Another tough loss, as a depleted Red Bulls squad can’t get three points and tonight’s result brings New York’s winless run to nine. The Red Bulls’ closest chance was when Jorge Rojas hit the crossbar in the second half, however, Columbus was able to earn the full three points with its organized defending. We caught up with head coach Juan Carlos Osorio, who talked about the game and the team’s regular season winless run on the road. We also spoke with captain Seth Stammler and forward John Wolyniec.

What were your thoughts on the match? The team returns home tomorrow and will start preparing for their July 4 encounter against FC Dallas.



34 Responses to “RED BULLS-CREW POST-GAME”

  1. Lou Says:

    Against fc dallas? The battle to suck is on.

  2. Don Garber Says:

    We in the MLS have every faith in Red Bulls coach Juan Carlos Osorio. New York, is a rather unimportant market for our brand, and as such, we applaud the efforts of Mr. Osorio and the entire Red Bull New York organization to deliver what is asked of them.

    The building of teams is an organic process. Sometimes the seeds are good, and germinate. Other times, nothing. Even other times, you get fruit that rots on the vine, like what you have in the Big Apple there. We in MLS love it. Screw New York, it’s fans, it’s players. We know you should have better, but you’re weak and gullible. Where are those street smarts I’ve read so much about in the magazines and on the internets? Separating you from your money is like taking candy from the proverbial baby.

    And I thank you for this. My wife thanks you. Our partners out in Austria thank you.

    Thank you for your support, wavering though it might be sometimes. And thanks in advance for purchasing season tickets for next year’s Red Bulls as they open their new state-of-the-art facility out there in Hamilton, New Jersey.

    We know how you New Yorkers can’t pass up an opportunity to be part of the “it” moment.

    My wallet thanks you.


    Don “the Don” Garber

  3. NewYork knows Football Says:


  4. nydasofine Says:

    i keep saying it over and over the team has no heart and style. honestly can anybody tell me what kindna style redbulls are playing? all i see is kicking the ball foward hoping for a break through. when was the last time u see them taking the ball down the field with some good constructed attacking style? never!
    the team doesn’t have a goalkeeper problem…all the team has is an offensive problem. they can’t ATTACK AND SCORE GOALS

    • thisisvictorkim Says:

      forward? funny, all i see them is kicking the ball backwards, especially when they’re in the attacking third. I see a bunch of stagnant players not making ANY runs and either Ubiparapovic or Sassano passing backwards.

  5. emilio Says:

    Thoughts, we lost like we always do.

  6. Lou Says:

    Don is a dickhead.

  7. jason Says:

    happy Lou Angel didnt start and look the same result so its not all his fault.

  8. Lou Says:

    Jason angel didn’t start sure, but neither did kandji, celadas, or goldy. So what’s your point? I said angel should be given time to rest, but i didn’t say we could win with half our starting lineup missing.

  9. Don Garber Says:

    You suckers can’t win with ANY line-up! Hahaha!

    Enjoy the beverage. Sugar-free, or Full-throttle regular.


    • red9fan Says:

      Don, We know you still Live home with your Parents, go outside and cut the Weeds, you probably have a ANGEL Poster in your room. LOSER

  10. Lou Says:

    Don isn’t making much sense, he says we are an unimportant franchise for the MLS than he says we make him so much money and that taking our money is easy. Well if we are making you so much money than wouldn’t we be important to you?

    “You suckers can’t win with ANY line-up! Hahaha!

    Enjoy the beverage. Sugar-free, or Full-throttle regular.


    What the hell is ka-ching supposed to mean, are you implying that you make money when we buy red bull? Because you don’t, none of the revenue from red bull drink sales goes to the MLS. I would think that if you were the commisionier you would be a little better educated.

  11. Alle Says:

    It’s scouting time, RBR. You should make a section just for this so that those goons can read our suggestions instead of sitting in the toilet waiting for something to hit them (I’m very serious here).

    Three players worthy of trials:
    Julian Pinard (striker – ex-Lorient, now free)
    Luigi Glombard (striker – ex-Niort, now free)
    Baptiste Schmisser (defender – ex-Metz, now free)

  12. Lou Says:

    I agree with Alle here, you should have a rumor section on the site for all perspective targets. You can add to the list of targets puerto rico islanders defender and usl defender of the year cristian arrieta. The kandji signing worked out so well because the adjustment period for a usl player is much shorter than the adjustment period for a foreign player. We should make it a priority to go after usl stud players, we can get them for cheap.

  13. jason Says:

    Does anyone know if we are getting Obster and that other guy Pablo Aimar . My opion is that we are going to get obster but not aimar . Lou i just thought that you blame angel for all are loses that when he dosent start you blame it on the line up , which i thought to was crap and we should get rid of smith he had so many good chances in the game but allways gave the ball away. we need a better team if we are going to get a playoff spot at all this season

  14. Lou Says:

    btw julian pinard is a hell of a young player that was a good find alle.

