With a compromised lineup, the Red Bulls would have had to play a near-perfect game to produce a positive result tonight at Toronto FC, and first half goal from Pablo Vitti was too much to overcome, especially when Juan Pablo Angel was subbed out at the half due to hamstring tightness.  With another road match on Saturday at Columbus, New York does not have a lot of time to heal up before playing the Crew for the first time since MLS Cup.  RBR got some post match reaction.



  1. nydasofine Says:

    I know i’m not a coach to judge but i got eyes to notice certain things. don’t you guys notice that the team can’t even complete a good pass or a good sequence attack? i got so pissed watching that game. that team has no style . they stand around with the ball asking themselves what should they do with it. Run down the field create some kindna panic in the oponent defense not coming down like a turtle with the ball

    MANAGMENT!!! you are a losing a lot of fans as you could SEE, the attendance is getting lower and lower weeek by week. that your team not OSORIO; YOU COULD DICTATE HIM what kindna style you want like SEATTLE SOUNDERS did to SIGI. US NEW YORKERS we got taste give us something to b proud of. don’t expect to attract fans and future becoming fans to fill up that new stadium with that group and with that boring style …… that”s all i got to say GO REDBULLS….REDBULLS FOR LIFE

  2. gb Says:

    Excuses, excuses.

  3. Matt Says:

    Why do I feel like I’ve seen this video before?

  4. mike from linden Says:

    i dont know what to say. I stopped going to the games at giants stadium and now its getting hard to even watch this team on the tv. this is very disappointing. it seems like the whole organization has given up on this season. from the team to the guys in germany, they all have given up. i am not even going to watch the rest of the games anymore, the season is lost and i dont need this disappointment anymore. i am still a fan of this team and the only way i will follow this team is through twitter.

  5. tilt215 Says:

    Im glad i had my kindle with me yesterday. Igave up on the game ten minutes in and just started reading.
    I dont care that we lose, really I dont. Losing is part of this team. What I care about is that WE SUCK. I could list every reason we suck, but why, it has all been said before. I dont think this team could beat a highschool squad right now. Week after week all we hear are more excuses……….

  6. Jason Says:

    i cant even watch them any more

  7. Mentz Says:

    We still got CONCACAF Champions League guys!!! lol

  8. Iain Says:

    Aren’t the players proud to be Red Bulls ?

  9. Pico Says:

    To think football is such a simple game.

    1. Get the ball;
    2. Pass the ball;
    3. Make yourself available.

    It takes an incredibly inept player not to get that message. In the case of the RB, a bunch of them.

  10. nydasofine Says:

    NY REDBULLS ARENA gonna be like fc Dallas beautiful stadium very low attendance
    Managment don’t you realize that Osorio is not the rite coach for the team. it’s a team that has a lot of speed it make them play like turttles. the team plays a very boring football. all they do kicking the ball up and down.

  11. Mike Says:

    Coach taking notes.
    Coach staring intently at the play.
    Coach being driven to a plane with a one way ticket.

  12. Mike Says:

    Bench Angel from the start! The old man cannot even walk, why is he starting? And this “coach” speaks of replacing the gatekeeper?
    Start anew:
    Pass to each other – do not pass to the opposing team.
    Hold the ball – stop all the long U10 punts to clear away from involvement like scaried boys.
    I still have my batch o’tickets – at least I get to see other teams play football – I have stopped being bothered by NJ RBs losing. They are the team that the [Harlem Globetrotters] always beat now.

  13. Lou Says:

    “I have stopped being bothered by NJ RBs losing. ”

    I like how now that the red bulls are losing, they now magically become the NJ red bulls. Fine if that’s how New Yorkers want to act, it’s really mature to rename the team once you’re fed up with them. I suppose teams that lose have to have a NJ in front of it? Yeah it’s not like the NY knicks, mets, Jets, islanders, and rangers are bad right?
    It doesn’t really matter where the team is playing, they doesn’t change the fact that they suck. If the FO doesn’t act soon and fire Osorio as well as agoos, they are going to start losing fans and money permantely. It’s not like the team ever drew huge crowds before this horrible season, but now you can pretty much gaurantee that they won’t draw MLS standard crowds ever again.
    It’s sad that half of the people on this site can spot the mistakes osorio is going to make every game before they actually happen. A majority of these players aren’t up to MLS standards and All i can hope for is that their is a complete club overhaul starting at the summer transfer window.

  14. kofix5 Says:

    Is there any hope for this team?
    I’m not talking about playoffs. I’m talking about the glimpse of competitiveness we saw against Seattle and San Jose.

    Aside from the 4 or 5 players that are well known by fans to be simply not good enough to play MLS, the biggest problem with the team is their mental toughness.

    Will there be any personnel changes this summer to address this situation?
    Is Obster good enough to be the answer?

    If The RedBulls can get it together in time for Concacaf, and win a couple of games in the tourney, we will have something positive to focus on and build on for next year. If the appropriate changes are made, next year will absolutely be our break out year.

  15. kofix5 Says:

    Its funny in a sad way Lou. I hadn’t read your post before starting mine and we are both on the same page. I know it happens often between us 2 but how about the RedBull FO?

    Is anyone from RedBull following this? Are they on the same page?

