With the first team training in Toronto today before heading to Columbus tomorrow, lets take a look back at an interview RBR conducted with Red Bull Salzburg midfielder Ernst Öbster when he was training in New York a short time ago.  Not sure what the plans are for Öbster, but he seems interested in a potential move to MLS.

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  1. Lou Says:

    When he said he was at odds with the coach in salzburg he must have been serious, otherwise why would he be willing to train and play at worse facilites, for s horrible team, with a seemingly horrible coach, when he already has a contract with salzburg.

  2. Mentz Says:

    I could care less, send him over and sign him. We need all the help we can get…

    You saw his touch and passing of the ball? Reminded me off how Celades plays and he’s one of our only consistent players each week.

  3. jason Says:

    reminds me of van den bergh

  4. Lou Says:

    He reminds me more of van den bergh than celadas, celadas is also anything but consistent, he barely ever sees the field. If this kid comes over here he is going to need to bulk up fast he looks like a twig.

  5. Lou Says:

    When i said celadas doesn’t see the field i meant because he is always injured or not fit or whatever.

  6. 505anthony Says:

    Sign him up and stick him in any position we need him. He couldn’t possibly do worse.

  7. Matt Says:

    Really who cares? Some lightweight Austrian who may or may not play for this absolute farce of a football club.

    Let’s hear what Stover and the rest of the clowns in Austria are going to do to turn around this sinking ship. The silence is deafening.

  8. Lou Says:

    I heard Pablo Aimar is going to be traded by benfica, we should go after him, he is nearly 30 and an extremely talented ATTACKING MIDFIELDER. Just what we need, we could get him with designated player money. I doubt anyone in the FO is listening, but hey it’s a suggestion.

  9. Lou Says:

  10. Alle Says:

    Aimar? Come on Lou, be a tad bit realistic, I’m sure his salary is still decent, I doubt he’d even think of the MLS at this time, maybe in two more seasons (when he’s near retired – you know the usual).

    As for Obster, why not? He’s welcome here after all the crap we’ve got going on at the moment, he could’ve proved to be a big help and I think we need that at the moment. Lightweight or not, he can adjust I’m sure – and because he’s lightweight says nothing about his capabilities and how he might fair in this league.

    (Off topic for a moment) Noticed Coundoul a few times in the vid, how long is his trial, does anyone know?

  11. Lou Says:

    I don’t see why aimar is that unrealistic. He is 30, he has been gradually going to lower and lower profile teams, first valencia, followed by zaragoza, and now out of spain entirely and playing for benfica (barely playing). He was a huge dissapointment at benfica this year only scoring 1 goal because of injuries. His stock is at an all time low, and all though he had a bad season no one can doubt how great of a player he is.
    A new home in new york could be just what the doctor ordered. Plus whatever he is making at benfica i’m sure we can come close to matching with a designated player salary, the sky is the limit with those things. He would also be asking for less after the bad season he just had.

  12. Alle Says:

    Yes he’d be good here, but chances of him coming here would be slim at the moment, we’ll probably try to find someone like him in Central America as usual..

  13. Lou Says:

    Yeah we will probibly get some old washed up player that plays defensive mid and than move him to attacking mid and pay him a designated player salary.

  14. DS Says:

    Despite speculation about what may or may not happen, I tend to listen what is actually said by the club and Erik Stover. He very clearly stated, multiple times, that they don’t plan on bringing in a second DP under the current rules. Also, I definitely don’t see one being brought in mid-season anyway.

    And seriously, there have barely been any players brought from Central America, Pacheco and Johnson have been pretty good (red cards withstanding). Who else has there been over the last two years (the Osorio/Agoos reign) from Central America? Are you counting the Caribbean in there? Becuase Khano came from NE (technically Seattle) so that doesn’t count, and drafting Dane from Clemson doesn’t count either. And Diego Jimenez, who played very well for us besides one bad mistake in CHI, is from Mexico. Do you mean South America as well, because that’s very different? If you mean South America, yes, Cichero, Pietra, and Echeverry were terrible signings. But Rojas, although inconsistent, is very good on his day, plus Juan Pablo Angel has been a huge success even if you consider this season he has scored 38 in 64 and will be the franchise’s all-time leading scorer by the end of the season when he passes 41.

    So what exactly is wrong with Central(or South) America again?

  15. Lou Says:

    Ok so if we are goign to include these central and south american players you could say cichero, pietrovallo, rojas (don’t care how good you say he can be he still hasn’t done much), and echeverry have all been busts. Those are just the players from south america. After that you could say jimenez was good, but nothing special, pacheco has good crosses but makes mistakes on the defensive end, and johnson is injured so we haven’t been able to see him much but he not a very disciplined player.
    Out of all those “promising” signings not one of them was good enough to change a game or become an allstar caliber player (there still is time for pacheco and johnson but realistically they won’t be THAT good). That’s surprising considering most of them made good money, you would expect at least one of them to be a grand slam but that isn’t the case.

    “Despite speculation about what may or may not happen, I tend to listen what is actually said by the club and Erik Stover. He very clearly stated, multiple times, that they don’t plan on bringing in a second DP under the current rules. Also, I definitely don’t see one being brought in mid-season anyway.”

