The Red Bulls travel down to Texas for an Independence Day clash with FC Dallas on Saturday.  This will be the first time New York has seen Dave van den Bergh since the club traded him to Dallas in the offseason.  With the Red Bull struggling and depleted due to injury and national team call-ups, the team will search for road points against the team that is also struggling, and missing its leading scorer in Kenny Cooper.

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  1. lou Says:

    I’m saying 2-1 fc dallas wins. We open the scoring, but our weak and injured defense leads to yet a nother goal in the closing seconds of the half. At half time the guys are already demoralized like they always are after letting in a late half goal and can’t manage to get back in the game. FC dallas scores at the beginning of the second half infront of a crowd of 5,000 (their attendances are horrible) and they finish the game out with a win.

  2. Matt Says:

    Dallas 2 Red Bulls 0

    And Osorio still keeps his job. Amazing.

  3. Alle Says:

    Don’t be surprised if we see Bouna start, I look forward to seeing how he does on his debut. I hope we can win , even if it does seem hard at this point… If we get a point, I’ll be happy

  4. gb Says:

    How about this? New York hires a coach who knows what the hell he’s doing? JCO is a FRAUD! And freely admits so to B Lewis on his NY Post blog.

    I thought Red Bull was a professional organization?

  5. lou Says:

    Bouna won’t start, not with the way cepero is playing. It wouldn’t make sense to take out a young goalie that is playing great just because we signed anonther goalie. Than again a lot of thigns this club does, doesn’t make sense so who knows.

  6. kofix5 Says:

    A big welcome home to former MetroStar defender Cristian da Silva! As the new Head of Player Recruitment the NY fans are hoping to see good things from you.

    Good Luck.

  7. red9fan Says:

    Cepero is Playing the Best of anyone on this Imposter of a Professional Soccer Team, leave him alone, how aout some Competent play on D. And what the Hell does this Team do at Practice?

  8. red9fan Says:


  9. Jason Says:

    I think redbulls are going to notch a win 2-1 they will open the scoring like Lou said and probably will let up a goal in the last five mintues of the half. but will hopefully keep their heads up and try and score later on in the half by the way am might be watching this on the mlsnet match tracker could you tell me if it is worth it ? (on vaction and dosent get the channel where i am thanks)

  10. lou Says:

    Jason last ime i watched a game on mlsnet the feed was poor and the game kept going in and out, i would suggest asking around to see if someone knows of a free site that is broadcasting the feed.

  11. nydasofine Says:

    just another lost!! go REDBULLS

  12. Alle Says:

    Try, you could get lucky.

  13. FCDFfan Says:

    Greetings. I was wondering if Angel traveled to Texas? I am a fan of Angel when your team is not playing FCD, but he has yet to travel to our stadium. Last year, he was injured.

    Anyway, I would not be surprised if your team wins. FCD has a way of messing up when they should win and then doing crazy things like beating Columbus.

    Oh, and I’ll trade coaches with you! Yo can have ours! May the team who plays with the most heart win tonight!


  14. jaosn Says:

    ok so does anybody no of a website that i could watch the game on for free i really dont want to miss it and with do i have to go their at the start of the game and search newyork redbulls in the search bar ? thanks

  15. kofix5 Says:

    FCDFfan–hahaha I love it! Thanks man I like your sporting attitude. And its good to hear that we aren’t the only ones suffering out here.
    Everything I’ve read about Angel over the week has him listed as ‘questionable’
    as well as Kandji our up’n’coming forward.

    Good luck y’all

  16. lou Says:

    FC dallas fan, i’m not sure if angel is going to the game, it seems like just about every good player we have is out. I think instead of the team with the most heart winning, it will probibly be the team that sucks the least.

  17. FCDFfan Says:

    Haha. Yeah, who will “suck the least” tonight? I feel for you all. But not enough to hope you win. 😉 BTW, the high for today is supposed to be 102F. By 8pm (Texas time), it should be down to the low 90’s, though. 😛

  18. metro boy till da day i die Says:

    sucks that game wont be live on msg..gonna have to watch game on my comp,

  19. DS Says:

    The game will be live on MSG. It’s at 9pm eastern, 8pm local (central).

  20. lou Says:

    If it’s going to be that hot in dallas, than i’m predicting a whoping crowd of about 4,000 (well whopping for fc dallas anyway). FCDFfan,why are the attendances so low at pizza hut park this year?

  21. Jason Says:

    lets go redbulls !!!

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