RBR caught up with Bouna Coundoul, the Red Bulls’ newest signing, at training the other day, and asked him his thoughts on joining the team and returning to the New York area where he played his prep and collegiate soccer.  We also spoke to Mike Petke, who played with Bouna in Colorado.

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14 Responses to “IT’S TIME TO MEET BOUNA”

  1. kofix5 Says:

    AWESOME to you on the team Bouna!
    Welcome home.

  2. Mentz Says:

    Nice to see us making moves and attempting to prepare for CONCACAF Champions League…

  3. Alle Says:

    NOW that’s what we need, someone who is proud to play for the shirt on his back – I’m confident he’ll make a big impact here (even if he isn’t an attacking player as I’ve seen mentioned many times after his signing was announced).

  4. lou Says:

    Well Kandji was pretty damn proud to wear the red bulls shirt, which is proved by his goal celebrations. Petke is a metro at heart so he is probibly proud to.

  5. adam Says:

    this kid bouna is TERRRRRRRIBLE…..think about it…a mediocre western conf team didnt want to sign him but we welcome him with open arms? the guy is a mistake waiting to happen….

    that being said, hes a cheaper mistake than jon conway so it makes sense.

    point im trying to make is that he IS NOT the answer despite his NYC roots and “love” for the shirt….just another band-aid … EVERYBODY and start from scratch…it worked in austria, right?

    • kofix5 Says:

      I thought about it and looked Bouna’s stats up and compared them with Matt Pickens who was acquired by the Rapids from Chicago. After checking the stats and thinking about it I realized that when it comes to goalkeepers you must have no idea know what you are talking about.
      Buona is a great keeper and we are lucky to have him.

      Our defense needs confidence and new personnel, so does our mid-field, so does our attack.

      No one player is ever the answer when it comes to football. Ask anyone who understands the game and they’ll tell you the same.

    • Alle Says:

      You don’t even know how funny your comment was for a second, you’re crazy. I bet you’ve never even seen him play before, we’re very lucky to get him.

  6. nydasofine Says:

    Welcome home BOUNA
    khano smith————–waive
    jorge rojas—————waive ” give us somebody young that could run and have a lot of skills.
    waive all the rest of the scrubs. new stadium!! new ROSTER!! NEW COACH!!! NEW STYLE RUNING AND GUNIN’

  7. nydasofine Says:

    WE WANT A RUNNIN AND GUNNING STYLE. A style that could keep the new stadium rocking. not a style to bring your pillow and your sleeping bag.

  8. nydasofine Says:

    before the new stadium open make sure u give DS A BLOOD TEST to find out if he’s really a REDBULL FAN or OSORIO or AGOOS

  9. lou Says:

    +1 kofix. I’m tired of people looking at the individual players that we are signing and thinking that is all the club is going to do. Bouna isn’t the only answer to turn this team around, he is a piece of the puzzle and more pieces will fall in place later. We know we are going to get obster, we waived conway, khano was given a non guaranteed contract so we can waive him, we have the serb trying out for the team and he seems talented (I’m a little skeptical about him), and we apparently have one more player that osorio wants to sign immediately but will remain unnamed. That is a lot of little things, and it’s as about as close to a complete roster overhaul as you can get midseason.
    For whatever reason, the FO wants to keep osorio around. I’m not saying that’s the right move because i definetly don’t think it is, but if osorio and agoos haven’t been fired yet than they aren’t going to be fired until at least when the season is over.

  10. DS Says:

    adam, Bouna was offered a new contract by Colorado and turned them down. That is why he was out of contract but we still had to get his rights from them. It wasn’t “a mediocre western conf team didnt want to sign him”, it was a mediocre western conf team that he didn’t want to sign for.

    nydasofine, I think we should also keep Johnson and hall as well. Johnson, if you don’t concentrate on the red cards, looked very good in the limited time he has played, but it’s hard to make a decision on him yet. Hall has been great filling in at right back so far, he’s a rookie that has made one bad mistake, just like Zimmerman has, but otherwise shows a lot of promise.

  11. Cindy Says:

    i like Bouna! welcome to the Red Bulls and the very best of luck to him!!

  12. OgreDave Says:

    Bouna has the 2nd best ALL TIME MLS GAA. Quote from NY Post’s blog by Brian Lewis:

    “Coundoul’s 1.16 goals-against-average is second-best in MLS history, and is outstanding both in terms of his athleticism and shot-stopping.”

    So that is promising. We needed to get rid of the dead weight, and Conway was definitely that! He never was as good as his paycheck suggested. The goalkeeper is very important to a team. If the goalkeeper is good, and can shape up the defense, then the midfield can move up with confidence and the forwards and wingers can do their jobs without worrying about the back line, which hopefully means more bodies in the box and more goals. This is what we needed!!!


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