A somewhat busy day at training today, as the guys that played Saturday regenerated, and the guys that didn’t participated in a full session.  We understand that isn’t all that interesting, but we wanted to get that part out of the way before we got to a few new faces.

Former Colorado Rapids goalkeeper Bouna Coundoul is in on a trial with the club.  While Coundoul is currently out of contract, the Rapids still own the rights to the Senegal native, as the two sides could not agree to a new contact this past offseason.  HERE is an interesting read on Bouna, who played his college soccer at the University at Albany.

Academy products Matt Kassel, Dilly Duka, and Giorgi Chirgadze continue to train with the team this week.

Red Bull Salzburg midfielder Ernst Öbster is also with the team this week, visiting New York City and his sister club before returning to Austria to begin preparations for Champions League qualifiers in mid-July.

Kevin Goldthwaite will see a doctor today to get his injured left foot looked at.  The off-the-field injury kept the defender out of the match with TFC on Saturday.

One more update: Mike Petke will miss Saturday’s match against Seattle after picking up two yellow cards for dissent at the end of Saturday’s Toronto FC game. Petke received the first yellow card in second half stoppage time and got another one after the game.




  1. gb Says:

    Was Osorio still there? Too bad…

  2. lou Says:

    Damn gb beat me to it, i was just about to say that. So Ernst Öbster is just visiting than? Didn’t we try to sign this guy a few years ago, but the deal fell through? So this kid is coiming all the way here from austria just to visit for a week, before he has to rush back to austria to start preparing for some big games? Sounds a little interesting, i’m hoping there is more to it.

  3. Mentz Says:

    Red Bull Reader:

    What did Goldthwaite do to his foot to hurt it that didn’t involve training / the game?

  4. Rooney20 Says:

    Lou…thats how they are spinning it…

    I wouldnt be suprised if it were a trial or if he is signed already

  5. OgreDave Says:

    I think that Austria is sending a player over to see how effective the coaching staff is in practice and if they need assistance or to be replaced. I think that this is very positive news. Hopefully they fix what is broken.

  6. lou Says:

    Yeah that’s what i was thinking as well rooney20.

  7. Mentz Says:

    What kind of (deleted) is that about Petke? We have the worst luck this year…

  8. Cindy Says:

    that crap about Petke really sucks and with this trouble with Goldy, blerg.

  9. kahlva Says:

    Both our central defenders out… just in time for another Sounders game! Ugh.

  10. Lou Says:

    Red Bulls Reader, any word on if goldy will be good to go against seattle, with both our central defenders out things will get even more ugly.

  11. kofix5 Says:

    Are we signing Bouna Coundoul yet?

  12. Alle Says:


    I swear I was telling him this for weeks on facebook, go to NEW YORK – we need you! And finally, I bet it was him who called them and asked! Unbelievable, I’ve never been happier this season (well every since the drop in form to be honest)!

    Ernst better stay longer than just a visit, we need all the boost we can get at the moment..

    • Alle Says:

      Sorry I went crazy there for a second, it was good news though you gotta admit. I do hope he comes though.

  13. Lou Says:

    It’s all good Alle, I mean i’ll be happy to if we sign him, but i’m also curios as to why this austrian kid is training with us because the facts don’t add up.

  14. Kahlva Says:

    Bouna Coundoul isn’t the answer to anyone’s goalkeeping prayers…

  15. Alle Says:

    Simple lou: They just want to keep him busy while he’s on a little vacation so they let him play 5 a side with us until he sweats and calls it a day.

    Kahlva: Oh come on, he’s a great keeper, I know we have Cepero(like everyone tends to say), but we have Conway and he’s not the best of keepers at all – you can point to his height, I don’t care, that’s nothing if you can’t hold a ball. Coundoul is definitely what we need in the back, I was surprised to hear that he hasn’t found a club yet to be honest.

  16. Lou Says:

    I think coundoul would be a good addition to the team, i’m not sure if he will be on par with jon busch, thornton, or reis, but he will definetly be an improvement from conway. We would have two athletic goalies now in cepero and coundoul although neither are the total goalie package because they lack elite height.

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