Happy Independence Day and thanks for joining us on Red Bulls Reader, as your Red Bulls face FC Dallas in tonight’s Fourth of July clash. It is a steamy and clear evening in Frisco with temperatures hitting 100 degrees earlier today.

With the team’s international call-ups and variety of injuries, New York traveled only 15 players to Pizza Hut Park. Let’s check out the starting lineup for today:






Bench: Coundoul, Ubiparipovic, Wolyniec, Smith

A few notes to start you girls and guys off:

– Juan Pablo Angel trained fully with the squad yesterday and is back in the Starting XI after missing his first game of the season last week against Columbus. Angel was dealing with a quadriceps and hamstring injury.

– Unfortunately, others did not make the trip. Forward Macoumba Kandji (hamstring) and midfielder Albert Celades (hamstring) trained separately with the team on Friday but did not travel. Defenders Kevin Goldthwaite (groin), Carlos Johnson (metatarsal) and Carlos Mendes (hamstring/hip) are out and did not train this week.

– New York is also missing Dane Richards and Alfredo Pacheco due to Gold Cup Duty. Richards was on the bench but did not play in Jamaica’s 1-0 loss to Canada on Friday. Meanwhile, Pacheco and El Salvador scored a huge win over Costa Rica with a 2-1 victory. Pacheco played the full 90 minutes.

– Defender Mike Petke makes his first start after missing the last three games due to suspension.

– Bouna Coundoul joins the Red Bulls for their first game but is on the bench. Just to let you know, contrary to common belief, Coundoul’s last name is pronounced KOON-dool, not KON-dool.

– Matthew Mbuta, who came on in the second half against Columbus last Saturday, makes his second start of the season.

– Tonight’s game is the first match-up between the Red Bulls and former New York midfielder Dave van den Bergh. van den Bergh will be starting on the right side of midfield.


Shea———Ferreira———-Rocha——van den Bergh




Substitutes: Lambo, John, Guarda, Avila, Wagner, Dello-Russo

We’ll be following the game live on our Twitter site. If you’re looking for a place to watch the game, make sure you head over to Nevada Smiths, located on 74 Third Ave. in New York City, for the team’s Official Viewing Party. The game’s telecast starts at 9:00 PM on MSG with Steve Cangialosi and Shep Messing calling the action. We’ll be back later for post-game reaction.

Enjoy the game!




  1. red9fan Says:

    Wow, Starting to Wonder if Kandji has the Grit for this League, has Talent but cannot stay on the Pitch.

  2. red9fan Says:

    Almost forgot to ask for my Roster Wish List- CUT the Following- K.Smith, J.Rojas, D.Richards, A.Boyens, L. Sassano, S. Stammler. Lets start over, New Stadium, New Roster, New Beginning.(On the Bubble)J.P. Angel.

  3. Alle Says:

    1-0 already, come on…

  4. Alle Says:

    Oops, 2-0 now, what the hell is going on. Surely Osorio is on the chopping block now, too many damn mistakes going on, this is ridiculous..

  5. kpugs Says:

    Holy crap.

  6. Jason Says:

    this is bs

  7. tilt215 Says:

    Ive been watching the USA game. stupid MLS airing games at the same time as a USA match. I had metro on my picture in picture and just gave up on it. Atleast US is up 2-0

  8. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    Man we suck!!!!!!! Might as well just watch USA game

  9. lou Says:

    WTF! I leave a party that is across town, get home ten minutes later and find we are down 2 goals. WTF happened?

  10. Jason Says:

    what channel is usa game on ?

  11. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    And to make things worse stuart red bull nemesis Holden scores. WTF

  12. Glenn Says:

    Defense is kind of working (even though 2 goals down). NYRB still has so many problems maintaining possession. That’s what hurts!

  13. SCNewJersey Says:

    This is unacceptable. The putrid play/organization of this football club is going to run it into the ground. How good for the “brand” will it be when no one comes to RBA, and you can’t turn a profit nor find a buyer, and have to fold the team? You have ruined this club for me and for every other true fan in the area. You wanted consistency? Well bravo, you’ve actually surpassed the level of atrocity we fans have grown used to over the past 13 years.

  14. tilt215 Says:

    Im soooooooooo glad we didnt want to pay vandenberg the money he was promised

  15. Glenn Says:

    I understand the need to promote Red Bull Arena. But it sounds a bit “off” to be constantly pushing Premium Seating when the team is doing so poorly.

