The New York Red Bulls will take on Trinidad and Tobago club, W Connection, in the Preliminary Round of the 2009-2010 CONCACAF Champions League, it was announced in a draw held in New York City today. The round will consist of two home-and-home legs scheduled to be played July 28-30 and Aug. 4-6, in which aggregate goals from the two games will determine which team advances. Ticket details for the Red Bulls’ home leg will be announced shortly.

The Red Bulls are one of 16 teams that were entered into the Preliminary Round draw. The winner of the series will qualify for the Group Stage, joining eight seeded teams that have already qualified. New York earned the right to compete in the tournament after making the 2008 MLS Cup Final last year.


W Connection finished second in the Trinidad and Tobago Professional league in 2008 with a 22-4-6 record and is currently 2-1-2 this season. They enjoyed a successful season last year by winning their third Caribbean Football Union (CFU) Club Championship by defeating the Puerto Rico Islanders, 2-1, in the final. W Connection is coached by Stuart Charles Fevrier. Forward Jonathan Frias leads W Connection with two goals in five games this season.

Should the Red Bulls advance, they will be placed in Group D, which will consist of Mexican Clausura champion Pumas, the top-seeded team from Guatemala (either Comunicaciones or Municipal), the New York Red Bulls-W Connection winner and either Liberia or Real Espana.


The Group Stage will begin the week of Sept. 18 and continue for six rounds, finishing on Oct. 22. Two teams from each group will qualify for the Championship Round, and will learn their path through the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals in a subsequent draw to be held later this year.

HERE is W Connections’ official web site.  Be sure to listen to what we think is their theme song.  Either way, its an enjoyable listen.  And if you were wondering where Trinidad and Tobago is, it is off the north east coast of Venezuela, and we are told that on a clear day, you can see Venezuela.




  1. Mentz Says:

    YES! I tiny island nation team. We have a chance!

  2. Mentz Says:

    I want a song like that!!! This is why we’re losing…

  3. Igor Says:

    They have 2 Brazilians on their team! Oh noez!!11!1!1

  4. Matt Says:

    Anyone else thinking of going down to Trinidad for this?

  5. Tim F. Says:

    If the Red Bulls manage to beat W Connection, they would go on to join group D which will be comprised of: Pumas, either Comunicaciones or Municipal from Guatemala, and either Liberia or Real Espana.

  6. lou Says:

    I got news for everyone, peopel may think this is a free b but if this team continues to play like they did against revolution this match will be anything but that. We should beat them, and hopefully we will but i’m not getting my hopes up just yet, my confidence with this team is reaching an all time low. I hope they give the young guns a shot in this game and hope some things click. Maybe let richie williams devise the tactics for this game haha.

    • Almedin Says:

      I actually have to agree with you on that.. It’s definitely not a freebie.. We should be able to beat the team but that’s up to the team (players and coaches also).. they need to play with heart and passion, not laziness and lack of finishing.. Let’s hope we can make it to the group stage..

  7. DS Says:

    Lou, I’m not sure if you actually watched the first half against NE. The team played well, outplayed NE in fact. They let in a bad goal at the end, then Zimmerman made a mistake in the beginning of the 2nd half and the team stopped playing. They just need to figure out how to stop letting in these soft goals, and grow some balls so they can fight back after going down a goal.

    I don’t care how many times you say the same thing, that just about everyone needs to go, Richie should be in charge, and you usually mention something about Angel’s ass. We don’t need to make as many changes as you think, nor will there be as many changes as you want. You are welcome to your opinion, but you don’t need to try and persuade everyone to go along with all of your negative judgements. If some of us want to have hope, if some of us want to delude ourselves that we can turn this around, we have every right to.

    If we take this game seriously, respect our opponent (unlike NE did against a T&T team last year), and play as a team, we can get to the group stage.

    And Matt, I would love to go down for the match, not sure work will let me though.

    • Almedin Says:

      I’ve been arguing with lou for a long time and I realized something.. We all do want the best for this Red Bulls franchise.. We all want to see them winning and going in a better direction.. Me, you, lou, or anybody else might show their own way of supporting the team.. I believe that Osorio deserves a season to prove if he can or cannot do something about this mess.. Lou thinks we need quite a few changes, starting with the coach.. You think we need some changes, but not as many.. We all have our own opinion about how the team is doing and we all have different views but we all want our New York team to win and bring us an MLS Cup.. That is one thing we do have in common so i’m not saying you or lou or even I’m wrong because we all have our own good points..

