Andrew Boyens

Three Red Bull players are away from the team on international duty (Alfredo Pacheco, Andrew Boyens, and Jorge Rojas), and two, Boyens and Pacheco, have made appearances for their respective national sides so far.  Let’s take a look at how they have been faring so far while away from the Red Bulls.

Pacheco started and played 74 minutes in El Salvador’s 2-1 home win over Mexico on June 6.  The win gives El Salvador five points, good for third place in CONCACAF Qualifying.  El Salvador plays away to rival Honduras on Wednesday.

Boyens is with New Zealand for a series of friendlies leading up to the All White’s participation in the Confederations Cup in South Africa.  On June 3, Boyens was among the 18 but did not play in a 2-1 loss to Tanzania in Dar es Salaam.  On June 6, Boyens started and played the full 90 in a 0-0 draw with Botswana in Gaborone.  New Zealand will play one more friendly, against Italy on June 10 in Pretoria, South Africa before beginning FIFA Confederations Cup play on June 14.  The All-Whites are grouped with Spain (June 14), South Africa (June 17), and Iraq (June 20).

Jorge Rojas is with Venezuela for their WCQ at home against Uraguay on June 10.  A big win at Bolivia (thanks to an own goal) moved Venezuela into seventh place in the CONMEBOL standings on 16 points, just one point (but two places in the standings) out of a qualifying spot.  Uruguay currently holds the fifth spot on 17 points.  Ecuador also stands on 17 points, but is 11 goals behind on differential.

Speaking of things international, RBR would like to wish Red Bull Salzburg a belated congratulations on their Austrian Bundesliga Championship!  Our sister club in Austria won the league by four points (23-8-5, 74 pts.), their second title in the last three seasons.  Forward Marc Janko led the team and league with 39 goals, which tied him for second all-time in Autrian history, and placed him third in the European Golden Boot standings, behind only Diego Forlán and Samuel Eto’o.  Janko was the only player in the top-10 not from a league with a x2 multiplier (Spain, Italy, Germany, France and England).



  1. emilio Says:

    Red Bull demands championships in the Austrian Bundesliga, they should demand the same in MLS.

  2. kpugs Says:

    Congratulations to Marc Janko, based on our current pace by the end of the MLS seasons he will have single-handedly outscored the entire RBNY team by almost 15 goals.

  3. lou Says:

    I really hope that the red bull head honchos will pressure the MLS officials to raise the salary cap, and expand the rosters because what’s the point of having a billion dollar company to run your team if they can’t spend any of it on improving the quality of our play.

  4. DS Says:

    Maybe we can get Janko on loan after he finishes with Austrian qualifiers? Just for July and August, then he can go back to RBS. He’s young, doesn’t need a summer break.

  5. Pico Says:


    I was hoping the first post of the day would be to announce the firing of Osorio and Agoos. Am I asking for too much?

    On a side note, my wife game me a “You have to be kidding” look when I got the RB pamphlet for the new stadium packages in the mail today. I had no idea how to respond.


  6. lou Says:

    Getting Janko on loan would be great, w could get rid of angel and replace him with janko for the remainder of the year, than in the off season sign a big name striker. I really wouldn’t want to do that to angel but if he is going to show this kind of effort and skill in games and should be ready to face the consequences. If any other player did it they would be gone, but osorio has angel thinking he is abover the law.

  7. Steve Says:

    The EarthQuakes just gave Nick Garcia away to Toronto. He would have been a Good pick up. How about we see RB make some moves. Getting Janko on loan would be a good start. Team him up front with Angel.

  8. lou Says:

    I don’t think a tandem of angel and janko would really work, it would be like pairing oduro (if he were still here) with richards. They are very similar players, and so don’t play to each other’s strenghts. A finisher like janko paired with someone like kandji who can stretch the D would be a perfect young looking attack fit for any european club. IF we were able to get janko on loan for the rest of the season we could rest angel and see if he has some sort of injury, if his poor play wasn’t due to an injury and he simply doesn’t want to play for us than sell his sorry ass.

    More importantly, loaning janko out to us would start to build a relationship between sibling clubs, that is sorely lacking. Mr.Stover us always talking about how he wants a global identity between the red bull soccer clubs so what better time to start than now.

