Here is some post-match video following the Red Bulls match at New England on Sunday. Another tough loss for New York, who are struggling to find goals, especially on the road.




  1. herzog Says:

    Hey RBNY — how about registering an official complaint with the league for the crap the NE security pulled with screwing up our parking situation, then moving us a mile away from the stadium. Then having their antagonistic security bust supporters ball for no reason and then NE state troopers pepper-spraying our supporters, using it like it was breath spray. Even one of the bus drivers got maced.

    Besides, the bus company was terrible. NYC bus got back at 2am (2 hours late) because the driver decided to go back into Jersey to then go into manhattan.

    Terrific job as always.

    Oh yeah, we lost 4-0

  2. thisisvictorkim Says:

    fire osorio and agoos NOW

  3. Matt Says:

    Someone on Big Soccer said that Khano went over and applauded the NE fans. If this is true, NYRB need to send his lazy ass packing today.

  4. kofix5 Says:

    Finding a hungry attacking mid/striker with real creative scoring talent should be priority #1. Someone needs to be able to step in for Angel and give his back time to heal.
    Richards is not that guy. His attack is impotent.

    Priority #2 is finding a new coach. One who is not a mumbler. One who’s voice alone inspires respect and confidence. What does he sound like in the locker room? Can Osorio light a fire in anyone’s belly?

    It seems like we have most of what we need on the field in terms of players. Lack of cohesion, focus and intent is leading our demise.

  5. kpugs Says:

    How sad is it that I simply refuse to watch this video because I can probably re-enact it without even seeing it?

    Kofix…where have you been my friend? On paper this roster is incredible, and Osorio is a very good coach. The mixture isn’t working and something needs to change, but it’s not lack of personnel that’s the problem. And yet, this team for years has simply fired managers and hired new ones. Guess what? It hasn’t worked. Osorio is currently the most successful manager this team has ever seen whether you like it or not.

    Matt…it’s not that I disagree, but you are pretty much saying you agree with the policy through the years of this team giving players away for free. I do not agree with that policy, even if I hate Smith, and what are they going to get for him? A fourth round draft pick that they will use on a guy they won’t sign? Or that they’ll trade for yet another nobody?

    I’m afraid this entire organization is in awful shape and that there is no one change that’s going to fix it. We, my friends, are effed.

  6. emilio Says:

    12-20-12 is succesfull? Making the playoffs with 39 points becuase DC collapsed at the end? Thats succesful? MLS Cup was a 3 game cup run, they tied at home against Houston, played well on the counter attack (with an inspired Richards) on the road and eliminated Houston, than got badly outplayed by RSL, who was unlucky not not score 3 plus goals against us, but we miraculously won 1-0. Than got outclassed in the final. So one good game and luck agaisnt RSL makes him succesful, WOW!! We have accumulated 48 out of 132 points under Osorio’s tenure, thats less thats 36% which is translated to AWFUL!!! If thats success I dont want it.

    We cant not make changes just for the purpose of not making changes, if something is broken it needs to be attempted to be fixed. It doesnt matter if in the past it wasnt fixed, this is as broken as its ever been, its completly destroyed. We need to rebuild it.

  7. Pico Says:

    I get the feeling Agoos is getting a free pass in here. This front office’s bonehead moves are coming pretty close to the ones of the Lalas era.

    Does anyone remember the movie The Natural? Remember the locker room scenes after each loss and they had a little guy come in and talk about the dangers of loosing in a annoying monotone voice?

    I have a feeling that is what the RB are going through right now.


  8. lou Says:

    We need to see if somehow we can get benny feilhaber because he looked great against honduras, hopefully get castillo, get another forward, sign duka, swallow pietrovallo’s contract and let him go along with the rest of the dead weight, and lastly hand over the coaching job to richie williams at least until the end of the season to see how he does.

    I love this team, but once in a while can the fans get some love back? Seriously i’ve seen some college teams that could compete with us, and the best part is that a few people on here are in complete denial. The results, ticket sales, and complaints don’t lie, and if we don’t act now are season will be completely gone (if it isn’t already).

