The club just announced that it has signed goalkeeper Bouna Coundoul to a new contract after the Red Bulls acquired his MLS rights from the Colorado Rapids in exchange for allocation money. The club also announced today that it has terminated goalkeeper Jon Conway’s contract.




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  1. Alle Says:

    OH MY GOD THIS IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HAPPY DAYS MAN , HAPPY FREAKING DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Alle Says:





  3. ssquared22 Says:

    I don’t think Bouna is the best call in the world, but Cepero and the UAlbany Alum, Coundoul, will make for a good young GK core for the team. Next up are Agoos and Khano Smith, right?

  4. Alle Says:

    He’s better than most keepers in this league in my opinion, without a doubt.

  5. ssquared22 Says:

    He’s a good athlete, but I haven’t seen enough of his other skills to decide that. Statistically, I am happy with the pick up, for sure.

  6. kofix5 Says:


  7. Mentz Says:

    Most likely saves cash and gives us a young nucleus.

    I bet you’ll see Conway play for his newly created hometown team Philadelphia Union.

  8. tilt215 Says:

    As longas we still have khano, i will not be happy with any roster moves.

  9. Lou Says:

    Saves cash and is a solid keeper. He is erratic but athletic just like cepero. If cepero should end up screwing up than i would be more than comfortable with bouna in goal, but i do feel that cepero is part of the future of this club. Now all we need is boyens, khano, and richards out and some solid replacements.

  10. Choclo Says:

    Finally Conway is gone.

  11. Ray Says:

    NY could have held on to Conway for bargaining power with Philadelphia. While Coundoul is a great acquisition, I don’t think that goalkeeping is RedBull’s most urgent concern.

  12. Steve Says:

    Ok….well done! I don’t know if Coundoul will be any better, but I know Conway was the answer. Sometimes you need to say your good-byes and go in another direction.

    Waive Pietravallo…Check
    Waive Conway….Check
    Sign Coundoul…Check
    FIRE Osorio …
    FIRE Agoos…
    Waive Khano Smith….
    Waive Boyens….
    Waive Rojas…..
    Waive Pacheco….
    Sign Duka…..
    Sign Obster….
    Sign Kassel….
    Sign Agudelo….

    We obviously still have quite a bit of work to do.

  13. Steve Says:

    EDIT: I meant to say “Conway wasn’t the answer.”

  14. Andrew Says:

    getting bouna is a good way to start to rebuild but it wont really matter if RB doesnt start cutting the dead weight which im sure theyll fail to do.

  15. Lou Says:

    I don’t think we can sign all those academy kids, so maybe we should concentrate on looking in the usl. I would also rather have pacheco stay and richards go in his place. Duke plays richards’ position and is an upgrade so perfect scenerio. Obster plays Khano’s position so i’m pretty sure he will be waived within the next 24 hours as will boyens. Osorio and Agoos are probibly here to stay until the end of the season, because if they weren’t let go now i don’t see it happening in the forseable future.

  16. Almedin Says:

    I agree with Lou, Pacheco may have made some mistakes but he should stay though.. He does try hard and you can see that he wants to be here and he does want to play.. I’d rather get Richards instead of Pacheco out..

  17. Cindy Says:

    thirded! I don’t think Pacheco is nearly as bad as half the goofs on our team. and i personally love the termination of Conway’s contract as mean as that sounds. here’s hoping Khano’s next!

    also Mendes out for the year i heard?? what the frick is happening to our dang defense… can’t catch any breaks yeesh

  18. nydasofine Says:

    Be frankly guys!! REDBULLS HAS an offensive and defensive problems not goalkeeping.. so now we have a new goalkeeper does that mean we gonna have a good offensive team!! NAH.
    I’m not saying CEPERO is good but sign a new goalkeeper is not the answer.
    the answer is a new OFFENSIVE MINDED COACH. look our roster, everybody on the roster love to run but our GREATEST COACH OSORIO make them play like TURTTLES. He change everybody style OF PLAYING ; for example KANDJI used to be the fastest and most skillful player in USL NOW THE POOR GUY CAN’T EVEN run like he used to. certain players u gotta let them loose.
    FOR THAT TEAM to succeed next year they have to waive half of the team and keep CELADES, ANGEL, KANDJI AND SIMMERMAN

