It is safe to say that the 2009 season has not lived up to preseason expectations for the Red Bulls.  The match with DC United was a microcosm of that: several quality chances created without the clinical finish, and sound defense limiting the opposition to just a few chances, but with one of those chances finding the back of the net.  With another match on Sunday, there is little time to think about what could have been for New York, but here is what the thoughts were in the locker room following the match:




  1. Matt Says:

    lol Petke is awesome. Time to sacrifice a chicken!

  2. onionsack Says:

    Fire this bum already. Eat the contract. This guy is a nice guy, but a loser.

  3. jason Says:

    i was shocked when zimmerman come on he should start now he did great. He got some good through balls but was off sides by just a little bit and got a great shot off out of nothing.

  4. Mike from linden Says:

    Wow, Zimmerman was great in his debut! He should definantly get more time than Sassano and Richards. Also, Borman was great. Easily the Man of the Match for the Red Bulls

  5. lou Says:

    Zimmerman was great offensively as well as defesnively, i’m not so sure he can replac richards for playing time because he probibly won’t play on the wings because he lacks elite speed, perhaps a central mid posoition would fit him better.

  6. emilio Says:

    Please resign Mr.Osorio, please have some dignity and resign, this is not acceptable. 540 minutes without a goal in 6 road games, 18 matches without a win on the road, we have had bad teams and bad moments but we have been at our worst under your management. This is not a team you inherited, its a team you created, you signed players, re-signed players, this is your team, and we are 12-19-12 under your reign and 2-8-3 this year, with no hope in sight. 6 of our next 7 are on the road, and we havent won on the road in 18 matches, let alone score in our last 6, what can we expect. I as a supporter and season ticket holder, do not take comfort in ”we competed”, we ”were in it”,”we were unlucky”, the fact is we lost again, and we keep losing, and it doesnt seem like it will change. What we have done under Osorio hasnt worked, we cant get rid of all the players, so the coach has to go. The Red Bulls are turning into a joke around the league, and we arent doing anything to change it. Messages need to be sent that we expect more, we deserve a winner, or at least a team that is trying to win, and you show us that by making changes when things arent working, this is a results oriented business, fans want to have hope, a new coach can give us that at least. Osorio has no idea what he is doing, he plays players out of position week in and week out, changes formations at will. He is over-coaching and taking copious notes for what.

    I hope we beat NE this weekend, but are any of you comfortable in thinking thats gonna happen this week, im not. Thats our reality, a road game 0 points, and at home not much better, thats our sad reality, are you comfortable with more of this,im not.

  7. lou Says:

    +1 Emilio, i love all the numbers you use in your posts.

  8. emilio Says:

    Since some dont realize the severity of our situation lets take a real look at our situation in the standings. Last year in 30 matches we accumulated 39 out of 90 possible points, that garnered us the last playoff spot, which allowed us to back door into the playoffs because of DC’s result in the last week of the season.

    Currently we have completed more than 40% of this MLS season, and we have 9 of 39 possible points, we have 51 points still in play. If it takes at least 39 points to get in the playoffs like last year, we will need to get 30 of the remaining 51 points to make the playoffs, thats 10 wins in last 17 matches or 9 wins and 3 ties in the last 17 matches, with 9 of those matches being on the road. Does anyone believe that we are going to do this, less than half the season has been completed, and our season may have already ended.

  9. lou Says:

    Damn Emilio, when my calculator breaks i’ll just come to you.

  10. THE Nick Says:

    Bottom line is, we need a more balanced team with a higher soccer IQ. Our defense is fine. Our forwards are fine. We have enough center mids. It’s our flanks that are failing us. Richards is overrated and has a poor soccer IQ. Borman will never be more than slightly average. We need to offload Cepero, Pietrevallo, Smith , Richards, Borman, and Mbuta for any value we can get. We need to bring in right and left mids who are not only phycal, but also technically sound. High soccer IQ’s. Ability to CROSS THE BALL consistantly. richards has speed and nothing else. Borman is quite averate and inconsistant. Smith is not worth the air he breathes, Cepero is not needed, Borman is USL2 quality. Mbuta will never progress to be MLS calibur.

    We have talent, our role players are just not up to par.

  11. JonnyG Says:

    Zimmerman looked like a stud out there. And he played pretty good too.

  12. emilio Says:

    Our forwards are fine? have you been watching Angel, when he has opportunities he doesnt finish them, his movement away from the ball has been awful, he has been lazy moping around, criticizing players on the field, and his passes have been way off.

    It also comes down to coaching and tactics and the positioning of players. Its not only 2 or 3 players not performing, there is no organization, the team doesnt know what type of soccer they are playing, with the constant lineup and positional changes, and that comes down to the coach, but does it really matter as the season is pretty much over, the numbers dont lie.

    Ubiparapovic has been one of our best players this year and he benches him, Angel has been one of our worst players this year and he is guaranteed a spot, that doesnt build team morale. I dont care how much he is making, more resonsibility should be taken by a player who makes 1.5 million a year than someone who makes $34,000 a year, that doesnt build team morale, that kills it.

    • bulldogsmb Says:

      Emilio, you are right on the money about Angel. Why doesn’t everyone see the obvious?!?! Lazy is the operative word, he wants the ball handed to him on a silver platter, and he only runs if he has to. Since when does he have carte blanche? There isn’t another team out there that would keep a forward on as a starter, when they have yet to show the results. Ubi and Goldthwaite have been the wheels of the team. Don’t forget John Wolynic, who busts his butt every time he is out there, and who seldom starts.

