Dominic Oduro

The club just announced that is has acquired two SuperDraft picks from Houston in exchange for forward Dominic Oduro.  The club also announced that it has waived goalkeeper Terry Boss.  CLICK HERE FOR FULL RELEASE.

The Red Bulls now have two first round selections in the 2010 MLS SuperDraft.




  1. kpugs Says:

    Which of course means they will draft players with those picks who don’t sign for the team, or they will get an awesome draft pick with unlimited potential and trade him for peanuts. Same old same old.

  2. Ceez Says:

    What he said.

    I understand why DVB wanted to go to Dallas, but goddamn what a waste! Only franchise who CONTINUES to get it wrong time and time again.

  3. lou Says:

    we just robbed houston, i’m just glad we got anything for oduro. Even if the draft picks end up resulting in nothing, we still freed up one spot on the roster which means we can now sign either duka or exantus.

  4. Mike from linden Says:

    it seems good now but what are you going to do with the picks and the empty spot?

  5. A.T. Says:

    I don’t think Houston got robbed. Obviously they see the talent in him that’s why they want him after all Osorio doesn’t want to play him b/c he doesn’t want to bench Angel.
    Plus it was Houston who contacted Osorio to get Oduro, I am very happy for him. He will now get more playing time and go where he is appreciated!

  6. Cindy Says:

    if Oduro can do well in Houston then the better for him. but it obviously wasn’t working out here, so we can’t count it as too much of a loss i don’t think. hopefully we sign Duka (or Exantus too i guess) and they tear it up.

  7. lou Says:

    i don’t no how houston didn’t get robbed, we gave away a player that hasn’t done aything for us and in exchange got players spots for the future that can be filled by better players.

  8. Alle Says:

    Screw that, it would’ve been better had we gotten a player in exchange for him that way we can get some much needed aid NOW instead of waiting for a year or two with the draft.

  9. rbfanatic6 Says:

    very very very surprising!!…i was expecting oduro 2 leave but not that soon!!….now all we need to wait 4 r these picks…hopefully next year’s draft will b as good as this one and get us a good quality player!

  10. kofix5 Says:

    Could this be a bigger signing?
    We have a DP spot available, is there extra
    money to get a playmaker/ scoring machine?

  11. kofix5 Says:

    If its not a sign of making way
    for signing a DP by releasing 2
    then are we thinking of
    geting another 3rd goalkeeper
    or maybe a 4th?

  12. IB Says:

    I hope all Oduro haters are content,now the bulls will start winning all it’s games,it is nice accessing a player who have barely played 10% in the pass eleven games.
    Oduro, i am sad to see you go this way,thank you for the short stay,i wish you all the best.You have the potential,keep your fighting spirit going, you will make it with time, you are only 23yrs old.

  13. Claude Says:

    They could have traded the useless Argentinean for a Johnny on the spot.

  14. DS Says:

    I don’t get what all this talk about Duka and Exantus is about. Have any of you actually seen them? And if so, can you really tell if their skill against a group of U-16’s is really enough to know they would succeed against the rest of MLS? Also, I don’t think clearing two players making the league minimum off the roster will make the room for another DP, especially not midseason.

    You say all Osorio and Agoos do is get it wrong, but they’ve brought in some really good players, actually every player that has played well this season (besides Stam and Woly) have been brought in over the past 2 years, i.e. Goldthwaite, Kandji, Pacheco, Celades, Hall, and C Johnson (despite the cards he’s done really well). There is also Sassano and Borman, and Rojas has been good for spells this year. Also, Zimmerman and Mbuta seem like good prospects once they get more experience. They have gotten some players wrong, as do all teams, but they have also gotten decisions right and deserve credit for that.

  15. kofix5 Says:

    I, for one, was excited to see Oduro come to the team. We never really got to see him play, so I don’t think he was given the chance that a few midfield players have been given. But if we use this opportunity to sign a tried and true player who will show up, create, and score goals then releasing a Forward with potential is a good move.
    Signing a ‘sure thing’ is way more important to the team than signing 1 or 2 rookies. Unless its crystal clear the rooks going to put balls in sacks right away in MLS.

    btw-DS- I agree JCO has brought in good players for the most part. Boukary Soumare and Conde for Chi town made an immediate impact as well.
    JCO is a good coach. Its tough right now that we haven’t been winning but we are building character and finding out who the real fans are right now.