    Zimmerman can flat out play, why is it that khano started over him for so long.
    Borman was average
    Goldy was ok, but he is much better in the center, which brings me to my next point. Why did we go with a 3 man back line again?
    Petke looked old and worn out
    Hall was decent not great
    Celadas did about as much as he could do with a team like this
    stammler is still the rock of our team, he can play well with anyone
    Angel looked older than petke and pretty pathetic
    Dane was dane, what else has to be said about him
    Conway, why does he keep starting? Are our keeper options so bad that we need to go after a keeper in the transfer window as well?

    That doesn’t really leave us with a strong core of guys maybe kandji, hall, goldy, stammler, zimmerman, johnson, pacheco, i can’t really think of anyone else. We have to fire agoos as well, but i don’t even know what he does anymore so i don’t really know how that’s going to help.

  9. tp Says:

    How long can everyone keep praising Stammler for his poor play? Open your eyes people, he’s just as bad as the other players you always blame. His mistakes led to two of the goals against NE. Maybe next game take some time to notice all of his bad passes and give aways. Just because he can play several postitions doesn’t make him a good player. At times he looks more like a rock, jogging or standing around rather than the “rock of our team”.

  10. lou Says:

    Actually he is the rock of our team, how many great plays did he make before that one error? Quite a few if you were watching the same game i was. If it hadn’t been for him stripping shalrie several times the score may have been twice what it was.
    Shep Messing never sugar coats anything, yet he credited stammler as being one of the most versatile players in the league and said he is very valuable to the team. He has played just as good as are best player has (whoever that may be at this point).

  11. lou Says:

    If we did get the players some of us have been talking about the lineup could look something like this


    The lineup is a little iffy because duka can play in a lot of places, you could see Hall, castillo, or duka playing on the left wing on any given day.

    Kassel could come in and interchange with either celadas or stammler because he seems to be a good mix of both.

    Hall could also fight it out with johnson for right back spot when he isn’t playing left mid but i would ideally choose johnson over him

    I’m not really sure who we would use to play at centerback with goldie or if goldie would even be there

    And the goal keeper situation is up in the air as well.

    Still though even with a lineup just remotely close to this, it does look pretty impressive. In a perfect world we would get these players, but in the world of a metro fan many things can be far from perfect.

  12. emilio Says:

    We need to start fresh and with all that is happening with the team realize that teams arent built on paper, we need a coach with clear and fresh ideas, who has an idea of how he wants to play and is convicted and comfortable with his philosophy. We dont need what we have now, a coach who is unsure of his tactics, one day plays with 3 in the back, one day with 4, one day with one striker another day with 2, one day with Kandji at forward, one day in the midfield. This is a coach who is unwilling to make a statement and sit Angel, when Angel is the representation of everything that is wrong with the club this year, I dont think I’ll forget that sitter Angel missed earlier this year off a perfect feed from Kandji that could have cemented a win for us, that play alone represents everything that has gone wrong this year.

  13. lou Says:

    I don’t know emilio i think the perfect play for this year was that one were the ball bounced on the turf and conway said he had it but never went for it, than the dc play poked it in capping their amazing come back. That play had everything, a crushing defeat, a crushing defeat from a rival, poor communcation, players being lost tactically, break down in communication, you name it and that play had it.

  14. Alle Says:

    All these young players like Duka, Kassel, and whatever, I’m sure Osorio isn’t even looking at this blog right now so I strongly doubt we’ll see them unless he packs his bags and we get a real guy in there..

  15. Ceez Says:

    Somebody brought up a good point here:

    what the f**k DOES Agoos do anyway?!?!

    I really hate this team. I only go to the games cause my season tix are already paid for. The fact that this organization even offers season packages is a crime. And I’m an idiot for believing and contributing to this mess.

  16. Karbaz Says:

    Ceez, with all do respect, get the (deleted) out of here and stop supporting this team. We all have our frustrations but non of us here hate this team, this is our team and we will love this team forever, that’s why so many of us are hurt at what we are seeing because we can do better. You are clearly not a supporter of this team so leave.