  16. tilt215 Says:

    we cant eve score 1v1

  17. tilt215 Says:

    oooooooooooooooo we got one wow whooooopie ugh

  18. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    angel finally!!! Can’t blv he almost missed that! He misses that I dunno what gonna happen but it def won’t b good

  19. Glenn Says:

    That was a pretty nice goal. See, Dalla’ defense can be broken through.

  20. lou Says:

    At this point osorio isn’t going to be fired. What will happen if he is fired now? We are still stuck in the celar of the league with putrid players. Sure we might win a few games here and there, but firing him now or when the season is over is still going to result in the same thing. Face it we’re screwed, we need to just grit our teeth and move on, hopefully that other tournament we are in won’t turn out this bad and we can get some money out of it (probibly not though).

  21. lou Says:

    If he had missed that, it would have been just another example of what i was talking about, which is that he is clearly not the angel he used to be. But hey he scored so all’s well for now (sort of).

  22. red9fan Says:

    Lou, My Grandmother (rest her Soul) would have Scored that. He is making $1 Million this Year.

  23. Jason Says:

    thank you tilt for that info can i have peoples comments on what the final score would be

  24. tilt215 Says:

    is this the first time we have bene out in the blue jerseys all year?

  25. Jason Says:

    no once against la galaxy we lost by the way during that game

  26. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    Hopefully we can at least come out with a tie. Even that would b some kind of improvement this year.the fact that we ain’t let one in the 45 minute is an improvement at this point LOL.! So safdddd LOL man I really thought this was gonna b a decent year at lest. Guess all that hype in preseason jinxed us for the regular season

  27. Jason Says:

    oooooo so close angel tied it but offsides …….. dame

  28. tilt215 Says:

    Did the announcer just say “its all about restoring pride for NY now” I didnt know this team ever had pride to restore

  29. Jason Says:

    we just need to focuse now on the rest of the season

  30. tilt215 Says:

    USA 3 that other team 0

  31. Josh Says:

    Congratulations Jorge Rojas, you just made the worst play of the year.

  32. Steve Says:

    Having a reserve team would be great right about now…three players on the bench tonight? I hope this gets fixed for next season.

  33. tilt215 Says:

    yay davies scores another for USA 4-0

  34. Steve Says:

    rojas is awful

  35. lou Says:

    Rojas= (deleted). I’m seriously tired of everyone saying that if he needs to start playing to his potential. He is playing to his potential, this is it folks, he is horrible. What he should be doing is playing up to his pay check, because there is no way a player being paid that much should be this bad.
    On the positive two possesions we had more than 10 passes and both ended in quality shots on goa, the first by zimmerman that was punched away for a corner and the second was pass/shot to no one by rojas. If we remain calm and work the ball around instead of just booting it, we will get chances. And i never knew ubi was that quick, he has some wheels.

  36. Steve Says:

    At least Angel looks better tonight. Hall and Zimmerman have looked pretty good as well.

  37. Steve Says:

    and as I write that they pull Zimmerman.

  38. Alle Says:

    Mbuta should’ve scored in the first half….

  39. Jason Says:

    i agree with you lou what is with rojas he is horrible now only part i like about him was the san jose game and that game when he had a free kick and hit the post

  40. lou Says:

    the only good player on the field is taken out. Yeah that makes sense osorio, take out a midfielder and our only productive player, and replace him with a grey haired forward. I mean it’s not like we have a forward in that has barely touched the ball the last five minutes… oh wait we do, so why don’t you take out that forward (angel) and replace him with another forward. I don’t understand the way our coach’s mind works. Why doesn’t someone just shoot this pink cow and put it out of it’s misery, maybe we can get some good steaks out of it.

  41. Alle Says:

    Agreed tilt, agreed…

  42. Jason Says:

    do you think any redbull players will be on the allstar team

  43. lou Says:

    mbuta hasn’t really done anything all game either, still though i would rather have him in than richards. Mbuta is kind of a neutral player, he doesn’t do much but he doesn’t really hurt us either. Richards on the other hand does a lot for the other team so i can see why mbuta gets the look.

  44. Alle Says:

    BTW Lou: I’m not defending Osorio here, but I think Zimmerman took a bit of a knock just before so that might explain why he came out.

