The Red Bulls take on the Colorado Rapids tonight as New York concludes its four match home stand.  The Red Bulls are 1-1-1 thus far on the home stretch, and look to move up the table with a win tonight.  RBR will be providing a running commentary of the match after the jump:

PRE-GAME: Here is the Colorado Rapids starting lineup:







Bench: Burpo, Valentino, Cooke, Dalby, Holody, Peterson, Schunk

PRE-GAME: Here is the Red Bulls’ starting lineup:







BENCH- Cepero, Borman, Sassano, Smith, Wolyniec, Mendes, Zimmerman

NOTES: Richards makes his return to the starting XI.  His last start was on May 2 in Los Angeles.

Today is the second of two matches that Jorge Rojas will sit out after receiving a straight red card against Houston.

Kandji will play as a central midfielder, and Celades will play on the left flank.

The Rapids took both meetings last season, including a 5-4 win at Giants Stadium on Sept. 27.

Scott Palguta, who has trialed with New York several times over the past few seasons, starts in central defense for the Rapids.

The all-time series stands at 13-13-3 between New York and Colorado.  The Red Bulls hold a 7-6-1 advantage at Giants Stadium.

RBR will be tweeting the match at

1′ And we’re off…

1′ Pacheco sends in a wonderful cross that makes its way to Angel, but Pickens is able to parry it away from close range.  Great early chance for New York.

4′ Casey gets some space along the end line, but Conway is able to come off his line to cut off the angle and deflate the threat.

6′ Hall plays a cross in the vicinity of Angel, but he is in an offside position and has to let it go.

10′ Kandji with a nice lay-off to Richards who is free in the area, but his centering pass back through the area finds no one.

13′ Off a Hall throwin, Kandji puts one on that is blocked by a Rapids defender (Kandji claimed he handled it) before Richards attempts a bicycle kick that does not connect.

16′ New York has carried play so far and has created the better chances, with Hall and Pacheco whipping in some dangerous crosses.

17′ Ballouchy with a free kick that almost finds Casey at the far post, but he is adjudged to be offsides.

21′ Kandji with a great effort to bring the ball into the area, and it looked like he might have been fouled, but its not called.

25′ Goal Colorado.  Clark sends in a cross that Casey meets at the far post.  Pacheco caught watching on the play.

29′ After controlling much of the possession and creating the better chances, New York gives up one against the run of play and it looks like it has deflated them somewhat.  It will be critical for them to shake it off and keep pressing.

35′ Cummings gets a step on Petke on the right flank, but his shot is wide and high.

39′ Clark beats Hall on the flank, and he finds Casey alone on the far post, but he nods it over.  The Red Bull back line needs to do a better job marking Casey.

43′ Angel turns and sets Richards through.  Gibbs fouls Richards in the area for a PK.

45′ GOAL NY!  Pickens guesses to his right and Angel puts it right down the middle to bring NY even. 1-1.

45’+ 1 minute of added time.

45’+ Kandji finds Sinisa on the far post, but he is offsides.  Sinisa nodded it out anyway.

HALFTIME: 1-1 is the score, though the Red Bulls have carried play.  The Colorado goal came against the run of play, but it was enough to give the Rapids the early lead.  Let’s see if the Angel PK can energize NY in the second half.

HALFTIME: No changes for either side.

46′ And we’re back…

47′ Kandji sends a through ball to Richards, but Richards is ruled to have held Gibbs for a foul.

48′ Kandji sends a through ball to Angel, but he is ruled to be offsides.  Kandji is playing well in the #10 role.

48′ Goal Rapids. Cummings sends a cross to the middle of the area, and Casey again is there to nod it home.  2-1 Colorado.

56′ Looks like NY is getting ready to make a sub.  Could be Sassano.

58′ NY sub: Sassano for Pacheco.

58′ Celades with a foul on Cummings that is ruled to be in the area.  PK coming for the Rapids.  Questionable call.

59′ Goldthwaite earns a yellow.

60′ Ballouchy puts it past Conway to make it 3-1.

61′ Three in the back now for NY, with Angel and Kandji up top and Richards on the right side and Sinisa on the left.

66′ NY sub #2: Borman comes on for Sinisa.

