The Red Bulls held a free soccer camp at Harrison (NJ) High School from June 30-July 2 in the first of four free camps held in conjuction with local organizations.  RBR was there to document the event and to get some insight from those involved.  The Red Bull Training Program provided instruction, and several first team players made a special appearance to provide inspiration to the children and to take part in some fun.  There are still several more of these free camps in the coming weeks.  CLICK HERE for more information.

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  1. Dannyc58 Says:


  2. lou Says:

    Let me guess, the player osorio isn’t going to name but definetly wants to sign is one of these kids right?

  3. metro boy till da day i die Says:

    if this team cant train with each other how will they try to train someone else

  4. Shane Says:

    Why hasn’t there been any news on here about Red Bull calling Stover and Agoos to Austria for a big meeting? Man up RBR, and give us some real news.

  5. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    Did Osorio got fired yet?

  6. el Says:

    Is Breiner Bonilla the defender going to be signed or was that just a rumor?

  7. lou Says:

    that was a complete myth

  8. Mentz Says:

    These stories are getting weak RBR. Where’s the beef?

  9. lou Says:

    Yeah really, what happend with that austria meeting, who are we signing, who are we bringing into practice. There has got to be something new.

  10. Jason Says:

    maybe its BLANCO from the the fire i no it seems alittle crazy but shep messing in one of his extra time videos i think said this is Blancos last year with the fire so maybe and what is the deal with that austria thing its like it didnt happen in the redbulls organiztion or something

  11. Jason Says:

    but it cant happen this season i think because he needs to finsh out the season with the fire

  12. lou Says:

    Leo krupnik, a player that apparently sat the bench for us back in 2002-03 season (can’t say i remeber him), has had a good career in isreal and is back on trial with the team hoping to get a spot. This guy may not win any awards for mls defender of the year but he 6-3, big, strong, can more than handle the physicality of the leage, and is certainly faster than mendes, boyens, and petke. If i had a choice i would definetly say release boyens and sign this guy, because i think it would be a big improvement. According to brian lewis at the ny post the red bulls are looking at him, an unnamed player that played college soccer here and than went abroad, dilly duka, and have all but finalized the obster deal.

  13. lou Says:

  14. DS Says:

    We have 2 open roster slots right now. We can sign players without releasing anyone. Despite all of us wanting specific players off the roster, that is not necessary to sign new players at this moment.

    • lou Says:

      right 2 open roster spots to sign the unnamed player and obster. But if we want to go after duka like it has been reported, than we will have to let go of khano who’s contract isn’t gauranteed, and than if we were going to sign a defender wouldn’t we have to release another player?

  15. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    I cant believe it. A poll on official website:

    Who was the Red Bulls Man of the Match against FC Dallas?
    Jorge Rojas <– ROFL
    Juan Pablo Angel <– OK
    Luke Sassano <– WTF
    Matthew Mbuta <– LOL
    Sinisa Ubiparipovic <– ROFL


  16. Cindy Says:

    i don’t know why ya’ll ask RBR to answer these questions about the Austria meeting. this site maybe be a blog but it works in the official capacity of Red Bull New York so you aren’t going to get any inside information, we’ll get what they have clearance to post. Which means we’ll maybe get trialist information but no real inside scoop, RBR can’t do that.

  17. lou Says:

    we can’t even get trialist information cindy, the one player JCO is positive he wants to sign is remaining nameless. And there hasn’t been any new stories this whole week, we’re very much in the dark with everything regarding this club. I respect this is a professionial franchise but i mean come on, the least they can do is show some curdicy to the few fans they have left.

  18. lou Says:

    oh and accodring to ives the mls has just rejected our bid to sign dilly duka… wtf.

  19. Jay Says:

    The single entity system served it’s purpose in keeping the league afloat in the beginning. I think it’s time to break it up, and let the teams manage themselves. Even AEG is down to 2.5 teams. It’s time to let the owners own their personnel instead of MLS. MLS has the legal right to shuffle players between teams at will because every player’s contract is with the MLS, not the team.

    I can’t wait to see what the players demand this winter when they negotiate a new CBA.

  20. lou Says:

    Last year they said this year’s CBA was going to be a big one, i’m not sure if that has changed because of the current state of the economy but i’m hoping it doesn’t effect it.
    Breaking up the league completely from being a single entity would be great, but i think it;s a little unrealistic. I will be happy if they raise the cap because that will benefit teams like us that are owned by billionaires and it will also start to make true league powers. There are far to many ties in this league, 36 percent of all games end in ties, as the salary cap raises the cream will rise to the top and we will start to see our country’s version of real madrid and barcelona start to form (won’t be as glamourous as them).
    I’m also hoping they really revise the whole G.A. contracts because they don’t seem to be working out and i’m hoping the rosters will expand. All i can really do at this point is hope for those changes to occur and for next year to be far better than this year becuase our season is essentially over.

  21. Cindy Says:

    i hate these dumb MLS rules and requirements regarding the youth academies making the world’s most difficult thing in the world to sign one of the youth kids. and even when one were to be signed if they end up a bust you are screwed for like two years after in regards to picking from the youth pool again. MLS itself could use some reformatting. also shrinking rosters and dropping reserve league, also majorly shortsighted move.

    and Lou — courtesy* [i’m a spelling nerd i’m sorry, but i do hear what you are saying]

  22. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    At least there is no 1st and 2nd divisions and elimination/promotion stuff in MLS. Red Bulls would be in lower division next year! 🙂

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