Red Bulls Reader caught up with Coach Osorio, Danleigh Borman, Dane Richards, and Juan Pablo Angel after the match to get their reaction to New York’s 3-2 loss to Colorado at Giants Stadium.  The loss ended the four match home stand with the Red Bulls earning just four points and with away matches looming at D.C. United and New England, locations that have not been kind to New York in the past.



  1. Matt Says:

    Just fire this clown please. I’m sick of being subjected to this crap. If I didn’t have a season ticket, there is no way I would come out to see this team.

  2. andy Says:

    my love and passion for this team I don’t think has ever been greater. To see the boys faces, and especially Juan Pablo’s, as they walked to the tunnel tonight tells me that this hurts for them, and that they care just as much as we do. They played with heart and looked very good for many stretches. Disappointed in that they didn’t seem to push harder in the final 10 minutes, but I understand why they wouldn’t just start lumping balls in. The bounces just haven’t gone our way this year, but I still love everyone of them and have faith that they will turn it around, there is just too much quality in the team

  3. Chic Charnley Says:

    And andy…..tell me…….do you still “love” JCO? Especially after what he has done to the “boys”.

  4. frank lozano Says:


  5. lou Says:

    see but there lies the problem with that kind of thinking, people will show up for good soccer, yet you want them to show up so that the team will be motivated and than play good soccer. For most people their reasoning is that they aren’t going to spend money on crap. Passionate fans will still show up and although i love this team they are really lettting me down and pissing me off. These loses are due to some player mistakes but also due to JCO, i hope we have a big summer transfer season because this team is just missing something to make them click.

  6. tilt215 Says:

    Frank, the difference between this game and the la game is simple….. WE ACTUALLY HAD A DECENT TEAM THEN. We are lacking in so many positions this year its pathetic. JCO took what was a decent team and made it a crap team. Kandji aside, name one other decent player that JCO has signed. You cant can you? Neither can I. His is an awful judge of talent.
    Lets not forget we have until july1st to waive Oh-no-Khano. Does anyone want to wager money we dont waive him and we get stuck with a kahno with a garanteed contract? Cause thats what this teams needs, yet another player we cant get rid of, but sucks so bad he doesnt even make the bench (like suckovallo).

  7. Mentz Says:

    Red Bull NY = Relegation to the USL 1

  8. DS Says:

    Well, besides Kandji JCO has signed: Pacheco, Johnson, Celades, Hall, Petke, Borman, and Sassano, None of those are decent players?

  9. lou Says:

    Celadas is decent but would be much more effective if he was surrounded by qaulity players, johnson is very on and off he can be great or just plain stupid, and as of rite now he is injured so he isn’t of much help, sassano is a bench warmer at best on most MLS teams, Borman is a lot like sassano, Pacheco is constantly criticized by Ives Galarcep for making stupid defensive mistakes and at first i disagreed with him but now i think i i see what he is talking about, Petke may have a future as a coach but he is way past his prime and slower jon conway, Hall has been good and has the potential to be very good. SO let’s see
    Pacheco- Commits blunders
    Johnson- Very iffy at times yet vey good at time and injured rite now
    Cichero- bust
    Rojas- bust
    Pietrovallo- double bust
    Khano Smith- bust of the millenium
    Jimenez- left for something better (smart man)
    Celadas- would be an all star had he had a good team
    Johnson- very promising
    Sassano and Borman- bench warmers
    Petke- Ex legend, still love him though
    Kandji- noice

    So kandji, Celadas, Hall, and Johnson on a good day. Wow that is some good scouting by JCO 3 and a half out of 12, now we have a team

  10. tilt215 Says:

    DS, you mentioned only a handful of his signings but I will comment on all of them since you asked:
    Pacheco = awful costs us more goals than anyone since he started on this team. No these arent only my words, but the words of every writer who writes about this team. He ball watches if he watches anything at all.
    Johnson- Well he was certainly leading the way in red cards, but I guess we’ll never know if he gets that record cause hes out so as far as the squad is concerned he cant help us not lose so not a win for jco
    Celades – old old old. While he occasionally makes a brillant pass, if you go back and watch the games hes played, he turns over the ball quite a lot. The problem is that he tries to be too creative with stuff and no one on this team even thinks of the moves he does so often what could be amazing is a turnover. So since he doesnt understand the flow of the team he is awful. oh did i mention he’s old and fades very quickly in games? So while he might make a decent sub, he has made more mistakes than good plays thus he is bad.
    Hall – still young but has some potential. JCO im sure will find a way to ruin him.
    Petke – old. slow, only good cause goldy is backing him up. I love petke as much as anyone, but he is certainly not the petke of old. He was signed cause hes a fan favorite not because of his skill so on his contribution to the team, BUST. He is certainly no jeff parke (who btw is playing no where so it made a whole lot of sense leaving him available during the expansion draft didnt it) FAIL
    Borman- was he a jco signing or arena? Who knows what he can do for us, they dont even know where to play him.
    Sassano——- FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL so the big sub last night was sassano right? Did he even touch the ball all game? NO why cause he sucks. He is awful. What has he done for this team? NOTHING. he has 0 skill.

    So as lou pointed out above, he has signed 12 players and on a good day maybe 4 of them could have benefitted the team, but celedas cant play a full game and johnson cant play at all so i currently give him 2 and a half out of 12.
    Now if we look at the players he got rid of to sign some of these players and the contributions to the teams they moved to…… oh yeah…. JCO is a legend.

  11. tilt215 Says:

    BTW maybe pacheco cut his hair so he can have a better view of the ball as it goes past him and into our goal

  12. lou Says:

    spot on witht hat tilt, even if we give JCO 4 good signing, 1 of them can’t play, and the 3 out of 12 is not a starting XI. I say keep Celadas, Goldy (playing amazing rite now), stammler, kandji, angel, borman, johnson, and than start over next year.

  13. lou Says:

    oh i forgot hall and mbuta, i would keep them as well so that gives us 9 players out of 24 is it? to complete a roster. Sign another DP, try to get castillo, bring dilly up, fire JCO, FO has to advertise their ass off, and pick some young players up in the draft with the picks we got from houston plus the picks we already have.

