Juan Carlos Osorio and Juan Pablo Angel spoke to the media at the post match press conference, and gave their reaction to the match tonight.  Three goals from individual efforts for Los Angeles, and a penalty kick tally from Angel.  That goal moves to within one of the all-time franchise record.



  1. JJ Says:


  2. Alle Says:

    If anyone thinks that video right there didn’t show anyone how low the morale is at the moment, take a hike. Osorio’s gotta go.

  3. ellie Says:

    when will osorio get kicked off the club he really doesnt get the game

  4. Matt Says:

    FIRE THIS CLOWN NOW!!! What are you idiots waiting for? You want a cheap manager hire me I could not do any worse.

  5. MetroBull Says:

    Two questions for you guys: who coached the team to the MLS cup final last year, and who is actually playing on the field?

    Yeah, that’s what I thought. Get to the final and praise the players. Have the worst record in the league, and blame the coach. What do you think a new coach is going to do with this pathetic team?

    You guys are mindless. Bunch of ignorant fools who know NOTHING about soccer.

    • Karbaz Says:

      Fran and metrobull are complete retards, Arena took the Galaxy who has been the worst team for like 2 years and turned them completely around. they had terrible players too but he still figured out a way to make them play well, to play like a team. Osorio has gotten the players he’s wanted, he’s been given a lifeline by not being fired last week and he can’t decide on a single line up for every game, conclusion = he’s a shite coach. I have been on this guys side for quite some time but it’s clear that he can’t inspire his players and he can’t get them to play like a cohesive unite on the field. A good coach works with what he has and can compete, Osorio has shown that he can’t.

      Both of you (who i suspect are one in the same) need to get off his nutts.

    • Metro boy till da day I die Says:

      How slow r u???? He didn’t do anything but take areana players to the finals. Which btw was the luckiest run ever in sports history….this season was ALL Osorio, his signings, his style of play, his formations n look where it’s leading us! U must b related to this bum to acuttly support him or maybe u just a DC scum fronting to b a metrobull… More like metrobullshite

    • lou Says:

      Two questions MetroBull, what have you been smoking, and are you and Fran the same person?
      Yeah that’s what i thought. I great coach finds ways to win, if these players are crap than osorio is the one to blame because he took bruce arena’s team that he used to get to the finals and than single handidly demolished it. The coach is responsible for signing new players, designing formations, and inspiring players, all of which osorio has failed at.
      You’re the only mindless, ignorant fool, and sadly you think the same way as the people running this club and that worries me.

  6. Matt Says:

    OK Jeff. Time for bed now. How can you defend his record? Last year was a FLUKE you moron.

  7. JJ Says:

    I may not know much about soccer; but, I have watched enough sports to know that good coaches find ways to inspire players and make mediocre players better. Good coaches do not lose game after game. This team is not getting better; it is falling apart under his leadership. That is not the sign of a good coach.

  8. thisisvictorkim Says:


  9. FRAN Says:

    how can u inspire sucky players. its like inspiring a basketball player, thats playing soccer. it would never work. i agree with u metrobull!

  10. tilt215 Says:

    best line was when JCO said they took out Celdas because his hamstring can go at any time……… this isnt a new problem. He was just as old when you signed him. WTF

  11. Iain Says:

    What coach could inspire anyone to play for a team named after an energy drink that latches on to the name of a state 15 miles away. It will never happen. You don’t have the people’s support. Your New York soccer experiment has failed.

  12. emilio Says:

    We were under .500 last year, we made the playoffs because DC United didnt get a result in the last game, if they had we would not have made the playoffs, you judge the body of work we are 12-25-13 under Osorio in the regular season, who brought in all these new players Osorio, thats part of his job, his tactics are awful, and in lasts years Western Conference final against RSL the post and Danny Cepero saved use numerous times, not Osorio’s tactics, lets just stand pat 2-14-4 thats nice!!! 10 out of 60 points, give me a break whoever wants Osorio to stay is dilusional, I guess its acceptable to lose week in week out.

