RedBullsReader has learned the the club has signed midfielder Ernst Öbster, pending a physical, and the receipt of his P1 and ITC.  Öbster should be available when the international transfer window opens on July 15, one day ahead of the Red Bulls match with the Los Angeles Galaxy.

The 25 year old joins New York from sister club Red Bull Salzburg.  Öbster has been with the team since before Red Bull took over in the 2005-06 season, as he began his career with SV Austria Salzburg in 2001.  The 5-10 left-footed player helped Red Bull Salzburg to two Autrian Bundesliga titles (2007 and 2009).




  1. Lee Says:

    I love the move a kid with a left foot than can cross the ball to angel and hopefully paunovic i saw hime pic and i think he know how to put the ball in the back of the net so let get him in here

  2. GeneralMSU3 Says:

    Finally something positive from this organization. Is he the answer? Likely not, but at least he is young and fills a void for us at LM.

    Now let’s get Nedved! You people to get excited about this team/club? Get Nedved!

  3. Mentz Says:

    Dare I say it? I see a young Dave van den Bergh…

    • mike from linden Says:

      woah woah dont do that yet. lets wait and watch him play. for now he is obster, not VDB

      • Mentz Says:

        Fair enough. I can dream can’t I? We haven’t had anything to cheer about this season so I’ll invent things…

  4. JonnyG Says:

    Rock Obster …… ROTFL!!!

  5. Claude Says:

    Something tells me that after these signings are in we’ll see JCO and the goose will be fired.

  6. lou Says:

    If he manages to get assists like van den bergh did, that rock obster chant will be brilliant.

  7. Alle Says:

    Finally something promising for once! He’s a good talent, and he’s not like Schopp was (old). I look forward to seeing him on the pitch.

  8. nydasofine Says:

    All we need now is a young very creative midfielder….cuz Rojas sucks. he always play behind and very limited in creativity

    see you next year REDBULLS…

  9. Jason Says:

    ok so all we need is a good foward (young) who is fast and creative on the ball like montero and a playmaker besides rojas who can CREATE plays

    • lou Says:

      when you put it like that, it sounds impossible but if angel ever did want to go back to river plate we could theoretically get a young talented forward that seem to grow on trees in argentina.

  10. Cindy Says:

    is this only a loan? i feel like all MLS loans require an option to buy… unless i’m mistaken of course

  11. jason Says:

    angel would probably want to go back their because its his first club Lou i think thats what happened with McBRIBE for chicago i would love to see a young foward replace angel because am starting to get hooked on to monteros way of play lets see old lazzzy player(Angel) -fast creative young player( along the lines of montero) who would you pick ?

    • lou Says:

      Who would i pick from river plate? That’s a tough question because many of their young players are targeted by the top european clubs so we wouldn’t be able to get a lot of them, maybe andres rios who is only 20 years old and plays for the u-20 Argentinean national team, or 19 year old gustavo buo, or 20 year old attacking midfielder and replacement for diego buonanotte; damian lizio who also plays for the u-20 Argentinean national team.

  12. Mentz Says:

    He would be confused because his name Obster (with an umlaut) is pronounced Ooobster.

  13. el Says:

    I hope these moves work, on paper all the players look decent and have potential, the question is can Osorio get the team to be able to function, I dont think its entirely a question of talent, this team should not be 2-13-4, how Osorio kept his job is amazing. Lets see what they can do. We possibly may have added 4 new starters in Coundoul,Krupnik,Obster and if Paunovic signs, this is obviously with a look to the future (next year) because if Paunovic signs by the time he gets his work papers etc there will probably be 9 games left.

  14. Jason Says:

    what position is Paunovic ? anyway lou Lizio seems good for this club but you cant really see it in this video bacuse people around him arnt vevry talented he would look good on redbulls he makes good passes to his teamattes but they cant capitolize

    • lou Says:

      jason river plate is an elite club, the players around him are far more talented than most of the players on our team. The argentine league is arguably the class leageu of south america. Again i’m not saying we could get any of these guys, but if we were able to bring angel back to river plate, we could get someone like montero.

  15. Jason Says:

    lol are the 2 dots over the o in his last name going to be on his jersey just wondering

  16. Jason Says:

    lol are the 2 dots over the o in his last name going to be on his jersey just wondering ?

  17. Ernst Obster Finally A Red Bull - - The Offside - New York Red Bulls Soccer Blog Says:

    […] RBR reports on the signing of Austrian Left Wing Prospect Ernst Obsters signing with the Red Bulls (and it isn’t the Austrian team this time!). Though there are conflicting reports, he has actually signed on to the team, and is not on loan from RB Salzburg. […]

  18. FRANK Says:


    • lou Says:

      yeah he has a good left foot in this video but most of the video is against austrian youth teams and austrian reserve teams, he may turn out to be the next VDB but i wouldn’t write him off as that just by seeing this video.

  19. mimiss argyle Says:

    AMany players could put a shot like that on goal if given that much space from the marking defense – Stammler, Ubiparpovich, Rojas, Angel, to mane just a few.

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