  14. Johan Says:

    why is everyone so high on goldy? did anyone notice who was defending on the first two goals of colorado? Once we went to a back 3 he played better cause we got him the hell out of the central defense and we let petke control the defense. Petke has clearly out played any central defender . I hope Mendes is ready next week so Petke and Mendes can finally play in central defense. I dont care what anyone says about goldy he isnt a central defender. Every game he is good for just watching a forward go past him and score and he has the nerve to scream like a little girl at every other player. Sorry goldy is one of the major problems in defense.

  15. lou Says:

    Goldy had no help on defense at all last night, and he was defending colorado’s best player. Once we switched to a back three we naturally started to attack more adn colorado was than having a hard time getting it into their half. Goldy may make mistakes but he has the athletic ability to recover spectacularly and he is a central defender because he doesn’t posesses the extreme speed needed to play a left or rite back and he is great in the air and has good size which are essentially to a good central defender.

  16. DS Says:

    Yeah, everyone is terrible and we suck and can’t win and can’t coach. So shut up and stay home. You seem to think everyone else who doesn’t come to matches has the right idea, then follow their lead.

    This is not supporting a team you claim to be a fan of. Why would any player want to play hard for fans like you?

  17. lou Says:

    DS you’re an idiot, if my ideas about the team and the direction this team was going was wrong than a lot more people besides you would be telling me. But the truth is that it is actually the opposite of that. The team is terrible, the coach is just barely that, and i can say all those things and still be a fan. Supporting a team doesn’t mean i make lame excuses when we do something stupid, nor does it mean i have to support a man that is inept at his job. Supporting a team means i will remain a fan, a die hard one to be more accurate, and if i wasn’t one than i wouldn’t care about what this team does and so i probibly wouldn’t be online wasting my time crtitiqueing them.
    Just because i have some balls, unlike you, and can face the facts that this team is going no where, doesn’t make me any less of a fan than you, and if you really believe that, well than maybe you should try and find the definition of what a fan really is.
    Until then i’ll continue to do my thing, and i’m sure people who agree with me 90 percent of the time like karbaz, tilt, and chic will continue to do so as well.

  18. lou Says:

    “Why would any player want to play hard for fans like you?”
    That’s rite DS because i started to get pissed with this team before they started to play badly, rite? No, let’s get somethign strait this team was crappy for quite some time before i started to realize that the fans don’t deserve this, and so i started to speak up. And that was way after Juan Pablo Angel started to act demoralized.
    Now that that is cleared up, let me ask you this, would a fan (other than yourself) really want to cheer for a team that loses every week, and whose captain acts like he doesn’t want to be out on the field?

  19. DS Says:

    You are right. I am not a fan. Fan comes from the word fanatic. I am a supporter, I support this team without being fanatical.

    Do I want to cheer for a team that loses every week? Well if it is the team I support then yes I do, I want to cheer for my team every week no matter what happens. Do I want them to lose every week, no. No matter what happens I will support the team, the players, and the coach. Of course I would rather support a winning team, but as we all can see that is not happening. Do I know what will change that? No. Do you? Despite what you think, no. If you can’t remember, we have tried completely changing everything multiple times, and it still hasn’t worked. Maybe giving a regime a chance for a change. And before you say it, less than a season and a half is not a chance.

  20. emilio Says:

    2-7-3 9 out of 36 points, that says it all. The fact Osorio is till coach and Angel still starts shows that Red Bull doesnt care about the team, and than they wonder why the no-shows, how can they expect the fans to care when the organization doesnt care. Where in the world in a major market would a coach who has a that record after 12 games still keep his job, how can that be taken seriously. Its an embarrasement I actually feel bad that I have season tickets and have more games to go too.

  21. lou Says:

    Oh yes DS let’s give these guys a chance to change and fix themselves, because they all want to be here so bad. That look on our Captain’s face every time his feet touch the turd just screams “I’m so happy, i’ll give it my all”. You want to cheer for a team that loses every week? Is that what “supporters” do? Wow than in that case you’re so much better than me, i mean after all i actually exercise judgement when giving out praise, but what you do is so much better. No matter what happens You’ll support the team? What is that supposed to insinuate? That i won’t support the team?
    Look DS i don’t have to be on their back cheering them through every mistake in order to support them, so maybe that’s were me and everyone else seem to differ from you. If they screw up i’m going to say they screwed up, if the coach is acting like an idiot i’m going to say JCO is acting like an idiot, and if we happen to win a game in convining fashion ever again i’ll be rite there to say nice job.
    If a little kid did something wrong, would you be sitting their watching saying yeah nice job, keep it up, or i’m confident you’ll do even better next time, or It’s ok it wasn’t your fault i’ll stand here and watch while you keep doing the same bad thing.
    You don’t support this team without being finatical, you support this team without thinking, and i’m just glad that their doesn’t seem to be many people on this site that support this team in that way.

  22. lou Says:

    Emilio you must be an horrible supporter if you feel stupid for buying season tickets on a team and organization that doesn’t pay you back, rite DS? Man Emilio, DS is so mutch better than us, we are just awful supporters.

  23. DS Says:

    No who is misconstruing who? I am always happy to support my team no matter the result, but that doesn’t mean I am happy about the result, or that I won’t criticize things that are wrong. But I am not going to say every player but 4 is terrible, every signing but 2 wasn’t worth it, and that the whole staff is horrible. I am not just giving out praise no matter what, I’m not really giving out much praise at all. The team has played better recently, created chances, and let in stupid goals. We need to start finishing those chances and stop the lapses at the back. We have not been demolished by teams since the beginning of the season, and we are only losing by 1 goal. The fact that we actually scored 2 goals this week is a sign that they are turning around. I am not going to just say everything is terrible, and everyone should go.