  8. Alle Says:

    I’m curious DS:

    “respect our opponent (unlike NE did against a T&T team last year)”

    What did those bastards actually do?

  9. kofix5 Says:

    T&T’s Joe Public did to NE last year what NE, Seattle, and DCU have done to us this year.

    If we don’t go to Trinidad ready to win on the road, it won’t matter what we do to them here in the Swamp.

  10. kofix5 Says:

    btw- Thanks RBR for providing Full Release

  11. DS Says:

    Alle, NE went into the matching thinking that Joe Public would be a walk over. They thought they had won the moment that team came out of the hat and payed for it. Joe Public embarrassed them 6-1 on aggregate, including a 4-0 in NE. We need to show W Connection respect, know they will be a difficult opponent, and play to win a tough match, not thinking we will walk all over them. I didn’t mean they actually disrespected them.

    Almedin, I agree that we all want the best for this team, and that we all think different solutions could work. I like to stay positive about things, like I think you do, and the negativity gets to me sometimes. I think that W Connection is a good draw, not an easy draw, but it’s better than some of the other options. I would much rather W than PR Islanders (nothing like getting beat by a USL team) or some of the others we could have gotten.

    • onionsack Says:

      Um no, not entirely true. NE’s management (Nicol espessialy) publicly stated his distain for these games and SuperLiga games and made it clear the CCL was not a priority at the expense of the league. They lost because they didn’t care and because their opponent was 3x as motivated as them which showed all over the pitch. So it wasnt that they “overlooked” their opponent..its that they really didnt care.

  12. OgreDave Says:

    I just hope we take the Champions League seriously. As for me if we play with heart soul and Passion for the game, we will be successful in everything we do.

    Listening to the recent interview with JCO, I think that they’re are too many people in this organization that only think of themselves and not the team, unfortunately JCO is one of them, his comments about how the team is going was uninspiring and not the words that this team needs to win!

    I dont like putting time and effort into a team that does not put the time and effort into the product that ultimatly we are all paying for.

    I wish you well Red Bull in the Champions League. It looks like the only thing we have left this season.

    • onionsack Says:

      It is all we have left as fans and as an organization. If Osorio and Agoos treat the league over this play in game and field a US Open Cup type lineup i swear to fucking god (read not taking it seriously and treating it as critical) i will &^(*&&^(*&!@*!&#^#&^!&#*!^#!&^%#&@!%#@!%&*#%*%#*!%# to Osorio.

  13. Mentz Says:

    Red Bull Reader,

    So are we definitely playing the first leg away and the second home? Do we know the dates yet for these two fixtures? Thanks.

  14. lou Says:

    DS there you go again trying to start something. Look i see this team in a different light that you. As i said before until we start winning and playing like we deserve praise, my comments are going to be largely pessimistic. Sure i have prais for zimmerman and stammler becasue they play well even when we lose, but everyone else has looked like they don’t want to be on the field. If you don’t like that than tough for you, but i don’t need you lecturing me on how to comment.

    “Lou, I’m not sure if you actually watched the first half against NE. The team played well, outplayed NE in fact. ”
    I said we have to play differently than we did against new england other wise this match may be another tough one. You say we out played new england the first half. Really, we outplayed new england the first half? What was the score in the first half? 1-0 by the end if i recall corrctly. Who lost the game? Us if i remeber right, by quite a bit actually. That’s wonderful if you thought we played well against new england the first half but there are two halfs in every game, and even if we did out play the in the first half (which i disagree with i think it was pretty even) we still got our asses handed to us by the end of the night. If we outplay this tnt team the first half but fall apart the second, do you think we are going to win?

    “We need to show W Connection respect, know they will be a difficult opponent, and play to win a tough match, not thinking we will walk all over them. ”
    Ok that’t exactly what i said my first post but with different words. I said we have to go into this match not thinking it’s going to be an automatic w, in other words we need to come out respect our opponent, and play. Why is it that when you say it it’s right and when i say it you come on here and begin to berate me? We obviously think the exact same thing, this team could be dangerous becasue tnt team’s have proven to be dangerous, but we should win. But if we play crappy this will be a very long night.

