RBR is coming to you live from BMO Field in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, for tonight’s MLS matchup between the New York Red Bulls and Toronto FC.  The two teams should know eachother pretty well, as they met on this same field just 11 days ago.  As always, RBR will be providing a running commentary of the match, both here and on our twitter account.  Check out all that and more after the jump.

PRE-GAME: Here is the Toronto FC starting lineup:

—————-Barrett——— Vitti—————

De Rosario—-Cronin—–Robinson—-Guevara



Bench: Edwards, Velez, Dichio, Ibrahim, Gala, Gomez, White

PRE-GAME: Here is the Red Bulls’ starting lineup:





BENCH- Conway, Richards, Smith, Kandji, Pietravallo, Mbuta, Ubiparipovic

NOTES: Toronto FC is wearing pink jerseys tonight for Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.  A portion of the monies raised from the sale of these jerseys will go to the foundation, as well as donations from fans.

Celades is not in the 18 tonight due to his left hamstring strain.  He is slated to be available for the match on Saturday at Columbus.  Kandji is in the 18 but not in the starting 11.  His hamstring has been as issue.

Andrew Boyens, who just returned from the Confederations Cup in South Africa, takes his spot in central defense.  With Goldthwaite and Petke out, a jet-lagged Boyens immediately returns to the lineup.

Juan Pablo Angel is just one goal from tying Clint Mathis for second on the franchise’s all-time goals scored list.  Entering tonight, the Colombian striker has found the back of the net 38 times in 68 matches.

A historic upset win for the US this afternoon to advance to the Confederations Cup finals.  It was great to see former Red Bull Jozy Altidore score what proved to be the game-winner, and Tim Howard, who also played in New York, get the clean sheet in net.  You have to love the team-first defensive effort by the whole squad to take down Spain.

Marvell Wynne is not with Toronto FC as he is still with the US MNT at the Confederations Cup.

Kevin Goldthwaite and Mike Petke are both unavailable due to suspension.  Goldthwaite is out due to card accumulation, while Petke is out following his two yellow cards the last time New York was in Toronto.  We believe that there is an appeal being heard, the result of which has not been determined at this point.

No Dichio in the starting 11 for TFC, which could help the depleted Red Bull back line.

RBR will be tweeting the match at


1′ And we’re off…

2′ Cronin with a shot in the area that is deflected off a TFC player.  The rebound deflects out for a corner, but nothing comes of it.

3′ Stammler gets of a shot from about 20 yards, but its right at Frei.

5′ Zimmerman creates space and leaves it off for Angel, who centers to Stammler, but his shot goes wide.

7′ Guevara creates some space but his shot goes wide.

12′ A lead pass finds De Rosario, but it leads him too much and he can’t get much on the shot, making for an easy save for Cepero.

12′ TFC gets away with some sloppy passing in the back line.  They need to tighten that up for NY will poach a chance or two.

18′ Off a re-start, Rojas gets the ball on the flank and his half-volley curls wide.

22′ The Red Bull back line has played well so far, drawing several offsides calls with their cohesive play.

23′ A Rojas cross nearly gets to an open Angel, but Serioux deflects it out for a corner.

23′ And here come the streamers.

25′ Some fancy footwork  from Zimmerman creates a corner, and Rojas’ inswinger finds Stammler on the far post, but his one-timed volley goes over.

28′ Goal TFC.  Cepero hesitates coming off his line on a De Rosario flick in, and Vitti heads it over Cepero for a goal.  Cepero might have been able to get to that one before Vitti.

30′ Wolyniec turns and fires, but its over the top.

34′ Attakora sends one into the area, and Guevara gets a head on it, but its right at Cepero.

34′ De Rosario sends in a ball that Guevara can’t get a good first touch on, and this time Cepero pounces in it.

36′ Barrett creates some space in the area, but he steps out before he can get a shot off.

38′ Attakora receives a diagonal ball on the right side, but his shot goes well wide.

43′ The ball somehow trickled through to Garcia alone in the area, but he puts it just wide for a goal kick.

45′ Mendes clears one off the line as De Rosario dekes Cepero away from net.

45+’ 1 minute of stoppage.

HALFTIME: 1-0 Toronto FC. Not many chances generated by the Red Bulls offense in the first half.

HALFTIME:  NY Sub #1: Richards comes on for Angel.

46′ And we’re back.

51′ Angel left the game with a right hamstring strain.  Another injury is not what the thin Red Bulls roster needs right now.  Let’s hope its not serious.

52′ De Rosario finds Barrett in the area and he puts it home but is adjudged to be offsides.

55′ Richards pressures Serioux into a corner for NY.

58′ Richards’ cross is a little too tall for Wolyniec.

