A quick report from training today.  Dane Richards (sprained MCL), Mac Kandji (hamstring) and Jorge Rojas (international duty) all trained with the first team today and will be eligible for selection for the match away to Toronto FC Saturday.  For those of you who noticed that Rojas was not included in the previous International Recap, that was because he was held out of the match with Uraguay (a 2-2 draw, by the way) due to a tight groin, and was released by his Federation to return to the Red Bulls (he arrived back to the team yesterday).


31 Responses to “TRAINING UPDATE”

  1. lou Says:

    It’s good that Mac was back at practice, and while i’m happy that rojas and richards are feeling better i could still really not care less if they play on saturday. Thanks for the training update btw RBR, i’ve been waiting for these to come back for a while now, after the question and answer things with mr. stover this is my favorite feature.

  2. Mentz Says:

    +1 to Lou on that.

    Nice to get the inside scoop. What’s the deal with Mbuta? He on another micro-loan to Baltimore or is he available for selection as well?

  3. Red Bulls Reader Says:

    He has been suffering from turf toe but he has been training all week with the team.

  4. OCRAPIO Says:

    how does he suffer turf toe if he barely played lol he must be practicing harder than Woly…..NAAAAA lmao anyone ever notice woly warming up?? he be draining him self faster than the players on the field actually playing lol

  5. lou Says:

    I really wonder how long it will be before osorio get’s the boot. I’m thinking they’re going to give him until the all star break, yet i really wish they woudln’t because there are quite a few games between then and now and if he continues his ways we will have been virtually eliminated from the playoffs by that time. I would hope that if we lose against toronto that he along with agoos are showed the exit.
    Also does anyone know of when Pirlo’s contract with Milan expires. He had a pretty horrible season by his standards this year for AC, and he is getting up there in age (30). Maybe we can use our DP slot to sign him. That may be a little ambition on my part but AC has been reported as being massively in debt, and the club is in a time of transistion. Maybe we can capitilize on their misfortunes and get pirlo when his career and club are both at low points. AC milan already has ties to the MLS through the Beckham saga and the trade rumors of seedorf to the philadelphia union, so maybe they wouldn’t be all that opposed to hereing an offer from us.

  6. emilio Says:

    We already are eliminated from the playoffs does any one really believe we can get 30 of the remaining 48 points, thats what it would take to have any chance to barely sneak in.

  7. jess Says:

    a win in toronto? doubt it. NYRB will do well to get a draw.

  8. mike from linden Says:

    Note to Osorio:
    1. Do not start Richards
    2. Put Kandji up top with Angel
    3. Start Zimmerman in an outside midfield position.
    4. Trade Sinisa, Pietrvallo and Boyens.

  9. lou Says:

    notes for osorio continued
    1. Trade khano and Conway
    2. Get someone big in the transfer window not from central america (they don’t seem to be working out)
    3. Keep the lineup the same for more than 2 games
    4. don’t go with a 3 man back line
    5. don’t start rojas
    6. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  10. nydasofine Says:

    what’s up y’all? i’m glad to hear that kandji is coming back..don’t give a dam bout the other ones. all i care about is OSORIO GETTING FIRED.i ain’t gonna buy any season tickets for next year NOT til OSORIO GOT THE BOOTS.
    That freaking OSORIO don’t know how to coach and recognize talents. IF he doesn’t keep the good ones on the bench he trade them. Richards needs to be on the bench and start Mbuta….. Richards is always 1 thousand steps behind
    LOU.. i know you the man thar has all the answer….can u explain to how come a team like thee Redbulls has that much can’t even run?
    at times i see one of them has the ball don’t even know what to do with it. there’s no 1,2,3 or 1,2,3,4, in their game. they’re just kicking the foward whatever happen happen

  11. lou Says:

    Well i don’t know if i have all the answers but i would say that the reason why we have so much speed and can’t utilize it is mainly because we don’t have soccer players, we have track stars. Khano, richards, and oduro could have outrun most players in the league but with a ball at their feet they’re useless. They don’t know how to do the little things, and i would rather have 11 guys out there that know what they’re doing and where they’re going than having 11 lighting fast guys who are clueless. I remeber at one point in the new england game around the 19th minute we completed at least 10 passes in a row because the ball worked through celadas’ feet and out to zimmerman ( two guys who can play soccer). The amazing part about the play was that their was no ricahrds, khano, or oduro (he’s not on the team anymore but still) on the field.

