Red Bull New York announced today that it has terminated midfielder Juan Pietravallo’s contract.

“I want to thank Juan for his contribution to the club,” said Sporting Director Jeff Agoos. “This was a very difficult decision for us, but we believe it was the best move for both parties. We want to wish Juan the best of luck.”

Pietravallo, 27, has played in three games this season for New York, starting in two. He was signed by the Red Bulls last season on July 17 and featured in 13 games – 12 of which were starts. Pietravallo recorded one assist.

What do you all think about this move?


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  1. Shane Says:


  2. Cindy Says:

    i can say i’m sorry that he didn’t work out well in MLS or for the Red Bulls and i wish him luck in his future. i am though pretty happy with this because clears up salary cap space, which will be useful.

  3. Lou Says:

    ““This was a very difficult decision for us, but we believe it was the best move for both parties”

    Really, This was an extremely hard decision for you to make? Than what qualifies as an easy decision? I hope they were just saying that to be professionial, because everyone else knew this was the right thing to do for quite some time now. I’m anxious to see who goes next, i have a feeling that osorio and agoos will stay until the end of the season so i won’t put that on my wish list but i would hope khano, conway, boyens, and richards are all shown the door.

  4. JonnyG Says:

    Sad to see him go. I think they should have given him more of a chance to aclimate. They did they same thing with SGR. You have to give players more time to gel!

  5. Pico Says:


    I want to see Agoos’ and Osorio’s faces when Stover blurts the same words on them: “This was a very difficult decision for us, but we believe it was the best move for both parties”.


  6. Claude Says:

    Finally is right.

  7. jason Says:

    Are you joking me Lou get rid of richards theirs something wrong with you if youn want him to leave

    • thisisvictorkim Says:

      richards is garbage. track and field he might be good… on the pitch? nah.

    • tilt215 Says:

      You’re a tool…. Richards is TRASH. 0 ability to dribble, cross, shot, control the ball, defend… I could go on, trust me. His is quick, but that means nothing if he has no idea what to do with a ball once he gets it. He has had a couple of good games with the squad, but that is all (and has contributed 0 this season).

    • NJMetrostars Says:

      Indeed how times this season has he instead of making the pass run right directly to the other player to lose the ball. I say trade him while other teams might think he is of some worth.

  8. kofix5 Says:


  9. Choclo Says:

    As mentioned below, I think that they should have given him more playing time.
    Believe or not this is not an easy league.

    Best of luck to Juan!!

  10. kofix5 Says:

    Boot 2 or 3 more guys and make 2 good picks with the cash you’ve got on hand.
    Thats all I’ve got to say.

    Thanks Pietravallo you gave it a shot. Good Luck.

  11. jman81 Says:

    This was obviously a move that was long overdue, but what I want to hear above all is JCO admitting he made a huge mistake acquiring pietravallo! JCO gave a 200k GUARANTEED contract to a player that turned out to be a complete waste of a roster spot. In MLS, that kind of salary is reserved for high-quality PROVEN players, not some unknown journeyman! Plus, JCO did the exact same thing with Khano Smith, giving him a 170k salary jump from 50k, and he turned out to be as big a waste as pietravallo. With the salary of these two duds, we could have gotten a freaking DP player! It’s so infuriating! I honestly like Osorio, and I think he is a man that knows the game, but that doesn’t mean he knows “players”, and with every new dud he gets and new useless formation he trots out, that fact becomes more and more apparent to me. He is more suited to coach a high-quality team like chelsea, where players are good enough to play multiple positions and are already polished finished products, but here he actually has to “judge” talent, which is his weak point.

  12. RNM Says:

    Take Rojas with you Juan… He’s afraid of the ball and kicks like a girl…

  13. thisisvictorkim Says:

    what took so long guys?