69′ Stammler gets his head on the end of a Borman corner, but he nods it just over.

71′ Yellow to Palguta.

72′ Angel puts the free kick on frame, but its too early and they will re-start again.

73′ Angel again hets it on frame, but Pickens gives up the rebound and Borman is there to tap it home to pull one back for NY.  3-2.

76′ Kandji is fouled again, earning a free kick from 25 yards.

76′ Angel puts the restart over the top.

77′ Yellow to Pickens for a delayed restart.

78′ Clark with a chance in the area, but Richards tracks back to break up the play.

80′ Yellow to Borman for a late challenge.

81′ Colorado sub: Cooke for Palguta.

82′ Yellow to Angel.

85′ Colorado sub: Dalby for Cummings.

87′ NY Sub #3: Wolyniec for Stammler.

87′ Free kick for NY from 25 yards.

88′ Angel puts it well over the top.

89′ 4 minutes of stoppage.

90′ Angel almost gets to a loose ball in the area, but Pickens scoops it up.

90+’Wolyniec gets the ball to Kandji inthe area, but he can’t get off a shot.

FULL TIME: A disheartening loss to end the home stand.  With several goals against the run of play, the Red Bulls frustration level is rising to new levels.




  1. Karbaz Says:

    Man, Angel just cannot score this year. he is just so off.

  2. Karbaz Says:

    Richards, cmon man!

  3. Karbaz Says:

    They should have Pacheco take the corners, Ubi stinks.

  4. Russ Says:

    There is some fancy footwork going on tonight, but it’s not yieling any results. Fun to watch, though.

  5. Karbaz Says:

    Oh god here we go again, no we gotta fight back which we suck at.

  6. Karbaz Says:

    Ubi needs to stop taking corners. they are terrible. His corners are just wasteful.

  7. Karbaz Says:

    Penalty red bulls.

  8. Karbaz Says:

    Tie game! Hopefully Angel can get his scoring on again.

  9. Karbaz Says:

    This team just has no ability to survive.

  10. Karbaz Says:

    Our next stretch of games looks horrible.

  11. Karbaz Says:

    Hahahaha, man this just keeps better and better.

  12. Karbaz Says:

    No coming back from this, good night Red Bulls, you stink.

  13. Chris Says:

    I’m at my wits end. This team is F’ing terrible. They’re just garbage.

  14. lou Says:

    I’m packing it in for this season if we don’t get rid of JCO and get some big okayers this summer, we lack the pieces to make this team dangerous or even adequate. We never going to come back from tshi deficet because we are horrible at doing that, and that penalty call amazed me because it was very minimal contact and probibly more of a dive than anything. Conway is terrible he is 6 foot 6 and yet he is terrible in the air. The first goal was the result of him getting caught between staying in the net and charging the ball, simply inbelievable.

  15. Karbaz Says:

    JCO just looked smart for once. Cmon boys one more show some hert for once in your lousy careers.

  16. Karbaz Says:


  17. Karbaz Says:

    Oh man that was terrible.

  18. Karbaz Says:

    Screw this team.

  19. lou Says:

    DAMN IT!!!!!

  20. Glyn James Davies Says:

    What a fustrating match, twice Angel from free kicks, shot over the bar. We have potential, we are just not finishing. Now we have two games on the road, DC on Thursday and New England a week on Sunday. It is going to be tough, we need some sort of chemistry, right now it is just not happening.

  21. tilt215 Says:

    come on guys, didnt you read stover’s quote in the paper? Trusting this fool jco with the team is part of “the long term plan”

    Why even bother saying sassano shouldnt have been put in and richards cant play and should never start? why wait to the 87th minute to put woly on the field?
    Why are these same questions asked after every game?
    if the long term plan stover spoke about was being the worst in the league, we are definatly doing a good job with it.

  22. kofix5 Says:

    “A disheartening loss to end the home stand. With several goals against the run of play, the Red Bulls frustration level is rising to new levels.” As it is for the Fans.

  23. DS Says:

    I am sick of all of you complaining and complaining. If you are actually sick of this team then stop showing up. If you are a fan I appreciate some constructive criticism, but if you keep saying that you are done and can’t take it, then arrivederci and good riddance.