  19. Erik Says:

    I’m happy RBNY are showing signs of starting to rebuild their team. I just hope they will take their time doing it. I think now it is all about getting the team prepared for next season.
    Even though we have not signed any of your academy players yet and we can only sign one or two it is great to see that the academy is now starting to produce talents that people seem excited about. I hope for MLS sake the rules will change because it is painful to see so many leave for Europe bypassing MLS al together.
    Looks like it will also be crucial for RBNY to get their training facilities sorted out. In the end that is were our players spend most of their time and that should be top of the line. Hope the Austrians have not pulled the plug on that one…

    Also, does anyone know what is happening with that draft pick that wanted to finish school first. He should be done by now…

  20. Lou Says:

    nydasofine, I really doubt that kandji has lost any of his speed. He has been battling a hamstring injury, and speaking from my own experience hamstring injuries really suck. As for the whole conway situation, you can’t look at it as the only thing our team is doing to fix itself. Conway was being paid a lot of money for essentially blowing games. Now we got rid of him and have a goalie that is just as good if not better for less money. Now we can focus on some other of our team’s issues, and we will have more money to spend because of it. I’m sure the team is plaining on releasing some more players, and i bet we will find out today.

    I’m sorry to say, but i really doubt osorio or agoos will be let fo off. If they haven’t been shown the door yet, than they probibly won’t be at least until the end of the season because there isn’t much more for them to screw up. The management is probibly going tot give them chance to redeem theirselves with these new signings. Hopefully I’m wrong, but i don;t think i am.

  21. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    This is a great way to get things started rebuilt for next year. Although goalkeepung really wasn’t our main problem n cepero is decent , he is just to inexperinced n still has a lot to learn. With bounie in cepero will only get better n train more . Cepero will still see playing time but with bounie in net maybe the defense will try a little harder… We still have long ways to go n khano has got to go, so does Richards. Pacheco Is still fairly new n he shows improvement just sometimes gets caught off guard but it’s something he can work on. Richards n khano just suck n they’re problems can’t be fixed which is why they need to go. I dunno y someone said rojas out . He is doing a lot better m getting familar more with mls style. Osorio needs to to now for a new coach can come in n work with team n get more familar with the players for next year. At least we got done good news n red bulls showing that they acuattly care for the team so that’s a postive move. Cheers to all my loyal red bull supporters!! I’m happy you guys continue to support this team no matter how bad we r doing!! Shows our new York new jersey heart n passion!! Well back to recovering from my transplant. Sucks I can’t make a home game till oct. But at least I will be ready for red bull areana!! Anyone else getting club seats??

  22. Lou Says:

    More short of good news, because mendes is out for the year with an injury sustained last game, we now have a free roster spot to go with the one we already had for releasing pietrovallo. Those two roster spots hopefully coupled with the releasing of khano, richards, and boyens, would leave five open roster spots. A lot can be changed with 5 new players.

  23. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    Btw lou, that the problem with management. They just don’t get it! I’m all about 2nd chances BUT osorio is not gonna change his style of coaching. That’s the problem , what we practice, how we move the ball, the way we communicate is all osorio . He is the coach that sets this up. Osorio isn’t a horrible coach in general, but for the red bulls he is by far the worse coach we can have. He just isn’t a coach that can get us anywhere. As long as he is our coach , we really are doomed to fail. We shouldve stayed with Bruce areana dunno y we let him go

  24. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    I think we should trade Richards n smith for a striker or LM . Angel is good but you can tell he getting to old quick n is to slow. We need some fresh legs up there with kandji . Hopefully angel is 100% next year cuz I sure miss the old angel! Jozy come Back! Lol jozy was awesome

  25. Lou Says:

    The problem is with management, but the management isn’t going to change this year. THe only thing that can be affected right now is who we replace these awful players with. If we can get an upgrade from each player we cut than we will be taking a step in the right direction. I can’t understand why the FO has such a hard on for osorio or agoos, they’re KILLING the team. That’s great they want to stick to their word can keep them around, but how about sticking to the words they gave to us about giving us a good soccer team?

