Our good friend Tom Kaminski over at WCBS 880 AM snapped some new photos of Red Bull Arena this morning while covering the traffic conditions in Chopper 880.  Take a look at the gallery!  RBR is planning on heading out to the arena this week to get some video updates, and will post the results in the near future.



  1. nydasofine Says:

    such a beautiful stadium

    and the team sucks

    It is the best Stadium so far in our league. i wish we could have been the best team in the league also.


  2. Matt Says:

    Sweet photos. This is just about the ONLY thing to feel positive about with this team.

  3. Pico Says:

    Is that me or does it look like JPA is kicking that bull in the rear? It would sum up the state of this year’s team.

    Went by Harrison the other day and the stadium is starting to look nice. At this point all I am hoping for is a line straight out of Field of Dreams “If you build it, they will come”. Good players that is.


    • lou Says:

      yeah either he is kicking the bull on the butt or the balls, either way it’s pretty indicative of this team

  4. lou Says:

    Beautiful stadium, to compensate for our less than beautiful play. I’ll be there next year because i’m a supporter of this team and perhaps i’m a fool for being one, but i’m not so sure many other people will be there. Soccer should always be the first priority for a SOCCER team, not a stadium. Maybe red bullover looked that aspect.

  5. kofix5 Says:



  6. Ray Says:

    Crazy idea…
    NY need a replacement for Dave van den Berg and needs to put people in seats right? How about killing two birds with one stone by acquiring Beckham from LA (where he is despised)?
    I’m not a fan of Beckham, but he gets people excited about soccer and can give great service to Angel.

  7. Cindy Says:

    stadium looks beautiful! i’ll be there next year, without doubt, regardless of this team’s state of play… i’m used to my NY teams sucking [or worse doing well only to collapse late in the season].

  8. NJMetrostars Says:

    Um Ray I doubt we can get Beckham. I think he wants back in Milian, unless there was news i havent heard about

  9. Mentz Says:

    Yea because we want to pay $10 million a year for an aging wing midfielder..

  10. lou Says:

    Ray that really was a crazy idea,
    now instead of acquiring an aging serbian player that has bounced around from club to club, we can get an ageing brit that hasn’t played well in the mls and might be the most over rated and over paid player of all time.

  11. emilio Says:

    We need a lot more than replacing Van den bergh, we need a new coach, a new system, new players and a much better forward than Angel.

  12. lou Says:

    we could get a lot for angel, and the situation of getting rid of him would be a lot easier if he wanted to leave (which i think he does). He could finish his career where he started it, at river plate, and we could get a young and talented argentinian someone like freddy montero (I know he is columbian but a player like him could be found at river plate).
    I’m really hoping red bull pull out the big guns and do everything they can to guarantee a championship winning side next year, because it isn’t going to happen this year.

  13. choclo Says:

    Same as the comments above…
    Nice Stadium….and the team???

  14. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    How do you get there from Manhattan?

  15. Ray Says:

    -Beckham said he was committed to soccer in America.

    -If he can bring in crowds of 20,000 to every regular season game in the new grass stadium…

    -beckham is overrated, but he is by no means trash (trash, like our current ‘wingers’) And he’s 34, we might get 2 years from him.

  16. lou Says:

    we might get 2 years from him, unless another european team wants a loan from us again, and why do we have to go after all these old players. I would rather have a young undescrovered talent (obviously hard to find but cheaper) than a guy that is close to retireing. Beckham would sell tickets for the new stadium, but i want a soccer team, one that i can be proud of. Beckham has not proven in LA that he can deliver that quality.

  17. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    I really do hope those club seats are worth 3k I dunno y Im buying those seats LOL oh well

  18. Onoda Says:

    I can’t believe this bs. the post before this one was the commentary to the game we lost to FC Dallas, the other worst team in MLS. “We lost– but look at our pretty stadium” I want to vomit.

  19. emilio Says:

    It looks like Stover and Agoos have been summoned to Austria to explain this disaster of a season. Hopefully, the Austrians will make some serious changes starting with Osorio and giving us fans some new hope, cause we have none right now.

    • lou Says:

      JCO didn’t make the trip which i find interesting, they’re probibly talking about where the team can go without him as coach. One thing i don’t like about this whole thing is that agoos made the trip with stover instead of staying home with JCO, which means he will probibly keep his job. I think Stover is good guy, i think he is the best person to manage a stadium, but i’m hoping that next year he can have his own new position as a stadium manager and a new general manager can be brought in that knows the soccer world. Hopefully something big happens at this meeting (fingers crossed).

    • kofix5 Says:

      this is good news.

  20. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    What happened to that Austrian player we were supposed to get on loan?