    ” You are welcome to your opinion, but you don’t need to try and persuade everyone to go along with all of your negative judgements. If some of us want to have hope, if some of us want to delude ourselves that we can turn this around, we have every right to. ”
    There are so many things that are wrong with that post right there. I am welcome to my opinion thank you for saying so, however i would never no that because when i post something you disagree with you end up challeneging me, and what you say in the end is usually similar to what i was trying to say all along. I have hope that this team can win, that’s why i said in a previous post after someone suggested that we make this tournament our top priority and forget about the MLS campaign, that we shouldn’t do that because all we need is a few personel changes and a hot streak and we could be right back in the playoff hunt. That sounds pretty optimistic to me, and it sounds like i have quite a bit of hope for the team. I wouldn’t be suggesting all these new players we could aquire had i not thought that ultimately they could turn this thing around at midseason. You obviously are misinformed and if you want proof i said those things you can check in some of the recent threads on this sight. I really don’t know what you’re problem is with me but it seems like you’ll disagree with me even if we are saying almost the same thing, if that’s the case i suggest you lay off becasue you’re being a bit of dickhead, while i’m trying to get over our previous disagreements.

  15. Mentz Says:

    You know what all this bickering shows me? That we all still care about this team (regardless of the approach to fixing it) and are here to discuss, cheer on and boo what we think stinks.

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion and I think people like DS should respect that and if they disagree rebuddle with intelligent thoughts. WE ALL ROOT FOR THE SAME TEAM, don’t forget that guys!

  16. DS Says:

    Lou, my comment about respecting W Connection was not a response to you, but to Alle asking a questions about what I said earlier. I don’t disagree with every word you write, nor to I attempt to.

    I didn’t say that we can beat W playing the same way we did the whole match against NE, but if we play like we did in the first half and not let in easy goals. We held possession, defended well, and created chances. If we hadn’t let in that goal, or let in the first but not the second, it would have been a very different game. As Goldie said “All the breaks seem to be going the other way at the moment.”

    You say you have hope and you are optimistic, but you don’t. You have hope and optimism if we bring in players, not in the current team. That is not the same thing. I am not trying to disagree with you out of spite, but I don’t think it is right that you tell people things like “I’ve got news for everyone” like you know everything and all others are misinformed. That is why I respond to you in the manner I do. I don’t want to disagree with you; I think it would be great if we all thought the same way about this team, whatever way that may be. But that is not the case. You, and many others, take a much more negative view of what is in store for us the rest of the season. I want to make sure that there is still a positive voice coming from the fans.

  17. lou Says:

    So you have a problem with me saying “i’ve got new for everyone” becuase you feel like i’m saying everyone else is misinformed. That’s correct right?
    Well apparently you’re guilty of the same thing because you just corrected me by saying that i think i have optimism but i don’t, like you understand me more than i do.
    I do have optimism, not the same kind as you, but optimism none the less. I think we need to acquire new players and change the leadership of this team in order to improve, but really is that such a radical idea? Not all the players are horrible, goldy, johnson, mbuta, mac, celadas, stammler, i’ve said they are good. I don’t think the whole team is very good but i think some on the CURRENT team are so i do have optmism for the current team, at least some of the guys anyway.

    “You, and many others, take a much more negative view of what is in store for us the rest of the season.”
    Can you honestly blame us, well actually you can because you keep correcting me for feeling this way. But look at the results for one second, not how we played in one half of the game, and than ask yourself if those results are indicative of a team that is going somewhere positive. I promise you that a positive voice will still be coming from the fans, once the team does something to deserve it.

    “I didn’t say that we can beat W playing the same way we did the whole match against NE, but if we play like we did in the first half and not let in easy goals. We held possession, defended well, and created chances. If we hadn’t let in that goal, or let in the first but not the second, it would have been a very different game. ”

    Ok see the problem with that is that i said if we played like we did against new england, i wasn’t referring to one portion of the game, i was referring to the whole picture. We lost the game, you say If we defended well, if we created chances, if we hadn’t let in a goal. The problem with that is that we did do all of those things, and IF we could just fix them we wouldn’t be in this whole mess right now. But a team that isn’t very good, can’t just magically fix these things. IF IF IF, well if i had wings i could fly, but that isn’t about to happen, and if somethings don’t change at least slightly, than we aren’t going to stop committing these stupid mistakes.

