We are here at a rainy RFK Stadim as the Red Bulls take on DC United in an ESPN2 Prime Time matchup. New York attempts to overcome some recent bad results, but in an environment that has not been historically kind to the Red Bulls.  As always, RBR is here to provide a running commentary.

PRE-GAME: Here is the D.C. United starting lineup:





Bench: Kocic, Janicki, Gomez, Jacobson, McTavish, Khumalo, Moreno

PRE-GAME: Here is the Red Bulls’ starting lineup:







BENCH- Cepero, Sassano, Smith, Wolyniec, Mendes, Zimmerman, Ubiparipovic

NOTES: Rojas returns to the lineup after sitting out two matches following being issued a straight red card against Houston.

Kandji did not travel after straining a hamstring last week against Colorado.

We believe the Red Bulls will go with a 3-5-2 from the start of the match, with Mendes returning to action and making the start after suffering an injury during the US Open Cup match at D.C. United.

Jeremy Hall makes his first appearance and start as a midfielder, while Borman makes the start on the left side of the midfield.

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1′ Following a great rendition of the Star Spangled Banner by the US Marine Corps Band, we’re off…

2′ Simms with a blast from range that goes just wide.  DC used a counter to get past the Red Bull defense and create the chance.

5′ Rojas carried the ball upfield and found some space at the top of the area, but his sliding shot in the wet surface is corraled by Wicks.

11′ New York is turning the ball over in its own end and having trouble stringing passe together, but the defense has held its shape well so far.

14′ Rojas with a cross into space, but it is just out of the reach of a fully-extende,  sliding Angel

15′ Namoff dibbles into space above the area to put one on frame, but Conway dives to his right to snare the chance.

20′ Pontius with a shot from 25 yards that goes wide of frame.  Another counter from DC creates a half chance.

22′ Off a restart, Celades lofts one into the area, and Goldthwaite nods it on to a Petke, who puts a half-volley on frame for the Red Bulls first chance of the night.

24′ The slick pitch has players from both sides finding the footing difficult.

27′ Yellow to Simms for a foul on Rojas.

30′ Good posession from NY nets a corner, but Richards’ cross is intercepted.

34′ A half-chance from Fred goes well over the top.

36′ Goal DC.  Fred gets free off an Emilio flick on, and Quaranta is there to finish it off in front.  1-0 DC.

43′ Stammler lofts a  ball to Borman in the area, but he has trouble settling the ball and can’t get a shot off.


HALFTIME:  Zimmerman is warming up and looks to be coming on for the second half.

HALFTIME: Zimmerman is coming on for Mendes.

HALFTIME: Still a 3-5-2, but Hall slides back to right back and Zimmerman plays right mid.

HALFTIME: DC Sub: Gomez for N’Silu.

46′ And we’re back…

46′ MLS regular season debut for rookie Nick Zimmerman.

49′ Off a NY turnover, Quaranta carries upfield and gets off a skipping shot from range that Conway tips away.  Emilio gathers the rebound, and his cross finds Quaranta, who nods it just over the top.

54′ Zimmeman slips Rojas, but the defense cuts it off.  Nice pass by the rookie.

60′ Yellow to Emilio for a foul on Goldthwaite.

63′ Rojas slips Dane through, but his shot from an acute angle is out.

63′ DC Sub: Moreno for Emilio, who gets a red card after he leaves the match.  DC does not lose a man.

70′ Since Emilio had already subbed out of the match, DC does not lose a man, though he does earn a suspension for DC’s next match.

73′ Pontius gets a shot off in the area that Conway pushes aside.

77′ Looks like Wolyniec is getting ready to come on.

79′ Zimmerman with a shot that Wicks is forced to punch out.

79′ NY sub: Wolyniec for Borman.

80′ Angel draws a foul from 20 yards out on the left side.  A good spot for NY.

81′ Angel puts it just over on the free kick.

85′ Goldthwaite heads one over off a Rojas corner.

86′ Angel with a great chacnce initially created by a Zimmerman pass, but the ensuing corner is pushed out.

87′ DC sub: McTavish for Quaranta.

90′ Zimmerman draws a foul 25 yards out near the sideline.

90+’ On a  breakaway, Conway fouls Gomez for a PK.

90+’ Moreno puts away the PK to seal the game.  2-0.

90+’ Yellow to Wolyniec.

FULL TIME: 2-0 final.




  1. kahlva Says:

    Ooof. Brutal line-up in defense. Goldthwaite as a LB is always a brutal option – he makes far more mistakes there. Mendes can get badly beat on the right side. Petke as the lone, slow center back is not at all daunting.

