We’re here at Crew Stadium as your Red Bulls and the host, Columbus Crew, get ready to face off for the first time since the 2008 MLS Cup Final. The squad stayed in Toronto after their 2-0 loss on Wednesday and arrived in Columbus yesterday, before having a light training session during a humid late afternoon. Injuries and suspensions have depleted New York’s lineup today, as head coach Juan Carlos Osorio puts out this lineup:






Substitutes: Conway, Mbuta, Ubiparipovic, Celades, Kandji, Borman, Richards

A few notes for you:

–          Forward Juan Pablo Angel misses his first game this season after suffering a hamstring injury and coming off at halftime during the Red Bulls’ Wednesday match against Toronto. With the rest, the coaching staff hopes Angel will be available for New York’s next match against FC Dallas on July 4.

–          Defender Kevin Goldthwaite did not make the trip, dealing with a groin injury. Goldthwaite was suspended for New York’s match against Toronto due to yellow card accumulation.

–          Forward Macoumba Kandji and midfielder Albert Celades did not train fully yesterday, as both are nursing hamstring strains.

–          Midfielder Khano Smith makes his first start in a regular season game since a 3-2 loss to D.C. United on April 26. Forward John Wolyniec makes his second-straight start.

–         With Angel out, midfielder Seth Stammler, from nearby Gahanna, OH, wears the Captain’s armband tonight.

–         Columbus’ Lineup: Hesmer, Hejduk, Marshall, Brunner, Padula, Carroll, O’Rourke, Rogers, Gaven, Schelotto, Lenhart. Bench: Gruenebaum, Burns, Ekpo, Iro, Zayner, Moreno, Garey. Hejduk and Hesmer return to the lineup for the crew. Brunner, O’Rourke, Gaven and third-string goalkeeper Alec Dufty are all former New York players while Wolyniec used to play for the Crew.






Catch Fox Soccer Channel’s pre-game show at 7:00 PM ET and if you can make it, head over to the team’s Official Viewing Party at Madrid Lisbon Bar at 325 Lafayette St. in Newark, NJ. We’ll be following the match via our Twitter account so be sure to check that out. And make sure you head back to RBR for post-game reaction.

Enjoy the game!



50 Responses to “RED BULLS-CREW PRE-GAME”

  1. emilio Says:

    Thats an awful lineup, I hope by some miracle they can pull off a win, Osorio please resign!!!!!!

  2. Lou Says:

    HOLY SHIT!!!! I saw this lineup in my nightmeres. This lineup is so bad that words can’t even describe it. No angel, no kandji, no celadas, no goldthwaite. So in other words we are missing our best defender, forwards, and midfielder. In their place we have a giant kiwi that can’t run, a guy who doesn’t even want to be here (khano), sassano, and old man Woly. This is going to be one long ass game, and what the hell is up with all these hamstring injuries? Kandji, celadas, Angel, and myself all have hamstring injuries. What a horrible, horrible coincidence.

  3. Rooney20 Says:

    Were screwed

  4. red9fan Says:

    DEPLETED LINEUP? I would rather watch a good High School Game, Seth (I can’t make a 2 yard pass) Stammler CAPTAIN? Poor Woly and Cepero the only 2 Guys on the Field with Heart. Well I hope I can find something to Watch, this Game will be over in 10 minutes. WOW is this Ship Sinking Fast!

  5. Lou Says:

    I’m predicting zimmerman scores 6 goals, and cepero scores 2 one from his own box and one from a 30 yard free kick, to compensate for our crappy defensive lineup and the red bulls win 8-7. Anyone want to bet against me?

  6. C. Says:

    Wow. Don’t even bother watching this one. Woly and Khano up top? Holy crap.

  7. kofix5 Says:

    Come on RedBulls! Redeem yourselves!!

  8. kofix5 Says:

    Good pass by Khano Woly should’ve had that

  9. Lou Says:

    Woly is sooooo slow. He should have had that ball

  10. kofix5 Says:

    SWEET! Sinisa is in!

  11. glyn204 Says:

    This is not happening, another goal against us just before the half.

  12. Lou Says:

    last 5 minutes of the half and… bingo a goal. I didn’t see that one coming.

  13. kofix5 Says:

    Time for an energizing peptalk by Osorio at the half.

