Before we completely turn the page to start focusing on Colorado, here is one last look back at the Chicago match, with some more post match reaction:



3 Responses to “RED BULLS VS. FIRE: A LOOK BACK”

  1. CEA Says:

    Previously, few fans sugested to get Christian Castillo (Salvadorean Midfielder). I don’t know if you guys saw the game of El Salvador against Ecuador yesterday 27th at Los Angeles Coliseum. with Victory for ES 3 to 1.
    Again Castillo, did a great performance contributing to the national team to win. I really think Castillo wil be a perfect fit for Red Bulls, please get him, before another MLS team. In the comentaries I heard that DC United, was observing Castillo, So we better act quickly!!!. I think if our team makes an offer to him, we can win, because we already have Pacheco with us and that may motivate Castillo to play for Red Bulls.

  2. jason Says:

    he needs to be on the redbulls we need him

  3. lou Says:

    i was one of the first people to suggest this guy and everyone else could care less, they said we were loaded with talent and that we wouldn’t need him. Look were we are now. Bottom line is we need this guy just as much as we need an academy player (preferable duka who can play in the midfield adn up top rather than just up top like exantus). I would rather have those two things than one dp this summer like figo. Save the DP for next year adn build a team this year.

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