    I dont love Arena but he is 100 times the coach Osorio is and we gave up money and a top pick for Osorio, the Fire fleeced us on that one. Im sorry but Osorio has been awful, he has no answers makes no adjustments.

    RBR people are not interested in what you guys are offering, and it appears that Red Bull doesnt care about results by maintaining Osorio. This is not acceptable, im tired of going to games and watching games knowing we dont have a chance. Eventually were gonna get weary and its showing in the attendance figures, the team is irrelevant yesterday was all about Becks and how bad we suck.

  13. Mentz Says:

    It really upset me that I saw 10 times as many Beckham Galaxy / Real Madrid jerseys then I did ANY Red Bull jerseys. We’re turning into a joke attendance, playing and respectwise. This is getting sad, what a waste of a season on the way to opening a new stadium. We deserve to be relegated to USL, not get a brand new home to play terrible soccer in…

  14. emilio Says:

    How can you expect the fans to care, when the organization doesnt care, loss after loss and its ok, how can we go into next season confident that we are going to have a succesful season if Osorio is the coach, I dont think any rational individual can be confident with that coach. He has a job because of ONE win over Houston in the playoffs, and that was a game of circumstances, Richards had the game of his life and his speed was taken advantage of on the counter, thats all, other than that nothing more and he still has a job, we currently are fielding THE WORST TEAM IN MLS HISTORY, its that simple. We have a Champions League match coming up soon do we wanna get embarrased in that as well? Anyone will do but Osorio, we need change if anything just to make a statement that enough is enough and that what we are getting week in week out is not acceptable. Stover, etc. wake up, we are in the professional sports business, and we are embarrasing ourselves week in week out.

    • GeneralMSU3 Says:


      You may think we are in the “professional sports business”, but we aren’t. Stover recently said on RedBullsReader that the soccer team is the “Sporting Division”. What we are rooting for is an energy drink company that has purchased “our” team and changed the name to reflect the company’s name. They are building a stadium to host many events throughout the year (both soccer and non-soccer) that will be named after their company. They have the brand plastered all over everything in its efforts to help promote its energy drink product.

      We are rooting for a giant marketing campaign. Those 11 disfunctional men running around on that field are running billboards…..nothing more nothing less. Those 11 little disfunctional men are running around soccer stadiums all across this country promoting what they are “pushing”……Red Bull Energy Drink………………………………………………………..

  15. emilio Says:

    I didnt think we would top 1999 we have already. Thank You Juan Carlos Osorio.

  16. TicoinNY Says:

    For over a month Profesor Osorio is a beaten down man who is to “proud” to quit. The RB management should just fire him for his own (osorio) good. International games are coming up, Do Owners/mgmt/MLS want to show this 4th tier level of competition?
    Or is MLS looking to get bail of money? Osorio is a toxic asset right now!

  17. emilio Says:

    If its money, keep Richie Williams as the interim, I hope this isnt because they gave him some sort of extension, if Osorio is the coach next year dont expect good things, the guy is not a good coach period.

  18. emilio Says:

    We dont know anything, you do right? Osorio is a good coach right, he knows how to fit in players HE signs into his system and he makes great adjustments, he does a wonderful job, its nice to do something well and he does it LOSE!!!

  19. MasterShake Says:

    I HATE THIS %^*%$%$%&%^& TEAM !!


    this is probably the most constructive comment, since we all know JCO or Agoos will not be fired. so talking about it is pointless..

  20. lou Says:

    can someone tell me why we didn’t go after eskandarien when chivas were looking to trade him? He could have been just the player we were looking for to be our third forward, that goal he scored last night was pure class, and he is a jersey guy. Another stupid move by our FO, i would choose esky over paunovic any day.

    • GeneralMSU3 Says:

      He drank a can of RB after scoring on us and spit it out as his goal celabration…………….

