The Red Bulls take on Seattle Sounders FC tonight in a rematch of the MLS First Kick matchup back in March.  New York hopes for a better result tonight, as the first meeting ended with a 3-0 win for Seattle in their first MLS game.  This match is the Red Bulls’ only home match in the month of June.  The team only has one home match in July as well in a scheduling quirk.  New York will host the third annual Red Bulls HS Cup following the match, which will showcase the best high school soccer talent in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.  More after the jump.Here are a few prematch notes:

Jorge Rojas (left ankle) and Jeremy Hall (right hip flexor) are questionable for tonight’s match.

Kevin Goldthwaite was able to shake off a lower abdominal injury and will play tonight, as will Mac Kandji.

Dane Richards and Matthew Mbuta are also available for selection.

Andrew Boyens was in the 18 but did not play as New Zealand concluded Confederations Cup play with a 0-0 draw with Iraq.

Petke will miss the match after receiving two yellows, which resulted in a red card, against Toronto last week.

PRE-GAME: Here is the Seattle Sounders FC starting lineup:



Le Toux——————————————-Evans




Bench: Dragovan, Ljungberg, Sturgis, Vagenas, Nyassi, King, Levesque

PRE-GAME: Here is the Red Bulls’ starting lineup:







BENCH- Conway, Richards, Sassano, Borman, Wolyniec, Ubiparipovic, Pietravallo

NOTES: Rojas and Hall were deemed fit enough to start.

No Ljungberg for Seattle.  He did not play in the first match between these teams either.  Hurtado is not in the 18.

RBR will be tweeting the match at

1′ And we’re off…

2′ In the first meeting, the Red Bulls were not aggressive from the start, and let Seattle dictate play.  Let’s see if things are different this time.

4′ Riley floats one in for Montero, but Cepero comes off his line to snare it.

4′ Zimmerman sends one in for Angel, but Marshall  is there to break it up.

5′ Pressure from Kandji earns a deep throw in.

7′ Evans sees daylight from the top of the area, but puts it well wide.

8′ Pacheco floats one in that finds Rojas in the area, who nods it to Angel, but his header goes wide before he is leveled by Marshall.

11′ Alonso fouls Kandji, and the two get into a staring match.  Kandji ends up with a yellow.

13′ Pacheco’s cross just eludes Kandji in the area, and Keller picks it off.

14′ Le Toux is down after a collision with Mendes.

16′ Seattle earns a free kick from 30 yards after a foul on Montero.  Le Toux is back on the field.

17′ Montero mis-hits is well wide.

24′ Play has settled in some as the teams knock it around the midfield.

28′ Seattle earns a corner.

29′ Angel lays one off for Celades, but his one-timed blast from the top of the area goes over.  Good look for New York.

31′ Zimmerman creates some space on the right side, but his left-footed shot is right at Keller.

32′ Zakuani is a step faster than Hall on the right, and it is creating some matchup problems for the Red Bulls.

33′ Le Toux’s corner finds the head of Montero, who’s header hits the crossbar after Cepero gets his fingertips on it.  Bullet dodged for New York.

36′ Yellow to Goldthwaite for a foul on Montero.  He will miss the next match with his fifth yellow.

39′ Some nice defending from Hall on Zakuani on that play.  Things are getting a little chippy out there.

40′ GOAL NY!!  Marshall’s clearance deflects off Ianni, and Angel beats Keller to the ball, dekes him, and puts it away.

42′ Zimmerman does not see Rojas alone on the left side, and his shot is saved by Keller after some nice moves from Kandji.

44′ Getting to halftime up 1-0 would be huge for NY.

45′ Goldthwaite gets called for a foul near the Red Bull corner flag.

45′ 2 minutes of stoppage.

45+’  Montero disposesses Hall on the right flank, and goes in alone on Cepero, and beats him to the far post. 1-1.

HALFTIME: Another last minute goal against NY leads to a 1-1 tie at the half.

HALFTIME: Looks like no changes for either side.

46′  And we’re back to it…

47′ Montero earns a corner.

47′ Ianni can’t get enough on the redirect and Cepero makes the save.  He had a good look.

52′ Zimmerman gets through and puts in a dangerous cross to Angel, but he puts it wide.

54′ Montero gets clear of Pacheco, but he cross goes through untouched.