  12. nydasofine Says:

    please trade Richard…not because he fast u wanna keep him. he could be quick as lightning but not skills. perfect example Trevez,and Ronaldo are fast. those 2 guys got speed and skillz. they could make u dance Samba without knowing.
    we trade Oduro and we keep Khano and pietrvallo….great move Osorio and who’s next Kandji

  13. nydasofine Says:

    Lou…i like talking to u . i see u know a lot. you what da problem with MLS
    1) they don’t wanna invest in the teams 100%
    2)They start a team with a bucnh of college students as starters.
    3) the kindna football style they adopt is not really entertaining for the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

    * for me they should start a team with a bunch of veteran and foereigners that knows how to play entertaining football and keep those college students on the bench so they could learn from those guys.

  14. nydasofine Says:

    Lou….NY IS IS THE MOTHER and father of every league in this country. If NY REDBULLS DELIVER A GREAT PRODUCT on the field MLS WILL SUCCEED. Remember NY is the biggest market. It’s not like we don’t want to support the team it’s because the product they trynna sell is not great quality.
    trynna get some big names from Europe not only one but at least 2 or 3. creating an attractive fierce attacking style to make the believers and the non believers to come back again again. Don’t expect to fill that new stadium with those kindna players u have rite now. who gonna waste their time to watch a losing team. like i said b4 NY is the craddle of every sport in AMERICA.

  15. lou Says:

    I’m not sure if it is to realistic to expect our team team or any team in the MLS to get 2 or 3 big name european players just yet. At the moment i’ll settle for just one and if it’s possible 2. The problem with the league is the salary limitations. Unless the cap is raised, a considerably higher qaulity product is never going to make it’s way on to the pitch. Sure some coaches can economize and find some good players for a good value like chivas, seattle, or chicago but until the cap is raised from 2 million to at least 5 million no european player still in their prime is even going to consider coming to the MLS.
    We can only hope that each year the cap will rise, but until than we should use our money wisely and go after players like cristian castillo, academy players, someone from red bull salzburg who can be loaned out to us for a fair price. The reserve system is also crucial to the development of the MLS so hopefully that will come back next year or once the economy starts to pick up again.
    I hope i never have to see the day were red bull arena is filled with only 9000 fans, but if the red bull management doesn’t start to get real soccer people running this club that might end up happening. I think richie williams should be given a chance at the coaching job becasue he understands how the league operates, and the replacement for agoos should either be klinnsmen because he can attract some big names or someone like shep messing because he will do an honest job.

  16. kofix5 Says:

    Osorio’s Game Plan:
    1. Start Richards at striker
    2. Put Kandji in goal
    3. Start Zimmerman defensive midfield position.
    4. Contract extension and pay raise for Sinisa, Pietrvallo and Boyens
    start them at back 3
    5. Start Khano at right mid
    6. Put in order for new Blind man’s walking stick and dark glasses to throw the
    competition off guard

  17. Cindy Says:

    what exactly IS turf toe?

  18. kofix5 Says:

    Turf toe is serious pain and inflammation in your big toe. It occurs a lot to athletes who play on turf because of its unnatural surface but also it happens when your shoes don’t provide enough support and allow too much movement of your toes in your shoes. Sometimes people need surgery but most of the time special inserts and or new shoes and a few weeks of rest will cure the problem.

  19. lou Says:

    that is really is a shame for mbuta i hope he can make a full recovery. As for those tactical suggestions kofix, don’t give osorio any new ideas he might actually use them.

  20. DS Says:

    Lou, Klinsman would be a better sporting director in MLS than Agoos, Klinsman who has been a terrible coach besides a 3 week spell in 2006? Someone who knows nothing about MLS and it’s structure would be better than the only player who has won MLS Cup 5 times? Better than someone who has been in the league since it started?

    All you do is throw out names and names and changes and changes. You want Pietra and Khano out, well I can’t remember the last time either was on the field. You say you want to give the young players a chance, well Zimmerman and Hall have been playing. You complained earlier that we were not attacking enough, but when Osorio puts out an attacking line-up with 5 in the midfield and 2 up top you can’t understand why there were 3 at the back. You talk about all these academy players, clearly they are being brought into practice. There are reasons why they have not been signed, and I trust Osorio and Agoos’s judgement of talent much more than yours. You say things like Trade Conway and Pietra, but who is lining up to get Pietra from us? Who would we trade him to? And Conway, why trade a player without having a someone ready to replace him? Cepero is not there yet, maybe one day he will be a quality keeper, but it’s not today. You are not giving realistic suggestions. Janko is not coming, I said that as a joke but you jumped right in and had him in one of the many different lineups you choose every week, probably with more variation than Osorio.

