It was an off day for the players but we do have a few updates on injuries. First, Kevin Goldthwaite, who missed the game on Saturday against Toronto FC, is listed as questionable with a left foot sprain. Macoumba Kandji (left hamstring), Albert Celades (hip flexor) and Jorge Rojas (adductor) are also questionable. Dane Richards, who did not travel to Toronto, is probable with a right MCL sprain. Richards did train on Monday, however.




  1. Lou Says:

    Ha this team is so rediculous it’s almost laughable. We wouldn’t win that many games even if we were a healthy team, and yet somehow we manage to get even worse because our best players are always hurt. Angel plays like he is hurt, kandji has missed quite a few games already because of injuries and is now questionable for our next game, our best defender is questionable, our most experienced defender is suspended, one of our only players with class is questionable after just getting fit, and rojas who was supposed to have a big year this year has done nothing on the field and is injured.
    Oh but there’s good news, good old dane “i shouldn’t be playing soccer” richards is probably. Oh happy days.

  2. mike from linden Says:

    DO NOT PLAY DANE RICHARDS. Please Red Bull. Also, get rid of Pietravallo and Smith. They are a waste of space.

  3. DS Says:

    Yes, with all the injuries and suspensions, lets not play people and get ride of others, that’s how we’ll turn this around.

    Johnson, Goldie, Kandji, Celades, Rojas, and maybe Richards injured, plus Petke suspended, and Boyens on international duty, if we lose Pietra and Smith, that puts us at a whopping 13 players. Good enough for a starting 11 and 2 on the bench, 1 outfield and 1 backup keeper.

    Until we have new players ready to sign and be available to play, we cannot get rid of anyone.

  4. Cindy Says:

    i figure Stammler will be pushed back on defense and Smith and Pietravallo will be playing?

  5. Lou Says:

    I don’t even want to bother with the starting lineup, instead i’ll try to figure out how many goals we will concede. I hope Johnson’s foot is healing because this team is in shambles.

  6. Alle Says:

    We’re screwed on Saturday, I hope I don’t have to witness a loss, especially since I’ll be there, it would be a disaster…

  7. DS Says:

    I think/hope they (Smith and Petra) will stay on the bench unless we truly need to sub players out.

  8. Mentz Says:

    When was the last time Pietravallo even entered a league match? I think they’ve pretty much ate that loss at this point as a sunk cost.

  9. Jo Says:

    NYRB itself is a sunken ship … we’re going down head first and fast. Goldthwaite hasn’t always been my favorite player, but he can do a good job when he’s focused. Forget Kandji and Rojas … what have they done for the team this season? I agree with the Pietravallo remark … what the heck happened there???

    Thank goodness for Danny Cepero. What a fighter that kid is. I’d say he was Osario’s best strategic move this season — putting him in last game. Injuries aside, let’s learn how to actually play soccer (the game where we actually string 3 passes in a row and shoot on goal)?

    PS. Bring back Boyens? Yes? Maybe?? Gracias.

  10. Lou Says:

    Osorio really didn’t really have much of a choice when choosing cepero. Conway had sucked… bad, so what other choice did he have. If his veteran keep is going to make rookie mistakes, than why not put in a more athletic youngster. Kandji has been really good this season when healthy and when playing striker. The problem is, that mr. brilliant aka osorio continued to play him on the wing were he was not effective. Plus the kid is injured every other day so that can’t help much. He still is young and he has all the skills and physical tools to dominate this league.

    Bring back boyens Jo… well at this point what other choice do we have. He might be away on internationial duty though so we might be out of luck there as well. Who really cares at this point. For me it’s just a matter of getting through each week. I don’t care if we don’t make the playoffs anymore because i’ve kinda given up on that idea, but if this team can dump the dead weight (that includes the coach and whatever it is that agoos is) and starts to make some trades and set things in place for next year i will be somewhat happy. If we can come back after the all star break with a young, new looking team, and manage to play some good futball leading up to the end of this seaon, than (sad as it may be) at this point that’s all i can ask for.

  11. Alle Says:

    I can see where you’re going with Kandji but he’s still young and has a lot to learn, Angel on the other hand, there’s no excuse…

    As for Boyens, I don’t know if anyone is watching the Confederations Cup, but one of Spain’s goals against New Zealand was all his fault. A total whiff of the ball which could’ve been an easy clearance led to one of their players(I don’t remember who) taking advantage and making him pay for his error. Although I agree, Boyens is needed and on a good day, he can be a great defender.

  12. DS Says:

    Boyens missed a clarence that was finished by soon to leave Valencia striker David Villa. I would have to say that that was one of the most painful mistakes I have ever seen. I really, truly felt for the guy. He hasn’t always been the best defender, but he did a pretty good job for us last season, and always seems like a genuinely nice guy in interviews. I do think that the mistake will hurt his chances of playing himself back into the starting line-up.