  17. Ceez Says:


    The language…please.

  18. lou Says:

    Look i think we are all just a little pissed with the state of things at the club rite now. I don’t really think ceeze meant that he hates the team, i think it was just the frustration talking. But if you truly did mean what you said ceez, than i really don’t no why you would even bother being on this site

  19. Ceez Says:

    I’m sure each one of you, at some point in time, said to your own parents that you hate them. How is this any different? Talk about catching some feelings. Jeez.

  20. herbinator Says:

    listen ceez dont take back what you said.. you hate the team you hate the team.. everyone knows your a hater so its best if u just sell your season tix and move to Philly and get an other career. we have enough fans (6,000 attendance every game!! TOP THAT SEATTLE !!) ALL right ceez.. honestly its sad how your trying to get on everyone’s good sad now that your true colors are out.. Ceez to be banned from red bull arena anyone?!?!?! Petition starts now!
    1. Herbinator

  21. lou Says:

    i don’t no, banned from the arena is a little harsh. But maybe he really should just sell his tickets if he hates the team. I hear the USL has some new crappy new york team maybe ceez can go and support them.

  22. MGK Says:

    Matt- a little FYI from someone who was there….Khano Smith did not applaud to the NE fans, the fans welcomed him back and his gesture was out of respect. His ex team mates greeted him with respect as it should be at all time as a sign of sportmanship. If the powers that be would fire everyone the fans don’t like there would be no team left- and maybe that is a choice after all.
    Thank you and have a pleasant day.

  23. nydasofine Says:

    The team look like crap. Any good high school soccer team could woop their ass. the team has no style all they do is kicking the ball down the fields hoping for a break through. they have so much speed they could out run anybody in the league. they should have been the most dangerous team in the league for the kindna talents they got. they can’t even bring the ball down the field with a good constructed attact. i love that team but i don’t bother to watch them anymore.
    how do u expect to attract fans to the new stadium when you don’t even have a good product to offer. i’ve found myself watching SEATTLE instead of my redbulls. Seattle has a fierce constructed attacking style. My redbulls has a ping pong or tenis table style “kicking the ball up and down”. it’s sad to see a player holding the ball thinking what he should do with the ball.
    please build the stadium with a new offensive coach like they said if you build it they will come….build it rite…..

  24. lou Says:

    Seattle plays some of the nicest football i’ve seen in the MLS in a long time. The way jaqua, montero, jungberg, and le toux combine is just amazing. The worst part is that i hate them, but i’m not going to be a hater, i have to give them props were it is due.

  25. nydasofine Says:

    Lou …… i feel the same way bout Seattle, but i’m not gonna be a hater either. the team and the marketting dept suck also. u have hot 97, power 105, z100 advertize in those most listenning radio stations to attract people.
    LOU…don’t you realize when one of the redbulls has the ball he wandering what he should do with it. they have no sequence. keep celades, angel, kandji, and trade everybody else….. bring some new attracting attacking style to the new stadium not with OSORIO. THIS IS WHY Seattle is so succesful, they give their fans a good fierce attacking style to entertain them; that y they hardly sit down.

  26. lou Says:

    Hey man you don’t have to tell me twice, for me seattle is the epitamy of what an MLS team should be, a strong fan base, attractive football, and great marketing, everything we are currently lacking in, the worst part is that we are in a much bigger market than seattle yet we can’t get anyone to the games. I hope someone has some big news soon like a new coach is named, or we get someone in a trade, or something… anything… the fans need it rite now.

  27. lou Says:

    it would be great if during the morning commute on any given weekday, someone on the z morning zoo on z 100 just did a quick little advertisement for the red bulls. I gaurantee you that if they did it consistently, the attendence would shoot up. The only problem is that the people will come, but if they don’t get a show, and don’t get a win or close to it than they aren’t going to come back.

  28. DS Says:

    nydasofine do not write the same comment on 4 different threads. You are going to get ignored and not listened to if you just repeat the exact same thing again and again. Everyone on here reads everything, as do the people who run it (i would expect), no one needs to read the same comment 4 times, especially when some of those posts have nothing to do with the topic, such as an academy match or players away for internationals.