  21. lou Says:

    OK DS, seriously wtf is you’re problem. Klinnsmen absolutely would be better choice than agoos. Look were we are with agoos, look at the players brought in with agoos. How can it get any worse. In fact any professionial at this point might be able to at least do the same job if not better than agoos. Klinnsmen led germany to a 3rd place finish in the world cup, when exactly did agoos do that? Agoos won MLS cup 5 times ok jurgen won the the 1990 world cup and the 1996 eufa championship. Jurgen is internationially known, agoos is not, therefore jurgen can reach many players that agoos can not. He wouldn’t be my first choice, i would like to see someone who knows the league like shep messing or someone else, but if that fails than why not go after jurgen? It was a suggestion after all, just because i said it doesn’t mean it’s set in stone, although i’m flattered that you would think so.
    We were stupid enough to jump at the chance of getting khano, how do we know some foreign team wouldn’t do the same? Who’s to say we HAVE to trade them, we could simply swallow the contracts and release them, because their roster spot is more valuable than the money right now. Who really cares if their on the field, they’re still on the team aren’t they? We don’t know if they are going to be realeased or not, and if they aren’t it may be the crime of the century (exaggeration but still). That;s why i have stressed the idea of letting them go, it’s imperative to the development of the club. Those spots on this very short roster could be filled with far more talented players.
    I said I wanted young players to get a chance, i even said when zimmerman was first drafted that the kid would be good, when i said i wanted young players to be played more, it was said far before zimmerman ever saw the field. He only made his appearance last week, yet i’ve been calling for more young players (mainly academy players, and zimmerman) for the whole year.
    I complained earlier when we weren’t finishing, i’ve said that angel is among the league leaders in shots per game so obviosly the problem wasn’t attacking, it was the quality of the attack and so switching to a 3 man back line is never going to fix that. Even if i did say whatever it is you claim i said, why would osorio go with a three man back line in consecutavive games after we were demolished defensively against dc?

    “You talk about all these academy players, clearly they are being brought into practice. There are reasons why they have not been signed, and I trust Osorio and Agoos’s judgement of talent much more than yours. ”
    Wait a minute… you just said you trust agoos’ jusdgement and osorio’s judgement more than mine? Fine i don’t care about you trusting them more than me because quite frankly i don’t like you, and i’m tired of trying to make nice with you, but to say you trust osorio and agoos’ judgement even s little is to basically call yourself an idiot. Look were they’re judgement has got us. Did you read the interview osorio just recently did on big apple soccer, because if you didn’t i suggest you do. That interview is not what a confident man sounds like, it sounds like he doesn’t even trust his own judgement and that he has lost the team, yet you’re going to trust his judgement?
    I never said trade conway without a replacement, we can’t do any trades until the tranfer window opens which means once we find someone, we trade conway, that’s usually how trade’s work so what’s the problem now, it seems like you’re again just searching for things to nit pick with me.

    ” Janko is not coming, I said that as a joke but you jumped right in and had him in one of the many different lineups you choose every week, probably with more variation than Osorio.

    You may have been joking about janko but i wasn’t, it really makes quite a bit of sense to get him on loan. If we can’t get a loan from our sibling club, when they’re not even playing, than when will we be able to get a loan deal. The kid is pure quality, and it would be great to have him. I made a suggestion, and i backed my suggestion up with facts, you take everythign i say as we are going to do it, when in reality it isn’t like that at all. I’m merely stating my opinion which as you said, everyone has the rite to do, so leave it at that.
    My many different lineups are merely another part of my suggestions. See my lineups change when I think about another prospective player we could acquire. The difference between that and what osorio does is that osorio constantly changes his lineup without acquiring new payers, he changes his lineup, moving the same players more and more out of thier positions. And the scary thing is unlike me and my suggestions, his decisions are actually carried out in games and we have all seen the results of that.