  21. lou Says:

    We can’t sign him yet, not until the internationial transfer window opens up in a little over a week from now. All reports say that we are going to sign him though, right now he is in austria training for some tournament with his current team red bull salzburg. We are looking at him, this isreali player shay abutbul, that serbian i forgot his name, and one more player that osorio hasn’t named but said they were going to sign him. As a matter of fact that last player that has remained unnamed, is supposed to be such a sure fire signing that osorio has said that they aren’t even bringing him in to practice with the team before signing him.

  22. lou Says:

    there is a new video of obster, he looks better than i thought. Granted he is playing against mostly youth sqauds in this video but still, you can see the talent.

  23. lou Says:

    • tilt215 Says:

      notice how few fans are at all of those games………

    • kofix5 Says:

      If even half this vid is from this year he had more assists and scored more goals by himself than our whole team has this year.

      I see goals for Kandji and Angel on the horizon.

  24. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    Is that Saltzbugs junior team?

  25. lou Says:

    Well most of those games are reserve league games, only the last 2 or 3 minutes are with the senior team, but even then tilt you are right there aren’t many people at the games. I’m hoping that red bull arena doesn’t end up looking like that, but it could happen because salzburg at least wins games and their stadium is brand new, so if they can’t sell tickets it isn’t looking good for us.

  26. Lou's mom Says:

    Lou sweet heart,

    did you forget to take your medication this morning?



  27. Mentz Says:

    Don’t disrespect your mother Lou.

    Yu guys hear that the RBNY front office was summoned to Austria to answer for our God awful season? Finally the parent steps in to deal with the misbehaving child…

    • lou Says:

      you’re right mentz, i should respect my elders, my mom never was that funny though so i guess that last comment by her makes sense.

  28. Jason Says:

    Lou with the post you did about beckham where you saying that their was a chance that beckham would come to this club well if he was it would be piontless because we already got a old guy which is angel with the thing abut rojas brother was that a joke because i sure hope it was by the way obster looks great

  29. Jason Says:

    also where are you getting all this info about the transfer rummors and rojas brother if that is true is their another website where you can get more info on redbull thanks

  30. lou Says:

    I didn’t suggest the beckham thing, Ray did and it was just a suggestion he made. I can almost guarantee you beckham won’t be coming here, it would be stupid of us to even want him. The rojas’s brother thing was just a joke red bull soccer had made. If you want to find more info on the red bulls you can go to (some of their info is questionable), you go to and find the soccer section (they usually have red bull training updates), occasionially has red bull information, and red bull new york the is another website you can go to.

  31. Jason Says:

    ok thank you

  32. Karbaz Says:

    I have a question for Red Bulls Reader, How come you guys haven’t mentioned the fact the the mother ship in Austria just called Agoos and Stover for a summit?

    This is important stuff. This summit wasn’t called just to see how everyone is doing, there’s a purpose for this summit. It’s been clear for sometime that the ownership in Salzburg is non to pleased (nor should they be) with the current state of our team and this may be the time to make some serious changes. This could mean the end of Osorio, Stover, Agoos, or all three, or maybe even neither but you’d think such a meeting would be cause enough for you guys to make a topic of it, right?

    I mean, this IS suppose to be the “Official Blog of the New York Red Bulls”, we (as in the fans) are suppose to be getting up to date news on our team not just the players or the stadium but everything including management aren’t we? We want all the news, you can’t just throw in in a, “hey look at how the stadium is looking” report after every bad performance, as a sort of mask to cover the shame that is this team. We want to know about important stuff, like this meeting.

    Here it is if anyone want to read it.

  33. lou Says:

    nypost put up a video of paunovic, he scored on a ton of volleys and half volleys but other than that there really isn’t much else.

  34. lou Says:

  35. Karbaz Says:

    So we are looking for a previously retired Serb to be our savior? Once again another brilliant move coming from the Red Bulls.

    • lou Says:

      what else would you expect from this team? We have a stadium manager, running things for us, and ex dc scum trying to find this talent, and an unqualified coach trying to win us games.

  36. Karbaz Says:

    We need to face facts, we aren’t making it to the playoffs this year, and if we somehow pull off that miracle, do you guys think we’ll have another run to the finals? i sure don’t, and I don’t want to be disappointed and heart broken again if we do make it to the finals and lose again because we didn’t deserve it. This team needs to sign at the very least, 2 academy players, play our youngsters, see how they fair for the rest of this season and then focus on next season when this one’s over. No need getting old guys who aren’t even playing anymore, let’s see what our kids could do just like Altidore.

  37. lou Says:

    tomorrow the team is scrimmaging the u 20 academy team that includes young phenoms dilly duka and whalter hines, they are using the scrimmage as a means to scout probibly. I would like to see duka and kassell signed along with obster, screw this semi retired serb, how is he going to help us?

