The Red Bulls were behind the 8 Ball from the get-go with the early penalty kick call. However, the team did show some good sequences and had several chances in the second half to earn at least a point from the match. Albert Celades also scored his first-career MLS goal with a cool finish and Danny Cepero made a number of key stops to keep New York in the game. We caught up with head coach Juan Carlos Osorio, Cepero and Seth Stammler after the game.

What were your thoughts from tonight’s match? Did anyone stand out for you? We’re back home next Saturday with our only home game in June against Seattle Sounders FC.




  1. ... Says:

    My thoughts is that we suck. I’m watching Seattle right now and they’re nasty. They actually play like a team. We’re gonna get our asses beat.

  2. Chic C Says:

    Stamms looked shattered. Tough times.

  3. Roberto Says:

    I said it b4 and ill say it again, Stamler is useless out there cant trap the ball, cant pass never makes any movement off the ball, he is just dead weight he must go along with Osorio, not sure why he played 89 minutes, 2 games in a row that he caused goals, very bad officiating and Shep messing has to be the worst also always citing with the ref and the opposite team, sometimes not sure if he knows the offside rule completely.

    • C. Says:

      I have to agree about Stammler. I have never been enamored with him as a player. He’s very average. People rave that he can play all positions. Okay, but can he play any of them really good? Would you put him at the top of the league in any of those positions. I wouldn’t.

  4. SCNewJersey Says:

    Osorio needs to wipe that damn smile off his face. I don’t care if he’s being cheeky or sarcastic, this is no time for smiling. We are failing and sitting at the bottom of the league.

    He needs to go.

  5. emilio Says:

    Its unnaceptable for this organization to accept losing. I dont care that we scored one goal, or we lost by only 1 goal, that doesnt matter, we lost thats all that matters, and we lose all the time, what does a coach need to do to get fired? can you answer that RBR?

  6. Matt Says:

    The second half was one of our better performances of the year. Shame we were down by two goals already.

  7. jason Says:

    if we fire osorio then who would take his place ? also stop balmeing the coach all the players out their are good but they just cant find the net i dont no how osorio could do it diffrently with the players on the bench. Each player almost cant find the net so stop blameing the coach because its not his fault…….overall we need new players or we are going to loose every game(even at home)

    • jonathan Says:

      I totally agree osorio is a great coach he just doesnt have the right tools wat he did last year was incredible because the players suck the directives should give him a better budget i mean come on wat do u expect!!….NEW PLAYERS!!!

  8. Alle Says:

    Anybody other than Osorio would do at this point, I’d personally prefer a Dutch coach, one that has coached in this league before atleast (NOT Gullit, even though he was a great player).

  9. Alle Says:

    Actually, I don’t know if we could find a Dutch coach, but I did do some researching and I have two names in mind: Bob Gansler and Fernando Clavijo. In this case, I’d have to take Clavijo. He’s free(well he’s not at a club at the moment) and he was alright when he was with Colorado. I believe he’d do well with us!

  10. Alle Says:

    Actually take out Gansler, I doubt he wants to coach any more..

  11. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    lmao how is the 2nd half one of our better performances lmao cuz we scores?!??? Lmao if it wasn’t for cepero we would have lost by at least 3 goals ! He made some incredible saves. if anything it’s one of cepero better performances not the team. Lmao sorry to laugh so much but that was one of the …,… I read by a fan

  12. Lenin Says:

    Colin Clark, Spencer or Mariner for coach, now !!!!!!!!!

  13. lou Says:

    Alle getting Clavijo would be great, i doubt it will happen though. I bet you want a dutch coach because you want some beautiful attacking style football, right? I agree with you on that, that would give our team an identity, and would sell tickets.

    “if we fire osorio then who would take his place ? also stop balmeing the coach all the players out their are good but they just cant find the net i dont no how osorio could do it diffrently with the players on the bench. Each player almost cant find the net so stop blameing the coach because its not his fault…….overall we need new players or we are going to loose every game(even at home)”

    Um… no. No one is going to stop blaming the coach. If the players can’t find the back of the net, that’s probibly because they are uncomfortable on the field. They are probibly uncomfortable because half of them are forced to play positions they’ve never played, or they are completely demoralized, or they’re simply are not good enough. Either way, those things are something osorio has control over. He chooses the lineup, he has no grip over the players which can suck the energy out of any team and the interview he had on proves that, and he along with agoos searches for all the players. Almost every player osorio has brought in has been a waste of money, look no further than cichero, khano, rojas, and pietrovallo for an example.
    Who could take his place? At this point i’m sure most of us would take anyone. Richie williams, the assitant coach deserves a shot and he knows the league which will serve to our advantage. What, do you think there is no coach that is willing to come over to our club? Sure we might be horrible but a pay check is a pay check.
    We need new players, but who is going to control the players? We can have the best players in the world on the roster but if osorio is going to play them all out of position i can’t imagine we would be very effective.

