you need to justify firing JCO and Agoos. Both Bradely and Arena were fired for much, much less. As others have noted, JCO is not making the players or the team as a unit better. On the contray, the team is becoming progressively worse. FIRE JCO AND AGOOS, NOW.

  54. Alle Says:

    If Materazzi comes, I swear I’ll bring things to throw at him every game. Eversince 2006, I’ve never liked the player. I hate him more than I hate C.Ronaldo, and that says a lot. I’d rather we buy a player from the USL than him. He’ll just flood our salary. He’s already a handful at Inter, no thanks.

    • lou Says:

      i actually like him for the same reason you hate him. He may be a giant douche, but he throws players off their game and he can sell tickets. He is past his prime though so if there was a choice between getting him or getting someone like cristian arrieta from the usl, i would choose the later. Still either of them would be a huge upgrade to our defense.

  55. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    wTF was that game? IS osorio fired yet??????????????????????

  56. emilio Says:

    sells tickets, wins sell tickets, we need to build a team not sign names, we need to clean house at the top, we need a new coach, fast, so we can start building for next year, the next 10 games dont mean anything we have made them irrelevant, lets get a new coach in please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. jason Says:

    how old is daniel montenegro and what position does he play ?

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