    You say all the questions that you ask after the match are the same each week, well maybe that’s because you are asking the wrong questions.

    I know that what we are seeing on the field is not good enough, but it has mostly been down to individual errors. I don’t care that you all hate that he changes the line-up too much or when he makes certain subs, he is the coach, Stover said he is staying, and that’s it.

  24. kofix5 Says:

    I thought Kandji played well in the playmakers roll tonight. He was effective and controlled his space. The defense was frustrated and started knocking him down, giving us free kicks. Not a bad night for him and it will be interesting to see him grow into that position.

  25. andy Says:

    +1 to you DS.

    Difficult loss, very frustrating. However, I think the real blame is on the idiots who started singing we are gonna win 2-1. you never say that, and i called it after that. =). the worst part of the night for me was seeing the faces of the boys on the way in to the dressing room. I could see in JPA’s eyes just how much this is killing him. I can’t imagine their frustration. And all the fans yelling and cussing them out as they walk off the field, shame on you, it makes me sick.

    My only real criticism of the play tonight was the seeming lack of urgency at the end of the game. I’m all for building from the back and keeping the ball on the carpet, but at some point in a game like that you have to give the ball some frequent flyer miles and get the ball into the box.

  26. Chic Charnley Says:

    EXACTLY DS & andy! It’s the FANS fault! 18 months is not enough to judge JCO!

    I get it, the team really is getting better, they just have to refine that “not scoring goals” and “LOSING” thing they do most games.

    Just drink the red bull & vody, it all makes sense!

  27. lou Says:

    Nice sarcasim chic charnley, I’m sick of peopel liek DS down playing the magnitude of our scukiness. How bad do we have to be for peopel like to that to realize that we simply aren’t goood enough. Individual errors once in a while are one thing but we make consistent individual errors, lack consistency in the lineup, and you know what DS the fans haven’t been showing up so maybe they are taking your advice and maybe they are sick of it. And who really gives a crap if Erik sotver says he is staying or not, that doesn’t mean we have to go along with it or like it in anyway. This isn’t good enough for the teams fans and i can’t understand why someone would just lay down and take it.

  28. tilt215 Says:

    Andy, really, shame on the fans for finally vocalizing their distaste in what they see on the field? Really? I have been going to games since 96. I remember 99. Not once do I remember a large contigent of supporters openly booing the team after a game or flat out yelling at coaches and players as they walk off the field. Why do people think that when you support a team you need to blindly follow and never question?
    As for DS’s comments, people have stopped showing up. We are down massive numbers from last year. Then you said maybe we arent asking the right questions week after week. What questions would you ask? Cause believe me, there are plenty of questions to be asked when it comes to this psspoor squad. What games have you guys been watching? There was a whopping 8 minutes of good play in a 90 minute match last night. After that, like just about every other game this season, the turn of play went like this: turnover, turnover, turnover, turnover, turnover, turnover, turnover, turnover, turnover, turover, turnover, turnover……. (you get the point). So really, the loss was frustrating righ? We deserved to win right? Its not as bad as it seems right? We are the worst int he league, but hey, who cares right cause we have to blindly love them right? Right?
    And screw the look on JPA’s face. He should look disgusted.
    I say JCO should do the right thing and resign. How about we give richie williams his chance to captain the ship?

  29. tilt215 Says:

    And yes, before someone comments on my “we are the worst in the league comment” I understand both San jose and dallas have fewer points than us, but we have played one more game than SJ and they have 8 points to our 9 and we have played 2 more games than dallas who has 6 points to our 9. So yes, we are the worst in the league.

  30. jason Says:

    we need new players and fast

  31. DS Says:

    I am pissed off about the results too, but all the whining pisses me off more. I am all for criticism, but that’s not what I read on here every week. You asked what game we were watching, well I’ve been watching us out shoot teams for 4 weeks strait. I’ve watched us have passing movements that we could only dream of last season. The only difference is that the ball is not hitting the back of the net. The biggest problem we have is chance to goal ratio. Other teams get one chance and finish and that’s why we have been losing. We are not this terrible team that everyone runs all over us. We keep losing by 1 goal, by 1 mistake, by 1-2 missed chance for us to score. Just looking at the team’s record we are in terrible shape, but that is not what is on the field which shows that there is still hope. If we can start to put away some chances and the team gets a little more confidence from the ball bouncing a little our away instead of against us, they can turn this around.