  24. lou Says:

    Ok DS, actually if you carefully anazlye the players that Osorio brought in (which you brought up in the first place), than only 4 players out of those 12 were good. The team has not played better recently at all. We played great against san jose and than were picked apart by houston even though it was a tie, played like crap against DCU because osorio didn’t take the game seriously and so didn’t prepare a competative lineup, we missed 80 chances against chicago, and than scored 2 goals yesterday whoop d do. Yeah we didn’t lose by mutch, but do you know how bad a team would have to be in the MLS to consistently lose by more than 1 goal almost every game? It isn’t enough that we lose, you actually think we are doing a good job by coming close to tieing? You may not be giving out praise (unless you count the excuses your always making for osorio or the front office or whatever), but you sure as hell don’t criticise anything.
    And liek i said in that previous post i didn’t think anyone should go i picked 9 or 10 players to build a foundation on, and i don’t think the whole coaching staff should go either i think richie willims would do a good job as coach, i just think JCO is shit rite now.

  25. andy Says:

    chic I still do. Mock me all you like with your quotation marks, but I do. I do think JCO is a good coach I think we have been unlucky, just as we were lucky in the playoffs last year. Maybe I’m just a sucker who is looking for a team to follow, but this is the only one I got and I do love for the joy they give every time they score and every time I get to cheer Ole.

  26. Almedin Says:


    San Jose Game – You’re ok with that since they WON (SURPRISED you’re ok with a RED BULLS MATCH!)

    Houston Game – hmmm isnt that the game we had a RED CARD IN THE 35th MINUTE and STILL ENDED UP TYING!!!??? (wow you’re dumb)

    DC Game – Osorio didnt take the game seriously?! YOU MORON it isnt HIS fault we gave up TWO LAST MINUTE GOALS!!!! He isnt on the FIELDDD STUPID!!!

    Chicago Game – We were better throughout the whole game, stopped their good players, and were better in shots on goal (10 against their 5 shots).. Rolfe had a lucky bounce and we lost, oh must mean we played HORRIBLEEE HUH?!

    Colorado – We played even throughout the game and both had 5 shots on goal.. once again, we just didnt get the win so we must SUCK!!!

    Before you start bashing on your so-called “team” and before you backstab you’re “team”, go look up what a true fan is.. ANYBODY can say “yeah that’s my team we’re in first place WOO!!!”.. a real fan sticks by his team’s side no matter WHAT PLACE THEIR IN YOU MORON!!! “oh, we’re last.. damn i dont like this team anymore..” If you don’t like the coach and the team, GO FIND ANOTHER TEAM THATS IN A BETTER PLACE or GO COACH YOURSELF MORON!!! You think it’s so effin easy.. You wanna be a fan? then SUPPORT YOUR DAMN TEAM DUMMY!!! When things get rough, you DONT just bail on your team and backstab them!! You weren’t talking crap when they were in the MLS Cup last year for the FIRST TIME!!! You weren’t talking crap when they were winning!! So shut up and support them or LEAVE, nobody’s BEGGING you to be a fan of theirs, nobody’s STOPPING you from leaving if you think they suck so bad.. I TOTALLY agree with you DS and dont listen to these ignorant backstabbers who ONLY like a team when they are WINNING!!! HELL NO THATS NOT A TRUE FAN, HELL NO!

  27. Almedin Says:

    Andy, thats EXACTLY what a true fan SHOULD DO.. Most of these “fans” are only happy if the team is WINNING, which is NOT what a true fan is.. Feeling excited for every single match to start, getting that good feeling when you’re team scores, thats a true fan.. Sticking by your team and coach and having faith in the coach and not just GIVING UP LIKE THEY HAVE.. Why do you think New York has had the MOST COACHES in MLS history?! BECAUSE OF BACKSTABBING “FANS” LIKE LOU who are NEVER satisfied with ANY coach (UNLESS they win EVERY SINGLE GAME)!

  28. onionsack Says:

    Unfortunatly Almedin, we don’t get style points. I agree we haven’t been 99′ bad in terms of quality on the field, but the table doesn’t lie. We are a last place team.

    Like all things in life there is a guy that must take the ultimate responsibility for failure; and for us these people are the Manager and the Technical Director.

    I think people are right to demand their resignations, because at the end of the day this is on their heads not the players.

  29. onionsack Says:

    Why can’t we feel all those things…yet be objective and critical post game discussing the team we spend hundreds of dollars and countless hours supporting?

  30. lou Says:

    Exactly onionsack, these people think because i’m not cheering for good old JCO (who has done nothign to earn praise) that i don’t love the team. I’m far from a band wagon fan, and i doubt red bull has any band wagon fans because to have those a club must have prolonged periods of success which isn’t exacly what we have had. If i simply was with the team when thigns went well and just was here to criticizeed i would have jumped ship a while ago, but unlike almedian or DS this team means somethign to me and i’d like to see it improve. It really doesn’t matter how we lost those games, but if Almedian and DS are going to make tons of excuses or say we came close to getting a point than their just cheating theirselves. And Almedian you don’t no me, so don’t even try that shit, thinking you know how i act with this team, yeah i was ok with the San Jose game and praised the team, but what other games provided the oppurtunity for praise? The answer is none, and until that happens your going to hear a lot more criticism out of me.

  31. Almedin Says:

    what OTHER game deserved praise? Um how about the past 5 or 6 GAMES DUH! Just cuz they didnt win DOESNT mean they SUCKED!! it means they are UNFORTUNATE and they definitely DESERVE better results by the way they play but they just arent getting them.. it happens and we dont give up, we keep fighting and eventually the wins will come.. JCO has nothing to be praised for?! I dont care WHAT reason you want to make for us making it to the MLS CUP the point is we DID MAKE IT LAST YEAR!! And who was the coach? OSORIO!! So get your facts straight, he DID do something worth praising.. He brought a team to the MLS CUP that has never BEEN there before.. You dont know me either lou so just cuz Im a fan who supports my team and is optimistic about it doesnt mean im not a fan that cares about improving the team.. of course i want them to improve, but switching coaches WONT do the trick!! It didnt before, it wont after JCO.. You think you’re so confident it will? Yea, I bet you were confident about all the OTHER coaches who werent good enough to “improve” the team.. But OSORIO actually BROUGHT this team to the MLS CUP and yet people STILL want yet ANOTHER COACH!!! Wow great team, new coach every season!! It’s called sticking with him and letting him play at least one FULL season and see if he’ll bring us back to the MLS cup instead of just whining and crying about how we need a new coach.. CRY ME A RIVER LOU!