  18. DS Says:

    You have optimism for some of the players not the team. I have optimism for the team. We did defend well for the first half, and we did create chances the entire match against NE, not if. I am saying that if we can stop letting in easy goals in the coming games will turn this run of form around. I am not blaming you for being negative, and I am not correcting you. I feel differently and I think both sides of the argument need to put forth. Countering your arguments is very different that saying that you are wrong. Positives should be heard now, not once the results change. I do not believe in negative reinforcement. I do not focus on the things that have gone wrong; I focus on what we have done well. I can see more than the final score after the match. You don’t want things to change slightly, you want whole sale change. I think that with players coming back from injury and internationals there will be a change. Like Goldie said, “The pieces are there, we just need to put the puzzle together, that’s been the hard part at the moment” I also think the pieces are there. If they can gel together, keep a clean sheet going into the break, then they will be able to get the confidence to finish off the match, and head into next week’s home match with high spirits.

  19. lou Says:

    See but DS you say you’re not correcting me, but surely you have many times and just before you said that we don’t have to make as many changes as I think. That isn’t your opinion, you’re making seem as if that is fact, you also made it seem in that instance like it was soley my idea that to me sounds like you are trying to correct me.
    You think we think so differently but our originial posts contained much of same message. If you want it to be so different than fine, but the only real difference is that i guess, how you put it, i have optimism for some of the players and for the future of the club if we get some deals done, and you apparently have optimism for the team as it is now.
    And while it would be nice to think that if we stop doing all those stupid mistakes that we can turn this season around, i would just like to know how we are going to go about doing that. We have had games before the internationials left that we lost, and while the games might have been closer contests we still didn’t win. The internationals aren’t just going to solve our problems. That leads me to believe we need to look else were to find the “puzzle pieces”. High spirits may be the difference between a barrage of goals and a close match, but i don’t see how it will lead us into the playoffs.
    I don’t believe in negative reinforcements either, i believe in constructive criticism and that’s what i’ve done. Positives should be heard now, but for those who deserve it, if the results change than that must mean something else has changed whether it be new players, or old players getting their shit together and than they will get their praise. I’m not going to reward someone for messing up.
    You say i’m entitled to my opinion, but you’ve done nothing to back up that statement. If you did i wouldn’t have to come on this site and under every one of posts find your name with something that is wrong about what i believe.
    If i’m so entitled to my opinions than back up that statement, and let me have my opinions, but you don’t do that you actually had said at one point that i was not a real fan of this club because i was so “negative”. That makes it sound as if you think you’re better than me. So to me you’re simply a hypocryte. Just practice what you preach before you go attacking me for the very same thing.

  20. DS Says:

    I didn’t say you aren’t a real fan, I said you weren’t being a supporter. You were being fanatical, like the word fan comes from, instead of giving support, where supporter comes from. If you want me to start every post with “In my opinion” I can, but that seems to be a waste of time. How about anything that I say which is a fact, I will channel Rafa Benitez and say “Fact” at the end of it. Everything else is just my humble opinion which may be right or may be wrong.

    You want me to tell you how we can stop the dumb mistakes? If I knew I wouldn’t be on this blog talking with you. It isn’t just internationals we have been missing, Kandji and Mbuta were out and I don’t think JPA is 100%. If high spirits are the difference between getting beat 4-0 and a close game, well a close game can go either way, so I’ll take a close game. If we can catch a few breaks then we can get on track for the rest of the season. Last year we weren’t playing well and we caught fire in August and that run is what got us into the playoffs. We need a few balls to bounce our way, some composure under pressure and then we’ll see where some high spirits can take us.

    Many of these players have proven in their careers that they have the ability, so lets hope they can start to show it consistently, starting with 90 minutes tomorrow.

