RBR Special Correspondent Chris Celletti checks in with this story on a very special meet-and-greet that took place Friday night in New York City.  We are in the process of tracking down some photos from the event, which we will post as soon as we get them.  Until then, enjoy the report. (more after the jump).

Last Friday night, two Red Bulls players received some royal treatment and had the experience of a lifetime. Danleigh Borman and Andrew Boyens accompanied Red Bulls Managing Director Erik Stover to a meet-and-greet with Prince Harry of Wales of the British Royal Family in New York City.

“We were invited by Sir Alan Collins, the British Consul-General for the U.K., based out of Manhattan,” Stover said. “We’re working with Sir Alan on helping raise awareness for the 2012 Olympics in London, and they’re giving support back by supporting the club in market.

The opportunity was a special one for both Borman and Boyens. Borman comes from South Africa, and Boyens from New Zealand, both of which are members of the Commonwealth of Nations.

“It was an interesting experience for me to be there with (Danleigh and Andrew), and seeing their point of view.” Stover said. “Being from the Commonwealth, they have a different perspective on royalty and Prince Harry. It was a lot of fun for us.”

Royalty, of course, comes with its luxury, and this night was no different. The event was a cocktail party in an apartment overlooking the United Nations in New York City that Borman described as “snazzy.” Stover was wowed by the extravagance as well.

“Talk about an experience,” Stover said. I’m from rural Pennsylvania. We’re in this swanky apartment overlooking the U.N., in just a beautiful location with interesting people. It was quite an experience.”

Surprisingly, when Borman and Boyens got to meet and chat with Prince Harry, they didn’t talk too much about soccer. South Africa and New Zealand are big-time rugby powerhouses, and Prince Harry is a fan of the sport.

“We talked a lot about rugby, a little about polo, and about New York City and how he was enjoying himself,” Boyens said. “I think he told us to stop beating his country’s rugby team. But he had a couple of good things to say about soccer in this country, and it was good to hear his perspective on things.”

On that day, Borman’s home country of South Africa held the bragging rights of the rugby world.

“Prince Harry is into rugby, I think it’s his favorite sport,” Borman said. “We were talking about how today was the Super 14 final, with one team from New Zealand and one team from South Africa. The South African team won, so we were talking about the game today.”

Both Borman and Boyens were surprised and pleased by how personable Prince Harry was.

“He was real down to earth. You didn’t have to say ‘Your highness’ or anything like that.”

Boyens described Prince Harry and everyone else at the party as “very down to earth for the most part. It was definitely not the type of crowd I was originally expecting. People were pretty down to earth and were easy to talk to.”

While they held their own in conversation with Prince Harry, both Borman and Boyens remained extremely humble they had the opportunity to speak with someone of such stature.

“I think this has got to be up there (among his most memorable experiences),” Boyens said about the meeting. “The fact that I got to talk to him for a couple of minutes and got to interact with him, it was really up there.”

Borman felt just as honored.

“It meant a lot. I never thought I’d meet the Prince of England. I’ve watched him grow up, so it was a really nice experience.”



2 Responses to “A ROYAL NIGHT OUT”

  1. lou Says:

    Wow that sounds pretty cool, good for them. Now that the prince is best buds with some of the players, is their any chance we can get one of those big red bull posters to be hung on the front of Buckingham Palace.
    They said prince harry was giving support back by supporting the club in market, so why not? I bet erik stover could really fix the problem with all the no shows at giant stadium.

  2. Mentz Says:

    Prince Harry should join ESC

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