    If you read my origininal post on aimar, you will see i never said we had to sign him midseason. I said he could be out of a job soon and than maybe we can go after him. Henry was reported saying that he would like to come here in 2011 at the showdown in chinatown, that leaves all of next year free for a big name signing that Red Bull has been talking about for so long. If the salary cap does get raised for next year (I think it will) than we could finally use the second designated spot. We could than use it on aimar and have angel and aimar acting as our two designated players. The following year angel’s contract would be up and than henry would replace angel’s dp spot.
    It was more of a fantasy suggestion because i doubt the FO is going to choose a player simply because a fan suggests it. I really brought it up to pass the time and to have something to talk about.

  16. DS Says:

    Not every player is brought in to be an All-Star, and not every latin player is on huge wages. Johnson and Pacheco were brought in to fill roles, and for the most part they have, when available. Defenders and defensive midfielders, like Cichero and Pietra, are not game changing positions (well they are with mistakes). No one ever said any of these guys would be the best in the league. Rojas has been the biggest disappointment because there are flashes of the player we all thought he could be, but he has been horribly inconsistent.

  17. kofix5 Says:

    Obster’s handling looks pretty good and his shot is as hard and on target as Zimmerman’s. He could be dangerous on the wing.
    We have several RedBull clubs around the world and it would be great to have a symbiotic trade situation with them. If Obster works out well, this signing could lead to more players coming over from RedBull.

    In my opinion, some players from south of Texas have trouble adjusting to the US game. Many MLS players (i.e. Houston ) are very physical defenders. They don’t try to steal the ball, they try to knock you off the ball. Players from Central and South America tend to try to hold the ball and beat you off the dribble and the defenders use positioning, skill and finesse to counter. Its mostly a timing thing.

    Conversely, I’m guessing the Austrian game is similar to the German game. Physical and fast. Similar to the US game but on a much higher level. Obster could fit right in. And if he really wants to be here and he comes to here with good intensity he will fit right in.

  18. jason Says:

    sign both obster and aimar we need all the help we can get

  19. Mentz Says:

    The “symbiotic trade situation” can never happen with MLS rules. People were talking about Marc Janko coming in for a half season loan and then going back to RB Salzburg. CANT HAPPEN. MLS rules state that if you loan the player the team has to have the option of buying him in the future. Until the league changes dumb rules like this we can’t even take advantage of the great “situation” we could have by having sister clubs in Europe and Africa.

  20. kofix5 Says:

    Thanks Mentz.

    Any truth/hope in the signings of Edgar Davids or defender Breyner Bonilla Montano from Colombia?

    Any one know anything about Breyner? Besides the fact his team was just relegated in Colombia?

  21. Lou Says:

    “Not every player is brought in to be an All-Star, and not every latin player is on huge wages.”

    DS i agree with you, but i never said every player is brought in to be an all-star. What i said was that you would expect at least one out of the 7 or eight south and central american players to be a gamechanger. Those expectations were probibly invested in Rojas, and not surprisingly he has let us down.

    “No one ever said any of these guys would be the best in the league.”

    No one said these guys would be the best in the league you’re right, but you go after certain players especially foreign ones with the intent of improving your team and sadly for us that has not been the case. We are not an improved team after having brought over all these central and south american players. If anything our most succesful players have been homegrown talent like zimmerman, kandji (went to college in the usa and was bought from a usl team), goldy, cepero, and Hall.

  22. Lou Says:

    Mentz this league is truly rediculous, i hope at the next league meeting they reinstate the reserve league, expand the rosters, raise the salary cap, and fine tune some of the older rules like the one you mentioned. I think doing all that would be a HUGE step in the right direction for this league.
    Breynar, from what i’ve heard doesn’t sound like the answer to any of our problems. He is a columbian second devision defender, so unless I’m completely wrong, i doubt he will do anything for us.
    As for davids, the guys is 36 and hasn’t played for a team in a while. He was one of the most skilled players in the world at one time, but is a 36 year old kinda semi-retired player going to help us out much?

  23. DS Says:

    I agree that our most successful talent, besides South American Angel, have been home grown, but we should still be searching all over the world for players to improve this team.

    As for rule changes, I highly doubt that there will be much change for next season. Based on MLS history, if you can call it that yet, the league has always tended to move at a snail’s pace. They feel that their status as a professional league stands on a knife edge and refuse to make many large changes at once which could jeopardize anything. They feel as if things are working well right now and have been improving, therefore not much needs to change to continue that trend. This is about business, the business of keeping MLS going, and considering the strides it has made in the past few years, I doubt they would change it drastically when moving at this pace has been working for them.

  24. Cindy Says:

    i think Edgar Davids isn’t something happening soon, i hear Bonilla [from Ives] is NOT happening. but he tells that Pietravallo has left the team.

    i hope Conway and Khano are next.

  25. Lou Says:

    Here is something to brighten up your day, peitrovallo is gone! Others are said to be leaving shortly as well, probibly khano, Conway, and Boyens. The team is reportedly looking for a central defender so perhaps they will be letting one go.

  26. Mentz Says:

    YES!! Finally no more from the Argentinian yellow card machine!

    Guess this means Ernst is coming to the club. I heard Khano and Conway are next…

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