  9. Matt Says:


    Nick Garcia has been horrible this season. He had an awful game against us.

  10. lou Says:

    plus garcia is old and slow, last thing we need is another old and slow defender. We need a younger defender maybe from the academy team if one exists or one from the USL or lower european leagues

  11. lou Says:

    I wonder if a forward like darren mackie for aberdeen would be a realistic transfer target. He’s a finisher but has some pace and is lighting up the score sheet for aberdeen. Normally I would think a player of his caliber would be out of our reach but the teams in the scottish premier league that aren’t named celtic or rangers, seem to always be hurting for money. Because they probibly need money and because aberdeen is going to complete a trade with toronto fc so toronto fc can acquire jamie smith, i think they must be up to the idea of an MLS team buying one of their guys.

  12. Alle Says:

    This gives me one of those “if only” moments: We’re busy wasting our money all the time in Central and South America when we should be expanding our search elsewhere(not that I’m saying the players are crap, but the ones we’ve gotten haven’t been that great, Pacheco is alright). If only we didn’t have a narrow minded director in Agoos, we could be looking in the lower leagues of Europe and Africa, if possible. Why not try Austria? I’d rather get a decent player or two from their lower leagues rather than relying on 2 or 3 match vids in order to get a player from say Argentina or something. That’s why we have scouts and obviously why we have the money. The results aren’t helping and I think it’d be a good idea if one or two scouts packed their bags and did a little spying here and there.

    From our standpoint: Yes we should start bringing up players from the academy and what not but they obviously aren’t paying much attention there at this point so scrap that idea for now.

  13. lou Says:

    We need to bring in players and if we are looking for leagues to find potential players than we should consider these places,

    Lower English, Italian, German, French, and Spanish leagues
    Dutch League
    Austrian League
    Some of the bigger teams in Africa
    Maybe Even Australia because Fred worked out at DC united

    The only problem i see with getting a player from africa is that they tend to be a little unpolished, and sometimes on the small side which is a big negative when playing in as physical a league as MLS. We need to find leagues equal to us in popularity or find leagues that are below our talent level and hunt for the stars on those teams.

  14. Alle Says:

    That doesn’t account for all players, you’d be surprised at the amount of physical presence you’d find over there, trust me on that. Go to Senegal or the Ivory Coast and you won’t be disappointed.

  15. lou Says:

    I like the idea of zimmerman up top with kandji, the only problem with this is that we have finally found someone who can play on the wing so if we move him out of there, who replaces him?

    Shuffling around the lineup slightly by putting celadas at attacking mid, stammler at d mid, and zimmerman and mbuta on the wings may be an imrpovement but in order to become competative again we are going to need to acquire new players.

    The defense is obviously better with 4 at the back yet osorio tried 3 in the back 2 games in a row and we were scored on quite a bit both times. A 4 man back line makes up for our lack of speed in central defense but even then our defense is only average.

    Conway needs to go, i suggest putting cepero there until we can find someone else, preferably another mls goalie because we need someone who doesn’t need to waste time adapting to the league.

    The lineup with the current players we have should look something like this after those rotations are complete


    This lineup could possibly hold it’s own but we would still need to acquire players. Players like cristian castillo lw, janko forward on loan from RB salzburg to replace angel, dilly duka lm or forward, Maybe Nick rimando if we could get him in goal, and a central defender. We would need to cut players like Khano, richards, pietrovallo, sassano, and boyens, and most importantly fire osorio and agoos the two men most responsible with this mess. Those two goons can be replaced by richie williams and maybe even shep messing if that’s possible.
    I would bench angel if we could find a suitable replacement up top for him. He could rest his injury if he has one, and if the problem is that he simply doesn’t want to play for us than trade his ass like we would have done for any other player.

    One more thing for everyone who has been using the sigi schmid comparison to buy osorio more time. Sigi inherited a crappy team and improved them slowly into MLS champions. Osorio inherted a pretty good team with angel coming off a spectacular year and dave van den bergh coming into form. We had the most deadly attacking tandem in the league in altidore and angel. Now altidore is gone as is parke, and VDB, and our team is playing horrendously. The comparion between him and sigi schmid should end at the fact that at one point the both had crappy teams.

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