56′ Jaqua earned a corner.

58′ NY sub: Richards for Rojas.

59′ Zimmerman cuts into the middle but his shot goes wide.

66′ Hall wards off Zakuani, who fouls him for a free kick.  Better defending from Hall.

69′ Seattle sub: Nyassi for Le Toux.

73′ Goldthwaite is down.  Not sure why at this point.

74′ NY sub: Borman for Goldthwaite and Seattle sub: Levesque for Jaqua.

75′ Pacheco moved into a central role, with Borman on the left.

77′ NY dodged another bullet as the ball ping-ponged around the area after Zakuani’s initial shot was parried by Cepero.

78′ Keller mis-hits a pass back, but Angel is offsides on the nod on from Kandji.  Injury update: Goldthwaite left with an abdominal strain.

81′ Final NY sub: Wolyniec for Celades.

83′ Yellow to Marshall for a hard challenge on Zimmerman.

84′ Angel gets a head on the long free kick, but its wide.

85′ Montero breaks free in the area, but Richards gets enough of his body to knock him off balance, and his shot goes off the pots and right to Cepero.

86′ Pacheco down with what looks like a calf cramp.

89′ Pacheco concedes a corner.

90′ 4 minutes of stoppage.

90+’ Alonso one times one over the top.

90+’ Levesque with a shot that Cepero manages to parry clear.

FULL TIME:  A deserved draw for the Red Bulls, who snap a winless streak.




  1. Lou Says:

    ———–Kandji———-Angel(by default)———-


  2. Lou Says:

    COME ON YOU BULLS! Kick their sorry green asses back to the northwest

  3. Glenn Scheyhing Says:

    Pressing, as usual, in the first half. I hope the Bulls hold on to this power through the second.

  4. Glenn Scheyhing Says:

    Good to see Zimmerman getting the start.

  5. Glenn Scheyhing Says:

    Show me that replaaaaaaaay!

  6. Glenn Scheyhing Says:

    No comment on Montero’s goal.

  7. Karbaz Says:

    Hall get off the damn feel, that was completely unexceptible and such a rookie mistake, you let that ball go out and we leave the half up a goal now we are even, what a friggen moron.

  8. C. Says:

    This team is so mind-bogglingly disgraceful. It is absolutely incredible how this team continues to find ways to lose. This team must actually try to create goal scoring chances for opposing teams that don’t exist. How in the hell does Hall let that goal happen with mere seconds left in the half?!?!?!?!!??

  9. Glenn Scheyhing Says:

    It’s not over yet.

  10. Lou Says:

    It’s not over yet so i’ll try to reserve any player bashing until the end if we end up losing, but HALL COME ON WTF WAS THAT! This could only happen repeatedly to this team… it’s just simply amazing.

  11. Glenn Scheyhing Says:

    More missed opportunities and unforced errors this second half.

  12. Glenn Scheyhing Says:

    I understand Kandji’s foul, but I’m not 100% sure it should have been worth a yellow card, as the commentator says.

  13. Glenn Scheyhing Says:

    Seattle’s high-kicking should be reserved for the Seahawks not the Sounders.

  14. A.T. Says:

    Y’all suck so bad, you’ll be lucky to come out with a tie.

  15. Karbaz Says:

    Honestly, how was Conway starting before Capero?

  16. Karbaz Says:

    At least we didn’t lose, that’s all I have to say, at least we didn’t lose

    • C. Says:

      What?! At this point of the season, a tie IS a loss. This was a loss today. 1 point is useless for us. We’re done.

  17. Lou Says:

    Great effort from our team, we had a lead and blew it in true red bull fashion, failing to beat a team that flew 3,000 miles across the country. Hall did everything except gift wrap the goal for seattle, and as soon as our starting lineup was taken out we lost all continuity and ball control prooving yet again that we aren’t as deep a team as everyone thinks. Once Dane the destroyer richards came in, any hope of completing some passes instantly flew out the window with our playoff hopes.
    Just end this season early, my eyes can’t watch anymore of this slaugher.
    Supposedly there was over 14,000 people at this game, but i don’t know were they got that number from. Giants stadium looked like a barren wasteland to me.
    On the bright side, old man Angel scored somehow. He managed to sneak a goal into his busy schedule of limping and walking around the turf while whining like a baby. I thought Zimmerman, celadas, kandji, goldy, cepero, and even pacheco played well. Rojas may prove to be a capable player in the mls but i’m pretty positive he isn’t worth his price tag, hardly anyone on our team is.

