Andrew Boyens

In addition to the Official Red Bulls Viewing Party for the 8:00 PM Red Bulls/Toronto FC match on Saturday, June 13, Mulligan’s is also hosting a Confederations Cup Kick Off Party this Sunday, June 14, at 2pm as a part of the South African Consulate’s “The Road To South Africa: A Whole New Ball Game“. This event will be the kick off to a series of events in and around NYC between now and the World Cup in June 2010. There will be a DJ, live African drummers and dancers, drink specials, prizes and more. Members of the South African Consulate will also be there with information on packages to the World Cup and really anything you would need to know about going to the World Cup. The event will feature Andrew Boyens’ New Zealand All Whites vs. Spain match at 2:30pm.  The Red Bulls Street Team will also be on site.




  1. Dave Martinez Says:

    Good to see my favorite defender not from Australia featured twice in two consecutive posts! Good on you Kiwi . . .

  2. nydasofine Says:

    The team look like crap. Any good high school soccer team could woop their ass. the team has no style all they do is kicking the ball down the fields hoping for a break through. they have so much speed they could out run anybody in the league. they should have been the most dangerous team in the league for the kindna talents they got. they can’t even bring the ball down the field with a good constructed attact. i love that team but i don’t bother to watch them anymore.
    how do u expect to attract fans to the new stadium when you don’t even have a good product to offer. i’ve found myself watching SEATTLE instead of my redbulls. Seattle has a fierce constructed attacking style. My redbulls has a ping pong or tenis table style “kicking the ball up and down”. it’s sad to see a player holding the ball thinking what he should do with the ball.
    please build the stadium with a new offensive coach like they said if you build it they will come….build it rite…..

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