  32. lou Says:

    DS it isn’t one msitake here and there it’s consistent mistakes every game that=Bad. Can they turn this around? Sure, anything is possible, but with this team i say it is highly unlikely.
    And That second line you typed about you being all for criticism almost made me laugh. See DS i’m all for criticism, i’m also all for giving props, but our team never does anythign worth props so all i ever do is criticise. Why should i give crdit when it isn’t due.
    You on the other hand take the oppsite stand that i do on everything topic, therefore if i’m all for criticism than you are the complete oppsoite. Calling fans critiques “whining” Proves that you aren’t for criticism becuase it isn’t whining, whining is complaining, criticsm has a point to it.
    As for tilt, well tilt +1, i could really use your help when DS gives me all this shit for saying JCO is crap or this team is worthless. Thanks for the back up on the whole internationial game thing as well.

  33. andy Says:

    Yeah, shame on then. I’m not saying blindly follow the team but these people who are standing above the tunnel cussing everyone out as they walk off as if it doesn’t mean anything to the players or coaches disgusts me. And to tare into them as if they haven’t played with heart, or give up, when for the most part they have been unlucky is silly. And to think they deserve it is even more absurd. I am not blindly following nor do I think anyone should.

    I don’t think they have played that bad, I think JCO has learned his lesson and is trying to get his best players on the field. Are the mental errors down to the coach, or does it lie with the players and not having the personal drive to stay focused? Juan Carlos can tell them all he wants to focus and drill it into them, but its up to the players to stop theorizing about the ending of LOST or watching the butterfly and get their heads in the game. At the same time I would like some actual tactical questions asked of the team and the coach, so we can stop moaning on and on. Why was Conway still rolling the ball out of his 18 yard box in the final ten minutes? Why were we passing across the back 3 instead of unloading balls to the penalty area and the corners for Borman, and Richards to run onto? Why does Dane lack the vision to dish the ball to Hall on the overlap? These are things we should be asking each other and should be asked of the team. Until these questions star to be answred I am not gonna judge the coach and team by the white noise that comes from the locker room called reporting, from here, Ives, or any other reporter.This proverbial BS, of how JCO needs to be fired and these players are useless is just mind numbing.

    Its frustrating, its demoralizing, it makes me wanna put my head through a wall, but I still love em. I look forward to the opening of the transfer window and just hope we can get into 9th or 10th in the table by the all star break.

  34. kofix5 Says:

    DS I am totally with you. The team needs to find the will to win within themselves.

    Fans cursing out the players is the worst! What kind of motivation is that? Thats just crap. Who would want to play with motivation like that?

    Any rebuttals to my questions can be directed to my middle finger. I’m not reading your negativity and Im not coming over to your way of thinking.

    This is the team we have. We geeky bloggers have almost no ( if any at all ) influence over the decisions on the field. BUT the players know whether we support them. And if they believe we are behind them then they can use that energy to help them find the will to win. We are the 12th Man.

    As the 12th Man we have the potential to influence the team positively. That’s the purpose of the ESC. Thats why stadiums in Spain rattle and shake from people pounding the seats and singing songs. That is Home Field Advantage. Our role as fans is to create an atmosphere for our team, the RedBulls that lifts them up and gives them the power to push passed perceived limitations and give everything win every ball, complete every cross, be creative and play with passion. And of course win every game.

  35. kofix5 Says:

    A few tactical thoughts:

    Kandji playing in the middle addressed our playmaker situation. He played well and will grow into that position this season.

    We played without wingers because we are weak on the cross. He relied more on the right and left backs for the cross and the midfielders carrying the ball forward. This was a good move. This is a new tactic for the guys this season and I think it worked out pretty good. It needs work. But it was ok.

    Conway delivered the ball with his arm because he’s more accurate that way. It is what it is. He is still weak covering the cross and that may well cost him his job by next season. We’ll see. But calling him out and cursing at him will only affect his confidence if it does anything and will cause him to make mistakes.