  16. kofix5 Says:

    I’m watching the rebroadcast of the game right now, because I’m a masochist. And Shep just said it in the 39th minute.
    ‘RedBull is the greatest producer of talent in the history of MLS’ and he goes on to list a bunch of great players Jozy, Tim, the Bradleys, Guevara, Clark, Moreno etc

    Painfully ironic isn’t it?

  17. gb Says:


    I’m incredulous! Fire him already!!

  18. Lou Says:

    I wasn’t home to watch the game, and i’m not bothering to watch the replay because i don’t think i take watching a defeat as it unravels. While it is true that red bull have been succesful in producing talent like the players you listed above, the problem seems to be that we always produce stars but the supporting cast is never up to par.
    A great player doesn’t make a great team, teams like DC (although i hate to admit it) or chivas have some stars but more importantly every player has a role and they are all on the same page. So often i will turn on a red bull game and see players not connecting on give and goes, long balls booted out to no where, or kandji and zimmerman breaking down defenders only to have no one there to receive the ball.
    I highly doubt Obster will be the answer, if we get extremely lucky he could ultimately become another Van Den Bergh. And while that would be great for us, we still would be lacking the qaulity to win, we would just have another star player and bunch of MLS washouts.
    I don’t know if the FO is reading our comments, at this point i don’t think it matters. If they valued what we typed day in and day out, listened to their fan base, and generaly had a clue of what they were doing, they would have fired osorio and agoos months ago. But here we are virtually eliminated from the playoffs at not even the all star break, and those two goofs are still around.
    I can’t see next season being anything but a disaster, unless we do something big at the summer transfer window like bringing academy players, cutting those god awful players that i won’t bother to name, and doing a whole personel overhaul. If we wait until the offseason to start bringing players what you will see is all these new players that are unfamiliar with each other running around on different pages, and our first game will end up looking like the one against seattle this year.
    The players are going to need time to get familiar with each other so getting as much done now in the summer is going to be necessary for success.

  19. DS Says:

    Lou, you forgot to mention that most leagues in the world are currently in their off-season, so it will be much easier to get players now, instead of during our off-season, when they will be up and running and less willing to let players go.

    I don’t know how much firing Osorio and Agoos will do, because we will still have the same players. But a drastic change has to be made, and that’s the one staring at everyone in the face.

    It’s not the simplest thing to completely overhaul the roster in MLS. The team cannot just spend as much money as Red Bull has, there are rules and regulations about transfer fees and trades, and I really don’t know how it works. I do know that, like everything else in MLS, it is more complicated than we think and more complicated than is necessary. Maybe with the new CBA there will also be new rules about acquiring players, which will make it easier to build a substantial squad that can compete next season.

  20. Lou Says:

    We may still have the same players, but we will have different people controling those players if we fire agoos and osorio. Also while some may argue that changing the clubs leaders half way through the season can only hurt the clubs consistency, I think it would ultimately help us because a new coach means a shock to the system. It may just breath some new life into this dieing club. Who knows but one thing is painfully clear, this is not working out something has to give.

  21. 505anthony Says:

    I have to say I feel really let down by the board here. How can let this go on? Is this season really such a write-off? Do we not want to win anything? Do we want the stadium to be empty next season? I’m terrified of what Osorio is going to do with those draft picks he got for Oduro. When our starting 11 B team is full of Osorio buys who are only playing because the normal starting 11 is injured, well, I think that says enough.

  22. Lou Says:

    “Is this season really such a write-off?”

    What do you mean by write off? If you mean that this season is essentially finished than i’ll have to say that yeah it is a write off, there is no way we are getting into the playoffs this year. If you mean should we stop caring about this season than i would have to say no we should not stop caring about this season because we have to get some pieces in place for next year.

    “I’m terrified of what Osorio is going to do with those draft picks he got for Oduro.”

    You can say whatever you want about osorio and if it’s negative i’ll usually go along with it, but one thing i can’t deny about osorio is actually how well he uses the draft picks. He found Hall, zimmerman for a steal, sassano who was a big part of our playoff run last year. I’m afraid of a lot of things that osorio does but i’m not worried about what he will do with the draft picks if he is still around by than.

  23. gb Says:

    It’s almost 5PM. Osorio still has his job. BULLSHIT!

  24. Lou Says:

    It’s almost 5pm on a day that is months after he should have lost his job, bigger BULLSHIT?

  25. nydasofine Says:


  26. Lou Says:


  27. ocho Says:


  28. Roberto Says:


  29. nydasofine Says:


  30. gb Says:

    Long overdue that Osorio is shown the door. RBNY is a mess! As a season tix holder since ’99, this is the worst I’ve seen. I was looking forward to the new stadium, now, I really couldn’t care less…

  31. emilio Says:

    This is a disgrace, every week it gets worse and worse 2-11-4 thats pathetic, excuse after excuse, its almost impossible to have such a bad record, NO THERE ARE NO POSITIVES FROM LOSING WEEK AFTER WEEK,NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. nydasofine Says:

    Seattle is very succesful becuz listening and pleasing the fans are the number priorities. Next year i hope Management fill up that NEW Stadium with OSORIO PEOPLE.

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