  26. Cindy Says:

    oh dang i wasn’t even thinking of the season ending injury list for Mendes and the spot that opens up now. and then we a bunch of top draft picks coming to us as well. here’s hoping RBNY is smart about and is actually thinking about next year in their changes.

  27. jason Says:

    conway and jeff parke would have both stayed in this club if they didnt use steriods. i dont really care about the keeper because i think cepero is great we need to get more offensive players .

  28. jason Says:

    fireing Osorio is not the answer to the clubs problems maybe its the players fault for not giving 100% effort on the field

  29. Lou Says:

    Jason how can you say that? The coach is supposed to keep the team mottivated yet osorio has said on a regular basis after going down 1 nil at half time that the guys lost focus. If the coach can’t keep his team motivated after going down only one goal, than i think he may be doing something wrong. We follow osorio’s tactics, the players that you say aren’t giving 100 percent effort were scouted and acquired by osorio, some of the crap players that we want to get rid of were scouted and acquired by osorio. Our record under osorio is HORRIBLE. Parke was a great defender, and he said he felt betrayed by the club for not showing him support in his time of need, so now he refuses to come back. I don’t know about you but i think we could really sue parke right now.

    All these things can be in some way attributed to either osorio or agoos.

  30. emilio Says:

    It looks like Red Bulls is looking at Paunovic, a Serbian mid who played in Spain. Paunovic was a good player, I dont know what he has left. Obviously this season is over, but if the are letting Osorio and Agoos look at players it seems like they are safe, which doesnt make sense, how can they be safe with a 2-12-4 record, the team as constituted now should not have that record so it is clearly on the coach.

  31. Lou Says:

    Yeah i saw that to, he has jumped around from club to club many times. He also “quit” his last club, so i’m hoping this guy isn’t a locker room cancer. The other trialist, some no name defender from western florida, looks small at 5’9 150, but who knows maybe he is extremely quick.

  32. nydasofine Says:

    JASON…. u are rite. we need more offensive skillful players. You see what happen to team USA; THE goalkeeper is great but he got 3 goals anyway
    the only decent players we have is ANGEL, CELADES, KANDJI AND SIMMERMAN. CEPERO is very descent. as long as don’t get rid of those bad weeds our goalkeeper still gonna get some stupid goals.
    All we need is an offensive minded coach and players to create some kindna excitement in that new arena so that we could attract more fans.

  33. Lou Says:

    nydasofine, don’t worry just because we got rid of conway, that doesn’t mean we won’t be kicking more crap players to the curb. This should be looked at as a positive, we have one less bad player.

  34. jason Says:

    Lou you allways blame osorio or angel it is not all their fault that we are loosing most of are games you should look at maybe the defense because its the players fault for loosing their concentration during the last five mintues of the half , osario dosent tell them to lose concentration its the players (defenders) choice

  35. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    Jason might be related to osorio LOL cuz that’s the only way he can back him up. Osorio is an ok coach BUT for the red bulls he is horrible. His style of coaching is not for this team. Maybe an other mls team will have success with him but with the red bulls there is no way he will b decent for us. Yes the players are to blame to but osorio doesn’t motivate this team at all for the players to acuatly fight back n get back in the game. He final straw is when osorio said that after the first goal we lost, it’s only one goal ! How can u say it’s over after that?!? That shows that he has no faith in this team n we don’t need him. What’s taking so long to reade Richards n khano?!? They scaring me’!!!they need to hurry up

