New York Red Bulls midfielder Seth Stammler will be hosting a charity billiards event for his charitable organization, Sporting Chance Foundation, on July 20 at Slate Plus located at 54 West 21st. St. in New York City from 7:00-10:00 PM. Fans will be able to put their pool skills to the test against several Red Bulls players, who will also be in attendance.

Admission, which is 100% tax-deductible, is $20 a person, and guests will receive a receipt directly from Sporting Chance Foundation after the event. All attendees must be at least 21 years of age. Space is limited to the first 200 RSVPs. To purchase tickets, CLICK HERE.

About Sporting Chance Foundation: After Red Bulls midfielder Seth Stammler went on a six-day service trip to the Caribbean nation of Haiti at the end of 2006, he created Sporting Chance Foundation – a 501(c)(3) certified charitable organization designed to provide academic scholarships and clean water wells to the Haitian people. SCF has already provided over 60 scholarships and built a well that provides potable water for thousands of Haitians.  For more information on SCF, log onto http://www.sportingchancefoundation.org.



  1. JonnyG Says:

    Leo Krupnick. Leo Krupnick?? LEO KRUPNICK!!!

  2. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    Osorio is still on payroll? LOL!!!

  3. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    Who is the mystery player that coach Osorio is trying to get on the team?

  4. afrim Says:

    we know 3 things about this mystery player

    1. he’s tall
    2. he’s left footed
    3. he’s from latin america

  5. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    Cichero lmao

  6. Jason Says:

    i dont get it why cant he just let people know about the mystery player i swear if its ike a player who has one good game and then ruins this team even more

  7. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    Mike Petke is pissed – http://redbullssoccer.com/topic/84-petke-questions-commitment-of-new-york-red-bull-teammates/

  8. Amy Says:

    I’ve got tickets vs LA Galaxy on Thurs. Tix say 6:00p but website says 8:00p. This is my first game so – can anybody tell me when it starts? Thanks!

  9. lou Says:

    I guess it was a misprint amy, all the sights i’ve checked have said 8:00pm. I’m going to be on vacation so i won’t be able to watch on FSC, and i got to see the game because the empire supporters club are planning something crazy and don’t want to miss it. If anyone finds an internet feed for the game could they post it? Thanks.

  10. DS Says:

    Before the match was re-scheduled it was supposed to be at 6pm (Saturday the 18th) but they moved the match to Thursday night (the 16th) so the pushed it to 8pm.

    The match is Thursday, July 16, at 8pm.

  11. thisisvictorkim Says:

    hey RBNY, I hope you guys have read this
    you guys are atrocious top to bottom (save for maybe this blog) and are embarrassing us fans. give us something to root for on the pitch, please.

    dwindling fandom

  12. jason Says:

    how many fans do you think will show up ? its getting leess and less every time beckham plays here

    • lou Says:

      since this is his mls return, and because there will be a lot of esc people at this game, i would say mid 30,000 range. I could be wrong though.

  13. jason Says:

    justin tv might have it it worked for me

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