    Pacheco did play well. JCO took him out near the end of the game. Good move since the past has shown his mistakes happen at the end of games.

    Sassano did touch the ball. And he played hard. As did Borman. Their job is to play their a**es off for 10-20 minutes a game. I think we got that. Borman scored!

    As a whole, the energy on the field was heavy. Kandji showed heart, as did Richards and Woly. Angel is an enigma right now. I can’t tell whats going on with him.

    Anyway thats about it. I just had to get that stuff out of my head so I can go to work tomorrow.

    Good night everybody and remember to play nice

  36. DS Says:

    Thank you Andy and kofix5, that is exactly what I am talking about. Level headed criticism of the team and players. That is what we should be writing about.

  37. jason Says:

    why would kandji ever played midfield he has the mind and idea of a foward. also he never passes the ball and when angel or wolly or who evr is up front he dosent pass to them

  38. lou Says:

    DS, you don;t even criticise at all, your not talkign about level headed criticize your talking about refraining from criticism. I never condoned what those idiots at giants stadium were doing with the swearing and cursing out of players, i said this player is playing horribly, or osorio doesn’t no how to coach, or i would keep this player because…, that is completely level headed.

  39. lou Says:

    And kofix why would we move Kandji out of the forward position? He has been our most deadly attacking threat and yet you want to move him farther back?
    I’ll agree that woly and kandji played with heart, and they always do which is why they are fan favorites, but richards i would have to disagree with. He possess no touch what so ever, and never passes. He may be fast but it is wasted.
    As for conway, he is 6 foot 6, and he certainly isn’t agile, so if he is going to be a solid keeper he is goign to have to use his height and secure those crosses. He constanly gets burned on the aerial balls.
    Pacheco plays solid, but i think this league may be to much for him, at least for now. He makes some very stupid mistakes that have resulted in some goals.
    As i said before Goldy is playing his ass off.
    As for the fans at the game that were cursing out our own players, that is definetly crossing the line. It will definetly deflate the player’s self esteem, but angel’s confidence seemed to have left long before that ever happened.

  40. kofix5 Says:

    Why we would move Kandji out of the forward position is really a question for Osorio. I am acknowledging that he has his reasons and it seems that Kandji can hold it down from there. And he likes playing there. Maybe he’s more effective as a forward at this time but in the future who knows. He plays where the coach plays him. A good attacking mid scores goals and creates scoring opportunities. With Rojas out, Kandji might be that guy. And if he can fulfill that playmakers role then it could open the possibility of signing a forward this summer without sacrificing Kandji’s energizing presence on the field.

    Richards has not been dangerous or effective this season but he did cause problems for the defense that resulted in the penalty kick that Angel converted. A more skilled forward probably would have got a shot off. And if that forward had been Angel from 2007, then he would have shot and scored.

    Conway– heavy sigh. Cepero too, for that matter. They both have much to learn and no time to learn it.

    Pacheco– I’m optimistic. It takes more than a few games to adjust to this league. For instance, physicality often trumps skill in MLS. Defending players often go to knock a player off the ball instead of containing and taking advantage of a clean steal. For example, see the way Houston plays defense. Rough and tumble. Ugly but effective. Both Pacheco and Johnson, and other south american players need to make this adjustment in their game if they’re to get results. Thats just what I’ve observed from watching other players and how they handle themselves.

  41. DS Says:

    Lou, you are right, at the moment I am not criticizing the team at all, because the way some fans have been reacting infuriates me more than the results on the pitch.

  42. lou Says:

    Fair enough DS, but my criticism has always had a purpose beyond just hurting people’s feelings, and that’s why i don’t appreciate when you try to associate me with those people. No matter how bad this team gets, i will never be one of those people who walks to the tunnel and swears at the players as they are walking off. I may be more of a pessimistic person, and my criticism may have far out weighed my praise, but in a season like this can you really blame me? Kofix, i suppose i can agree with Kandji being the attacking midfielder until something better comes along but i really wince at the idea of him not being able to be paired with angle up top. I guess we’ll see what happens during the transfer window. Does anyone know how many more weeks we have until the summer trading window opens?

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