    Hopefully Stammler can control the midfield with Celades, and Celades can link up with Rojas and Angel. I’m LOVING seeing Hall as a RM though. Here’s hoping that’s a good move.

  2. kahlva Says:

    And some of DC’s speed is going to cause our slow backline serious problems.

  3. Ken U Says:

    you got to try this lineup though because we cant let DC’s five man midfield control position on us

  4. lou Says:

    same first half as usual, we had some good chances but one of the first mistakes we make results in a goal. I don’t understand what conway is thinking sometimes he is just bad he was out of position on that cross. Stammler is just a great player great on d, athletic, and what a ball into the box that of coars borman gets stuck under his foot.

  5. Alle Says:

    ….And look at the price we paid for it, 1-0…

  6. lou Says:

    zimmerman has been very good

  7. Alle Says:

    Zimmerman was the only bright spot of tonight’s loss.

    Anybody still satisfied with how the team is doing? “Getting chances” but NOT making use of them, come on now…

    Angel should’ve tucked his away about 5 minutes from the end!

  8. Almedin Says:

    Angel shouldve finished, richards, should have finished, borman should have definitely finished!! Damnn we are just never getting anything to go our wayy!! Zimmerman was really good and should definitely get some more playing time.. I’d rather have him instead of selfish richards..

  9. Alle Says:

    I like the sarcasm lol

  10. lou Says:

    Almedin, calm down i’m sure osorio knows exactly what he is doing, he probibly just wants us and all the other teams to think we suck so that we can blind side them and start kicking ASS! Let’s just give him more time, i’m sure that’s all he needs, and i mean look at the bright side we got a lot of chances that we couldn’t finish. Let’s jsut give him some more games to continue to destroy our season.

  11. Alle Says:

    I’d say Rojas is worse on the selfish meter

  12. Alle Says:

    The ‘I like sarcasm lol’ comment was meant to be below, sorry about that*

  13. lou Says:

    i’d say this is one of the most selfish teams i’ve ever seen

    Angel- “give me the ball”
    Richards- “no give me the ball (in a jamaican accent)”
    Rojas- “give me the ball or i’ll pimp slap you”
    Conway- “give me the ball, i’ve got it… oh weight never mind my bad (ball roles in net)”

  14. lou Says:

    Richards his just worse and worse every game but in his defense, ricards isn’t a forward he really isn’t a soccer player either, he is more of a track star with a ball in the way of his feet

  15. man Says:

    Give Osario a raise, that was a game we almost won!

  16. emilio Says:

    Its not even worth saying anything, 0 goals in 540 minutes on the road this season. Everything is fine 2-8-3 9 points, nothing to worry about, we only lost by 2 goals. Lets give Osorio the whole year to ”build” the team, its wonderful, a few crazy fans this week were overreacting right Lou, I dont know what was wrong with us, we were fine out there. Only in America!!!

  17. Almedin Says:


    Are you STUPID? Seriously, I think you are.. Angel, Richards, AND Borman not scoring and finishing there shots.. And you really think that’s Osorio’s fault!??? Wow you really gotta stop blaming just the coach and start blaming the PLAYERS you moron!!! Wow you’re stupid kid!

  18. Almedin Says:

    # lou Says:
    June 4, 2009 at 9:52 PM | Reply

    i’d say this is one of the most selfish teams i’ve ever seen

    Angel- “give me the ball”
    Richards- “no give me the ball (in a jamaican accent)”
    Rojas- “give me the ball or i’ll pimp slap you”
    Conway- “give me the ball, i’ve got it… oh weight never mind my bad (ball roles in net)”

    It’s “wait” not “weight” moron.. go back to grammar school before you start saying how the COACH doesn’t know what he’s doing lol.. looks like you don’t either 😉

  19. gb Says:

    Are we done yet? Can we clean house, please?

  20. Dan Says:

    # lou Says:
    June 4, 2009 at 9:50 PM | Reply

    Almedin, calm down i’m sure osorio knows exactly what he is doing, he probibly just wants us and all the other teams to think we suck so that we can blind side them and start kicking ASS! Let’s just give him more time, i’m sure that’s all he needs, and i mean look at the bright side we got a lot of chances that we couldn’t finish. Let’s jsut give him some more games to continue to destroy our season.

    lou it looks like you are the one starting the fight with Alemdin. he didnt say anything to you but you had to bring it up. You should grow up lou.