  16. Oduro To Houston For Picks - - The Offside - New York Red Bulls Soccer Blog Says:

    […] Oduro fell far short of expectations, and will now wake up tomorrow, once again a citizen of Texas. The Bulls have sent Oduro to Houston for a pair of draft picks. This will now ensure that the Bulls will have two first round picks heading into next season (just […]

  17. Bebe23344 Says:

    Well said Kofix5.

    The only regret is that he never gave the chance for Oduro to play so everyone could see how well he plays. He play half of a major game , the first open cup game where he assisted and the second which was horrible b/c of defense. Plus if you guys go to the blogs of houston dynamo fans everyone is exicited they know how he can play unlike you Yankees up here, who didn’t like him since day one.

    Obviously Houston knows the talent he has that’s being wasted here that’s why they exchange their two picks, that should make you think. Except all you want to do is hate on the guy on here and on The Offiside.
    It’s sad that Osorio wasted Oduro’s time to come here especially if he wasn’t going to play him, he could have just went to Houston a longtime ago.

    Like I said I am so happy for him and I know he will do so well in Houston, plus they are a good team, number 3 in the west unlike this crappy team that at the bottom b/c Osorio doesn’t want to bench Angel.

    Hope you guys sign someone better, until then keep on being HATERS!

  18. kofix5 Says:

    Any truth to Figo being available?
    Signing Figo would be a coup!
    And would sell a ton of tickets.
    What a dream!

  19. lou Says:

    figo would be a good signing but only if we could get him for celadas money, a 35 year old making designated player money isn’t exactly the safest idea. As for Duka and Exantus DS, i actually have seen duka play for rutgers, a college team that play at a very high level and even as an underclassman in the NCAA soccer he has shown extreme class. I have not seen exantus as much but i do no that we have some very talented players in the academy and so if he is heralded as one of our most promising players, he also must be talented. Duka and Exantus are important for our club just as Kassel is. We need to bring in home grown talent if we ever hope to play at the level of the world’s top teams. That is what all the talk about exantus and duka are about.

    And DS can you really fault anyone for saying that Agoos and Osorio always get it wrong. I mean look at were we are in the table rite now, look at some of the debliating loses we have had to deal with just this season, that’s great that they have brought all those players that you named in, and yeah they have done well compaired to the rest of the players on the team that have now been benched, but i mean come on they aren’t that great otherwise we would be doing better rite now in the league table. Some of them may be good players in their own rite but are they all good enough? The facts don’t lie, i’ve seen how many different lineups we have used, some qeustionable trades we have done, some horrible defeats this season, and those are all mostly osorio and agoos’ fault, so yes i’m going to point the finger at them and blame them and i don’t think i’m being very unfair in doing so.

  20. Alle Says:

    Figo? You’ve gotta be kidding me, I mean sure he said he’s not finished yet, but it’ll only be a matter of time before he can’t get up so quickly in the morning. His salary would complete this team on a whole – well take out Angel and it would surely. If anything, the DP needs to be used on hidden talent in the lower leagues of Europe (England, Spain, France, I can go on and on here..) or leagues in Africa. There are also free agents there who are cheap, all it takes is abit of searching and a trial. I’d love to see one of our scouts actually go to a place like Ivory Coast and pick up a young player from a team such as ASEC, it would be THAT type of player that would be a major coup for us, since:
    1) His salary demand wouldn’t be so high.
    2) The transfer fee would be pretty cheap
    and 3) He wouldn’t be some 30 year old looking for a place to pick up a few bucks and hang up his boots after a year or so.

    As for your comment DS: Yes, we’ve all praised Osorio and Agoos for bringing in the goods, but it’s the results on the pitch that count at the end of the day and if we aren’t getting the right formula, people start to point fingers and you know where that goes from there.

  21. Alle Says:

    Forgot to mention – for a third goalkeeper we need BOUNA COUNDOUL!!!! (I HOPE YOU ARE ALL READING THIS AT THE CLUB!)

  22. DS Says:

    Lou, you mention questionable trades and horrible defeats, but if you mean VDB and the loss to DC, you can’t blame them on Osorio and Agoos. VDB wanted to leave and go to Dallas (as Rafa would say, “Fact.”) What kind of bargaining position does that put the team in? There was nothing we could do, Osorio and Agoos thought Oduro has some skill and apparently they were incorrect, and have tried to rectify that by letting him go. And all of you who think draft picks aren’t worth it, well, Hall, Sassano, Borman, Ubi, Richards Cepero, and Zimmerman would claim otherwise. I think they did the best they could with the VDB situation.

