The Red Bulls and Fox Soccer Channel announced today that the Red Bulls match at Giants Stadium on Thursday, July 16, 2009, against the Los Angeles Galaxy will be televised live nationally by Fox Soccer Channel. The telecast will be an MLS on FSC – Thursday Night Special and will begin at 7:30 p.m. ET with a half hour pre-game show, followed by an 8:00 p.m. kick-off. Following the match, there will be a 30-minute post game show. Fox Sports en Español will also televise the match live in Spanish in a two-hour window beginning at 8:00 pm ET.




  1. lou Says:

    I’d rather watch it on MSG, those idiots who do the commentary on FoxSoccerChannel may be funny because of their stupidity, but i’d take shep messing’s honest commentary over that any day.

  2. kpugs Says:

    By then the Red Bulls should be about 55 points out of first place, should be a good time.

  3. lou Says:

    Haha, should be real interesting. If osorio isn’t out by that time, I think most of us might just be betting on how much we lose by.

  4. emilio Says:

    RBR never comments on anything anymore, It must be a tough job covering this team considering how things are going, but we as fans need to express our frustrations, if not it would show that we dont care, which we do.

  5. lou Says:

    i really feel for those of you who have to work for red bull. It’s your job to work for an organization in the dumps, we can decide to stop talking about the team or to take a break from them, you guys don’t have that luxury.
    I’d really like to hear mr. stover’s take on the state of the club, like if the club is willing to spend some money to transform the team in the summer, what the chances of an academy player being signed this year are, how happy he is with osorio or if by the time the new question and answers come out, osorio is no longer the coach than who is he considering for the job.

  6. emilio Says:

    Going into this season we had 4 competitions to compete in (MLS Regular Season,Open Cup, MLS Cup, and Champions League). We are done in 3 of those all we have is Champions League, so lets get a new coach in here and give him some time to at least try to salvage our particpation in that competition so that we dont get further embarrassed.

  7. Ceez Says:

    I’m really f’ing fed up with this team. I’m seriously considering taking my business and support elsewhere. Philly 2010 anyone?

  8. Shane Says:

    Do you think Osorio gets FSC at his house? That may be the only way he gets to watch the game. He should call his cable provider asap.

  9. lou Says:

    I think that if the red bull FO doesn’t do something with this osorio/agoos thing, the fans could start to resent the FO. I mean it’s great that mr. Stover wants continuity but you were really considering giviing this guy a contract extension? Continuity is one thing, but it’s clearly not working, and unless you want more and more people to start saying things like ceez did, something has to be done. Fans can only take constant losing and unprofessionalism for so long.

  10. MasterShake Says:

    ..oh damn.. cant make this game..i have an appointment with a very high cliff and a can of red bulls..lets see if it really does give me wings..

    …crap is there a red bull suicide watch hotline??

  11. herzog Says:

    Hey Ceez — Bugger off then.

  12. nando Says:

    ceez was leaving anyway….he’s broke!…lol

  13. Jeff Says:

    Great another opportunity to be undressed in front of a “national” audience. At least if was MSG the embarrassment of what will probably be another loss is mitigated by it small regional reach.

    If the RBNY FO doesn’t find a way to start to turn this sinking ship around no new stadium ever built will change the fortunes of a franchise that is a disaster on the pitch. $3,000 for club seat to watch this? Um, no.

  14. ocrapio Says:

    man i wonder how the front office still hasn’t let go of osorio like how much more do u have to see. I mean we are setting records this year….just are bad records lol and helping others reach their achievements. we need a new coach now for when red bull arena opens we will have a coach familiar with a team instead of getting rid of him at the end of the years and open red bull arena with a brand new coach..DUH !!

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