    Seriously they shouldn’t be too hard on themselves for letting that goal in. Its not like they haven’t been in this situation before. Shouldn’t even faze them.

    Bunker down, carry the ball forward when you see open space , 1touch pass when under pressure, pass and move, shoot and win the game.

    Make it happen

  14. Lou Says:

    Yeah Make it happen, i’m assuming that’s easier said than done because otherwise we would have made it happen already. Isn’t it funny that we turned away an athletic, tall, young defender in brunner and now he is starting for columbus. We don’t need brunner right JCO, we have boyens so problem solved.

  15. kofix5 Says:

    Boyens is taller

  16. kofix5 Says:

    Wait, no, Boyens is heavier

  17. kofix5 Says:

    FINALLY some luck!
    Sharpen up Remy

  18. Lou Says:

    boyens is worse, slower, and older as well as being heavier.

  19. kpugs Says:

    Good to see Smith still on the field, it’s like the Crew have an extra player. I am in physical pain watching this team.

  20. kofix5 Says:

    Nice exchange by MButa and Zimm in the 70th

  21. Alle Says:

    Come on Rb, let’s get that equalizer!

  22. kofix5 Says:

    Mbuta does look good, if a little rough around the edges. I hope we keep him and he keeps playing thru the year

  23. tilt215 Says:

    KHANO SMITH????? REALLY???????? I hate JCO

  24. kofix5 Says:

    Crew playing a man down now. Khano subbed out for Borman

  25. Lou Says:

    Zimmerman has played a lot better the second half. He is dangerous when he cuts in around the 18, he just needs to get if off his left foot.

  26. Karbaz Says:

    *sigh* Oh RBNY, how you hurt me so.

  27. tilt215 Says:

    I love setting a new record every week. This team is the best at being the worst.

  28. kofix5 Says:

    We’re also 1st in unnecessary passes back to the keeper

  29. kofix5 Says:

    So thats positive

  30. tilt215 Says:

    OK wait before the post game interviews go up….
    JCO: “we played really well and deserved a point, we just got unlucky”
    Stammler: “I mean, its not like we are playing poorly. there are many positives we can take away from this game”

  31. tilt215 Says:

    I am willing to bet money that that is what is said

  32. emilio Says:

    Another week, another loss, and another week in which everything stays status quo. I guess its ok to lose.

  33. emilio Says:

    I guess it was Juan Pietravallos fault not Juan Carlos Osorio’s.

  34. Lou Says:

    Let’s think positives, positives… hmm let me think… oh i like our jerseys even though neither of them are red and we are the red bulls, and hey no one sucks better than we do. That’s positive right?

  35. JJ Says:

    The evidence is overwhelming that JCO does not help this team; he can’t correct errors or motivate the guys. He just said on FSC that he doesn’t know what is wrong or what to do. Eric Stover, please call Austria and get the authority to fire JCO.

  36. kofix5 Says:

    Another positive is that the team played solid RedBull football. True not good enough to win but there were no glaring mistakes. There were also solid performances by players who haven’t really seen the pitch this year.

    We all expect better, don’t get me wrong but at least we as fans were not embarrassed by this match. The team played it safe, and didn’t screw up. Each week as a team they need something to build on and this is something to build on.

    I was not impressed by Boyens 60 yard passes, but at least they weren’t 10yd passes to the other team. Wasn’t impressed with Khano dribling skills. I was hoping to see him make an effort to prove his worth to the team since his job is on the line. I think he’s already defeated in his mind. There’s more but I’ll stop here.

    Allowing that goal at the end of the half…its going to happen until it doesn’t.
    Focus on the real issue. Score more goals than the other team. If we score 3 goals in a game what does it matter if we only let 1 in at the end of each half?
    We still get 3 points and the win.

  37. Alle Says:

    22 games unbeaten, 22 damn games unbeaten, it’s a real shame to be honest. You have to be wondering how many times Osorio got on his knees begging to stay…

  38. Alle Says:

    A positive: Mbuta saw some playing time.

  39. gb Says:



  40. kofix5 Says:

    I don’t believe Osorio is the right coach for this team. He looked defeated at the half. His body language said it all and it translates to the team. He’s not the only one at fault but the team looks to him for guidance and his job is to motivate them and inspire them to believe they can win every game no matter what. If he expects confident play and intensity, then he must manifest it in himself first.