  36. Lou Says:

    Jason you’re always saying the same thing, that I always blame osorio and angel.
    I blame osorio and angel for what osorio and angel do wrong. I’ve explained this a thousand times and yet you don’t get it. You say It’s the defenses fault for losing concentration? So in another words in every game we lost the defense lost concentration?
    That’s very unlikely. Maybe we lose becuase osorio decides to go with a 3 man back line 2 games in a row even though the first game we played with a three man back line didn’t work out. Maybe we lose because osorio scouts all these crappy players, and now we’re stuck trying to figure out how we are going to get rid of them. Or maybe we lose becuase angel, who used to be our one lifeline to try to dig us out and save us from losing, is now all of a sudden missing easy chances.
    Or maybe it’s a combination of all those things.
    If these defenders are losing concentration, then they must not be very professionial. And if we have these unprofessionial defenders filling up our roster, well who’s fault is that? Who selected these guys? Osorio and Agoos. I don’t care what you say, there is no way a coach with as bad a record as JCO can possibly be good.

    “osario dosent tell them to lose concentration its the players (defenders) choice”
    Yeah maybe he doesn’t tell them to lose concentration, but he sure as hell doesn’t motivate them so that they won’t lose concentration. If one goal at half time is enough for your players to give up all hope, than you’re not doing a very good job as coach.

  37. emilio Says:

    The team doesnt score goals, the team has no offensive game plan, how can you not blame the coach when he is the one who brought in the players and plays them and determines formations etc. He is in charge.

  38. emilio Says:

    Lose concentration, thats the least of our worries, we dont even create offensive chances, thats telling.

  39. Jason Says:

    Lou how do you no if JCO motivates his team or not . All the redbulls loses dont revalve around Osorio and angel thats what am getting at all our loses to you revalve around Osorio and angel stop blaming him ITS THE PLAYERS CHOICES TO LOOSE CONNCENTRATION DURINNG THE LAST FIVE MINUTES NOT OSORIOS

  40. Lou Says:

    Losing concentration doesn’t result in This many loses Jason. Losing concentration is something that maybe happens for a split second on a soccer field, and happens rarely at that. The problem isn’t losing concentration, the problem is poor scouting resulting in crap players, poor tactics devised by osorio that result in us just kicking the ball down the field and losing possesion, and poor finishing by our star player.
    In year’s past we could get away with having an awful supporting cast on the team because VDB was there to give angel the ball and angel was there to finish the chance. Now VDB is gone (who’s fault is that), and angel is not playing up to his standard or the standards of a decent player so we have no one to score goals.
    Even if all our loses were due to lack of concentration like you suggest(which is completely rediculous), Than it would still be the fault of the coach becuase that would mean the players are losing concentration every game and it’s the coach’s job to keep a hold on the team and players and keep them motivated. If he can’t even do that than what the hell are we paying him for. This team was decent when arena left, osorio takes over and shapes the team with all these foreign players that tended to be busts, and now we suck. What’s the common denominator here?

    “Lou how do you no if JCO motivates his team or not .”
    How do I know, maybe you should pay attention more to the post game interviews and the interviews of JCO on bigapplesoccer as well as other soccer sights. He is always saying that the team lost their whill after going down a goal or crap like that. How can a professionial team lose there spirit after going down one measely goal! What’s going on in the locker room at half time? Is JCO just standing there in silence while the players whallow in the self pity, instead of encouraging them?

  41. Jason Says:

    its not all the coaches fault

  42. lou Says:

    Yeah keep saying the same thing jason, nevermind the fact that you don’t back up what you say, but you also have compelling evidence for the other side of the argument. All of us are wrong, and you’re right. Sure man it’s not the coaches fault, whatever.

  43. nydasofine Says:

    LOU……U HAVE TO STOP blaming Angel. Angel is a scorer that’s why we went after him in the first place. the coach has to create some kindna style to make everybody succeed. ANGEL and KANDJI gotta be loose. certain palyers you gotta let them play freely if you try to limit them they won’t be able to produce. he dunno how to scout.

    between me and you, what kindna style the team is playing? like they said “a person with a goal in life will succeed” they can’t even bring the ball down; don’t you realize as soon as they have the ball they kick it down the field whatever happen happen. i love watching SEATTLE. they have an exciting style of playing. i have all SEATTLE games on my DVDR. I don’t bother to record any REBULLS games this year.