  14. C. Says:

    I can’t believe I’ve read 2 guys support getting Fernando Clavijo. You guys don’t have a clue do you? Clavijo was absolutely terrible with Colorado and has run himself out of the league. Yet you guys want him.

    I would say let Osorio finish the season. Yes he should be fired, but at this point we have nothing to gain by firing him mid-season. Let them see if they can turn it around. Maybe he can add a Christian Gomez type this summer.

    After Osorio is fired don’t try and sign some big name foreign coach. They all fail. Just promote Richie Williams. He’ll probably do well.

  15. lou Says:

    I didn’t say he was a priority pick, i just think he would be an upgrade from osorio. We would be dumping our coach mid season, so we have to be happy with what we get to replace osorio. His record with colorado has been more impressive than osorio’s record with us, and he did a good job with the hatian nationial team prior to coaching colorado. I also mentioned that i would rather see richie as our head coach but i don’t see you saying anything about that.

    “I would say let Osorio finish the season. Yes he should be fired, but at this point we have nothing to gain by firing him mid-season. Let them see if they can turn it around. Maybe he can add a Christian Gomez type this summer.”

    Letting osorio coach till the end of the season would be a far worse decision than highering clavijo. We could have a lot to gain from firing him mid season. For one we would have someone new to inject life into the club, and we can’t just expect this season to be a complete travesty and than for everything to be perfect next season. The success of the next season has some sort of bearing on the level of talent this club posses this season so we have to start making things happen now and not just think we can throw this time away.
    Look at it like this, look how bad we have gotten in only half a season, even if we don’t make the playoffs (which i can’t see us making) there still is just as much time to improve for next season as long as osorio isn’t around to F everything up and as long as we don’t wait until the off season to start making things happen.

  16. emilio Says:

    Mr. Osorio a point isnt gonna do us any good at this point. Im tired of all this stupidity, the team is done, how can a coach who has garnered 9 out of 45 points still keep his job. RBR please tell Mr. Stover that more fans will stop coming if this doesnt change.

  17. Cindy Says:

    i’d happily have Osorio stay in his job the rest of the season than have Clavijo come in.

  18. C. Says:

    “I also mentioned that i would rather see richie as our head coach but i don’t see you saying anything about that”

    Because I didn’t bother reading the rest of your post after I said we should hire Clavijo. You lose all credibility after that statement, thus your opinions are worth nothing.

  19. lou Says:

    ” I didn’t bother reading the rest of your post after I said we should hire Clavijo. You lose all credibility after that statement, thus your opinions are worth nothing.”

    And you lose all credibility when you do things like that. You find something you disagree with so you stop reading? How can you form a succesful argument if you don’t even know the whole story?

    So you jumped the gun and didn;t bother to read the rest of my post? That’s really good, really mature. Look either way anyone is better than osorio, and i’ll take anyone at this point who isn’t going to switch the lineup around on us every game, or get useless players.
    I doubt clavijo can do any worse than 9 out of a possible 45 points, that’s the equivalent to a point total of 3 wins out of a possible 15.

  20. JJ Says:

    RBR could you please arrange to have the outside webcam for the stadium unfrozen? I need to see something positive from the club.

  21. IB Says:

    Oduro was considered here as the worst striker, I wonder why Houston has played him in all three games they have played and won since his arrival.

  22. DS Says:

    Clavijo would be a terrible, terrible, terrible choice. Bottom line I would rather us continue on this downward spiral than Clavijo come in.

    And Lou, I’m trying not to disagree with you, or argue with you, but please tell me who has been out of position the past few matches? Besides Hall, who is filling in for an injured player and doing extremely well at it, no one else has been playing out of position the past four games and we have lost all those games.

  23. lou Says:

    Wait DS what are you asking me exactly? And i still can’t possible see how clavijo would be worse than osorio for something short term, like i said his record is better than osorio’s. I’d rather have richie williams but if the decision came down to clavijo or more osorio i would have to choose osorio, at least someone new can possibly change the atmosphere of the team and maybe result in some wins.

  24. Alle Says:

    Clavijo would probably be a better upgrade from Osorio, but then again I don’t know much about a lot of the coaches in this league so I wouldn’t be able to give you any clear cut ideas on a better choice. IF they don’t choose Williams as a replacement, who would YOU guys go for then?

    • C. Says:

      Clavijo is the poorest suggestion you could make for a coach. These guys don’t know what their talking about. You don’t change mid-season for the sake of changing. You change if you have something better lined up. Clavijo is not something better. The best option is just to promote Richie Williams but another candidate I can think of would be Colin Clarke who coaches the Puerto Rico Islander of the USL. He used to coach Dallas and did reasonably well. Ever since they fired him they’ve gotten worse and worse. He coached Puerto Rico to the USL championship game last season and advanced them further than any MLS club in the Champions League.