    He’s got 2 more matches in the Confederations Cup (tomorrow and Saturday) if NZ don’t get out of the group stage, which isn’t very likely. So he should be available for Columbus a week from Saturday; I think the Toronto game on Wednesday is too soon considering the trip he has to make from South Africa.

  13. Jo Says:

    I saw that mistake briefly as I walked in the door, but pushing the Confed Cup aside … there was no reason for Boyens NOT to be in the starting line-up from day 1. We can’t ever get anywhere because every year NY produces a new team. We start from square 1 every freaking season … we lost a few, but we also retained a good amount — obviously we were doing SOMETHING right to get ourselves to the final last season.

    Boyens, Cepero, Rojas (though I think he needs to do a little more), Goldthwaite (please get better), Stammler, Mendes, Angel, Wolyneic (though I think he’s a great second half sub, always scoring off the bench), and even Richards … they all somehow meshed together to get themselves to the final. (A moment of silence for the leaving of van den Bergh, please.)

    NYRB need to wake up. I think it’s unfair to hold Boyens’ international mistake over his head when we are 15 games into the MLS season. There’s been plenty of time for Osario to put him in. I think I’d much rather see him in than red-card crazy Johnson (though Johnson hasn’t been doing terribly … if we ignore those back-to-back cards).

    PS. Since we DID lose the amazing Dave van den Bergh, can we please try to LEARN to serve/cross the ball like he did??? Okay, thanks.

  14. Alle Says:

    I think we need people we can really cross on the wings, neither Smith nor Richards can at this point.

  15. Cindy Says:

    uhhh Boyens is the whackness… it can be clearly pointed to in his past games with RBNY where his actions have led to goals. he’s had some good games but not enough to justify his being a starter. he is too slow and blanks out in games. and he was teeeeeeerrrrrrible in the game against Spain in the Confeds Cup

  16. Jay Says:

    Dane Richards is a work in progress. His crosses were getting better. The one guy whose crosses have really improved is Ubiparapovic, but Osorio has been playing him in the middle. Ubi has taken some quality corners this year. Last year he seemed like a yellow card waiting to happen, but he’s been tackling cleaner this year and is the one player besides Kandji who seems to be working his butt off every time he gets in the game.

    I’m trying to figure out if Angel is playing injured again like he was the start of last season, or if he’s finally given up on the club. The frustration on his face is obvious during the game.

  17. nydasofine Says:

    The team has a lot of talents to dominate any team in the league or internationally. you have celades, Angel, and Kandji; thoses 3 guys are very skillsful players. they need a coach to put them at the rite spot to start producing.
    Richards has nuthing but speed. we need speed and skillz. i rather start Mbuta rather than RICHARDS. he has more skillz than Richard. That team needs a complete make over

    Please, Managment start investing in the team the rite way; don’t listen to Osorio “go for the price of 2”. NY Deserves a great team. go around the world like Seattle did to get some good players. Don’t you realize most of starting players for Seattle are bunch of foreigners and all da rookies are on the bench learning from these foreigners

  18. Pico Says:

    Hey RBR,

    If the team is short on bodies for this weekend’s game, can you tell JCO that I might be able to help. I just need to take my girl to a birthday party and then come by the stadium. I figure I can give the team 15 honest minutes at full speed – more than Khano ever did – and then I will be toast. I can shoot with both feet, with the inside and the outside, but I am not a good header.

    What else has the coach to loose? Let me know so I can make the necessary arrangements.


  19. DS Says:

    nydasofine, you want us to go around the world “like seattle”?

    Well Seattle has players from 8 different countries on their roster, while we have players from 14 different countries. And they didn’t go around the world at all, only 4 of their players were playing outside MLS, USL, NCAA last season. And of those 4, 1 is Kasey Keller, an American, who was playing in England along with Ljungberg, and the other 2 were in Columbia. So they went around the world and got players from 2 countries.

    If you have complaints please know what you are talking about.

  20. Lou Says:

    Pico i’m with you on that one, if NYRB needs players for this weekend. I’m in shape so i can go for a while and i’m a good dribbler, i can’t shoot that well with my left but we’ve got pico for that lol.

    Anyway in all seriousness, i’m a little tired of people saying we have enough skill to dominate the other teams. We have enough skill in 3 positions, celadas could start on any team in the MLS when healthy, as could kandji, maybe in a year or two zimmerman will be at that level because he is a tremendous rookie, and goldy with the way he has been playing could also.
    Everyone else would seriously be a strecth. Dane Richards gets bullied around because he’s so small, and i don’t know how anyone could tell if his crosses have gotten better because he never passes the damn ball. He is 25, while still young he is far to old to be learning basic things like crossing and finishing. If we are going to have to invest time that we don’t have on improving professionial players than we should forget about it and find someone else.
    These guys are supposed to be the best of the best, if you can’t even cross a decent ball, or you whiff on a ball that results in a goal (boyens), than how can you possibly be considered the best of the best? This is the kind of talent that we are supposed to be able to overwhelm other team’s with? Three good players does not make a competative team and sooner or later the FO is going to have to realize this, hopefully sooner rather than later.