  21. lou Says:

    Rite man whatever you say, but you were the one taking what i said as fact before so don’t make it seem like that opinion stuff was my idea. Many of these players have proven to be good players, but players like pietrovallo, khano, richards, have not done that. Conway could be added to that list, he was a career back up until not to long ago, now he has all our hope riding on his abilites in between the pipes. If angel isn’t 100 percent than maybe you should get on your boy osorio’s case like i have been doing. If he isn’t 100 percent and is injured than shouldn’t osorio not be using him? But osorio may not be a good coach, but i doubt he is stupid, and he seems to be a good guy so i don’t think he is going to put angel in danger by playing him with an injury. I think the problem lies in the fact that angel doesn’t want to be here. He’s never been on a team this morally defeated, and this bad, and he doesn’t no how to deal with it.

    “You were being fanatical, like the word fan comes from, instead of giving support, where supporter comes from.”

    I was never fanatical, i was disagreeing with you, and expressing my support in a different way than you. You took that as being a fan and nota supporter. Clearly i am a supporter otherwise i wouldn;’t be on this site wasting my time writing about a defeated team. Just becasue support is in the word supporter doesn’t mean i have to show support at all times like you do. I can support someone adn be tough on them at the same time. If these player’s have proven to be good and aren’t living up to their potential as you say, than shouldn’t that be even more of a cause to get on their case about playing better?

  22. DS Says:

    Getting on their case to play better is different than saying they should be cut. And at one point or another someone has said to cut just about every single player on the team, and Osorio and Agoos.

    If Angel thinks that he is fit enough to play I don’t think there is a manager in this league who wouldn’t put him on the field. That is a major problem with MLS, like the Beckham fiasco in his first season.

    I don’t agree with everything Osorio does, but I don’t think he is as bad as most fans think he is.

    I don’t even think that fanatical comment was about you, Lou, when I first wrote it, and just now I was clarifying the point I initially made.

  23. lou Says:

    I say the hopeless ones should be cut, the ones in the beginning of the season that had been playing drastically worse like dane richards i critiqued and got on their case. Now as the season goes on i’ve begun to realize that he may just be as hopeless as khano or pietra so i’ve added him to that list of players i wouldn’t mind being cut.
    It doesn’t matter what angel thinks, osorio is the coach and he isn;t going to play angel if he is injured. I think this problem with angel is completely pshyciological. I think osorio is a good guy, but if you read is interview on big apple soccer, you will see he has lost touch with the team, and he pretty much threw the team under the bus for the poor results.

  24. Almedin Says:

    I think Richards should definitely stay with the team.. He may not be great, but he has a lot of potential.. If he can pick up his head to pass and cross and maybe even learn to shoot the ball better, then he has a chance to be a much better player than he is now.. Juan Pietravallo is a waste of the team’s money and Khano Smith is the LAZIEST Red Bull I have seen this year (he is AWFUL!).. As for Boyens, I like him and I dont like him, depending on which game hes playing because at times he is an ok defender and at other times he looks a bit lazy and slow.. We could have definitely won the last game if we had our finishing.. Juan Pablo Angel had a PERFECT chance to tie the Revolution game and he missed a wide open goal.. Something is definitely wrong with him and its affecting his finishing..

  25. lou Says:

    Almedin I’ll agree that richards should stay if he picks up his head, if he passes, if he learns to cross, if he learns to shoot better, but those are a a lot of ifs and those are intangibles that players learn in their adolescent years. If we had the luxury of a larger roster i would say keep him, but with each spot being worth so much why give an average one dimensional player that spot?
    The same goes with boyens, he looks awful at times, and pretty good at others and like you said he is an ok defender. The problem is, do we want to settle with having ok defenders taking up these valuable roster spots, or do we want to strive to get more. Sure if we can’t find upgrades than keep them, but otherwise having these flawed and only at times decent players, is really going to hurt the depth of the team.

  26. Almedin Says:

    I agree lou that the team doesnt need Boyens but I still think we should give Richards time to get more experience.. It sucks that we dont have the reserve league anymore, but I really do think he can be a better player if better players teach him the right way.. It will definitely not be easy, but i see so much potential in him and he can be a dangerous player if he can somehow learn to pass and cross (and shoot of course).. He’s only 25 and that’s why I’d like for him to stay on the team.. Not to start, but to gain experience from veteran players and start when he is ready to start.. One positive from tonight’s match is Nick Zimmerman.. He is looking better and better with every game and I am glad we finally let him show his stuff..

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