Its a very rainy day in New Jersey, so the team trained on the turf field today in preperation for Saturday’s match with Seattle.  Here are a few notes from the session:

1) Jorge Rojas trained today, as did Albert Celades.
2) Juan Pablo Angel did not participate with the team today on the field, but solely becuase the team was training on turf.  He worked out in the gym.
3) Jeremy Hall did not complete training today with a strained adductor.
4) Mac Kandji went through a full session for the second straight day, while Matthew Mbuta and Dane Richards were also full participants.
5) Ernst Öbster was also very active today, looking very natural on the turf (Red Bull Salzburg plays on a turf field).




  1. Lou Says:

    I’m hearing mixed reviews on obster. Some say he is slow and weak but praise his shooting and passing ability. Others say he is pretty quick. He’s an interesting prospect, maybe a new younger VDB (maybe not though). Jeremy Hall better get healthy and fast, i don’t know who we could use at that right back spot.

  2. Karbaz Says:

    Hey Lou, I’m just happy big brother is sending some players our way, i thought it was going to be like that from the beginning. Hopefully he could produce for us.

  3. kofix5 Says:

    I bet Sassano plays at right back if Hall is out. And I am hoping MButa plays right mid over Richards. We’ve all seen what Richards can do and I’m thinking its time for a change. I’m all for consistency but in this case Richards form of consistency is the opposite of what we need so I’ll opt for MButa. At least he’s a different player and may bring something new to the pitch.
    Now that I think of it. How about playing a 4-6 formation? Let Kandji and Angel rest. Zimmerman can shoot from 35 yards out. Rojas can play left attacking mid and head the ball in off a corner kick. We can throw in Woly in the last 10 min to maybe get a goal for us. We can win it as long as we don’t get any red cards or give up any penalties.
    We don’t really need strikers in this game against Seattle. We need defenders.

  4. Lou Says:

    kofix i don’t think it’s a good idea to be giving osorio new formations to be trying out. I think it should be zimmerman and either rojas or mbuta on the wings. Kandji can play up top with whomever (at this point i would prefer woly). Sassano can play right back but i think hall will probibly be ok to play there, fingers crossed.

  5. OgreDave Says:

    I hate what turf has done to our team, it will be great when the league matures enough for ALL of our football to be played on grass.

  6. kofix5 Says:

    who’s going to the game?

  7. kofix5 Says:

    I like playing on grass. I even play fifa09 on grass. whenever possible ;D

  8. Alle Says:

    I’m going, I hear it could rain, let’s hope we don’t get screwed. The news sounds encouraging on Obster, perhaps he’ll stay on loan? I’d like to see him sign with us permanently, he’ll turn out better than Schopp did I’m sure.

    Hey Red Bull Reader, what’s the news on Bouna Coundoul?

  9. Lou Says:

    I’m hoping for a loan with rock obster, he could turn out to be a good player but if he isn’t than we can always send him back at season’s end. I think Bouna will be signed to, but i don’t see him getting the starting role right away. Cepero is coming of a great game and both guys are very ahletic, so i think unless cepero plays like conway he will hold on to the starting job. If we do get bouna we have to let go of the third goalie (conway) because with rosters being as small as they are this year, there is really no room to hold on to an extra keeper. I’m not sure if i will go, i don’t really have that much money to spend, and i don’t feel like using the few dollars i do have on a team that will probibly lose. I think i’ll be content with watching from the comfort of my own sofa.

  10. Alle Says:

    “The most important thing I would say is we feel that he is better than what we have,” Osorio said.

    He sounds like a quick starter to me from that quote!

  11. Lou Says:

    Yeah but are you really going to rely on osorio’s judgement for talent alle? This is the same man that brought over pietrovallo, cichero, khano, and others. I’ll make my own judgements on what type of player he is after he appears in a game, i’ll let his playing do the talking because at this point i’m a little sick of getting my hopes up by listening to coach osorryo.

  12. Almedin Says:

    lou no offense but you’re always so harsh on osorio.. it isnt his fault we arent finishing our shots.. We had chances to score last game and we choked, we SUCK at finishing.. Not his fault at all.. Sorry bro but our players HAVE to learn how to finish, including ANGEL with his AWFUL misses he has had lately.. I think he’s right on the dot with Bouna Coundoul because I have always liked his style of play as a goalie.. He isn’t scared of any shot and he will always try to make the save no matter if it is going out or not because a goalie has to do whatever it takes to keep it out of goal.. Conway has not done that at all and I have seen him watching the ball pass him at times and I hate that.. Cepero’s ok and I like him but I really think Coundoul would give us the leader we need in goal.. Most of the games we had were bad giveaways and if we are going to have more giveaways, i’d feel safer having a tough goalie like Coundoul in goal because he is a very hard worker and will work his butt off to go for a shutout..

  13. kofix5 Says:

    Alle Lou Ya!
    Well said about Bouna, I feel the same way.
    And as far as Osorio goes, he did bring in Soumare and Conde, so thats positive. After that its just wait and see.

  14. Lou Says:

    You’re right he brought in soumare and conde, but what team did that help out? As for not finishing almedin, who can’t finish? The players right? Many of whom osorio and agoof chose to bring in. Don’t you think it is bad when we find professionials that can’t do the simple things like finish. All i’m saying is before we go making judgements on how good obster is going to be, we should consider who said that he was going to be good (osorio) and just wait for him to play. I don’t think i can take a nother bust.
    Coundoul is very athletic and a good keeper, but cepero has games were he plays like he is casillas. Last game was one of those games for him, and with him playing like that i don’t think bouna is just going to come in and take the starting spot.

  15. Alle Says:

    We’ll have to wait and see then..

  16. Lou Says:

    My thoughts exactly alle.

  17. Almedin Says:

    You’re right lou and I dont hate Cepero at all.. I just think we should get rid of Conway and get Coundoul so we can have two really good goalkeepers fighting for a spot each week since they are both hungry for wins.. And about Obster, I agree with you he could be good or bad and I didnt mean to sound like I was talking about him before.. I was only talking about Coundoul coming in.. But from what I hear about Obster (passing and crossing from the left side), this is encouraging news because IF it is true (only if), then that would be good news for us.. Now if we can only get rid of the garbage (Smith, Pietravallo, Conway)..

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