  22. DS Says:

    Lou, I don’t care if you don’t like me. You say some of the most ridiculous things and it pisses me off, and I will respond to anything I disagree with. Klinsman is a pipe-dream and does not want to coach in MLS, that is why he did not take the LA job last year instead of Gullit. We actually have a roster slot open right now so we could sign a player without eating Khano’s or Pietra’s contracts. You keep talking about how terrible we are, but that was last week, just the last week that we lost 6-0. And DC did not even crush us, they were winning 1-0 on a fluke goal that we should have been able to get to, and then a PK in stoppage time. The NE game was over at the 2nd goal, after that the team shut off. Those results are the first two loses we have had since opening day where we lost by more than one goal. We have been competing every week besides this last one and I am not just going to flip out because of a 4 day period. Things really aren’t any more dire now than they were 8 days ago. We are still the same 7 points out of the playoffs that we were before the DC match.

    Janko would be great, but he isn’t just sitting around all summer like you are. He played for Austria last week and he has a match with RBS against Bayern Munich on July 10. With MLS international transfer rules we couldn’t get him until July 15.

  23. kofix5 Says:

    Pietro hasn’t been on the field much because he screws up every time he’s on it.
    Khano has been invisible the times he has been on the field except for 1 or 2 plays per game that look nice. If he would consistently use the talent he has ( and I believe he does have talent ) then he would be on the field. He doesn’t so he’s not. Joga com paixão meu irmão! Esso e o jogo bonito.

    If players are not making it onto the field then they are a waste of money and should be replaced. Pietro doesn’t have anyone looking at him b/c he’s been found out. Not enough soccer IQ. Teams don’t want him and RB should buy him out of his contract, he’s consuming resources.

  24. lou Says:

    “Lou, I don’t care if you don’t like me. You say some of the most ridiculous things and it pisses me off, and I will respond to anything I disagree with.”

    Replace DS with the name Lou.
    I never said getting klinnmen was realitic, you don’t think i know that already. I said it would be nice and he could attract some big name talent. The argument was over the fact that you don’t think he could do a better job than agoos, and i clearly disagree with that and i backed it up with facts.

    “We actually have a roster slot open right now so we could sign a player without eating Khano’s or Pietra’s contracts. ”
    Ok so one more player can be signed. Does that mean we still shouldn’t get rid of khano and pietra? Of coarse we should, because than we would have 3 spots open for 3 improvements to the team.

    Please stop making all these excuses, you say i say things that are rediculous. Not every goal scored against us has to be a fluke, we don’t lose consistently becasue the ball doesn’t bounce our way. We lost to dc 2-0, the first goal was not a fluke it was a defensive lapse. The second was a pk fine.

    “Those results are the first two loses we have had since opening day where we lost by more than one goal. ”

    So is that a good thing. The fact that we completely shut off should tell you what kind of grip osorio has on the team, and what kind of moral the team has.

    “We have been competing every week besides this last one and I am not just going to flip out because of a 4 day period.”
    Yeah we have been competing, we have also been losing one goal or not. Close loses are understandable when a team has been winning and has showed they can dominate opponents like seattle, however the motto of our season has been close defeats, except for last weekend. Things really aren’t that more dire than they were 8 days ago? We got demolished after the other team scored only 2 goals, last week may not have been much different than any other week because we continue to lsoe, but last week exposed what type of leader osorio is and how bad the players morals have gottern. You’re completely right you shouldn’t flip out after a little 4 day period, but you should flip out over the fact that we are 2-9-3.

    “Janko would be great, but he isn’t just sitting around all summer like you are. He played for Austria last week and he has a match with RBS against Bayern Munich on July 10. With MLS international transfer rules we couldn’t get him until July 15.”
    Janko would be great, we agree on somethign, and we have a better chance of getting him than many many other players. The thing with austria has nothing to do with anything because many of our players play international games so i’m not really sure what sort of point you’re trying to make. If anything that’s a plus because we know he is in shape. Ok his match with RBS against bayern is july 10, the mls internationl transfer rules say we couldn’t get him until july 15. Last i checked july 10 was 5 day before july 15th so he would be free for us to get. He isn;t just sitting around like I am, that’s cool you know what i;m doing all summer. Actually i’m not sitting around all summer, but i don’t think i have to share my summer plans with you, and no one ever said he would be sitting around all summer. I guess that was supposed to be some sort of cheap shot on me because i blog on this site, but you’re a blogger too, so does that mean that you still live with you’re parents? Yeah so you try to attack me because you’re argument is weak, real mature.

