As mentioned in the last edition of: From the Desk of Erik Stover, The Red Bull Arena Guest Experience Advisory Board is going to be created.  The Board will be made up of approximately 15 people from a diverse set of selection criteria and they will be charged with the following:

(1) advise Red Bull Arena Management on its Guest Services Programs and services to ensure they connect well with fans.

(2) advise on and assist venue management to develop more functional executive‑level guest and local community outreach and marketing activities.

The most important representation on this Board will be from our season ticket holders.  So, if you are a season ticket holder and interested in volunteering please click HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR NAME.  We are asking for a 250-word-or-less email on why you would be an important member of the Board.  Please remember to include your full name, season ticket holder account number and contact information.  If we consider you for selection on the Board we will contact you with member information such as the meeting schedule and special benefits.

We are sure you have always wanted the opportunity to give management a piece of your mind.  Well, here’s your opportunity!  Submissions will be accepted until Wednesday, July 8 at 12 noon.



  1. emilio Says:

    Can we advise that changes are made in the front office and the coaching staff?

  2. red9fan Says:

    Wow, What Timing, does the Front Office have the Stomach to Watch this Team Play? Without a MAJOR OVERHAUL they will be Lucky to Draw 5k per Game next Year. Wow.

  3. Steve Says:

    I have to believe that the stadium alone will draw more than that. However, I also have to believe that they have intentions of signing the 2nd DP at some point.

    If they don’t, after the euphoria of the new stadium has worn off, this team and coaching staff will not be enough to draw fans. This could be the most beautiful empty stadium in the world. Yes, world.

  4. name Says:

    Please thakn the Entire team,

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