    Regarding the performance on the pitch, yes it has been disappointing, but it is not 100% Osorio and Agoos’ fault. There have been line-up changes, but many were forced upon Osorio and no one ever points this out. There have been multiple suspensions, injuries (some from last season), not to mention the difficulty of some internationals becoming available for selection. Those situations are not Osorio tinkering, but doing what he can with the available players, which seems to be a different group every week. We have been improving a lot this season, and the past few matches in the league we have played extremely well. And that is down to Osorio, there have been individual errors that led to letting in goals, not collective ineptitude.

    JPA is not playing well, but unless he is physically unable to run and kick he will always play, so there is no point discussing it. Regarding bringing players up from the academy, it’s a very tricky situation, these players don’t have the experience and it’s a big gamble to take. Also with the league’s ridiculous rules about how many academy players can be signed each season it just gets more complicated. The fact that we are only allowed 24 players makes it even more difficult. We already have 2 players in the roster who don’t get any time because they are not viewed as being ready, do we need two more in Exantus and Duka? If they could just slot in right now, they would have been signed.

  23. lou Says:

    DS it really doesn’t matter how well we play, the coaching staff has failed to get the wins and at the end of the day that is what will really matter. We can play as well as barcelona but if we lose the game who will really give a damn. ANd yeah Osorio may have been forced to make position swaps but he does it far more htan he has to and there is no denying that fact.
    I don’t see a reason why Osorio and Agoos should not be recieving all the blame they have gotten, they are the coaching staff and had they been winning these games they would have recieved praise, unfortunately they have not been winning and so therefore must deal with those consiquences as well. Playing Kandji at the wing repetiviely is just one example of a stupid decision that Osorio will make on any given day and he did it last game. How many times does he need to see it isn’t working for it to finally register.
    And conscerning the academy players, you say they would have been signed had they been ready but this isn’t entirely true becuase hte league rules that allow us to sign academy players have only just recently changed. I can’t speak for Exantus but Duka has competed and dominated as an underclassman at the NCAA level, i gaurantee you that at this rate he would be a top first round draft pick in 2 years. Signing Duka would be like signing any other dradft pick adn there are going to risks with signing any new player not just an acdemy one.

  24. DS Says:

    I’m saying it’s not just Osorio and Agoos’ fault, it is just as much the players or even more. Osorio picks a formation based on the opposition and then puts the appropriate players on the field based on who is available. He knows that Kandji needs to be on the field, so he puts him where he can, sometimes that isn’t up top.

    You say Duka could be ready in 2 years because of how be plays against inferior opposition, which does not make we make him signed now. We have enough players filling a very small size roster that are not ready, we don’t need more. You say the team is struggling, so you would rather sign a player who isn’t ready rather than someone who could help the team? What we should be complaining about is the fact that MLS has decided to burden the teams with figuring out how to only have 24 players on a roster.

    As you said, we don’t know enough about Exantus and Duka isn’t ready. Let’s find someone who can help us now.

  25. lou Says:

    DS show me a player that you know of rite now that can help the team, one that you can gaurantee won’t be a bust, and is within our price range becuase i know that that player does not exist. The fact is that any player has the chance of being a bust i.e. pietrovallo, rojas, etc. Duke is playing for the u20 nationial team, starting there and playing finominally.
    As for him playing against inferior players, he has dominated and been rutgers best player his freshman year against mutch older oppisition so it isn’t like he can’t handle a challenge, and now that it is two years after his freshman season i think he is even more equiped to make the jump. The league definetly has to be criticized for the scrapping of the reserve league and the shrinking of the rosters.
    We’re going to have to take a chance on anyone we sing be it duka or someone else so why not think towards the future and secure a young player who happens to play at left midfield which is our weakest spot rite now.
    I understand times are tough but come on MLS, what type of patchwork are you laying down for the future. The salary cap should be risen at least another 1 million dollars, the reserve league should be brough back, and the roster should be xpanded to something similar to years past.
    Lastly Players are to blame for some thigns but the people barking the orders should be heald at fault above everyone else. Kandji needs to be on the field but not in a position were he has proven to be ineffective, he is essentially wasting a spot on the field by doing that.

  26. DS Says:

    Any one is a gamble and no one can help us? That’s a lot of confidence you have. And don’t start on the whole, “I didn’t say that” like you always do. We’ll see who they bring in, I doubt it will be Duka or Castillo, or that anything suggested on this blog will be listened to by Agoos or Osorio.