  25. nydasofine Says:

    Lou…what’s up bro? like i told you DS is a net bug that’s what he does buggin’ pple on here. you never know he might be working for OSORIO OR AGOOS. don’t you realize he always come in defense for them.
    IF DS was really a pure crazy fan he would be on our side chanting” firing OSORIO”.
    DS is under contract becareful of what you’re saying on here. DS is a DT AKA “RAT”
    Everything bout the team is suck. they need to start all over again. re-introduce the team to the city again the rite way. Get a deal with Z100, HOT 97,POWER 105 to promote and augment the popularity of the team. there are a lot of soccer tournaments thoughout NY and NJ….trynna support those tournaments. one more thing trynna create a great fan base.
    That new USL NEW YORK team is already gaining ground on us. they start establishing their fan base. If we’re not being careful they might more people to their games than us

  26. DS Says:

    Janko has to be back with RBS starting before the July 10th match was my point. He will be returning to them for preseason, so he is not just free the whole summer. He is their best player and they wouldn’t just hand him over to us and let their team suffer. Winning the Austrian Bundasliga and competing in the UEFA Champions League is much more prestigious for Red Bull than having him help us get into the playoffs(Fact). If there was time for him to have a summer break, like all pros need, and then come here for a while without missing anything for RBS, then it might be feasible.

    If you don’t think Klinsman is realistic then why do you keep bringing him up? Why go on and on about something that you know won’t happen?

    About opening up 3 roster slots, if you couldn’t tell on Sunday, we didn’t even have enough players to fill the bench, you want to have even less? Without Khano and Pietra there would have been 4 players on the bench including the backup keeper(Fact). What if someone was injured in the warm-up? Maybe if the other 21 players on the roster were available they might let Pietra and Khano go. Maybe they are trying to make deals and bring players in, but are waiting until they know when someone will be coming in before letting someone go.

  27. DS Says:

    You are right, I am not a crazy fan at all. I am a calm supporter who will support my team, the players, and the staff no matter the results.

  28. lou Says:

    We would obviosly release those players once we found replacements, just like with the conway situation. What, do you think were just going to play with half a team missing? But khano and pietra didn’t play on sunday regardless of how many players we had the bench, so it wouldn’t hurt us top have them gone sooner rather than later. I brought up klinnsmen to provoke discussion, many things people talk about aren’t realistic liek figo coming here or zidane or ronaldo a few years back, that didn’t stop people from bringing it up.
    Who called you a crazy fan… actually if i recall correctly you were the one issuing out judgement and telling me what type of supporter i was. Anyone challengeing you on what type of fan you are is only giving you your just desserts.

    “He is their best player and they wouldn’t just hand him over to us and let their team suffer.”
    Since it is preseason they wouldn’t be suffering, they would be receieving a player that is gauranteed to be in shape mutch like we did with rojas this year, or like the galaxy did with beckham. They wouldn’t be handing him over for nothing either, they would be loaning him out to their sister club with the promise of returning and would recieve money that they can use. That’s usually how offseason loans work. We would him from the 15th until a few weak before their season starts.

  29. DS Says:

    “IF DS was really a pure crazy fan he would be on our side chanting” firing OSORIO”” nydasofine called me a crazy fan about 4 posts ago. Not you.

    I don’t want to see Pietra or Khano get on the field either, but it’s not as easy as just saying pack you bags and goodbye. In another country, with a different system we would be able to put the academy players on the bench while we try and find first team players, but this is MLS and it is overly complicated.

    Look, I think it would be amazing to Janko, I’ve seen a lot of his goals from this season, and I did bring him up initially. But I don’t think it will ever happen. Also, now that I look more closely, RBS has Champions League qualifying on July 14 or 15(the draw has not been made) so I guess that idea is out.

  30. lou Says:

    Oh well than, but anyway the point i was trying to make about khano and pietra is even if we have 17 guys on the bench, neither of them got used, which makes me think they are never going to be used. If they’re never going to be used than i’m sure there is something the management can do to get rid of them.

  31. DS Says:

    I think that with players coming back and filling the numbers that will be more likely. What if a starter was injured warming up before the NE match, and those 2 were not there? We would have 3 players including the back up keeper. Also, they need more than 15 players for training, and only so many academy players are up to a high enough standard to be brought in.

    This is not the most ideal situation to be in, but I can understand them still being around. I will say that I hope they don’t stick around til the end of the season.

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