  44. jason Says:

    Lou you think you are allways right with all your comments i just think fireing osorio is not a good thing and bench angel isnt eaither thats all am gooing to say when you critesize angel and osorio thats going to be in every one of my posts because thats what you are trying to brain wash everyone with with say angel and osorio are not right for this club and fireing osorio led us to the cup last year no other coach has done that and angel has been the leading scorer for the last 2 and a half seasons (if you didnt no that)

  45. lou Says:

    Angel is a scorer, but he isn’t playing like one right now. We have all seen what he can do, but just because he was great for us in the past doesn’t mean he can;t be blamed when he screws up. Angel has been playing loose, he has been given pretty much a free license to go where ever he wants on the field, i’ve seen him all the way back by our own 16 to recieve the ball at times. The problem also isn’t angel’s lack of service because he is among the leaders in shots per game, he just simply isn’t finishing and that is no one’s fault but his own.

    “between me and you, what kindna style the team is playing? like they said “a person with a goal in life will succeed” they can’t even bring the ball down; don’t you realize as soon as they have the ball they kick it down the field whatever happen happen”

    I think you’re essentially agreeing with me but i can’t tell because you phraised some of your questions like your trying to convince me. We both agree osorio’s tactics don’t work, and that he is a poor scout and talent evaluater. And you also say that they just kick and run like i do. So than are you agreeing with me or Jason?

  46. lou Says:

    “Lou you think you are allways right with all your comments i just think fireing osorio is not a good thing and bench angel isnt eaither thats all am gooing to say when you critesize angel and osorio thats going to be in every one of my posts because thats what you are trying to brain wash everyone with with say angel and osorio are not right for this club and fireing osorio led us to the cup last year no other coach has done that and angel has been the leading scorer for the last 2 and a half seasons (if you didnt no that)”

    I only keep saying osorio should go because where ever i post, you are always there to say it’s not osorio’s fault. If anything you’re the one trying to brain wash everyone to believe what you believe. Because just about everyone else on here has said the same things i have about osorio and angel so i really don’t have to brain wash or convince anyone.
    I knew angel was the leading scorer for the past two seasons, because i’m always saying i want him to play the way he has played in the past. He is our star player and if he can;t bail us out when we are behind in games, there simply isn’t enough talent presently on this team for anyone else to do so.
    Osorio may have led us to the finals last year, and you’re right no one else has done that, but few coaches have led us into a worse season than this as well.

    If all you are going to say is “You’re wrong, it’s not osorio fault and stop blaming angel” Well than i’m going to keep calling you out on it because really don’t have much of an arguement.

  47. jason Says:

    i dont even bother to read this because its probobaly going to be about how angel shouldnt start and osorio shouldd be fired thats what you allways say you just want to disagree with people Lou

  48. lou Says:

    I don’t even want to read what you write jason, it’s probibly about how i’m wrong and you’re right even though you say nothing to back it up. You just want to be right jason.

  49. Jason Says:

    you just want to disagree with people Lou and you must have read mine because you said you are not going to read mine and thats what i said befor you

  50. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    I’m just saying I’m the best

  51. ellie Says:

    people we need to fire osorio and angel needs to hit the hay ZIMMERMAN (spell his name right) is good but he has no one to pass to kandji stopped playing as well as he did in the begining. WE NEED A PROPER COACH ASAP. as soon as osorio left chigago they started winning and when he came to us we lose left and right. we shouldnt have fired bob bradley.

  52. lou Says:

    So jason are you still going to stick to your side of the arguement as more and more people say the same thing i do?