  45. tilt215 Says:

    wow are we getting lucky

  46. lou Says:

    Who on the red bulls is fit to play on an all star team jason? If zimmerman played the whole season i would have voted for him same with cepero, other than that no one else is worthy to wear an all star jersey this year.

  47. Steve Says:

    I just wonder if we could get anything halfway decent for Angel.

  48. lou Says:

    oh maybe you’re right alle, i didn;t see that.

  49. Alle Says:

    We’ll be lucky if the score stays at 2-1 at the end…

  50. lou Says:

    I would take a young argentinian, brazilian, or european striker for angel. We wouldn’t be able to get someone with a designated player reputation for angel, but we maybe able to get a young promising player. Angel started out in river plate and he apparently loves argentina (the fans whore angel wings in his honor there). Maybe we could work a deal out with them for a talented youngster before he gets looked at by some european team.

  51. Alle Says:

    You heard about that 31 year old on trial with us? Unbelievable, I mean Agoos has literally lost it – well he did ages ago, but this is just stupid..

  52. lou Says:

    haha i meant wore not whore.

  53. lou Says:

    yea 31 year old serbians that have played for 20 clubs will sure fix our problems.

  54. Steve Says:

    ehhh…I think anyone we look at is getting a look for the CCL. Thats why I’d like to see JCO gone sooner rather than later.

  55. tilt215 Says:

    YAY we still suck!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. tilt215 Says:

    we really are the worst in the league.

  57. Alle Says:

    23 games without a win on the road, pathetic.

  58. Steve Says:

    19 games…10 points. We really suck. At least we’ll get a decent draft spot I guess.

  59. lou Says:

    Who called it? 2-1 i said. This team is so consistently sucky, that i was able to predict the score that’s really not much of an accomplishment i guess/

  60. JJ Says:

    As Shep said on the telecast, bringing in retired players for a trial is not going to change this team. Please fire JCO. He may be a nice guy; but, the team is playing horribly and he is responsible. 23 games without a win on the road is unacceptable. He has been given enough time to turn it around and is not doing the job. While you are at it, please fire Agoos. He bears just as much responsiblity for this debacle. What is the virtue of consistency when the only consistency that is being achieved is poor play. Let’s move on.

  61. red9fan Says:

    I ask again, what the Hell do they work on at Practice? It cannot be passing, this whole Team-including Angel Sucks. Rojas and Stammler have got to be the 2 worst players in Mls. Screw this Team.

  62. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    on a postive note… No 45min goal n angel acuattly finished. This is bad because now the red bull FO will def consider keeping ocrapio .. Angel to old. Yes he did an incredible job be4 but that’s be4 n some people need to realize he just ain’t got it no more.. He is wayyy to slow n only time he can score is if he gets a lucky bounce or a pass like vormen gave him which is safe to say ANY1 would have scored that.

  63. red9fan Says:

    By the way, notice how Pretty Boys Limp disappears when he has an Oppurtunity? Then when he Screws it up the Limp is Back. What an Clown go back to Columbia. He almost did break into a Sweat though, what a Hoser.

  64. lou Says:

    Practice isn’t going to do anything for crap players. If they had the skill to refine at practice that’s one thing, but most of these players were never good enough so what are they going to learn in their mid 20’s and early 30’s. I don’t care how good this serb is, we better no sign him. At his age, he could be good for us the first half of the season and than hit the wall next season or better yet quit the team like he did at his last club. We need young TALENTED players.

  65. gb Says:


    Fire Osorio!

  66. Chic C Says:

    JCO, Agoos & Stover. Three muppets who know nothing about running a succesful MLS team. Each game it gets worse.

    The Mo Johnstone and Bruce Arena teams look golden when compared to this current embarrassment.

    Austria redbull, if you are out there, please fire all three. Quickly.

  67. Iain Says:

    No accountability – I wonder why ?

  68. Mastro Says:


  69. lou Says:

    In all fairness to arena, this team wasn’t exactly the pride of the league before he got here so he didn’t really destroy metro, and arena’s red bull team could have shit all over this current JCO team. This team has always been a bunch of loveable losers, and now they are a little bit less loveable becasue they suck so bad. The team has been mismanaged, and mismarketed since its’ inception into the league and that won’t be changing anytime soon.

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