      I’m thinking they may not have been forgotten.

  21. emilio Says:

    We need change at the top, Esky on this team with this coach wouldnt make a difference, we can sign players till the cows come home, with these tactics and this lethargic state the team is in, I dont think it will make a difference. They have no realistic expectation they are gonna win when they take the field. Mentally they are dead.

  22. afrim Says:

    This is Osorio’s team…dont blame the players. If i go out and hire a bunch of ppl who dont speak english to handle an english speaking customer service call center dont blame the employees….blame the person who hired them.

    and thats what exactly is happening with JCO. He wanted to save cap space so he got rid of Kovalenko. With that money he signed Celades (who makes 50k more a year than kovalenko) He then botched the whole Van den berg situation up and drafted a rookie to replace him on the LW (whom he then threw at RB) A scrub who an expansion team didnt even want (Khano) was VDB’s replacement.

    if you guys watched the game last night that crafty little right back that the glaxay had “De La Garza”….could have been ours..but instead our clowns decided to draft Ogunyibi a pick before them (a guy who bolted for europe after telling everyone he wont sign a developmental deal which of course was what we offered)

    you can go on and on with the shit pile that jco and agoos have created

  23. emilio Says:

    He signed Rojas, Cichero, Pietravallo, acquired Oduro, Smith, etc. he made the moves thats what he did. Rojas who has never been a play maker was the ”great playmaker” we were going to have. He never addressed what we needed attacking players and defensively we dont put any pressure on the opposition, thats why the 3 goals yesterday, the space LA had was ridiculous. What qualifies Osorio to coach, the fact he takes notes on a notebook?

  24. nydasofine Says:

    EMILIO….. u r rite. Rojas looks purely garbage yesterday. he can’t even give a complete pass. as midfielder he garbage. i’m done with that team

    go REDBULL

  25. Cindy Says:

    on a different note — I’m really sad that Danny Szetela is playing for DC United, ugh. all the best to him i guess, it’s not his fault and he had always made it known he wanted to play for us most of all.

    • metro boy till da day i die Says:

      Szetela is an other player who really wants to play for New York , Just like Esky.

  26. emilio Says:

    He should count his blessings that he doesnt play for us.

  27. onionsack Says:

    Red Bull Reader needs to go to math class. Angel is more than 1 goal away from the team’s all time mark. If you were paying attention in 2007 when you put it on the giant scoreboard in Giants stadium you’d know CLint Mathis holds that mark with 45 total club goals, one ahead of Giovanni Savarese with 44. JPA is third with 43.

  28. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    Hey Lou u won’t blv this. I just been infoed that esky was BEGGING to come to new York. He loves it here, his father is here n he really wanted to come. BUT osorio repeatdly kept saying NO to esky. That he was to much of a risk . (like a 45 year old unproven, injury prone, quitter isn’t riskier). I could not blv this n I can’t blv osorio denied esky MORE than once!

    • lou Says:

      “Hey Lou u won’t blv this.”

      of coarse i would believe that, the only way i would find the situation surprising is if osorio begged and esky shot us down. The kid is only 25, fast, technical, and has a tremendous upside, he’s from jersey, and was an admitted metrostars fan, so of coarse why wouldn’t we turn him down. Is there some way that we could form a mutiny and force osorio to resign, we could have him impeached or something.

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  30. red9fan Says:

    Metrobull, Fran, Iain (What is with the Name?) go back under your Rocks!

    • Lou Says:

      isn’t it funny that these guys just seemded to pop up out of nowhere, and than tell the rest of the regulars on this blog that they have no idea what they are talking about.

  31. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    Dear management, please fire coach Osorio. He doesn’t fit for this job and there are a lot of better coaches on the market right now.