    Seattle was an entertaining team for the first few weeks and that’s about it. Yes they have been better than us, yes they have more points than us, but just like us they have 1 win in their last 7. And for all their attacking style they have only managed to score 3 more goals than us all season, and we have been terrible up front. Even the press in Washington thinks they’ve fallen off since their first 3 matches.

    If you want to watch them, that’s your choice, but only post it once.

  29. lou Says:

    well DS they may have fallen off a bit, but even when they’re not winning they’re still entertaining. They don’t have to be the best team but they do play with some class. I watched their last game and you would have never known that they were in the middle of an unsuccesful streak. And to top it all off their management knows how to run and market a soccer team, and they have a loyal and large fan base.

  30. nydasofine Says:

    LOU…if u were next to me i would shake your hand. everything u said just now is true even if they’re losing they look very entertaining.

    First of all,Lou the team was badly introduced to the city. The Majority of the people living in the city don’t even know there’s a soccer team. NY should have been like Seattle cuz is a city that is full of immigrants and immigrant descedents. everywhere i go like Brookly, queens, BX, STATEN ISLAND, long island you see people playing soccer.there’s a place in brooklyn caton ave near ocean ave it’s always pack with people. people have to wait in line to play. there’s 3 soccer fields on that block.

    Why the redbulls can’t fill up their stadium? and i wanna know who’s marketing for that team? Z100 ,HOT 97, and POWER 105 cover the whole tri-state area by investing in those stations that would boost the popularity of the team.

    To finish waive everybody and keep kandji, celades, and Angel. Idon’t blame Angel for lack of productivity. i blame the coach and they guys that are around him. The Guy is a scorer; if you don’t surround him with good players to feed him how he gonna produce….that all

    IF i am wrong correct me…LOU

  31. DS Says:

    Lou, we spent most of May discussing how I feel the team was playing well and just not getting results, and you were saying that it wasn’t good enough and results are all that mattered, but now it’s okay that Seattle isn’t getting the results because they are entertaining?

    nydasofine, if you want to have your little seattle love-fest, that’s fine. But if you want to have a private conversation, you’re in the wrong place.

  32. nydasofine Says:

    DS….U SOUND LIKE A NET BUG….running thru the net buggin’ pple

  33. lou Says:

    DS we may have been dominating games and still losing just like seattle has been, but our team is far from the skill level of seattle. I assure you that had we played seattle instead of the other teams we dominated but lost to, we would not have dominated. Sure they’re losing but if they were in the east i think it would be a different story for them, and they aren’t 7 points behind the last place team like we are.

    I still believe results are essentially all that matters (on the pitch), but seattle has a much better FO than we do and their marketing and attendance proves that point. As a matter of fact everything about the way that club operates is done to a higher quality than ours.

    And nydasofine i do agree that angel is a scorer, but he clearly doesn’t want to be on this team, so i say cut his sorry ass like we would have done for any other player behaving the way he does and take whatever we can get for him (possibly Janko). He is the captain and is supposed to act accoridingly, if he gets his priorities strait than why not keep him, but we don’t have to force the guy to play for us.

  34. lou Says:

    And nydasofine thanks for the help, but to be fair to DS i did say that results were all that matters so i guess what i wrote previouslt did require some explaining. One more thing to add is that seattle’s results have not been nearly as bad as ours, no one in the league is having the same level of crappy results that we are having except maybe san jose, MAYBE.

  35. nydasofine Says:

    Lou….NY IS IS THE MOTHER and father of every league in this country. If NY REDBULLS DELIVER A GREAT PRODUCT on the field MLS WILL SUCCEED. Remember NY is the biggest market. It’s not like we don’t want to support the team it’s because the product they trynna sell is not great quality.
    trynna get some big names from Europe not only one but at least 2 or 3. creating an attractive fierce attacking style to make the believers and the non believers to come back again again. Don’t expect to fill that new stadium with those kindna players u have rite now. who gonna waste their time to watch a losing team. like i said b4 NY is the craddle of every sport in AMERICA.

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