  32. IB Says:

    I have never ever asked for the coach to be fired but it seems to me that
    these players are not motivated to fight.If we do not have a coach that can make a strong move of benching and standing tall to these players to prove that he is in charge then i believe that it is time for change.
    It was that lack of motivation that brought JCS here and now if he has lost it then i believe it is time.
    May be the players have seen his weaknesses ,at the moment if he is able to take a BOLD and drasticks measures on those players who believe that they are up there and they can never be benched then it will serve as a wake up call to every player.

  33. Mike Says:


    so i guess getting the club to their only mls final appearance in club history isnt worth anything? it was jco decision to insert luke and sinisa together in midfield during last years run in the playoffs which i promise you most people disagreed with at the time. he also played woly boyens and mendes who played well in the playoffs. here is a hypothetical situation, say cepero saved morenos first shot, the rest of the game plays out much differently and quite possibly could have resulted with our boys hoisting the cup. so lets say that actually happened, and we are in the exact same position we are in now, with the same position in the table, would you still be calling for this head? the guys has not even had two full seasons and u want him out even though in his first, again, he took the club where no other coach (hell, and we’ve had more then anyone else) has before. do you realize that before the crew took the cup last year they were a laughing stock? the crew f.o. was patient with sigi and reaped the benefits of their decision to stay with him before he decided to move on to greener grass. im not saying u have to agree with every decision he makes, i for one certainly question some of the moves he has made, but if this is your team, why not be a bit more positive then saying we suck fire the coach blah blah.

  34. lou Says:

    Yeah guys we got ot the finals, and when was that? Oh that’s rite last year. He tickered with the lineup again and managed to get it rite early on in the playoffs. He isn’t a great coach and never will be, and instead of chalking that all up to JCO why don’t you consider the individual efforts of woly and players like that. These players aren’t motivated, they don’t even want to be here, and yet i’m supposed to be an excited idiot like almedian and DS? I can support them without being that, i instead chose tough love, we aren’t playing to a good standard and until we do i don’t see why i have to be constantly making excuses for our loses. We lost great, that’s what counts at the end of the night, not how many shots we had, or how much posession we had, that just makes it all the more amazing that we didn’t come away with a point.
    For all f=of you saying it is to early to get rid of JCO, how long do we have to wait? Sure he might some how miraculously turn everythign around, but if he doesn’t were will this team be? And actually Mike, like i’ve said before, because this is my team i’m pretty pissed we are playing so badly. If it wasn’t my team i coulnd’t give a rats ass. Yeah i say fire the coach, stop screwing with the lineups, etc etc, but i’m saying it becuase i want the team to be able to achieve somethign better, the words may sound pessimistic, but the goal isn’t at all.

  35. andy Says:

    Osack you know how I feel, you could see it saturday night. I’m all for breaking down the team and their performance, but I won’t stand for cussing the players out as they walk off the field, when you can clearly see that they are just as gutted as we are.

    Secondly I think it would be a much better idea to ride out the year with the coach and see what he can do. The thing is there is no relegation, or any dire results if we don’t make the playoffs. Lou you ask where will this team be? Right where it always is, with a clean slate just like every other team for next year. If there were sever consequences for finishing bottom or in the bottom half I would probably change my tune a little later in the year if things stay so dire. But all it would mean is I would get my life back a little early than last year.

    I also think everyone needs to start being critical of the performance on the field. Talk about what happened there instead of carrying on about what you think should happen with the front office.

  36. DS Says:

    So Lou, it was the players and not the coach that won those play-off matches and got to the final, but now it’s the coach and not the players that keep losing every week?

    Osack,” Why can’t we feel all those things…yet be objective and critical ” you can, but that’s not what I’m reading. All I read is whining and people wanting staff and players out. That is not criticism.

    Also, we are not playing badly, if you are actually watching what happens before the ball crosses the line into the net, we have been playing well. None of us are saying blindly follow, we are saying SUPPORT this team. Be critical of mistakes, but you can’t write off most of the team and staff and expect things to change over night.

  37. DS Supporter Says:

    Who else wants to see Lou go out on the pitch and try to do half the things that these guys do? There’s a reason they’re out there, and you’re in the stands.

    Man, I hope you don’t have kids, because sometimes it takes more than just tough love… considering your foul language, lack of grammar, and general disposition, you’re probably some teenage punk, anyway.

  38. emilio Says:

    2-7-3 and the coach still has a job, and we are 0-4-1 on the road and have 6 of our next 7 on the road, a true supporter wants change and doesnt put on blinders. At this rate we will have one of the worst point total in league history, its a disgrace, teams that play well win, when you lose you dont play well, chances need to be finished and goals need to not be conceded in playing well, we are not doing that well, thus we are not playing well. Unless a metamorphisis happens and we start winning on the road the season will be over.

    Lets not forget Osorio’s record with us has been awful, we luckily beat RSL to get into MLS Cup, they were the better team.

  39. Pico Says:

    Lou, Almedin, DS, et all,

    Claiming to be a real fan is as stupid as telling someone else (s)he is not a real fan. We all have our way of supporting our favorite teams, and we all have the right to voice our agreement or displeasure, mostly along the lines of what we believe being a fan means.

    If there are some things that we should all agree on, they are:
    1) The season so far has been a disappointment. The team record does not lie
    2) What promised to be a very athletic and fast team has not taken place, forcing the coaching staff to go to a non-existing plan B
    3) Some players have not played to their potential or others have been a bust. Combined with bullet #2 we are now left with a few square pegs
    4) The team is very inconsistent. We have had good games but bad luck, and some putrid performances too
    5) The team has lacked discipline and concentration at critical junctions in the game. Although players are ultimately responsible, it is a reflection of the coaches

    Ultimately, as it happens everywhere else, the coach is the ultimate responsible for a team’s performance. Football is a business of ‘what have you done for me lately?’.


  40. kofix5 Says:

    Well said Pico.
    I second that emotion.

