The Red Bulls come off their first bye week of the season to take on the Los Angeles Galaxy Thursday night on FSC.  The match marks the first match of the MLS season for David Beckham, but also is the first time back at Giants Stadium for former Red Bull Mike Magee.  RBR caught up with Juan Pablo Angel, Macoumba Kandji, and Albert Celades to get their thoughts on the match and the current state of the team.

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What are your thoughts heading into the match?  With the team starting to get healthy, could that lead to a change in fortune for the club?  Who do you see starting against Becks and co?  Excited to see Mike Magee again?  Share your thoughts in the comments section.



  1. red9fan Says:

    I will try and be Positive since I am going to the Match, I happen to like Mac K. and A. Celedes, they need to be on the Field. Can we get the Ball to Angel? We shall see. Comments Lou?

    • lou Says:

      I’m hopeing i can find a feed of the game because where i am in rhode island doesn’t have msg or fsc. I think that if we have a healthy team (or reasonably healthy team) than we should be able to put up a good fight against LA. That means that if kandji, celadas, and angel all show up to play and look fit than i don’t see why this game couldn’t go down to the wire. To me LA is overrated and because there is a lot of anamosity in the LA locker room right now, we may be able to strike while they are disorganized. I hope Cepero keeps his starting role becuase he hasn’t done anything to warrant losing his spot.

      If we get all the paperwork done in time than i would guess the lineup would look like that, I think Goldy is still injured right?

  2. rob Says:

    I sure hope we get a win, from a morale standpoint it is real important.
    I hope Celedes, rojas & Angel start. Also i believe its time to start Bouna
    inplace of Danny Cin goal .Danny is excellent on plays coming toward him but scares me on crosses.

  3. Alle Says:

    I agree, I’d like to see Bouna start. Celades will most likely start and I’m sure we’ll see Kandji and Angel upfront. I’d like to see Krupnik play as well, but will he get everything done in time? I don’t know about that…

    • Red Bulls Soccer Says:

      Dude, Krupnick cant play till 15th… until international window opens… Gosh!!

      • EM24 Says:

        Sooo, what are you saying, the game is on the 16th. Or do you mean that since the game is after the 15th that he’ll play. Just seems you’re slamming the guy for making a fairly normal comment.

    • Alle Says:

      RBR: I doubt you heard that there was a possibility that he could turn up…that explains why I mentioned it.

  4. Jason Says:

    i cant go to the game because am to busy but will watch it on tv probably tie like 1-1 or something probably like 30 thousand people

  5. man Says:

    20k max, I’m thinking hard breaking loss in the final minutes.

  6. Cindy Says:

    i miss mike magee, i always liked him even when he was slumping really badly 😦 anyhoo here’s hoping for a win!!! i’m always positive interestingly enough.

  7. Mentz Says:

    I couldn’t make it to the Sounders game (good thing) so I’m slightly revived after not seeing a home game in awhile. I can imagine a decent turn out (not as many as previous years) of around 20,000-23,000 people. I think I might pull a bad news bears and wear a brown bag over my head though lol.

  8. Alle Says:

    I’m looking forward to watching the game tonight actually – it sucks that they had to put it on a weekday though…


  9. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    I can’t wait for the game!!! Been singing dc united went to rome to see the pope song all morning haha…


  10. Pico Says:


    Sad article about the RB at ESPN’s Soccernet.

    I would have liked to go see them tonight but got an invite to see Harry Potter instead. And then dinner. It will probably be cheaper than being at the stadium.


    • Alle Says:

      “Juan Carlos was our fitness coach when I was playing, and I think he is an imposter. He should have never been given a head coaching job in the MLS. He went to England because they are way behind the United States in terms of fitness and conditioning, something he does well,” Ammann said. “Juan Carlos was great at taking notes and charting every session a coach would put a team through.”

      Wow…..I’m sure Osorio didn’t have a great night after reading that.

  11. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    Can’t blv I gotta miss this game cuz I’m still recovering! This blows!!!! I wanna b there!! If we lose this game I dunno what to think anymore

  12. gigi Says:

    I agree with Ammann completely. Im glad someone had the balls to say it like it is. I say fire agoos and put Ammann in- he actually wants this team to succeed.

    and i love that name….houston hondas lmaoo!! catchy

  13. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    Cepero has got to go he sucks man 2 times out of postion WTF

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