  25. Alle Says:

    Let me also mention that I said Clavijo because he’s the only coach I could think of(that has been in this league) doesn’t have a job at the moment, so don’t go ahead and say someone like Sigi Schmid when he’s already with Seattle.

  26. CEA Says:

    Did you guys notice the difference, on the Goalee position??, That is what I was talking about, That is what a goalkeeper should do, playing his area and giving trust to his defenders. Besides the loss, I think using Cepero instead of Conway, is a good start!, Lets do the next like benching Juan Pablo, and getting another Coach!!.

  27. lou Says:

    Yeah but C the point with clavijo is that he doesn’t have a job at the moment, knows the league like the back of his hand, and his record with colorado was better than osorio’s record here. Sure there are probibly plenty of other candidates but they have to be able to be hired on short notice. Is this colin clarke guy looking for a job or is he still with puerto rico, because a coach isn’t just going to leave their club for a team that is as obismal as ours. The best decision rite now, like alle and I as well as others said, would be richie williams, but hey beggers can’t be choosers.

  28. lou Says:

    Oh and earlier when i was responding to DS i meant to say “I would have to not choose osorio” My bad.

  29. C. Says:

    “Yeah but C the point with clavijo is that he doesn’t have a job at the moment,”

    That should tell you something. He couldn’t even get a job with Miami FC as a tecnical director. Colin Clarke knows the league to and has shown much better results. I don’t think it would be hard to coax him away from the USL. I’m still for Richie Williams though.

  30. lou Says:

    You don’t think it will be hard to coax an apparently extremely succesful coach away from his club on short notice, to a club on a downward spiral in the middle of the season? Yeah clavijo may be out of a job, but if our FO had any brains so would osorio, and i’ll go to the coaching record once again which clavijo has the upper hand in.
    Signing someone like clavijo if we couldn’t get anyone else, is probibly a 50 50 percent chance that things improve at the club, however remaining with osorio is about a 99 percent chance that things will remain the same as they are now.
    We really have to focus on signing someone who would actually be gaining something by taking this job. The only people that could possibly be improving their lives by working for one of the worst clubs in MLS history would be someone who is currently jobless, or someone already working for the club but is outranked by osorio (richie williams).

  31. gb Says:

    Good starting 11. Bad head coach.

  32. fran Says:

    ok, you guys defiantly dont know (deleted) about soccer, sorry but reading the (deleted)is just a headache, cant u guys understand that osorio isnt the one with the problem, its the players, and rojas is a good player for the team, u guys seem to only watch mls games. SMH. WHO THE (deleted)IS CLAVIJO. he doesnt even sound like a coach, fans just throwing random coaches around are dumb out of there mind. how much u want to bet they bring a new coach and it will be the same (deleted), im going to tell u, u think osorio has the final discision in what playerss to bring. guys dunt know nothing. hello cant u guys understand the mls is like a mafia. the mafia always has a mask to disguise itself (osorio) and the big big dogs take decisions. not the coach. yea maybe he gives request for players but final decision is not up to him. i blame the federation. redbull soccer federation.

  33. DS Says:

    Fran, I’ll respond to your post before it gets deleted due to your choice of words. There is no such thing as redbull soccer federation. And the Red Bull New York organization is autonomous from MLS. They work within the MLS rules and regulations, but neither has any say in the other’s decisions. Fernando Clavijo was the coach of the Colorado Rapids from 2005 until mid way through last season, and is actually in the US Soccer Hall of Fame after a long career in the US and abroad, and 61 caps for the US MNT.

    If you want to tell people they know nothing about the game, it helps if you know a little yourself.

    Despite that, I still think he was a terrible coach and couldn’t be a worse pick for us. The complete turn around after Smith took over in Colorado, using the same exact players, show’s how bad Clavijo was.

    But most importantly, Clavijo was an assistant here with the Metrostars, for one season, 1999. And that should be enough of a reason for him not to be considered.

  34. Alle Says:

    Alright, so we’ll continue to play the name game until we find a solution – but for now, we’re stuck with JCO till the very end(unless something happens out of the blue and he gets fired)..

  35. emilio Says:

    It cant get any worse than 9 out of 45 points, thats as bad as it can get, we are on pace for 18 points this season, and people are still supporting the coach, what an embarrasment.

    Status quo, his record with us is 12-21-12, thats fact, we havent won on the road in 20 matches under him, we are 2-10-5 with 5 straight losses under him, and he is still the coach, so are we all gonna cheer him and Angel this saturday, because”Angel is the best striker in the league”. We need to wake up and take this team seriously and stop living in fantast world, Angel has been awful this year, he is not even close to being a top striker in this league anymore.