  41. Alex Says:


  42. emilio Says:

    So when will we decide to make a change being we have 6 of 7 on the road, do we just keep Osorio for continuity sake? Because if so thats ridiculous, one of the reasons our attendance has dwindled is because of poor results Osorio is 11-17-14, 11 wins in 42 matches in the regular seasons thats awful, we are under the impression we were good last year, we werent, we had a good and fortunate cup run, where we were were extremely lucky to have qualified for the playoffs and were badly outplayed by RSL in the western conference final. Remember how we back doored into the playoffs last year, we were gifted a playoff birth we didnt deserve, ive been a fan since day 1 and I think we deserve better. This is Osorio’s team, its his players, he put this team together he needs to be accountable, we have to WIN, thats what we HAVE TO DESIRE TO WIN, what type of fans are happy ”playing well” and winning only 2 of 12 matches, thats a disgrace, all the teams have the same budget constraints, so there is no legitimate excuse for how poor our record is, none whatsover.

  43. emilio Says:

    We are so bad we should be relegated out of MLS. Thats the reality of the situation.

  44. CEA Says:

    Yeah, Fire Osorio & Bench Angel.!!, but also benck Conway and put Cepero, becuase it is very clear Conway CAN NOT PLAY HIS AREA!!

    If you guy put attention, the mayority of responsability in most of the goals received, was because Conway, did not go or went bad for an air ball.

  45. Matt Says:

    If you talk about continuity, you should also realize that no coach in the history of the team has made it past a two-year tender. Sigi Schmid asked Columbus to trust him for a minimum of three years. They did, and Columbus won the cup last year. Maybe what we need is to persevere through this tough time and see where JCO takes the team. You can’t go from the worst team in the league to the best overnight. I say give it some time.

  46. Mentz Says:


    I don’t know how you can put that on Conway. I was right there for many of these goals and our defenders (usually Pacheco but last game twice against Goldthwaite) just don’t mark the strikers in the most important segments of the field.

    Conor Casey is 12+ goal scorer a year in MLS. You gotta know where he is when the ball is crossed each and every time. You could have put Buffon or Casillas in there and he’d be giving up multiple goals a game…

  47. emilio Says:

    The first goal was clearly Conways fault, he initially got of his line to go after the ball than hesitated and stopped. If your gonna go after the ball go but dont go halfway and stop, he is 6 ‘6 he has to punch the ball out of danger on that play not be caught in no mans land.

  48. lou Says:

    DS supporter, i don’t have to pay attention to my grammar on this blog, and if you spend your time trying to do so than great for you.
    What I have done is a text book example of tough love, this team is not in a good place rite now and i won’t deny that. Osorio keeps commiting the same mistakes.
    And who ever said i could compete with these guys on the pitch? If that’s what you have taken out of my messages than your sorely mistaken.
    I never expected this team to change over night, but i do expect it to change and it hasn’t, so therefore it is my every rite as a “supporter” to voice my concern. The only thing that has changed has been the lineup.
    DS, just because you regard what many worreid fans are doing on this site as whining doesn’t make it so. We apparently have a different way of supporting this team than you do, that doesn’t make us any more wrong or any less of a true fan than you. When the times are tough than we will let that be known, and when things go well than the same will be done.
    I’m getting pretty tired of you saying that you are calling for level headed criticism, because it seems like whenever i try to do that you have some sort of snotty remark for me.
    Lastly it really doesn’t matter how close you say we are coming to winning, because we haven’t won, coming close to getting a point is still not going to get us anywhere.
    And Pico +1,000 that’s everything i’ve said summed up into one neat little post. The results fall on the coaches shoulders in the end, and this is a business.
    For all of you who bring up Sigi Schmid let me ask you this, did sigi change his lineup every game? The answer to that would be no, and had he done that i can assure you he would have never of been head coach for them a third year running. Sure columbus was terrible for a period of time, but at least they knew what they were brining out on the field, at least they had some sort of continuity.

  49. onionsack Says:

    Not true Matt, Octavio was here 3 full seasons as was Bob Bradley. They were also our two most successful coaches.

    But unlike Sigi..there has been to upward progress since he took over for Arena. He started with a strong offensive team that was mid to upper level in MLS in 2007 and put out the worst regular season since 2002 and lucked into the last playoff spot.

    This year we all expected to see improvement mostly based on a fluke cup run, instead we see a further slide down the table.

  50. lou Says:

    exactly, sure sigi inherited a horrible team, but he brought consistency, continued progress, and than a championship. The comparision with osorio ends with the fact that they both had crappy teams, but unlike sigi osorio didn’t start with one.

  51. Alle Says:

    Supporting a team means being there in the good and the bad times, well we’re all here. At the same time, as a supporter, you’re free to criticize when necessary and that brings me to my point: Our club is slacking (no shit) and we need to repair it, and quickly. Sending Oduro off(however crap some of you may have thought he was) for those picks, which happen NEXT YEAR or whatever, isn’t what I had in mind really. He was better off staying, but now we don’t have much upfront so we’re screwed in that area if someone gets injured.

    We can’t afford to keep bullshitting ourselves and saying that Osorio is great when what he did was LAST YEAR and that we are currently in the middle of a mini ‘crisis’ at the moment. Sure, what Osorio did was great, but at the same time though, that doesn’t mean we should all bow down to him, even when we’ve had the worst possible start to the season, no way Jose. Osorio needs to be consistent and with the way we’re looking now, he’s lost it completely in terms of consistency. We had a chance to get some points on the board with these four home matches, and look what happened, we’re here scratching our asses at this very moment thinking about why we didn’t get atleast 8 points (2 wins and 2 draws wouldn’t have been a problem to be honest!).

    If anything, it’s not only because team moral is down, but because Osorio is screwing up somewhere. When a manager screws up, you have to admit it, even fans have to see that. Some guys on here (and I’m not pointing any fingers) seem to like Osorio for his record, and I respect that. However, he’s not cutting it this season. You can point all the fingers you like at certain players (hell, I’m even pointing it at Angel for his lack of effort) but at the end of the day, there’s a reason for it and Osorio is the reason for our troubles.