    But if they do read any of this, my suggestion would be that we try Pacheco as the left sided midfielder and put Borman at the back. Borman has shown that he can handle himself pretty well back there and Pacheco is probably the best crosser on the team from evidence last week. Also, they would do really well overlapping. I think that would help solve a lot of our problems. I do agree Kandji should be up front, but Woly deserved a shot and Kandji needs to be on the field, on the left is better than on the bench. go back to the lineup we had against Houston, but Borman at left back and Pacheco at left mid. This would give us a lot more width and multiple two way players.

  27. IB Says:

    Guys it is very understanding when every body is complaining about the coach playing Khanji on the wing,but it was very easy for some of you guys to critisize Oduro, did you guys realized that Oduro never played a striking role?He was also used as a winger in all of his few games played.He is a natural striker but he never complained.
    All you haters please be realistic when you critisize a player i have heard some bad words used on poor Oduro who was never
    given a chance and when a chance was given he was displaced
    and nobody cared to notice but have photographic memories of
    his few misfortunes.After all Oduro did not asked to come hear he was sort after and he should not have been treated this way.

  28. lou Says:

    DS there you go misreading things i didn’t say no one could help us i said you can’t gaurantee that anyone can help us, “DS show me a player that you know of rite now that can help the team, one that you can gaurantee won’t be a bust, and is within our price range becuase i know that that player does not exist”. There is a big difference there and the whole point of me saying that was to try and show that yeah duka may be a leap of faith but any player we sign is going to require faith because we have had many busts this year. I made that message very clear in my lasts post, so i am pretty amazed that you still managed to read it wrong and take what you want out of it.
    You’re the one writing off the academy players as not being worth a shot which to me is a pretty bleak out look in it’s own rite.
    And DS moving pacheco out of position is not going to solve anything. Your suggestion to try and fix our problems or at least alleviate them is to play another player somewhere that he doesn’t belong? Have you been taking pages out of Osorio’s book? We should keep the lineup nearly identical to what is was against san jose when we played our best soccer and just try to hold out until the summer transfer window. We have tried so many players at the wings and none of them have really been succesful so maybe it is time to realize we need help from an outside source.
    And IB this is a business and Oduro is the recipipent of what a lot of people experience in this business. If he was really mistreated as bad as you say, than getting him as far away from this god forsaken club as possible can only serve to aid his career.

  29. DS Says:

    Lou, I know what you said, I can read, but you make everything so black and white with your blanket statements. I took what you said further than what you probably meant, but that’s how your statements seem most of the time and that’s why people respond the way they do. Also, I think people know it will rile you up.

    I don’t like the idea that a player can only play in one specific position in only one way. I think that a professional player should be more versatile than that. Pacheco is a defender who likes to go forward and join in the attack. He takes people on and gets in very good crosses, but still can get back and defend. Those sound like the attributes of a wide midfielder to me. You talk about wanting Hall on the left mid, but that would be out of position for him. He did play there last season in many of Maryland’s matches, but it’s not his “true” position. He was initially a right mid, but he can play both, as well as right back as we have seen. That is one of the things I like most about Hall. One of our biggest problems is left mid and with the players we currently have I think Pacheco is our best option.

  30. lou Says:

    First of all DS by taking my statements farther you can completely change a person’s message so you were in the wrong there. Also you say people respond to me this way but the truth is the only people who do so is you and occasionally IB becuase we disagree over oduro.
    You seem to have a personal vendetta against me which is fine but learn how to read before you try to start something.
    Hall was a midfielder in college and so playing midfield now wouldn’t be that big of an adjustment, however taking a man that played defense his whole life and now at 26 changing hiim into something he isn’t is not going to be the answer to our problems and the proof of that is in the other players who have failed this season doing the very same thing. Professionial players should be versatile but at a young age. When a player is moving throught the ranks at the academylevel that is usually the time that position switches are made and that ultimately helps them at the professionial level becuase they are so versatile. That’s one of the things I liked about dilly, he is young enought to learn and can play both left mid or forward.

  31. IB Says:

    I agree Oduro’s trade is the best deal for him,he is with a winning coach,
    coach Dominic k is a winning coach he has won two championship with players who were rejected from other teams.
    This coach gave in draft picks for Oduro and i believe he has seen his potentials.

  32. lou Says:

    Yeah IB in the end it was really for the best, it was obvious he wasn’t going anywere here, and if i had to choose between caoch dom or JCO i would definetly have to go with dom

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