The Red Bulls players, coaches, and support staff received their first look at Red Bull Arena on Thursday, receiving a guided tour from RBNY Managing Director Erik Stover. READ THE FULL STORY HERE.


Have you checked out the web cam recently?



7 Responses to “RB PLAYERS GET A RBA TOUR”

  1. Shane Says:

    That’s cool that they got to the stadium, but I have a question. Why would Angel say this- “I hope to be part of this next year and still be in here for next year, but this is just phenomenal.” He does plan on staying, right? Considering he just signed an extension. This doesn’t scream confidence in coming back.

  2. Roberto Says:

    Shane, i was just thinking the same thing, oh well time will tell.

  3. OrgeDave Says:

    This was an excellent move by the FO to get some motivation into the team! show them what they are playing for… Thier new home!!

    I think it is the stadium pitch that is a major factor for us not playing well. The injury level can be big, and if you don’t want to be out, the way you play changes. I hope that we can pull out of this slump!

  4. Cindy Says:

    definitely a great motivator! As for Angel… perhaps he knows he’s in a slump right now and is hesitant because of that? Whatever it is I want him back, he’s slumped before and come back from it, he’ll do it again.

  5. lou Says:

    I think that angel quote may be due to the fact that either A). the Fo has talked to him about his performance, or B). He knows he has been sucking it up and may be considering moving some were ellse or retiring.

  6. Charlie N. Says:

    I hate to be the wet blanket here-BUT- if history is to be our guide, they could just as well frustrate the fans inRBA as they could at Giants stadium. Just sayin…..

  7. Chris Says:

    This is all the pics we get of the players checking out the new stadium?? Jeez. Way to go marketing department.

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