  32. Red Bulls Soccer Says:




    • Metro boy till da day I die Says:

      Lmfao if u gonna agree with what these dumbs$$ commentators are saying then u def are slower than I thought. Those commentators don’t have a clue what they are talking about n they just annoying, I watch the matches either in mute or with music just to not here these bums. N we have SOLID players on our team it’s just that the way osorio style of play is retarded n makes no sense. We can’t complete more than 5 passes in
      a row, n all we do is long ball after long ball. It’s osorio who practices n trains these guys n teach them how to pass n look out for each other but obviously he is NOT doing that. It’s the sme thing everyweek. We do not have a bad team… Kandji, hall, Johnson, celades, goldy, petke, they are solid, rojas is only good when he comes as a 2nd half sub. Pacheco I know for a fact will b a great addition if u let him
      play his style instead of sitting him in just the lb postion(which is why he gets caught day dreaming, cuz he use to attacking all game , helping the mid with crosses n getting them in
      better postions.) btw if my post is unreadable I’m
      sorry bout that, using my phone

    • Metro boy till da day I die Says:

      N btw Chicago was happy to get rid of him. If u ask any Chicago supporter, they will tell u how happy they were that they got rid of him fast

    • Lou Says:

      No one listens to the commentators, usually I watch the games on mute, or keep the volume on simply to make fun of them. They get player’s names wrong, coaches’ names wrong, they never shut up, they say the stupidest things, if you’re going to rely on what commentators think about our club to form your opinion than you clearly aren’t very bright.
      This team sucks? Well if it does, than who’s fault is it? Osorio trains this team, he assembled this team, he demolsihed bruce arena’s team to get it. How exactly did he turn chicago around? Their good form is due to dennis hamlett not to osorio, if it was becasue of osorio than chicago fans would have never been so eager to get rid of osorio.

    • red9fan Says:

      Let us Guess, you took the Short Bus to School, Right?

    • Karbaz Says:

      All the people you named including yourself are all the same person you fuckwit. Your a pathetic human being and you should jump in front of a train.

  34. Matt Says:

    No use arguing with the ONION Bag idiot. The guy is an out and out moron and a truly despicable human being,.

  35. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    Guys, do you know what kind of contract did Osorio signed? Was it 10 year, all inclusive? 😦

  36. afrim Says:

    i think he signed his contract under the “South Americans with Disablities Act”

  37. Alle Says:

    New York Post blog:


    Come on, just because they’re brazilian or portuguese doesn’t mean you aren’t going to find talent anywhere else. I think you guys have been watching Brazil a little too much – the team isn’t even near what they used to be, I mean they could even by rivalled by the USA on a good day now. You want real talent? Why not start sending scouts to every city program in the state instead of holding academy tryouts that many people haven’t even heard of.

    • Alle Says:

      The blog said this:

      “With Red Bull Arena opening next season in Harrison, and the club planning to re-launch their product, bringing in a world-class star that could draw the Portuguese or Brazilians from the nearby Ironbound is likely a strategy. In short, they need soccer street cred.

      “(We need) a credible product on the field. Over the years we’ve struggled,” Stover admitted.”

  38. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    What we need is to find a way to get osorio n hid him in the dessert for we can get new coach. Might as well take agoos to

  39. jason Says:

    we need ronaldo or henry or even zidane lol but that want happen

  40. jason Says:

    this is random but what ever happened to Youri Djorkaeff lets try and get him back to the club

    • Karbaz Says:

      He retired, too soon IMO, he still had some left in the tank but maybe he foresaw something we didn’t.

      • Karbaz Says:

        Lou, I never suggested that we should sign him now, i merely mentioned that at the time he could have signed for at least one more season. I wouldn’t take him now.

    • Alle Says:

      At about 41 years old(I think), he’s currently the president of an amateur club in France, UGA Décines. That’s the club where he played during his childhood I believe. His father is also part of the staff of there as a technical director.

