Not only will Kevin Goldthwaite miss the Toronto match due to card accumulation, but the league just handed defender  Mike Petke two additional games and added on $500 to his original fine for his two yellow cards for dissent in the Red Bulls last trip to Toronto.  This will leave Carlos Mendes as the lone natural central defender.  Andrew Boyens has returned to the team following the Confederations Cup, but his status is uncertain for the match on Wednesday.



6 Responses to “PETKE GETS TWO MORE”

  1. Erik Says:

    I hope RBNY is going to fight this additional suspension. This suspension is totally out of proportion! If MLS thinks the should and can give additional suspensions they should consider giving that Houston player that Kicked Cepero in the head a five game ban. And same goes for the tackle on Johnson. But I guess injuring a player is not as bad as expressing our opinion after a game. MLS should take in account the tremendous pressure that is on all the RBNY players right now. But I guess they much rather hide behind their ever changing rule book.

  2. Mentz Says:

    Since Boyens looked so good representing New Zealand at the Confederations Cup (BIG WHIFFA!), we should just throw him in there and call it a day…

  3. JonnyG Says:

    Sounds fair 2 me.

  4. Alle Says:

    The MLS just loves screwing our team doesn’t it?

  5. kofix5 Says:

    Seriously this is some BS!
    What can anyone SAY that is worth a 3 game suspension?

    Is there an appeals process? Or is RedBull going hooves up on this issue?

  6. cilla Says:

    refees really dont like us they are always unfair to us i mena we are a team just like anybody else!!!!!!!!!!!! why cant we have just one fair game!!!!!!!

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