    DCU has had as many personnel changes as we’ve had but Tom Soehn knows how to deploy and motivate his players. He never looks defeated. Same with Dennis Hamlett, same with Dom Kinnear, and Sigi too.

  41. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    It’s just crazy. This season is over so whateva. We need to focus on next year n finding a coach asap. We need to trade richards and pacheco n Conway . Osorio tries to force team to play his style of soccer which obv is fail so we have to get rid of him. We need a coach who motivates n acuattly pays attention to team instead of drawing in his book. When Johnson is back , we must try hall on left because like Zimmerman , he will shoot that that outside of box n it will b a good shot. We have so much potential but it’s just sucks that we have such a badd coach. He brings in the wrong players thinking they will do good in MLS when obv they are not cuz our style of soccer here is not like down south. He just don’t get it n it’s annoying n just pisses everyone off. I will be buying club seats for next year stadium n I really do hope it’s worth all that money. Just seeing a new team that plays with heart n passion is what I wannt. Please red bull FO , u guys have to handle this matter, the fans deserve it, n as we all know , we r losing to many fans. Red bull FO need to step up n make changes because until then I don’t see red bull areana being the success it was suppose to b made out to b.

  42. red9fan Says:

    Osorio may not e the ONLY one at Fault but you have to know that he brought alot of these Players in, whose Fault is That?

  43. Lou Says:

    Everyone is calling for osorio, but his little buddy agoos is also responsible and has been around for far to long.

  44. cb Says:

    osorio will give a mil to know why the team gives up goals in the last 5 mins of the halves. first, take a peek at the defense, coach. there is no leader to organize it, there’s no concentration because everyone’s dying to get off the pitch, … and the players are badly coached and short on talent.
    one million beans in 20s, please.

  45. kofix5 Says:

    Pacheco is on loan so he may be out at the end of the year anyway but I think he’s a good player like Johnson.

    Realistcally speaking, getting rid of the whole team makes no sense. This isn’t fifa09. There’s limited cap space, restrictive MLS regulations, and convincing up’n’coming soccer players to join a last place team, and many more things to think about.

    Immediate needs are ( if you consider Obster on the left is coming mid July)
    1: a strong Centerback to take Boyens place,
    2: a strong Destroyer to bolster center mid and put Stammler on the bench,
    3: a clone of Zimmerman to play on the left and send Khano packing,
    4: a STRIKER with something to prove like Kandji.
    5: a young veteran keeper like Bouna Coundoul

    2 or 3 of these could happen but I wouldn’t expect to see more than that. It really wouldn’t surprise me if only 1 change happens. Like Obster coming in. It would be great to trade Conway for Bouna-time too but that would be icing on the cake. These are not in order of my preference but you take what you can get when your team is as dysfunctional as this one. Obster and Bouna would be great. Obster is fired up and Bouna is an experienced keeper and damn good too.
    I do think we will see dramatic changes next year that may include a new coaching staff.

  46. Alle Says:

    Bouna and Obster are definitely realistic short-term options at the moment and if they can secure a deal (which could most likely happen), that’d be great. However, the other three are maybe’s and looking at Agoos, we’re already aware that the scouting has been hit and miss since day 1. We’re basically at the point where we have to cross our fingers and hope he doesn’t sign another Smith or Pietravallo. Another striker or two is a must though, it’s getting ridiculous up top.

  47. Lou Says:

    Banilla or whatever that columbian kid’s name was, was apparently just a rumor and we were never really looking at him. So if that’s the case than who would replace boyens if he was waived? I would suggest either signing an academy player like girogi chirgadze or the current USL points leader Cristian Arrieta.
    Arrieta has played for several clubs in italy and is among the best defenders in the usl. He is 6 foot 2 and definetly a solid player at center defense, but what is more impressive is the fact that he has managed to score 13 goals in 41 appearances for the puerto rico islanders. USL is a physical league like the MLS so the adjustment period for a player from the usl probibly wouldn’t be as long as the adjustment period for a player coming from another country. Lastly because kandji’s signing has proven to be a success up to this point and we acquired him from a usl team, i would think it couldn’t hurt to go back and look at usl teams for another player.

  48. Alle Says:

    I’d rather we go to the USL than waste miles in Central or South America finding blanks.

  49. Anulee Says:

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  50. rbnation Says:

    i have no clue why stammler is our co-captain

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