  53. kofix5 Says:

    jason give it a rest kid. lou is not known to change his mind without a good argument.
    AND Osorio’s not getting fired anytime soon. And neither is Angel and Lou never said fire Angel.
    I just thought I’d throw this out there as it looks like the way things will shape up after the 15th. What do you guys think?

    IF we get Paunovic and we get Obster and if Obster really is better than what we have, And based on all the stuff I’ve read everywhere, (i.e. I read that JCO is specifically looking at the Serb as a Forward and he’s spoken to Kandji about his position on the team and Kandji likes CAM so they might switch-up during games ) at some point our team could look like this – but we all know how JCO loves to shuffle his deck- ::







    F– Woly, Kandji, Richards

    LMid– Rojas, Borman, Richards, Hall

    RMid — Sinisa, MButa, Hall, Richards,

    AMid — Paunovic, Celades, Rojas,

    DMid– Sassano, Celades??

    LB– Borman

    RB– Johnson

    CB– Boyens ( Mendes maybe plays late Sept )

    😛 maybe we should get a defender too

  54. Jason Says:

    i could care less what other people think i no whats rigth and your just in this to argue Lou

  55. lou Says:

    Jason, saying “I could care less what other people think i no whats rigth” is going to provoke an arguement. So for someone trying to accuse others of trying to be right, you sure are acting hyrpocrytical. At least if i claim to be right i’ll try to back it up with facts. Anyway i’m done with this kid he’s like a broken record he just says the same thing.

    Kofix that’s a good bit of work you did there to put together a lineup, it’s a lot easier now to anaylse who we have (or rather who we don’t have) now. I would say that we definetly look like a better team (I’m saying this without having seen obster or the serb play though so who knows) but our defense is paper thin. I was never crazy about petke being our starting defender just becuase of the fact that he has limited mobility and with boyens as our back up that doesn’t really provide us much relief. Hopefully we will go after a defender if we release khano. Maybe even giorgi chigadze from the academy, or if we are willing to spend some money go after the usl defender of the year cristian arrieta (I don’t know if he is available but with the right price i suppose any could become available).

  56. jason Says:

    maybe you are right Lou its just an opion …. Not to start this up again but you say the same things every week too

  57. lou Says:

    Jason when you say something like “not to start this up again” that usually means you don’t start it up again. But than you go and add in a little comment at the end like “but you say the same things every week too”, so it’s not really like you’re trying to end this. It seems more like you’re looking for an arguement.
    The same things happen every week, we lose, angel will miss a shot he would have made last year, we kick the ball and run, and a lot of people will be injured, so what else is there for me to comment on? So of coarse it’s going to sound like i’m talking about the same things. Plus anytime I leave a comment you say “it’s not angel’s or osorio’s fault” and than we start this arguement up again for the millionth time.

  58. kofix5 Says:

    Thanks Lou. My line-up assumes Khano goes on July 15th and Obster comes in, straight swap. Pauvonic comes in asap in the space available. In that scenario the only way to get a defender would be to let Mendes go for a defender who can play right away. You are right, the best case probably would be Christian Arrieta or an academy player who can challenge for a starting spot.

  59. nydasofine Says:

    all we have to do is to find a way to write to the owner of that team so we could express our feelings. the way i see it if we don’t act fast we gonna lose that team for good

    here’s a quote from AGOOS “I think we’ll make a couple of more changes,” Agoos said. “I don’t think we’ll make wholesale changes. If you look at our roster, we have players, who on paper, we think are very good with matching up with other teams in this league. We are very competitive, but we just haven’t gotten the results we can get.”

    can you guys tell me in what games were very competitive,please? cuz in every game we stink. i see why the team get where it is now, By the way Agoos wasn’t a good of a player anyway i don’t expect anything better from him.i can’t wait for the new new york team. i’m not gonna sit here and let AGOOS INSULT MY INTELLIGENCE

  60. Jason Says:

    Lou who do you think is the best player the red
    bulls have ?