  36. Alle Says:

    His strike rate is falling: 17 in his first season, 14 last season, and now just 4 this season – I can’t even see him making 10 at this rate, even if we have a long way to go still.

  37. lou Says:

    DS, that was nice of you to respond to Fran, but if it was me i wouldn’t even listen to an idiot like that. If he is gonna throw around the F bomb, and mock others about their soccer knowledge, the least he can do is know a thing or two himself.

    Clavijo was just a name that was thrown out there, alle and I considered the idea because he doesn’t have a job and he had done a pretty well coaching haiti and his coaching record at colorado was better than osorio’s here. The actual chance of clavijo getting hired by us is slim to none, in reality richie will probibly be given the wheel (poor guy).

    But anyone who wants to say this whole mess of a season isn’t attributed to osorio should really look at the facts that my man emilio always has ready. Osorio inherited a talented team from Bruce Arena that featured the best striker tandem in the league, fast forward now to this year and VDB is gone as well as altidore, parke, and angel’s form (his confidence is gone).

    That’s why i can never understand the comparison between sigi and osorio. Sigi was given a crappy team and in three years he made them into champs. Osorio was given a pretty good team and by his second year we have lost most of our best players and are on pace to have one of the worst seasons in MLS history.

    Fran says rojas is a good player, well if rojas is a good player and yet we are still losing every game, than why is that? Why is it that everyone says we have so much talent (which i don’t really agree with), but we always lose? Fran you can talk about your MLS conspiracy theories, the MLS being the mafia, and your made up soccer federation, but the fact is that Osorio as well as Agoos need to be blamed becuase they run the team on the field.

  38. DS Says:

    Yeah, I guess I didn’t have to dignify Fran with a response. But Lou, you cannot blame Osorio for losing either Altidore or VDB. No MLS team could turn down 10 mil for Jozy, and VDB wanted to go, they couldn’t keep him. One thing to get mad about is what we got in return. FCD knew that they had the upper hand in the trade cause that was where VDB wanted to go, so they gave us a player who is already gone. I really don’t think the results have been good enough, but you can’t fault them for every little thing that has happened. There are reasons to dislike Osorio and Agoos, and to want them fired. But I don’t think that losing Jozy or VDB can be included in that list.

  39. lou Says:

    Well DS my point i was trying to make with altidore and VDB is what we got in return like you said. I understand VDB wanted to leave to be with family if we weren’t going to give him a salary raise (which we should have done), but look what we got for him. Altidore left for 10 mil but our club certainly didn’t get that money, we got a small fraction and look who osorio and agoos chose to spend it on. We could have tried to improve the club when we gave away VDB, why not get dax mccarty or avila or guarda or shea. Someone young that has the potential to be as valuable as VDB was.
    The whole Parke situation was certainly osorio and agoos’ fault, he was suspended, so we forgot about him. The replacements we got for these guys were never going to be up to par. People like Khano, oduro, they are never going to replace what we lost.

  40. DS Says:

    They did not bring in adequate replacements, but Jozy and VDB were two of the best players in the league, not the easiest to replace.

    Parke was out of contract at the end of last season. You wanted them to protect a player who could just leave if he didn’t want to sign? Which is what he ended up doing anyway. It wasn’t that Seattle didn’t want him, he was out of contract and decided to pursue a career in Europe. Although he failed at it, he didn’t sign a new contract with MLS.

  41. nydasofine Says:

    THE REAL PROBLEM WITH THE REDBULL IS MANAGMENT. Redbull managment always go for the price of two instead to go for quality. A whole bunch of players on the team has no soccer IQ. tHE TEAM NEED A WHOLE make over like i told them b4 just keep Knadji, Celades and ANGEL…..and kick OSORIO to the Curve.
    WE are NEW YORKERs. we know what’s good or not; specially, we got taste.
    PLEASE WE NEED AND ENGLISH OR SCOTISH COACH that could bring an attractive attacking soccer style. you might build it they won’t come

  42. lou Says:

    In an interview with ives, parke said he felt betrayed by the red bull organization. I suspect that there was more to the whole situation than him simply wanting to leave the club to try out europe. If we paid him adeuquetly, than perhaps he wouldn’t have even considered europe. And with the Jozy and VDB thing, they didn’t have to be players that were as good as them, they could have just been players that were… well, GOOD. Someone young, someone promising, somethign more than a lazy khano smith and oduro.

  43. Cindy Says:

    i think Parke’s issue was that he felt like the club left him out to dry with the whole drug scandal thing, which was stupid but Parke had class enough to at least own up to his stupidity and apologize for it, unlike our d-bag goalie. Parke shouldn’t have been left to squirm like that on his own.

    and gosh i sure do miss VDB and am secretly glad that Dallas sucks too haha.

  44. Richard Says:

    Agoos out.

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