  21. lou Says:

    Almedin, you’re writing skills are nothing to brag about so i would shut up if I were you. You’re insults are rediculous and really have nothing to do with anything. Let me ask you, who decided upon the lineup? Who decided to leave richards in the whole game? Who assembled the roster? You even said yourself that Zimmerman should have been playing over richards this whole time, well who’s decision was it to consistently play richards over zimmerman?
    Ok since we know the answers to those questions let’s just leave it at the fact that Osorio is incompetent and the only moron here is you for constantly supporting him for no reason. I really coudln’t give a shit how close we are to scoring we still didn’t zero points is still zero points.

    “go back to grammar school before you start saying how the COACH doesn’t know what he’s doing lol.. looks like you don’t either”

    What would me going to grammar school have to do with the coach not knowing what he was doing. Even if i was stupid like you say i am, which i’m not, a complete idiot, or child could see that osorio is just horrible. The sad thing is that you fail to see it so i guess your intelligence is below even that, i mean you put lol after your own joke, what a loser.

    I love people like you, you really make this whole sucky team thing enjoyable. At least if we are losing i can spend my time argueing with clueless people. Luckily i have people like pico and emilio to make me believe that this world hasn’t gone completely crazy.

  22. lou Says:

    Dan it looks like you just tried to start something with me, maybe you should grow up. If you read earlier when we were writing post game commentary for the colorado game, alemdin came out of no where and started calling me retarted, stupid, said i wasn’t a real fan and all this other crap for saying what i believed. So i think i have every rite to get in some shots on him when i have the opportunity.

  23. IB Says:

    Guys, we have players who do not speak english at all in this league,
    we should not be judgemental about how a person do compose in this
    blog, i believe that as long as we understand the concept of what that person is saying then it is no need of grammatical insults.
    We have people who speak different languages therefore english is not
    everybodys’ first language.
    I have no comment in today’s game, it has been nice blogging with you

  24. Chris Says:

    Fire Osorio NOW!! Something has to happen. This is disgraceful. This is pathetic. We look like an expansion team – – – every year!!!

  25. onionsack Says:

    lou, calm the fuck down will ya, i agree with your general premise but running aroung posting this crap is making you look like the asshole. So do us all a favor and post this on Metrofantic where it belongs. 😉

  26. Big Daddy Says:

    hey guys don’t feel so bad i just got in from the dc game which was wet and terrible… what a LONG ride home! i counted like 20 supporters over there… this is getting so depressing… the best part of the game was when a group of metro supporters held up the F*CK DC banner! it was classic…. now if we only won….

  27. Almedin Says:


    I don’t have time for childish arguments. Or as you like to spell it, “arguements”.. I have a job and I, unlike you, cannot check this blog every second of the day. So good luck getting Osorio fired because chances are no matter how bad you want it, you won’t get it. 😉 So too bad and have fun watching the guy you hate coach all season. 😀

  28. lou Says:

    Almedin, what’s with all the smiley faces? Why would you be happy that osorio won’t be fired. Do you really like these results we have been getting? Because if he sticks around it most likely will be more of the same. You’ve made some typos as well so if you want me to hunt around in your posts to find them i will, and yeah i don’t have a job i go to schoool so man you got me their. Onionsack you’re rite i did get a little to mad with almedin but after big loses that’s usually how i get, my bad. Almedin is still an idiot though.

  29. emilio Says:

    I guess some people are comfortable with losing, and are more concerned with making points and hoping that the coach doesnt get fired so they can be right. I guess fans that dont wanna lose or are not comfortable with going into each match with no real expectations of success are poor fans. 0 POINTS, 0 GOALS IN 540 minutes on the road this year, 6 of our next 7 on the road, lets keep things as are, I dont know what to say anymore. Take solice in that he wont be fired, he is doing a wonderful job, if he is the coach next year a metamorphis will occur and we will win the MLS, I dont know what to say anymore.

  30. lou Says:

    I’m passed the point of trying to argue, honestly I really don’t know what this team can do. I’m so fed up with our results that when i try to argue i just get to mad. The only thing i can think of that will benefit this team would be to get rid of all the dead weight, that means richards, pietrovallo, conway, boyens, sassano, khano, some others may be thrown in their but those are the ones i see as the most useless.

    After that we start to use our young players like zimmerman, mbuta, borman, and we bring up dilly and exantus, because if we are going to
    lose games this season than at least we can do it knowing that we are developing young talent for the future. When the summer transfer window comes around we can try to sign someone like castillo, and another forward.
    If by the time the tranfer window comes around, we still haven’t won a game, than we have to give osorio the boot. Than next year we have all these young and experienced players, a few good mid season acquisitions, a new coach (preferably richie williams), and probibly a big signing becuase that is what the FO has been talking about for the opening of red bull arena.

  31. gb Says:

    Where is the accountability? Fire Osorio!

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