59′ Goal TFC.  De Rosario breaks in on Cepero from a Barrett cross, and he flicks it over Cepero.

60′ Some good hustle from Rojas earns a corner.

61′ Zimmerman’s inswinger finds Stammler, but Frei saves his header.

63′ Stammler gets his head on another corner, this time from Rojas, buts he nods it wide.

65′ Dichio for Barret. Sinisa for Mendes. Sassano moves to defense

75′ Ibrahim for Vitti

82′ Smith for Rojas

87′ Velez for De Rosario

88′ Major internet issues on this end.  We apologize for the lack of updates.

90′ 3 minutes of stoppage.

FULL TIME:  2-0 TFC.  Check back later for post match reaction.




  1. aja Says:

    im glad to see conway hasn’t been starting

  2. SCNewJersey Says:


  3. Glenn Scheyhing Says:

    NY passing is a bit atrocious.

  4. cilla Says:

    Conway is not in we need more defense!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Glenn Scheyhing Says:

    They promote “premium seating” at Red Bull Arena, but if NYRB doesn’t start winning, I don’t see the point.

  6. Onoda Says:

    Fire Osorio!

  7. Glenn Scheyhing Says:

    I’m sure that is on the table.

  8. Cris Says:


    Now I understand why they play in New Jersey, cause us New Yorkers hate loosers!!! Get this message to the team and the management. I even gave away my season tickets cause I had better things to do with my time than to waste it on gas and tolls going to the stadium. Not until I see all new players and all new managers and coaching staff will I return.

  9. Matt Says:

    Please, for the love of God, fire Osorio NOW!!!!!

  10. Roberto Says:

    this team has no talent anymore, to the manegement the stadium will be empty for 2010 youll see

  11. gb Says:

    RBFO, get your house in order! Fire Osorio!

  12. NJMetrostars Says:

    Don’t the Giants play in New Jersey? New York has so many sports teams and they still suck. NY Rangers, Islanders, and Knicks. I didn’t say yankees or mets cause well.. baseball isn’t a sport. I didn’t mention Giants or Jets cause they play in Jersey so they count as Jersey teams. So don’t say that Jersey only has sucky teams when your state has atleast 2 teams in each league and still end up not winning anything

  13. Lou Says:

    “RED BULLS SUCK!!!!!

    Now I understand why they play in New Jersey, cause us New Yorkers hate loosers!!! Get this message to the team and the management. I even gave away my season tickets cause I had better things to do with my time than to waste it on gas and tolls going to the stadium. Not until I see all new players and all new managers and coaching staff will I return.”

    What’s that supposed to mean? That people from New Jersey like losers? I don’t think new yorkers should talk about losers, the knicks, islanders, rangers, mets, and jets have always been mediocre it’s not like they’re winning you any awards.
    New York and New Jersey aside, i didn’t see the game because i had some soccer of my own to play but the score line that i just found has come as no surprise. How long does this team want to take to get their shit together? The playoffs are out the window, and agoos and osorio should be as well. I don’t know what the FO is thinking, but next year isn’t going to work if you just start from scratch in the offseason, we have to start building for the future now.
    We should push to raise the salary cap for next year when one of those league meetings takes place, because our management unlike some other mls team management can afford to spend more. As of right now everyone is to even in this league in spending and so the quality of all teams (even our crappy team) are all pretty even, 36 percent of all games end in ties, that is just a rediculous stat and no other league comes even close to that. I don’t know if the FO are planning on pushing to raise the salary cap, but they have to figure something out to gauarantee that we start to win more games and play a higher quality level of soccer.

  14. Cindy Says:

    do jersey folk consider the giants their team? not that i mind or anything, was just wondering… i kinda just lumped all those teams together for NY and NJ to share.

    regardless, sucks to have lost, i’m glad i went to the showdown in chinatown instead which was awesome … and i got a lovely RBNY poster actually, that was nice. was real happy to see the street team there.

  15. NJMetrostars Says:

    Jersey people consider anyone playing in the state of Jersey their team. So the Giants and Jets i would consider a New Jersey team. Only reason NY is stuck in their name is for marketing reasons.

  16. Lou Says:

    I wish i could have went to that showdonw in chinatown thing, i hope i can see video highlights soon.

  17. Pico Says:

    I thought NJ was a NYC suburb…

  18. Lou Says:

    was that a joke? It’s hard to tell sarcasm online.

  19. Cindy Says:

    FSC apparently taped a documentary on the Showdown in Chinatown, so look out for that

    and i’m sure that was sarcasm

  20. Pico Says:

    Sorry guys, my snark detector is broken. I usually use that comment to rile up my mother-in-law who is a die hard Jersey person and could not understand why I did not want to move out there with the family from the city.


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