  18. jason Says:

    what would you guys wether have a lose or a win . 0 points or 1 point . i know its only one point but this time we showed some heart out on the field Hall made a bad mistake but hes learning and wtf with angel on all those free kicks when he is over the ball it is ovious that he is going to shoot it at least shoot it good i mean come on at least cross it once please . I was at the game and the atmosphere was awsome by the way.

  19. Alle Says:

    Kandji’s yellow was for arguing I believe, just incase anyone was wondering.

    Just got back from the game and I must admit, it did take some time for the game to get rolling, the first 20 or so minutes consisted of horrible passing really, but once it got into the groove though, it was alright. Nice to see Angel scoring for once, Seattle gave that to him on a plate! I went crazy when he scored, but as a Seattle fan right next to me said, it wasn’t over yet – and he was right. For Montero’s goal, I don’t know what the hell Hall was thinking, instead of putting the ball out, he toyed around with Montero until he took the ball away from him, I expected more from him in that situation. Seattle came close in the end, thankfully Cepero was on his game tonight! Zimmerman was good, I think he’s established in the starting 11 now, he’s one for the future. Cepero definitely earned man of the match though!

    As for the attendance – you could notice there were a few more empty seats than usual, I think the rain scared many away… Not a bad atmosphere none the less!

  20. Cindy Says:

    i will take the tie and hope we build off of it. i thought for a dreary day the attendance was pretty solid, some 14,000.

  21. Alle Says:

    14,000?? It looked more like 8,000 tops!

  22. Lou Says:

    There were probibly 14,313 tickets sold but onlu 8,000 or so showed up for the game because of the weather and our horrible record.

    Jason, i would rather have three points, i know we have almost no chance to get into the playoffs but if we want to get there we have to start winning. We could have won that game but because we started to play as our usual selves and do something stupid we lost 2 points. The question isn’t whether i would like 1 point or 0, it’s would i like 3 or 1 and i’ll choose three.

  23. Alle Says:

    Nope Cindy, I was just surprised to be honest. If you would’ve been there, you would’ve thought the same thing!

  24. Cindy Says:

    was joking — but i thought everyone still sounded pretty great actually

  25. jason Says:

    Lou am starting to dought that are team is even cappable of getting 3 piont . if we are going to get into the playoffs then we need to basicly winall are games from this piont on and i doudt that because when you look at are away record we where crap i mean is it really hard to play away fromgiants stadium

  26. Lou Says:

    Yeah jason i know, i’m not saying we are going to get into the playoffs, but i’m saying that we shouldn’t be satisfied with one point. That simply isn’t good enough, we can’t win away from home so if we hope to get any points it would have to be at home, and if you take away that stupid mistake hall made (which the team always makes) than we would have gotten those three points.

  27. Jason Says:

    it is better than a loose

  28. Lou Says:

    better than a lose but still not helping our cause at all.

  29. Jason Says:

    that should ot be your attitdude we should just look for piopnts by now

  30. jason Says:

    heres what i meant to sya that should not be your attitude lou we shoul;d just look for pionts by now

  31. jason Says:

    heres what i meant to sya that should not be your attitude lou we should just look for pionts by now

  32. Dave Says:

    FULL TIME: A deserved draw for the Red Bulls, who snap a winless streak.

    I think in order to snap a winless streak, you actually have to win a game. They did break their losing streak though.

  33. Lou Says:

    That should not be our mentality jsaon, a point isn’t going to help us get into the playoffs or snap our winless streak. Points our valuable and we all know we’re not going to get any on the road. We shouldn’t be settling for less, it’s that kind of atitude that can result in a team playing as badly as we are.

  34. jason Says:

    we might win on the road

  35. Lou Says:

    we might, because i assume anything is possible, but realistically the chances are that we won’t win on the road. The winless streak on the road is now an all time league record of 20 games, so i think it is pretty safe to say our only points will come from playing at home and if we can’t beat a tired team missing their designated player at home than who will we beat? And if we start to believe that a point is a good result, than where is the incentive to get more?

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