It is a partly cloudy night at BMO Field in Toronto, Ontario for tonight’s clash between your New York Red Bulls and Toronto FC. Both teams are looking to snap out of losing streaks, as the Red Bulls have dropped their last four and Toronto FC has fallen in their last three in all competitions. Here is the starting lineup for New York:






Substitutes: Conway, Mendes, Wolyniec, Ubiparipovic, Sassano, Smith, Pietravallo

Toronto FC’s Lineup: Stefan Frei, Nick Garcia, Adrian Serioux, Nana Attakora-Gyan, Kevin Harmse, Dwayne De Rosario, Sam Cronin, Carl Robinson, Amado Guevara, Danny Dichio, Pablo Vitti

Substitutes: Brian Edwards, Chad Barrett, Gabe Gala, Emmanuel Gomez, Fuad Ibrahim, Rohan Ricketts, Marco Velez

A few notes for you:

UPDATE: Kevin Goldthwaite is a late scratch after picking up a right foot injury this morning. Goldthwaite was on the team’s official starting lineup but felt discomfort during warmups. Carlos Mendes takes his place while Matthew Mbuta is now on the substitutes bench. Goldthwaite was leading the team in minutes played and along with Juan Pablo Angel, was the only other player to have started every regular season game for New York this year.

– As you can see, Mac Kandji made the trip after training fully on Thursday and is back after missing two straight games due to a left hamstring strain.

– Midfielder Jorge Rojas (Venezuela) and defender Alfredo Pacheco (El Salvador) returned from international duty and are in New York’s Starting XI tonight. Pacheco arrived to New York last Thursday night. Rojas was released early by the Venezuelan Federation after groin tightness limited him in training.

– Goalkeeper Danny Cepero goes in-between the posts for New York, making his first start since May 8 – a 4-1 home win over San Jose. Rookie Nick Zimmerman earns his second-consecutive appearance in the lineup after making his first MLS start against New England last Sunday.

– Midfielder Dane Richards did not travel due to a MCL sprain in his right knee. Richards practiced Thursday but could not go on Friday. The Red Bulls traveled 19 to Toronto and Matthew Mbuta made the gameday roster with Goldthwaite’s injury.

– A win would put New York within four points of four teams in the Eastern Conference and would give the Red Bulls its first away victory this season. For New York, this game marks the official halfway point of the season.

We’ll be blogging our game live via our Twitter site, so feel free to check that out. Also make sure that you leave your pre-game and in-game thoughts for us in the comments section. The Red Bulls are hosting their Official Viewing Party at Mulligans Pub on 159 First St. in Hoboken, NJ so if you are in the area, make sure you head there! Or else, join Steve Cangialosi and Shep Messing on MSG Plus at 8:00 PM ET.

Enjoy the game!




  1. SCNewJersey Says:

    What is Osorio’s beef with Mbuta?!?!?

  2. Matt Says:

    Come on boys. Let’s get a result. I like the lineup.

  3. I hate this team Says:

    This team is a F’ing Nightmare!@!!!!!!!!! 1 minute in – Penalty

    I don’t want anything to do with this team anymore. I’m done

  4. I hate this team Says:

    Of course Cepero saves it but nobody tries to clear it

  5. Karbaz Says:

    I love our defenders just stood there, i guess they were still surprised that Capero saved the penalty.

  6. Karbaz Says:

    we are showing some fight I’ll give our boys that.

  7. GunneRR Says:

    Austria — Make a move! Clean house: new GM, new coach. This team is a disgrace.

  8. Cindy Says:

    nice job by Cepero at least. oy vey

  9. Alle Says:

    The line-up wasn’t bad actually, I’d like to know what happened on the goal though as I missed the first few minutes..

  10. kpugs Says:

    Is this really happening?

  11. Alle Says:

    CELADES nearly..

  12. Karbaz Says:

    Poor Capero.

  13. Alle Says:

    Bloody defense, Cepero was helpless, nobody’s watching, the vision is terrible! Players are all over the place, nobody knows who is where, I blame the defense completely! COME ON man, what the hell are you people doing!

  14. Alle Says:

    H/T, thank god.

  15. Karbaz Says:

    I don’t even know what to think anymore.

  16. Alle Says:

    11 goals in 3 games according to these guys, we need help..

  17. Karbaz Says:

    I have to go to work in a half hour, god tonight is gonna suck.

  18. Matt Says:

    Osorio out!!! For the love of God.

    I am seriously considering not renewing my ST if upper management don’t do something. This is ridiculous.

  19. Cindy Says:

    why is Cepero being hung out to dry like this??

  20. Karbaz Says:

    Honestly, how long can this go until JCO is fired. This isn’t meant to be mean or disrespectful but serious, what other league on the planet would you see a coach doing this badly yet not get fired? No other organization on earth would stand for this and all this does is just make MLS as a whole look bad not just the Red Bull organization.

    I’ve have been one of the very few people here who actually likes Osorio and actually consider him a good coach but he isn’t right for us. He needs to go and so do some players. We really need to start playing some of our kids like we did with Altidore, maybe we could find a player we could build a team around.

  21. Alle Says:

    Amiens SC – Thierry Laurey was way worse to be honest. Rookie coach with only 1 season of experience under his belt, he joined us in June of 2008, and a few weeks ago we got relegated from Ligue 2 because of him – although the guys at the top for most of the decision decided to keep him there even if none of the fans liked him. Osorio is on his way to following in his footsteps soon – luckily we don’t have a division below us or relegation would already be a threat here.

  22. Alle Says:

    *for most of the season I meant

  23. Alle Says:

    Mbuta is on the bench, I hope Osorio brings him in..

  24. Alle Says:

    GOAL Celades.

  25. Karbaz Says:

    Hahaha yes one more to go. The commentators were friggen clueless.

  26. Alle Says:

    Yeah they confused me for a second, I thought it was in too!

  27. Karbaz Says:

    too much footwork Kandji.

  28. Alle Says:

    Cepero is undoubtedly the best player for us at the moment.

  29. Alle Says:

    ….Just another loss, despite the attempted comeback..

  30. kpugs Says:

    There are very few teams that have had bad enough seasons to be considered one of the worst teams in MLS history I’m pretty sure at this point, this current RBNY team is going to add themselves to that list. There are no longer any positives.

  31. Matt Says:

    So did Petke get a red card at the end?

  32. Cindy Says:

    Petke got a yellow at the end for dissent according the official site. and Cepero played such a great game, but you wouldn’t know it from the scoreline. Celades did lovely on that goal. these guys need to let more shots off. Woly and/or Mbuta should have been put in earlier.

    Osorio maintains his position as long as he does because it’s not like the Red Bulls will get relegated, though missing the playoffs for the first time in a long time should be incentive enough for a change.

  33. lou Says:

    I missed the whole game because i was at a party, but apparently i didn;t miss mutch, just the same old. How did zimmerman play tonight, haven’t heard anything about him?

  34. Cindy Says:

    zimmerman, hall and cepero all played very well. zimmerman could stand to take more shots on goal, bc it doesn’t look like anyone else on the team is getting too many chances.

  35. Almedin Says:

    Zimmerman showed some great skill with the ball at times, he took shots from far which weren’t too bad, and he made some good through passes.. He also made a few mistakes but I think he played very well.. I was really proud of Hall and Cepero because Cepero did all he can and neither goal was his fault.. He blocked the penalty only to have another TFC player shoot it in.. He blocked a wide open striker going in alone only to have another TFC player get to his rebound.. Where the hell is our defense? Hall was the only defender I liked because he defended well against De Rosario and he hustled throughout the whole 90 minutes..

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