The club announced today that it has signed defender Leo Krupnik.  Krupnik cannot be added to the team’s 24-man roster until after the international transfer window opens on July 15. The club is also awaiting receipt of his International Transfer Certificate (ITC).

Krupnik, 29, most recently played for Maccabi Haifa of the Israeli Premier League during the 2008-09 season, appearing in 30 matches and helping the club win its 11th league title.  A veteran of the Israeli Premier League, Krupnik also enjoyed stints with Israeli clubs Bnei Sakhin in 2007-08, Maccabi Herzliya in 2006, and Maccabi Netanya from 2005-06.

Krupnik was originally drafted in the sixth round, 68th overall by the MetroStars in the 2002 MLS SuperDraft.  Although he signed with the club, Krupnik never appeared with the first team.  Following his stint with the MetroStars, Krupnik played for the United Soccer Leagues’ Wilmington Hammerheads from 2002-03, appearing in 27 matches and scoring one goal while the club won the 2003 USL Second Division Championship.  From 2003-05, Krupnik played for the USL First Division’s Charleston Battery, where he appeared in 27 matches.




  1. lou Says:

    1st place here we come!

  2. jason Says:

    is he any good ?

  3. Anthony Says:

    OZ never played him back in the day and i hear we are signing him as a favor from Agoos to a relative.

  4. jason Says:

    lou 1 player cant change the whole dynamic of this team if we do come in first plays it woulld be a miracle

  5. Pico Says:

    Now watch the RB screw up the ITC situation the same way they did with Pacheco. It would only be fitting to how the season has gone so far.

  6. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    Lmao Jason I don’t think lou was serious n plus CB is not our problem. Well depth in CB is but our problem is LM , 1 Striker , n I want to say LB as well BUT as we saw in the gold cup, pacheco is acuattly good if u just let him play his game rather than just sit him on one spot for 90 minutes. Of course he gonna get caught sleeping because he is use to pushing forward a lot n running a lot. There was a huge difference in the way he was playing for has national team n the red bulls. And of course that’s osorio fault for not realizing that when he picked him up. N I know a lot of people will disagree with this but the fact is that angel this year showed that he can’t hack it antmore. We need either a nasty finisher or a speedy striker who can dribble well like kandji. Seriously we should take a 2nd look at that Haitian dude, fast, tall, shooting isn’t that bad, but playing alongside kandji I can see him doing damage. N finally our last n most important problem is the duo serial killers of JCO and Agoos, the way they destroyed this team should b illegal n should b considered a felony offense. Lol maybe not all that but they def need to go.

  7. lou Says:

    I would like a strong finisher to replace angel because two speedsters won’t complement each other well. If we could sell angel to river plater where he started his career so he can end it there, we might be able to get a young promising Argentinean which are usually fast, technical, something like a montero.

  8. kofix5 Says:

    I agree picking up another Angel-like striker is the way to go but I also think we need to keep Angel at least until the next transfer summer. The reason is that we need a 3rd dangerous striker. Woly while he is a super nice guy, a homer, and has come thru for us at times, he is simply not dangerous. We need a 3rd striker who can come in give a rest to Angel/Kandji when needed and plays the target/set-up striker to Kandji’s playmaking style. He would see a lot more time on the field than Woly since he would come in as more of an unpredictable, game-changing type player. Angel would have more confidence in him to make the right plays and he would take a seat before running himself into ineffectiveness.
    I’m saying we keep Angel because we are going to have a much better surface to play on next year. I think we’ll see a much better Angel next year with a good playing surface, with a young up-n-comer backing him up who can score and setup goals for Kandji while Angel isn’t on the field.

    Who knows, if Paunovic works out he could be ‘that guy’ and we can wait to draft a young striker when we get 3rd 4th or 5th pick in the draft in february.

    Lets be real, a good midfield controls the flow of the game AND scores goals. Adding Paunovic if he can really make an impact in MLS will help secure midfield and create goal scoring opps. Its possible the striker situation can wait.

  9. kofix5 Says:

    And Leo Krupnik–Welcome to the Bulls! We need strong smart defenders. Watch out for that Giant Stadium turf its a real bee-itch.

  10. lou Says:

    Osorio is probably hoping paunovic can be that 3rd unpredictable striker at least for now. I don’t think the surface we play on next year will make that much a difference for angel though, i think it has to do more with the surface we practice on which won’t be changed for a while. Or maybe this unnamed player osorio desperately wants can be this 3rd striker.

  11. Alle Says:

    Not a bad signing I guess, we can do better though, especially upfront where we need the players..

  12. GeneralMSU3 Says:

    How long will it take him to earn his first red card under Osorryo?

    How long will it take Osorryo and his training methods to get this guy injured?

    I hope he turns out to be ok because we need help badly, but I’m just not expecting much of anything coming from Osorryo and Agoof. These guys can turn decent players into disasters.

    • lou Says:

      it’s probably not osorio’s training methods getting players injured, it might actually have something to do with the loaded schedule we have.

  13. jason Says:

    With the game agianst dallas i mean come on 3 PEOPLE ON THE BENCH !

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