  13. emilio Says:

    I dont care what Angel did in the past, he isnt doing it now, thats all that matters, I can see now why Angel only had two good years in his 7 years at Aston Villa.

  14. lou Says:

    I’m passed the point of trying to argue, honestly I really don’t know what this team can do. I’m so fed up with our results that when i try to argue i just get to mad. The only thing i can think of that will benefit this team would be to get rid of all the dead weight, that means richards, pietrovallo, conway, boyens, sassano, khano, some others may be thrown in their but those are the ones i see as the most useless.

    After that we start to use our young players like zimmerman, mbuta, borman, and we bring up dilly and exantus, because if we are going to
    lose games this season than at least we can do it knowing that we are developing young talent for the future. When the summer transfer window comes around we can try to sign someone like castillo, and another forward.
    If by the time the tranfer window comes around, we still haven’t won a game, than we have to give osorio the boot. Than next year we have all these young and experienced players, a few good mid season acquisitions, a new coach (preferably richie williams), and probibly a big signing becuase that is what the FO has been talking about for the opening of red bull arena.

  15. lou Says:

    Our forwards are anything but fine, angel is playing the worst soccer of his career and he knows it. With the exception of kandji, none of our forwards can create their own goals consistently. We need to get another good forward that can come in and play with kandji, while angel sits so maybe he will be motivated to achieve more or maybe he can rest whatever injury it is that he obviously has.
    Like Emilio said, ubi has been a great player for us this year and has played every were he was needed, sure he makes mistakes but no one our team is mistake free. Cepero should not be shipped out, he is young and can prgress, conway is past his prime and makes rookie mistakes, if any goalie should go it should be him. Crossing has been sorely lacking since we traded away DVB, and getting a player like castillo that can create space and cross would be a good replacement for him.

  16. What the Losers are Saying #4 « Stupid Sideline Reporters Says:

    […] It is safe to say that the 2009 season has not lived up to preseason expectations for the Red Bulls.  The match with DC United was a microcosm of that: several quality chances created without the clinical finish, and sound defense limiting the opposition to just a few chances, but with one of those chances finding the back of the net. – Red Bulls Reader on his blog (with the same name) after another loss for the MLS side, this time 2-0… […]

  17. kahlva Says:

    Not much to say that hasn’t been said except:

    Please get a better microphone! It’s almost impossible to hear what some of them are saying.

    Need advice on what to get I can tell you 🙂

  18. jbtrex Says:

    THE NICK: You said it all. I completely agree. Get Richards and Borman out, they are not soccer players.

    Zimmerman looked really good though, so I’d like to see him get some more time at wing. Maybe he could fill a hole.

  19. pam Says:

    i have been saying since the first “reserves” game after the very first home game that zimmerman deserved a shot. pairing him with mbuta and kadji and hall in their rightful positions should bring us some results. thanks for finally picking up on it.

  20. lou Says:

    I think at this point that i woulnd’t be opposed to seeing a lineup similar to this next game,

    —————-Kandji——–Angel (reluctantly)—————

    I chose to put angel in but if he were to not hustle, than by half i would take him out

    I chose to go with a three man back line because i think it is the best way to let all the young and deserving guys play.

    The back line may pose a problem because with only three people back petke will have to do a lot of running, and at his age that isn’t his strong suit. I believe, however that if celadas and stammler stay back and help with the defense that is shouldn’t be to big of a problem.

    If johnson wasn’t injured and Pacheco wan’t gone i would probibly use one in the three man back line, maybe something like this.

    Pacheco————-Goldy————Hall (johnson)
    Because i think Goldy is much more effective in the middle

    I wasn’t really sure who i would use in goal because i really don’t have faith in either goal keeper, but because i’m going with such a young, green lineup, i figured why not put one more young guy in.

  21. Alle Says:

    With the way we’ve been upfront, I’d rather use a 4-5-1 since Angel is a ghost upfront 90% of the time and we just can’t risk another performance like that with 3 at the back, it’s far too risky. We’ve already conceded a number of goals already (12 in the past 5 matches, I don’t have to mention the amount for this season on a whole), let’s seal up the wound a tad bit.

  22. lou Says:

    your rite alle we should probibly just forget about angel for the next game so that we don’t have to risk a 3 man back line. So maybe the lineup should look something like this


    Oh and did anyone see what the revolution did to make fun of us?

  23. lou Says:

    Here’s the link for the video.

  24. Alle Says:

    I’d like to show them what we’re made of on Sunday! I hope we kick their arses, that’ll teach them right, fools.

  25. lou Says:

    I just hope we don’t get our arses handed to us. I don’t think my heart can take another lose. If we win it will be mint though.

  26. Alle Says:

    Let’s hope Osorio has the right coffee in the morning..

  27. kofix5 Says:

    they’re cheerleaders are a lot prettier than ours

  28. lou Says:

    do we even have cheerleaders? That’s news to me. So i guess we pretty much have the worst of everything in this league than… fantastic.

  29. Alle Says:

    Don’t worry, once Red Bull Arena comes around, you won’t have to say that again – best stadium in this country, without a doubt. If only the results would be better though, that’d really put the icing on the cake..

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