  38. Karbaz Says:

    Lets hope we actually sign one, and not just sign but also play. i did agree with you about the serb and his decent volleys and long range shots, something this teams seems to never do but surely we can find a young kid other then Zimmerman who has the balls to shoot long range, I mean how many times this season are we gonna feed angel a perfect pass in front of goal only for him to screw it up?

  39. lou Says:

    obster likes to shoot from long range and if he does really turn out to be even a decent crosser it will add another dimention to our attack. We could than have obster and zimmerman providing crosses into the box and taking long shots which we have been lacking in, and if we were to sign duka we could have someone to use in place of angel up top. Kassell could help with controlling the flow of the game in the center of field. This is all providing that these players proved to be able to compete at this level, but best case scenerio we would definetly have a better team.

  40. lou Says:

    ——————–Stammler (celadas)————

    the prospective and healthy lineup would look something like this, it’s definetly a young and talented looking linuep with the weakness being pacheco and petke.

  41. Karbaz Says:

    We have a bye this week don’t we? Let’s hope it does some good.

  42. Lou's mom Says:

    Lou was dropped on his noodle a lot as a child. My sincere apologies to you RBR and to fellow bloggers!

    with regards,

    Lou’s mom

  43. Mentz Says:

    Its ok Lou’s Mom, we accept him as he is. He’s just pissed off at this waste of a season like we all are.

    Here’s to hoping we can field a team that can at least make it to the group stage of CONCACAF Champions League!

  44. Jason Says:

    Lou who is Duka and Kassell ?

  45. lou Says:

    duka and kassell are two academy prospects. Duka plays for rutgers and the u21 nationial team, kassell plays for the academy, university of maryland, and i’m not sure if he played for the nationial team.

  46. lou Says:

  47. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    Is Osorio fired yet?

  48. kofix5 Says:

    The Serb pulled his hammy already!
    We can’t have that. Get the younger kids in here who don’t suffer from aging muscle issues.
    ST CYR

    thats a list of guys who aren’t likely to have aging dried up hamstring problems. a player with double the experience and vision of Messi is worth nothing if he’s not on the field because he popped a hammy.
    get the young guys. get them now .
    don’t talk to me about mls rules and regs just do it.
    get it done.
    fix it!

    • lou Says:

      On the nypost sight, osorio was quoted saying that agudelo was impressive but apparently to oung to sign. They are very interested in duka, they didn’t mention anything about kassell, and they were also impressed by the scoring center back giorgi chigadze

      • kofix5 Says:

        yea i read that too.

        they just need to sign Duka. whats the holdup?

        if they’re not ready to sign Giorgi because he’s too young then they need to get a defender who’s got good hams and good sense.

  49. nydasofine Says:

    YO GUYS!!! ya should check this midfielder out. he played for THE USL SECONDE DIVISION HARRIBURG CITY ISLANDER. THAT KID GOT MAD SKILLZ. he gave DC UNITED mad problems. he’s young fast and skillful not like Richard running like a train and no speed
    that kid would b a good addition with kandji, they both have possess the same skill. INSTEAD for us to go get some latin player…..give him a chance before an european team grab him
    NY TEAMS are good for that…always trade the good ones and get crap in return or skip the good ones and let another team steal them rite under their nose.
    His name is ” Tiyiselani “Ty” Shipalane ” REdbull management give him a chance, listen to your fan for once…thank you

  50. nydasofine Says:


    I see DUKA AND ST CYR PLAYING…they really amaze me. i bet you NYRB gonna sit back and let another team steal those two …later sign another washed up latin player just to sit on the bench

    you gotta check that player by the name of ” Tiyiselani “Ty” Shipalane “. He’s a midfielder. he gave gave DC UNITED mad problems.. those kindna kid we don’t let him go.

    that what our team been missing a mildfielder that could create and run fast…not like rojas always playing behind. ROJAS he’s an old man

  51. Pico Says:

    Did the RB get a new training program this year? It seems crazy that all of a sudden we have so many players with the same ailment. It sounds a lot like a problem the Yankees had at the beginning of last season when they got a few players injured, and it was attributed to the new trainer and training program they brought in, even though no one went as far as to confirm it.


  52. Jay Says:

    The field at Giants stadium is beaten down and plays hell on players. It was good when it first went in 10 years ago, but not anymore. The training facilities at Montclair St. are grass, but poorly kept. For the money RBNY are paying them, they should be ashamed. A poorly kept grass field can cause more injuries than turf.

    13 losses writes this season off. However, 9 of those losses were by 1 goal. It won’t take much to turn this team around if they can stay healthy which has been JPA’s biggest problem and why he wants to leave. When he’s healthy he scores, when he’s not he doesn’t. You can tell when he’s hurt because he doesn’t finish chances. I still think he has the best first touch in the league.

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