      • Lou Says:

        whether djorkaeff had more in the tank or not, there is no reason why this club should be looking to sign 41 year olds.
        We need to go after players that can build for the future, if we get montenegro (only 29), a quality defender from the usl (along the line of arrieta), duka (according to garber the league are looking to change the rule that prevented us from signing him), and hold onto zimmerman, kandji, and hall we will have a strong young team for next year. After that all we would need to do is fire osorio and the pieces would be in place for a more serious looking sqaud.

  41. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    We have cans of Red Bull in our trousers!

  42. Lou Says:

    You can forget about that daniel montenegro signing. Apparently he was recently signed by club america in mexico. A quality attacking midfielder is a huge part of a winning team, and one of them just got away.

  43. Cindy Says:

    ooh score one for Mexico then blerg

  44. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    N a brighter note USA beat panama. Barely.

  45. Jason Says:

    with the Youri thing i was just wondering were he was because he looked good in all the games he played for redbulls

  46. nydasofine Says:

    Did u guys see the Seattle game against Chelsea? that was some good game.
    i’m on my way back to NY now. Seattle management make me despise NY REDBULL MANAGMENT. i had to travel all da way downthere to see a good game.
    LOU and Jason this is what i call COMPETE. WHEN AGOOS said we’ve been competing he really insult my intelligence. even if seattle lost they kept attacking non stop
    i’m going back for that BARCELONA GAME

  47. jason Says:

    i agree i did see the game on tv and they didnt stop attacking

  48. nydasofine Says:

    JASON….. u do agree with me then.
    i had so much fun in Seattle. i wish my Redbulls were like that. i hheard that barcelona game is almost sold out; what a team.!!!
    there’s a big difference when u put somebody in charge of your businesss;the lost don’t come from them so they don’t give a rat butt. I GONNA WRITE Redbull personaly to explain what’s going on

  49. jason Says:

    nydasofine what are you trying to say its not vevry clear

    • Lou Says:

      Jason, He’s basically saying that he loves seattle with a burning passion, so much so that he actually traveled all the way to seattle to watch them play. Furthermore he is extremely dissapointed with the red bulls and wants to write to them in hopes of improving the organization (not sure they are going to care about his letter).
      My only question to you nydasofine, is that if you are so dissapointed with the red bulls and are whilling to travel all the way to seattle for sounders, than why don’t you just support seattle and forget about red bulls? I would argue that you’re probibly one of the most hard core sounder’s fans out there. You love their style, ownership, marketing, players, and if you have traveled 4,000 miles to watch one of their games than why not just commit fully and become a seattle supporter?

  50. Alle Says:

    Indeed, you can’t support two teams in the same division – that’s like supporting Los Angeles AND Chivas or United AND Arsenal.

  51. Lou Says:

    Man we need some new stories here, something new to comment about. Who are we going after right now, when will obster be ready, or any arena updates?

    • Karbaz Says:

      Rumor has it the Red Bulls are looking for another 30+ year old player, this time a defender by the name of Mario Yepes who plays or played for Chievo Verona.

  52. jason Says:

    I have to agree with Lou you cant suppeort 2 team just dont watch redbulls if you hate them so much

  53. metro boy till da day i die Says:

    ok this is completelty of topic but for my fifa 09 team i just made a blog lol i have no life i know!!! just wanted something to do.. not like i can work for an other 2 months since im still recovering from surgery so let me know what ya think lol.. i dont think its bad considering i have NOOO experince with internet lol website is btw i dunno how to post the videos so just copy the link and paste it lol

  54. nydasofine Says:

    WHAT DO U GUYS THINK BOUT MONTENEGRO I DON’T his name that well? people keep talking bout him is he that good? will he be a good fit for the Redbull

    • lou Says:

      he is really good, so good that maradona is considering bringing him back into the argentinian nationial team. Club America recently bought him though so there goes one world class attacking midfielder

  55. Mastro Says:


  56. Alle Says:

    Hey RBR, any chance of creating that long-awaited transfers section soon? It’d be nice since the window is open..

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