  61. Jason Says:

    By the way is it just me or does obster remind me of van den bergh hope he is as good as him

  62. lou Says:

    At the present moment who is the best player for us? I want to say kandji but he has been hampered with injuries so i’ll pass on him for a while. I want to say goldy because he has made some incredible plays this year and has improved tremendously but he has made most of those incredible plays because he was caught out of position. I want to say cepero, but he hasn’t played enough for us this year, and he can be erratic. I want to say jeremy hall, but that play at the end of the half against seattle was horrible.
    I think i would have to say zimmerman is our best player right now. If he was surrounded by quality players we would see just how great this kid can be. He is strong, has speed, good instincts, and a great shot with both feet. I don’t think anyone can argue that he should have started over dane a long time ago, I’m not really sure what osorio was looking at in practice. The more games he plays, the more comfortable he will become, and eventually it is all going to click for him. One thing i can say that osorio does well is draft players. He definetly got a steal in the third round by selecting zimmerman.

  63. lou Says:

    “all we have to do is to find a way to write to the owner of that team so we could express our feelings.”

    The front office reads this blog on a regular basis, after all it is the official team blog. They know how all of us feel about this team, but frankily i don’t think they care enough to change the coach and agoos. It’s sad that they don’t value our opinion more, but what there isn’t anything we can do. We’re essentially at the mercy of the FO’s decision making, which up to this point has been horrible.

  64. Jason Says:

    i finally agree with you Lou to see zimmerman have those long range shots are great for his confidence and has great spead and agilty

  65. kofix5 Says:


  66. lou Says:

    Brian Lewis says, “In other news, Kevin Goldthwaite is out for Saturday’s game, Juan Pablo Angel and Albert Celades both were limited in ptractice and up-in-the-air.”


  67. jason Says:

    when will we sighn all the new players ?

  68. lou Says:

    I figured i would put a video up of some beautiful soccer by my favorite player of all time alessandro del piero to brighten the mood. There was a rumor a few years ago that he might come to the club and still some day could end up here, so i figured it could be considered appropriate. This video doesn’t even include his amazing freekicks.

  69. lou Says:

  70. DS Says:

    “By the way Agoos wasn’t a good of a player anyway” nydasofine are you kidding me? You claim to know everything about soccer and about style, but you never have any idea what you are talking about. I have never read any criticism from you that has had any substance, it’s just nonsensical ranting which usually makes me think you don’t actually watch any of the Red Bulls’ matches.

    Jeff Agoos is one of the greatest US defenders of all times. He has 134 caps and was in 2 World Cups. Also, he is the most decorated MLS player since MLS started. I think he knows a thing or two about the game, especially in MLS. But then again you know everything about style, and playing good style, and since RB doesn’t play good style and Agoos wasn’t a good of a player, it’s to be expected that we have been terrible.

    You asked which games we were competitive in, well: 3/28 vNE, 4/18 vRSL, 4/26 vDC, 5/08 vSJ, 5/16 vHOU, 5/24 vCHI, 5/30 vCOL, and 6/20 vSEA. To name a few.

  71. lou Says:

    haha DS, i was waiting for you to say something to him, so i left it alone.

  72. nydasofine Says:

    DS WE ARE so competitive that why we all the way at the bottom ;listen i’m a die hard fan just like you. i have a big redbull poster in my basement. the truth is redbull suck. Portland timbers could whoop Redbull ass.
    USA was very competitive against Brazil. you can’t blame USA for losing. they compete til the end
    DS i know your knowledge is very vast and rich; please don’t let Agoos let you drink orange juice for lemon juice.

  73. DS Says:

    We actually played the Portland Timbers this season, in a friendly the day after the first match in Seattle. And with Oduro, Khano, Boyens, and Conway starting, it ended 0-0.

    Being competitive is different than winning, we have competed in games, but still lost. When you look at the season as a whole we have not been competitive, but in specific games we have been. There have been matches where we weren’t very competitive, but most of our losses have been very close. Right now the results are not good enough, so the team is trying to make changes to improve things, and that is all we can hope for.

  74. Tim Says:


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