    • Roberto Says:

      Lou, i was just thinking the same thing about Richards he hasnt crossed a decent ball all season, his ammo is to dribble rite thru the goalie, so how can one say his passing has gotten better.

  21. C. Says:

    The Steve Nash Showdown in Chinatown is coming up next week and I wanna know why Red Bulls aren’t marketing and getting involved in this event. The people that show up here are exactly the people you’re supposed to be marketing to. REAL soccer fans in NYC! Not being involved last year was an incredible oversight and now here it is again and still no involvement. Hire a DJ. Do the catering. Organize the afterparty. Get Angel and Celades over there. Hand out some free stuff. Get on it! Do the fans have to do everything?!

  22. Pico Says:

    Lou and Roberto,

    A 25 year old player is not at the stage to learn the basics of the game. Neither to learn football instincts. Players born with such instincts go through very rigorous training since early on to learn to harness and exploit them. Others that do no possess them, work really hard from the beginning to somehow make up for it under the tutelage of good coaches.

    I have said it many times, Richards is not a good football player. He is a really fast athlete on a football field, someone with no football IQ – as Shep put it. He is serviceable to some type of football, maybe punt and run, and unless he gets really lucky, you cannot form a game plan with him in mind.

    If you see his most successful runs, he starts out wide on the right and runs directly to the goal. He cannot make a run wide to the end line and then cut inside. Doesn’t know how to. Doesn’t pick up his head and look for an outlet or an overlapping back. Most of the times he ends up taking himself out of the play. Oh! And he is completely useless with his left foot. If you are the opposite team, you stage your left midfielder and left back to try to push him out wide. He can get the ball out there as many times as he wishes, chances are he is going to boink the cross.

    The RB front office made a big mistake giving him that big new contract, because I think the league has caught on to what is going on and we will not be able to get much for him.


  23. lou Says:

    Pico you don’t have to address that to me, i just said that same thing before you did. I agree with you completely. There are a few players on this team that have no soccer instinct and so we waste our time and money on them hoping to improve their basic game. If these players can’t do the simply things in soccer like dribbling with both feet, passing, making runs, communicating, etc etc by the time you are a professionial than we shouldn’t be wasting our time on them, because what you end up getting is a very one dimensionial team like ours.

  24. Roberto Says:

    Lou and Pico you guys hit the nail right on the head concerning Richards, i agree with you both.

  25. nydasofine Says:

    C… u rite all the way. REDBULL ORGANIZATION needs a make over from MANAGEMENT, PLAYERS AND COACHING. I didn’t even know the showdown was coming up next week. could you tell me what time and date that showdown will be?
    Like stover said they focuse more in NEWARK They should call it NJREDBULLS.
    A big showdown like that would b a good apportunity to promote the team and create a tradition. That showdown is in the heart of the city, people could take train, bus from all over the 5 borough to attend that big event

  26. nydasofine Says:

    I KEEP TELLING U GUYS over and over RICHARDS knows how to run that’s all. his soccer IQ is in the minus. you can’t teach a turtle that goes for Richard. you teach him skills he’s a burst

  27. nydasofine Says:

    i meant you can’t teach a turtle how to run…..

  28. DS Says:

    The showdown is on Wednesday, June 24, when the team will be in Toronto for a match that night. So none of the players could go anyway.

  29. Lou Says:

    That’s true none of them would be able to go, but had the charity and the red bulls worked something out ahead of time, they would have been able to of found a date that was good for everyone. Instead, as C said, this is the second year in a row were this oppurtunity is wasted.

  30. Alle Says:

    Unfortunately, it’s not the only mistake the club has made…

    Anyways, regarding the match on Saturday, don’t be surprised if we see one or two academy products on the bench. Don’t rule out Mbuta either.

  31. DS Says:

    Sadly, I don’t think MLS allows teams to put academy players on the bench.

  32. Lou Says:

    Yeah i think we are going to have so sign someone to a generation adidas contract in order for us to see an academy player on the bench.

  33. Alle Says:

    Oh come on, that’s retarded. They need to lessen up on a few of these rules..

  34. DS Says:

    Alle, I 100% agree. But one of the main problems with letting academy players come right into the first team is actually the NCAA rules. If these players step onto the field for a professional team they lose their NCAA eligibility, therefore they wouldn’t be able to get college scholarships. If they don’t end up becoming professionals it will be more difficult for them to get educations.

    Lou, I don’t think the Red Bulls can sign someone up to a Generation Adidas contract, I think Adidas and MLS do that. Hall was GA before he was even drafted. I don’t really understand how it works, like most MLS rules and regulations.

  35. Lou Says:

    Yeah i think you’re right DS, but what i meant was that we can sign these academy kids to a generation adidas contract. We’re allowed to have two academy players on generation adidas contracts or something like that. RBR would you mind explaining this stuff to us, this league gets rediculous.

  36. Alle Says:

    Ahh I see now, so we can’t afford to screw up their educational goals then.

    I’d like an explanation about all of this myself..

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