    So, should we sack him? Well, I think that’d be great, but I don’t see the club doing it anytime soon as long as he has the backing of Angel and others. It’s a risk continuing with him though because we’ll get the odd win here and there, then pull back down into hell the first chance we get, things aren’t looking good at all. We could have all the chances in the world but if we don’t get 3 points, all those chances counted for nothing. We either get a new coach and have a better chance of improving or wait for Osorio until he finds the right formula (which will take another year I’m sure).

  52. DS Says:

    Yes Lou, we have different ways of supporting. I like to give support to the players and staff and you like to break them down and only focus on the negative things. I’ve never been a fan of negative reinforcement. And I don’t have snotty remarks for the times you actually give criticism, I disagree with you and say so. I don’t regard being a worried fan as whining, it’s the way that some people on this blog complain and complain and just say things like “FIRE OSORIO” or “Red Bull NY = Relegation to USL 1” or “Just fire this clown please. I’m sick of being subjected to this crap.” That is whining, not criticism.

    And I agree with DS Supporter, not just cause of the name. I think it would be easier to figure out what point you are trying to make if there weren’t typos and spelling errors. I find myself having to read sentences over multiple times to figure out what words you might have meant to be there. Maybe that’s why we disagree so much and you think I never understand what you are trying to say?

  53. emilio Says:

    So DS lets just wait and do nothing, and say the team is playing well with 2 wins in 12 matches and the humiliating loss to DC in the open cup. And lets assume that we will miraculously turn it around and start winning on the road, and if that doesnt happen lets just say that Osorio is doing a great job and lets give him another chance because we are “just losing by 1 goal”. I would love the team to turn it around but it doesnt happen by osmosis, and I not going to lie to myself that everything is fine because it isnt. Mr. DC Osorio has done everything possible to get fired and still he has peopler like you who ”support him”. I go to the games I root for them, I support them and I want them to win, thats why they play to win not to ”lose by 1 goal”, and if we support the TEAM we should want them to WIN, even if it costs a coach his job. This is pro sports not childrens soccer.

  54. lou Says:

    DS supporer was a complete clown. He brought things into the argument that had nothing to do with anything. I should be on the field, what was that all about. And DS i can see how comments like “Red Bull NY = Relegation to USL 1″ could seem a little overdone, and may come off as whining, but the fans of this team have ever rite to express themselves. I’m also not one of those people who has said one of those comments you quoted, yet you continualy try to lump me together with them. Like Emilio said, we all go to the games, we all watch the team, and we all cheer for them then, but afterwards if the team played horribly than we will say so. This is a professionial sport, and if some players have to have their feelings hurt slightly (and i don’t mean swearing at them during the games or when they walk off the field) for them to wake up and smell the coffee than why not?

  55. Mentz Says:

    All I meant by my comment was we’re playing in MLS the way Newcastle has played in the Premiership and thankfully we don’t have to worry about relegation as of right now…

  56. emilio Says:

    We have to worry about not making the playoffs and not continue to lose fans, our fan base has dwindled down considerably and results are one of the primary reasons.

  57. Almedin Says:


    How bout you SHUT UP ABOUT OSORIO AND JUST WATCH THE REST OF THE SEASON OR CLOSE YOUR EYES!? He’s going to be the coach the whole season whether you LIKE IT OR NOT so just shut up because theres NOTHING you can do about it.. And if Osorio ends up bringin gus back to the MLS Cup Playoffs, YOU’LL be the dumb one since you think hes such a bad coach and you wanted to get rid of him.. Half of the season hasnt passed yet and we’re only 7 POINTS out of a spot!! You must be STUPID or RETARDED if you REALLY think the season is OVER!!! So Mr. Whiner, SHUT UP and WATCH US MAKE THE PLAYOFFS!!

  58. Mentz Says:

    I just don’t want us to get shat on in CONCACAF Champions League

  59. lou Says:

    Almedin you really need to stop with this cap lock shit. You end up sounding like a complete idiot. How about you stop addressing only me with all your comments since their has been about 4 or 5 other people who have said the same things as me.


    Ok how old are you? Yeah Almedin i’ll shut up while our team continues to lose. If osorio were to get us to the playoffs next year and was able to comeplete a miraculous turn around than i would be there cheering him on because i want the team to succeed. However, he isn’t goign to get their by coaching the way he is now, or with the team we have now, and our record is a testament to that fact.

    “He’s going to be the coach the whole season whether you LIKE IT OR NOT so just shut up because theres NOTHING you can do about it.. ”

    That’s a great atitude to have kid. You know what, your’re rite we should all just shut up. You hear that everyone, why don’t we all just stop writing about the team, on this blog or any other site, since according to mister brilliant over here, this team will do whatever they want whether we like it or not. I’m so glad you told me that, now i really feel like a part of this team, knowing that according to you they don’t give a shit about what we think.

    “And if Osorio ends up bringin GUS back to the MLS Cup Playoffs, YOU’LL be the dumb one since you think hes such a bad coach and you wanted to get rid of him.. ”

    Almedin, is it true that osorio is going to bring GUS back to the MLS playoffs? How wonderful i think GUS will really be able to help us win and turn things around.
    Anyway like i said before, i will be extremely happy if we to get back to the playoffs at the end of this year, and if it takes me looking as you said “dumb” for that to happen than fine. I will personally declare myself the biggest dumb ass on the planet if it means this team will stop sucking.

    “You must be STUPID or RETARDED if you REALLY think the season is OVER!!! So Mr. Whiner, SHUT UP and WATCH US MAKE THE PLAYOFFS!!”

    Wow what a finale that was. First let me just congratulate you on your wondeful vocabulary, and use of the shift and cap lock buttons because it was a real attention getter. Almedin, please do show me what this teams currently doing to turn the season around? Because every game i see the same mistakes made, despite the fact that osorio continues to change our lineup into less and less effective combinations in hopes of achieving a break through.
    DS you talk about constructive criticism and say i never use it, well please show me were almedin managed to use it in that last comment he made. All i see is him typing “watch” and “you’ll see” or “big dumb head”.
    Almedin if you want me to put my faith in Osorio, than why doesn’t Osorio start doing things to earn it. I may be a supporter of this team, but I’m not just going to cheer this idiot on while we continue to fall farther and father into the depths of the east basement. IF you want me to “quit whining” even though my “whining” is far more constructive than the crap you write, than why don’t the players do more things that are worthy of praise so i can give it out. I’ll be watching on every game day cheering the team on just as i’ve always done, but if by the time the whistles blows at the end of the game and we are still behind and completely fell apart, didn’t complete passes, and walked around the field aimlessly, i’m going to say that we did and that it was a huge dissapointment.