  15. Lou Says:

    Jason i said we should bench angel because he was playing like he was hurt. We did sit him and hopefully he will come back stronger because of it. i don’t know where you got the idea that i said we would win without angel, but hey you can say whatever you want. Aimar was just a suggestion i made, more for next year if we were considering using our second desiginated player spot.

    So if we were going to make a list of prospective players to go after i’m assuming this would be it so far

    Julian Pinard (striker – ex-Lorient, now free)
    Luigi Glombard (striker – ex-Niort, now free)
    Baptiste Schmisser (defender – ex-Metz, now free)
    Fabrice Noel
    Keita Mandjou
    cristian arrieta

    Well there you go redbullreader, that is a promising list of prospective players.

  16. jason Says:

    Lou, You are just allways so fast to be the one who pionts out angels mistakes every game and i remeber that you said bench angel before he showed that he was struggling on the field with an injury

  17. Lou Says:

    Jason i already admitted that i said that. I said bench angel because he was playing like he was injured and didn’t want to be out on the field. I said it because last year he was injured, sat out, and came back the second half of the year by scoring 12 goals. I thought that if we sat him out a week or two he could maybe start to play like his old self. I never said we could win without him with our starting lineup, nevermind when all our best players are injured. You’re trying to associate me saying rest him, with me thinking we could win without him and that isn’t the case at all.

  18. Jason Says:

    Lou when angel does play you allways blame him every game so far that he played you did

  19. Lou Says:

    Jason, angel hasn;t played up to his standards once this year. When he misses open oppurtunities or whines constantly than i do critique him. But to say i have blamed him for everything, every game of the year is a complete overstatement. Early on in the season many people began to say that angel should be taken out and oduro and kandji should be paired up together, and i defended angel and said that was a horribel idea. If you think i’ve been blaming him all year, than you must not have been paying attention.

  20. Lou Says:

    Thisisvictrohim, no i know it isn’t the real commishener. What i was trying to say was that the kid who is pretending to be the commishener could at least make some sense when doing his impersonations.

  21. Jason Says:

    I am just saying Lou you balme him alot

  22. Lou Says:

    “I am just saying Lou you balme him alot”

    That’s good that you’re saying that, but just because you’re saying it doesn’t make it ture. If i blame angel for something it’s becuase he screwed up, and if it sounds like i’ve been blaming him lately it’s because he has been screwing up a lot and doesn’t look like he wants to play anymore. Maybe the rest is exactly what he needed.

  23. DS Says:

    Despite what any of you think, USL players are not that cheap. The best players in USL get paid a lot more than the average/lower tier MLS players. Also, because USL is run like actually soccer leagues the clubs don’t have as any restrictions on salaries or contracts or transfers. It is not easier to get USL players and players from other leagues, although it will be easier for them to adjust to MLS.

    And Lou, you do criticize/blame Angel too much.

  24. Lou Says:

    DS, Angel has been a huge dissapointment this season, he isn’t playing up to par and yet we continue to play him. Should i just pretend like he is doing a great job? Every time he misses an open shot, walks around on the field, or whines i say something. If He ends up dong it a lot than i usually criticise him alot. It’s pretty simple to understand, i’m not satisfied with his effort and out put this season, given his performances of past years, and i don’t see why anyone else would be satisfied with his efforts either.

    “happy Lou Angel didnt start and look the same result so its not all his fault”

    What Jason is implying here is that i somehow expected a win without angel. That wasn’t the case at all, i simply said we should sit him out so he has a chance to heal and someone else can be given a chance to prove themselves.

    “Also, because USL is run like actually soccer leagues the clubs don’t have as any restrictions on salaries or contracts or transfers.”

    This is not a rule limited to the usl as you know, any of the central and south american leagues that we have bought players from have had this rule. Therefore buying a player from the usl is very much the same as buying a player from foreign country except the top talent does not earn nearly as much as the top talent of even the MLS which is really a third tier league. For example, Kandji was brought over here for a 200,000 dollar tranfer fee. I can’t imagine he is making more than what we paid pietrovallo. When we took kandji from atlanta, he was considered one of the best, if not the best player in the usl, so to me that was fantastic deal. If we can get players of that quality like arrieta for that amount of money, than i would gladly choose that option over trying to buy some central american player that has to adjust and will earn just as much money.

  25. DS Says:

    About the USL, I was saying that it’s not going to be easier to get players from the USL than it would be from other leagues/countries. Everyone seems to think we can just poach a USL player like it was nothing, but it’s just as difficult as getting a Central/South Americam, African, or European.

  26. Lou Says:

    Right it may be just as difficult as those league, i agree with you. But because the adjustment period is so much shorter and because the rate of succeeding seems to be higher, i would definetly say we should concentrate more on buying usl talent at least right now.

  27. Alle Says:

    Ofcourse it is just as difficult, I wasn’t implying that it wasn’t – I’m just saying that if we can’t find anyone overseas, we’re better off going down one division in our own backyard to see what’s going on.

  28. Lou Says:

    +1 Alle, that was my point as well.

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