  14. Lou Says:

    “Are you joking me Lou get rid of richards theirs something wrong with you if youn want him to leave”

    Jason have you been watching him this season? He has one goal, and i’m not even sure if he has an assist yet despite getting a ton of minutes. He lost his spot to a third round draft pick, never passes, is a waste of our money becuase his salary has tripled, and can’t finish or cross worth a damn. If you want him to stay, there must be something wrong with you.

  15. nydasofine Says:

    “richards is garbage. track and field he might be good… on the pitch ?nah.”
    you rite “thisisvictorkim”. Richards is purely garbage.. he looks like a puppet on the field. yes we do need speed but it gotta come with skillz i mean mad skillz.
    perfect example ” christiano ronaldo speed and skillz, trevez speed and skillz, kaka speed and skillzz etc…

  16. red9fan Says:

    PLEASE- Start with Osorio, Richards, Stammler, Rojas, Boyens, Khano, Conway, this Team could not beat a sound College Squad, do they have a Game plan, all I see is kick and run, Richards is Selfish and his skills suck. Rebuild, this may include Releasing Angel….

  17. red9fan Says:

    I just want to Clarify, Angel is one of the Top Players in the League, but the RB Brain Trust Let go of The 1 player who could get him the Ball, DVB so right know if the Ball is not played right to his Foot he barely makes a play for it. If we can not get him the Ball, why keep him?

  18. Toad Says:

    About time. Actually, WAY past time.

    More moves need to be made, let’s see them happen before 7/1.

  19. Alle Says:

    YES! Get his contract ripped up, that’s just what we needed at the moment.

    Now we can bring in Obster or Coundoul – who knows, I bet Smith is next on the chopping block!

  20. Lou Says:

    Hopefully first Smith will go he can be replaced by obster and because obster plays the same position as castillo i’m guessing that eliminates any hope of getting castillo. Than i think Conway will go and will be replaced by coundoul. Boyens will probibly be next and apparently is going to be replaced by some columbian second division defender. I don’t think this young columbian kid is going to do much, i would feel more at ease if boyens was replaced by an academy defender the one that scored against inter milan’s youth team to be exact. Lastly i could see richards being traded for a draft pick and allocation money to a western conference team, in his place duka could be signed as a cheap and promising replacement becuase he can play at right mid.
    These replacements might not instantly take our team from crap to a league power but they would be a step in the right direction.

    I don’t see Osorio or Agoos being fired until the season is over, the FO said they were going to hold on to him a while back and that they were confident in him. Do i think that is the right decision? NO, but i’ll just have to get used to it.

  21. Choclo Says:

    Who is Obster??, the new european star???….. please.

    Totally agree with you. Why we should keep Angel?, he is not doing that much either, he just wait to someone put the ball in his feet but unafortunally Maradona is not in this team.

  22. jason Says:

    i agree with you now Lou he hasnt been contributing much this season

  23. red9fan Says:

    There are ALOT of DOGS on this Team, when Players who Cannot make a simple Pass like Stammler, Rojas who Flat out Sucks, Richards does NOT Cross the Ball, he always gets beat and then Grabs the Player, this Season IS OVER! What bad Timing to be going to the New Stadium.

  24. Lou Says:

    Banilla or whatever that columbian kid’s name was, was apparently just a rumor and we were never really looking at him. So if that’s the case than who would replace boyens if he was waived? I would suggest either signing an academy player like girogi chirgadze or the current USL points leader Cristian Arrieta.
    Arrieta has played for several clubs in italy and is among the best defenders in the usl. He is 6 foot 2 and definetly a solid player at center defense, but what is more impressive is the fact that he has managed to score 13 goals in 41 appearances for the puerto rico islanders. USL is a physical league like the MLS so the adjustment period for a player from the usl probibly wouldn’t be as long as the adjustment period for a player coming from another country. Lastly because kandji’s signing has proven to be a success up to this point and we acquired him from a usl team, i would think it couldn’t hurt to go back and look at usl teams for another player.

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