  60. emilio Says:

    Yeah your right, were on the right track, its idiotic of us to be upset that we have only won 2 of 12 matches, we should be so happy that we are ONLY 7 points out of the playoffs, yes everything is fine, im so confident since we have won 11 out of the last 42 regular season matches, thats just wonderful. Lou is so extreme in his thinking, come on lets be real. I cant believe that people just think things are gonna change over night. I hope they beat DC this thursday and than beat Toronto on the road, I hope we start doing what we havent done before.

  61. lou Says:

    Yeah emilio, idiots like Alemdin make it seem as if we want our team to lose because we are being real. This is how i see it, there are three main groups of bloggers on this site,
    the ones that are extreme and unsensitive (the oens that swear at players leaving the field),
    the ones that are realistic and criticise alot, only becuase their really isn’t that much that can be praised rite now
    and the ones like almedin that think they are above everyone else, and are the true fans because they are dillusional and believe osorio can just turn things around.

    If Osorio is going to turn things around something is giong to have to give, he is going to have to realize that the line up needs to remain the same for the most part, or that we need some acquisitions in the summer. Either way i really doubt either are going to happen over night.

  62. Alle Says:

    It has to be looked at in a realistic way, ofcourse. Almedin was basically saying “it’s sunny” but on a rainy day. It’s definitely raining eh in terms of the amount of goals we’re conceding.

  63. DS Says:

    Lou, I agree with you that Almedin’s little tirade is over the top and unnecessary. And I have not been saying that you never have constructive criticism, but I think that many of the reactions by you and others have gone too far. You have to admit that the team has been playing better. There is an upside here and that is what some people are trying to say. The way they played in the beginning of the season is much, much worse than recently, but we still can’t score. If we could find our shooting boots, and nix the dumb errors at the back we have the ability in this group of players to turn this season around.

    It is difficult for me to give criticism of the team when I disagree with many comments I read. I keep seeing comments about Osorio changing the line-up, but he has not had the same players available every week. I know the system has changed as well, and some people have been played out of what many feel to be their best position, but there have also been extenuating circumstances. I am not trying to say Osorio is the best and doesn’t deserve criticism, but there is only so much he can do. If players are injured, suspended, or away for internationals it’s not his fault, the system and placement of players have to be adapted. There is some weight to the argument that Cepero should start instead of Conway, he actually knows Spanish, so that would help in communicating with Pacheco and he is more athletic than Conway. But then again Cepero’s positioning has been terrible, last season and this one. It’s a very tough call and if we could stop conceding penalties, I would have to go with Conway’s experience.

  64. Pico Says:

    To all,

    just a little food for thought at Dave Martinez’ blog:

    Listen to the full podcast at and then let’s come back and discuss.


  65. Almedin Says:


    Before you call people idiots thinking you’re cool, I’m a 20 year old pharmacy student, so don’t disrespect me just because I don’t like the derisory comments you make.. I have been calm throughout the comments, but when you keep blaming the coach for every little thing the players do, it gets really annoying.. The guy didnt even have one full season yet and already you think you’re better than him.. Give him a full season before you talk crap and see what happens.. If it isnt good enough, than I wont have any problem agreeing with you that he should be fired.. But due to injuries, international call-ups, and new players in the fold (like Celades), he has no choice but to switch up the line-up.. Team chemistry is going to take a while but when it gets here, it is going to be something great.. If they fired Sigi during his first year in Columbus, who knows when they would have won the MLS Cup.. Give Osorio a full season before you start talking crap about how bad he is.. I read in an earlier comment that guys like Wolyneic helped us make it to the MLS Cup, not Osorio.. Well, who decided to play Wolyneic? A fan like you or Osorio? So give it a full season and dont count out the Red Bulls just yet..

  66. jess Says:

    wow. some angry fans on here! lol!

  67. lou Says:

    Alemdin, you’re a 20 year old student? Wow you really fooled me. You act like your superior to me, not the other way around so i don’t really know where you got my idea. With great power comes great responsibility, The coach is the ultimate decider in everything and when we win he should get a large majority of the praise, however when he loses the same should be done. He may have to change his lineup for internationial duty, injuries, or suspensions, and so does every coach, but he does it far more than any coach in our clubs history adn probibly more than anyone in league history. Besides all that it isn’t enough for him, he has to continue to take players and put them in positions were they are ineffective.
    As far as the Sigi comparisions they are a little over done. Sigi may have taken a loser team all the way to the top, but besides the fact that osorio and sigi both had crappy teams, there really isn’t any other similarities. Sigi inherited a crappy team, osorio on the other hand was largely responsible for most of the dead end trades we made, and now only a year later we went form being one of the most offensively potent teams in the league to one of the worst. Are you gogin to tell me that that wasn’t in some way related to Osorio’s “methods”?

    “Before you call people idiots thinking you’re cool, I’m a 20 year old pharmacy student, so don’t disrespect me just because I don’t like the derisory comments you make.. ”

    Assuming you even know what derisory means, explain to me how my comments were any more derisory than yours. You called me an idiot, down played my role as fan by essentially saying my opinion couldn’t possible we worth anything, told me to shut up several times, and than called me mr. whiner. Now to me that sounds pretty derisory, you sounded like a spoiled, frustrated 5 year old.
    Before I call people idiots, you say? If i am reading correctly you started throwing things around at me like i’m retarted or whatever, so i responded to you in kind. If anything you’re the one who thinks he is to cool.
    I blame every little thing the players do on the coach? Really it’s just me supposedly doing that? Doesn’t seem that way to me, nor did i ever blame osorio for conway or pacheco’s mistakes, or angel’s lack of effort, or richards lack of touch. I do blame him for what he is responsible for like putting certain players into positions that they are noticeably less effective in or making stupid trades or tactical discisions.

    “If it isnt good enough, than I wont have any problem agreeing with you that he should be fired.. ‘

    When will he be deemed not good enough by you? If this isn’t what you consider to be not good enough than what is? Do we have to trade away even more of our talent, and lose every game for you to wake up and smell the shit? We are in a bad situation and no matter how much you try to down play it, we will still be in that bad situation.
    I have no respect for fans like you, you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about, and telling me to shut up over and over again isn’t going to make your arguement any more plausable.
    DS i respect what you said, and it is true that we have been playing better since our blowout at seattle, but points are points, and in the end all i really care about is were we are in the standings, not how close we are to winning.

  68. lou Says:

    Pico that was a great find by the way, i got a good laugh out of that. Now it is clear to everyone who is a red bull’s supporter, that shep messing loves the red bulls, yet he managed to speak the truth and say what was really going on. Is anyone going to tell him he isn’t a real supporter because he bashed osorio and all the players that i have criticised this season? If anything messing was much more spirited in his comments than me, and I really hope he doesn’t lose his job for telling the truth, this man is an icon.

  69. lou Says:

    For me Shep could be a candidate for coach, he has a good soccer mind and although it is completely different when you start opperating from within the club, i think because of his passion for the club he would be a perfect fit. Also does anyone know if del piero is out of his contract, i remeber hearing a few years back that he was looking to come to america, and being of the stature he is in the italian soccer world, he would be able to have an impact on attendance and play.

  70. DS Says:

    I agree that in the end points are all that matters, but due to some of the performances I have hope in this team.

    I also agree with a lot of what Shep said, but he never actually directly criticized Osorio. I’ll admit that I have only been able to read the quotes and not listen to the actual interview, but Osorio’s name isn’t mentioned at all. The fact that Pietra has a guaranteed contract is scandalous, and the disparity between players who perform, but might be new to the league, and those who don’t perform, but have experience, make way too much is ridiculous.

    Like Shep said, Harrison alone will not sustain a sellout every week without performances, but I don’t think that this season’s results will determine how many people will be there. I think it will sellout for opening day and depending on that performance and the subsequent ones, those will dictate the attendance, not so much the poor results this season. The question is, will this season’s poor results continue through next year?

  71. lou Says:

    shep kinda did criticise osorio, sure not directly becuase he never mentioned his name but he did say things like

    “They have six or seven (players) you need to trade for a bag of soccer balls. (to which the host asks no names though right?) I don’t have a problem with names, you know me Ken. Coaches in this league, MLS in particular, you can ill afford to give guaranteed contracts to bad players.”

    And he also criticised the signings of khano and oduro, and increased salary of richards. He was clearly insinuating that osorio was to blame for thoseand rightly so, because osorio was coach when this all happened.

  72. Pico Says:


    Shep did not have to mention Osorio’s name directly, but you had to read between the lines to get the message that all the players mentioned in a negative way were brought in by JCO and the front office (except maybe Richards, but he was given the big contract this year.) No one else to blame there and it clearly questions JCO’s ability to judge players.

    So once the coach realized that those are not good players, he has had to go back to the drawing board and come up with plan B. Maybe he tried to make plan A work too hard and wasted valuable time and a full pre-season. That also has cost the team the chance to sign the promising central defender we got in the draft and to act on Duka and Exantus.


  73. DS Says:

    I think some stabs at Osorio could be deciphered between the lines, but he seems to be more angry with the players. It was Osorio and Agoos who brought them in (besides Richards), but most of those players are not playing, so Osorio has realized this, and no one wants to trade for them because other coaches know what they can(n’t) do. The contract thing is more Agoos and the FO than Osorio specifically, but every agrees that Pietra is a waste of space and we can see that by his playing time, or lack of. I don’t think you can blame the team for losing the drafted defender who went to England, I’m not sure if he has signed anywhere, but RB does still have his MLS rights if he chooses to play in the US. As I have said preiously, I have not seen enough of Duka and Exantus to comment on them.

  74. lou Says:

    what about brunner and parke getting away, i still think we should make a play to bring parke back, he belongs here adn the fans still love him. With him and goldthwaite playing the back not only will be strong but we will also be athletic and we won’t have to worry about petke being a speed liability.

  75. kofix5 Says:

    the word y’all’s lookin for is ‘derisive’

  76. DS Says:

    I don’t remember ever seeing Brunner play when he was with us. And Parke was out of contract when he was left available for the expansion draft. He hadn’t signed a new contract by the end of november, so they would have protected a player who could just up and leave if he wanted. If they wanted him back, I think Seattle have Parke’s MLS rights at the moment, so we would have to get his rights from them and entice him to return. I’m not sure defense is our biggest issue at the moment that needs to be solved. We need to start scoring goals. And hopefully we can start tomorrow.

  77. Almedin Says:

    That is one thing I will agree on.. Parke was definitely one of my favorite players because he was a great defender.. Brunner, watched him a bit and wasnt really interested.. And Lou, I will start thinking that Osorio needs to be fired at the end of the season because I believe that people deserve a chance.. Not a game, not half of a season, but a full season.. So if you think the season’s already over, than good luck to you and I guess better luck next year with a new coach.. But I still believe there is a lot of games left and we can make the playoffs with some good finishes.. I havent counted out Osorio yet because he deserves at least one full season before he is considered an awful coach.. It truly is the least the fans can give him since he brought us to our first MLS cup (last time I checked the coach decided to play Richards and Wolyneic in the MLS Cup Playoffs)..

  78. lou Says:

    It really isn’t the least we can give him. He got us there this year, that was great but now we are at the bottom of the table, and he has done nothing this year to garner respect or to deserve more time. He has coached a full season’s worth of games or nearly that amount, and with him we have a horrible record, i don’t really know how you expect him to turn things around if he continues to make the same mistakes. Essentially you’re telling me you will wait till the end of the season before you call for a new coach, so i guess you want to wait until he has completely destroyed this season before you give him the axe. That’s fair, let’s let him keep ruining the team with his brilliant changes and tactical descisions.

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